Idris, Idris Bond

Tweet from Idris Elba with a picture of him, reading: "Isn't 007 supposed to handsome? Glad you think I've got a shot! Happy New year people."



More BBC ‘outrage’ about ‘racist outrage’ :

Rush Limbaugh and his ‘black Bond’ outrage

The prospect of Idris Elba eventually replacing Daniel Craig as the next James Bond went from hypothetical internet speculation to something more substantial last week, when the Daily Beast uncovered an interesting nugget in the piles of hacked Sony emails.

“Idris should be the next Bond,” Sony Pictures chair Amy Pascal wrote, reportedly to a fellow studio executive.

That was enough to set conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh into a tizzy. Bond, he said on his radio programme last week, has a distinct ethnic profile that Mr Elba, who is black, doesn’t fit.


The BBC are outraged at Limbaugh’s ‘outrage’…..was Limbaugh ‘outraged’ or was he just commenting?

The BBC continues with its exploration of this important issue:

Elba responded with humour – “Isn’t 007 supposed to [be] handsome?” he tweeted, including a photograph of him looking rather goofy in a knit cap – but some commentators reacted with flashes of anger that would make 007 proud.


Limbaugh is ‘outraged’ but cool Elba responds with ‘humour’.   I think I see what the BBC is trying to do here….note anger at Limbaugh’s comments ‘would make 007 proud’ apparently….So confirms where the BBC boy is coming from on this one….however Bond was always racist so the BBC are wrong on that and just doing the usual Beeb thing…passing off their own wishes and values as someone elses for a bit of credibility.


It goes on…..

In an interview three years ago, Mr Elba told NPR that if he plays Bond, he hopes his skin colour isn’t the sole topic of conversation.

“I just don’t want to be the black James Bond,” he said. “Sean Connery wasn’t the Scottish James Bond, and Daniel Craig wasn’t the blue-eyed James Bond, so if I played him, I don’t want to be called the black James Bond.”


Trouble is that’s not true is it?  Craig was denounced for being the first ‘blond Bond’ and ‘ugly’ to boot…..

First blond Bond goes into action


And here is the obviously ‘racist’  Raghav Gajanan from a BBC comment thread:

A big let down. Not to take away anything from Craig’s acting abilities but he simply is not James Bond. The look, hair, height are all wrong. Bond has survived for 40+ years as a suave, polished gentleman who can be rough when the occasion demands. Clive Owen or Hugh Jackman would have clearly been a better choice, but it seems they must have been out the studio’s budget.
Raghav Gajanan, London



And then there was ‘Exodus’ which the ‘Left’ whinged about because the ‘Egyptians’ were played by white actors:

Rupert Murdoch defends use of white actors in Exodus: Gods and Kings



And then there’s good old Liz Taylor and Richard Burton….




If they can complain why not ‘conservative’ Limbaugh?


Lots of faux outrage and claims of ‘outrage’…..the BBC just see this as a chance to stick one to someone like Limbaugh that they don’t think should have a role in the Media…because he’s not black, left wing or gay…..the irony of that passes them by.








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52 Responses to Idris, Idris Bond

  1. Guest Who says:

    The wheels on the #outragebus go round and round..

    As does the bus, in circles, clockwise, there only being drive to those on the port side.

    Betting Mr. Gajanan unlikely to be sourced for a vox pop on Today, Breakfast, Vile, 5dead or Newsnight.

    Wonder if Dianne needs a top up on her retainer?


  2. bogtrott says:

    got a great idea,bring back the Black and white minstrel show but with all white people then say we’re putting in a few black people to please the PC brigade.What would they say cant have it both ways


  3. Ian Rushlow says:

    A group of Hollywood executives hold a meeting to discuss who should take the starring role in their next movie. “How about Morgan Freeman?” says one of them. “No, too old” comes the reply. Another one says “Eddie Murphy?”. “No, he’s busy doing a voiceover for a streetwise donkey in Shrek 137”. “How about Will Smith?” “No, he’s pursuing his musical career for the next year or two”. “Then how about Samuel L. Jackson?” “I think he’s busy as well”. Suddenly one of them says “Erm… I notice that all of these actors are black men, I mean African-Americans”. “And do you have a problem with that – are you some sort of racist or something?” comes the sharp riposte. “Oh no no no, God forbid, please ignore my ignorant comment”. The debate continues for another hour. Eventually a decision is reached: “Gentleman, we are all in agreement. We shall invite Denzel Washington to be the