Classic BBC Sob Story


The government was castigated recently, not least on the BBC, for not deporting enough illegal immigrants.  Not natural territory for the BBC but it takes every opportunity to beat the Tories when it can.

One problem the government has of course is that every time it wishes to deport someone it comes up against the Human Rights Act and an army of pro-immigration pressure groups, lawyers,  activists and media commentators, including the BBC, that make every deportation a long drawn out affair.

The BBC has a favourite tactic of personalising the issues.  Rather than looking at the big picture and what the consequences of the policies on immigration it supports would be it tries to elicit public sympathy for the plight of every immigrant by reporting the supposed hardships they individually face in their own country, their love of the Uk, the terrible wrench it would be to leave the UK (No such wrench leaving family, friends, culture in their own country then?).

The BBC hopes that detailing the ‘misery’ and supposed precarious future of the immigrant to be deported will engender that sympathy for them, and by extension to all immigrants, and beyond that to the acceptance of an open door immigration policy.

Seeing as you could travel to any town in any country and find people living miserable existences that would mean, using the BBC’s critieria, that the whole world could come here…and be housed, clothed and fed, educated, treated on the NHS and be given Sky TV at our expense.  The BBC is pretty naive…or rather doesn’t really care about the downsides to mass immigration….most BBC types being well paid and cossetted by their BBC benefits package… immigrants benefit them and, despite the ‘BBC’s’ pious preaching about ‘The Poor’, welfare cuts and zero hour contracts and so on, they are prepared for you, you not them, to make that sacrifice so they can have cheap buuilders and not have to pay the real price for a cup of latte and a cinnamon bun.

Here is a classic example of the BBC’s  attempt to manipulate our emotions on the issue of immigration…..


Deportation story: One man’s journey from London to Zimbabwe

Last year more than 13,000 people were deported from the UK – but what happens if you can’t even pronounce the name of the place they’re sending you back to?

“More than anything I feel cheated out of my life. They’ve taken everything I had – my family, my friends, my dignity.”

A loud noise interrupts Shadreck Mbiru mid-flow on the phone from his new home; it doesn’t stop. I have to ask and it turns out it’s a very noisy cockerel, not something Shadreck was used to having around at his previous home in London.

The 26-year-old hasn’t yet adapted to life in Chitungwiza, a town in Zimbabwe around half an hour from Harare that the locals say he pronounces strangely. He left Britain on a plane from Heathrow escorted by UK border staff in November.

Shadreck has been deported back to the country in which he was born – a victory for the Home Office, which had been trying for eight years to secure his removal.

His life is not in danger in Zimbabwe – he concedes this.

I have been speaking to Shadreck since he arrived back in his “home” country – his mood a constant mixture of panic and disbelief interspersed with regular laughter at moments of comedy like the cockerel.




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15 Responses to Classic BBC Sob Story

  1. Mrs Kitty says:

    No where in the article does it say WHY he came to the UK only that he had a visitors visa. What is the Beeb not telling us???


  2. David Brims says:

    The same thing happened to Zimbabwean and X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu, she didn’t want to go back to Zimbabwe either, they seem to hate Africa and prefer to live in ‘waaycist’ white countries, very strange.

    Gamu said she was a ” political dissident and was persecuted by Robert Mugabe !!! ” more BS, she’s only 14. The press like a ‘hooman’ interest story to sell newspapers and they spinned it into the next Dreyfuss case with headlines like ” Don’t deport Gamu.” After 2 or 3 years of back and forward by the Home Office, the parasite was allowed to stay.


    • David Brims says:

      Love the photo of the grandparents and the cow, practically in the stone age.


      • Sandy Toxic says:

        Thank God it’s only a cow though, it could’ve been a cockerel. Can you imagine the suffering?
        A friend of mine once drove right out in to the sticks, to a place called Guildford, and said it looked like the type of place these creatures might reside.


    • Dave666 says:

      I complained about the BBc reporting regarding Gamu. They were interviewing the local priest and telling us what wonderful things the family did in the local community. Which seems to be a standard operating procedure on these stories, how all the local community love the person(s). I got the template reply of sometimes we do not have the time to report all
      Trying to find that correspondence I came across this one which may be of interest. “A conspiracy of silence” hey well that never happened happens did it? Reference CAS-526974

      Thanks for contacting us about BBC News.

      I understand you feel there’s been a “conspiracy of silence” around stories of young girls been groomed for sex abuse following coverage of the conviction of two men from Derby for a variety of offences.

      While I appreciate your concerns, choosing the stories to include in our bulletins, the order in which they appear and the length of time devoted to them is a subjective matter and one which we know not every viewer and listener will feel we get right every time.

      Factors such as whether it is news that has just come in and needs immediate coverage, how unusual the story is and how much national interest there is in the subject matter will all play a part in deciding the level of coverage and where it falls within a bulletin.

      Essentially this is a judgement call rather than an exact science but BBC News does appreciate the feedback.

      Your complaint will be added to our audience log, a daily report of audience feedback that’s circulated to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers.

      The audience logs are seen as important documents that can help shape decisions about future programming and content.

      Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.
      Finally, I have attached an invitation from BBC Audience Services’ Head of Communications & Complaints, asking you to participate in our customer survey. We would welcome your views on our service.

      Think it was this one from 2011 regarding Gamu “Thank you for contacting us regarding ‘BBC News at One’, broadcast on 6 April.

      I understand you were disappointed with the content of this programme as you felt it lacked balance.

      BBC journalists are well aware of our commitment to impartial reporting and they’re expected to put their own personal views to one side when carrying out their work for the BBC. They seek to provide the information which will enable viewers and listeners to make up their own minds; to show the reality of a situation and provide the forum for debate, giving full opportunity for all viewpoints to be heard.

      Senior editorial staff, the Executive Committee and the BBC Trust keep a close watch on programmes to ensure that standards of impartiality are maintained but it’s simply not always possible or practical to reflect all the different opinions on a subject within individual programmes.

      Nevertheless, I can assure you that I’ve registered your comments on our audience log. This is a daily internal report of audience feedback which is made available to all BBC programme makers and commissioning executives, including their senior management. It ensures that your concerns are considered across the BBC.”

      Thanks again for taking the time to contact us” Doesn’t seem to be much going on with Gamu Nhengu’s “singing” career at the moment that I can see.


      • David Brims says:

        A propaganda piece by the Scotsman newspaper for Gamu.

        ‘ ‘the viewing public voted with their thumbs, tweeting and texting their support for the Zimbabwean-born, Scottish-raised, big-voiced, wide-eyed, tremble-lipped 18-year-old. Within days, 250,000 supporters ( useful idiots ) had signed up to a Facebook group campaigning for her reinstatement.”

        ”But no, Nhengu shrugs now, failing to progress to the finals of the talent show was far from the end of her world. Armed with five Highers and a plan to study philosophy and English literature.

        ( Yeah Riiight, I’m amazed she didn’t say Latin and nuclear physics. )

        ”she had only applied to The X Factor to try to raise the money for tuition fees at Edinburgh University. Plus, she would have been too shy, too private, to survive the Simon Cowell bear-pit much longer. “I thought I was going to get a little bit of attention. I didn’t really think it was gonna go that far,” says the petite 21-year-old. ”

        ( so shy and private in fact she went on national television in front of 10 million viewers. )

        ”In her adopted home village, Tillicoultry, the locals showed their support. Hundreds turned up to protest her deportation, chanting her name and snapping their cameraphones. ”

        ( local branch of the UAF plus useful idiots )

        ”An X Factor producer moved into the family home to counsel Nhengu and her mother and control the press, while knocks on the front door were answered by a burly security man.”

        (press hyping it up into a media circus, I think the phrase is, it makes good copy )


  3. 60022Mallard says:

    Typical local news story.

    Young Afghan boy arrives unaccompanied in the U.K. aged 13, unable to speak English, not clandestinely, so someone paid for his journey. Being under 18 he has to stay. Now he is 18 it is time for him to go home having failed the “tests”.

    Cue the usual sob stories in the press and a petition to let him stay etc.

    Apparently no longer has any family in Afghanistan, which must be unusual given the size and closeness apparent in many stories of nasty coalition bombs dropping on houses occupied by seemingly typical large families.

    Local paper also ran a campaign to let a Malaysian chef (overstayer on his student visa) re-entry to the country, and highlighted a moslem girl who had a hard life at home in Tunisia etc. etc.

    All goes to show that once you are in it can be relatively unlikely you will be sent back.

    A good “human interest” story will always trump the need to limit immigration. But can you ever get those who say immigration is “good for us” to confirm that we should officially operate an everybody in policy – can you heck as like. Strangely even they will not go that far!


  4. lojolondon says:

    I remember Liebour in 1997 deporting a white English speaking Zimbabwean. Her farmhouse had been burnt, her kids beaten, husband shot and she was raped. She was turned down for assylum. Interesting to contrast the kind of assylum they granted, and the kind they refused.


    • JimS says:

      Remember Zola Budd?

      The BBC even put on a drama about her and how Labour’s ex-sports minister Denis Howell fought to bring her over. Sorry…that should be to keep her out.


  5. David Brims says:

    Zimbabwean ‘political dissident’ Gamu, she sounds across between an air raid siren and the fog horn off the Titanic, painful.


  6. TigerOC says:

    Lets put this in perspective. Comrade Mugabe’s party, ZANU, fought a 20 year war using their military wing, ZANLA, out of communist Tanzania and later, Mozambique against predominantly British settlers.

    This war was fought to drive out the white, racist, oppressors and establish a black majority State. Comrade Mugabe, with the help of the UN and most Western powers finally achieved a negotiated peace deal and the much desired majority rule.

    The whites have been successfully driven out, their assets and land confiscated, by force if necessary. All White’s have been stripped of their nationality being deemed to be “illegal settlers” by the regime. Any white born prior to 1980 was deemed to be there unlawfully and stripped of their nationality becoming “stateless”. Note that the Foreign Office didn’t give a damn, and just shrugged their shoulders.

    Zimbabwe Blacks have a functioning “democracy” which their Comrades fought a “just” war for. It is now their responsibility to develop their democracy and make it work no matter how hard the task.

    Note that since 2004, the majority of the population still residing in the country have been fed by food aid supplied primarily by the USA. Some 3-4 million live as refugees in South Africa (roughly a third of the population). Comrade Mugabe is believed to be the third richest man in Africa.

    Despite 15 years of international sanctions and war, Rhodesia had the fastest growing economy in Africa, the strongest currency (rated against the US$ (20% stronger than its rich neighbour the RSA)), the highest number of Black graduates from its multiracial university, the highest rate of literacy, the best healthcare system in Africa, an infant mortality rate nearing the rates of Europe and best education system in Africa.


  7. DP111 says:

    Alan wrote: clothed and fed, educated, treated on the NHS and be given Sky TV at our expense.

    A waiver of the license fee to be paid by the taxpayer perhaps, but surely not Sky TV.


  8. stuart says:

    and never forget who introduced this human rights act which protects the foreign criminals and terrorists.his name is jack straw of the labour party, never forget that,the human rights act is just the human wrongs act.simple as that,it is time for it to be scrapped,this evil human rights act has just given the green light and protection for every scumbag foreign criminal,paedophile,rapists,terrorist etc to come to the uk with there criminal past to destroy the innocents lives of uk citixens on a daily basis,scrap the human rights act and kick every forign criminal out of are overcrowded lands now mr cameron and mr clegg now,right now,


  9. Glen says:

    There was an interesting ‘tale’ on the local Northwest news bulletin tonight; Seven members of a family in Rochdale had to be rescued from their burning house, oh, and a puppy?

    It transpired that a car had caught fire outside the house..the immediate conclusion from the bbc was deliberate arson! No investigation has yet been made yet the bbc are certain it was arson?

    Cue the end of the report with a pakistani man holding the Rottweiler pup up for a cute shot for the camera..for such a serious issue I found the use of the pup very strange! I must admit though that I breathed a sigh of relief when I actually saw the pup.

    Then we had the Ebola case in Glasgow. The bbc reported it as “Nobody who travelled on the plane with the nurse is at risk”. That was it!

    Later on the ITV news the authorities are “desperate” to trace the passengers but stressed that they are not at risk.

    The scientific ‘experts’ have been gagging for a disaster like this for years to prove their God complex is well justified, we all know that Ebola is highly contagious yet the bbc think no one is at risk.

    I doubt we’ll be seeing the nurse appear on the One show anytime soon.


  10. Smell the glove says:

    It is obvious that the bbc feels that it is a quasi opposition to the elected government. It is playing an existential role, believing that it is in a fight for its own future, and by proportion making its abolition nearer. It’s rigged narrative makes me sad. To think that in my era that I saw quality programmes and free of 6th form politics, and to see so much dross state funded crap, that is churned out pandering to any ill thought out pressure group and seeing good in eulogsing enemies of our country and our culture. It is obvious that left wing politicians hate our country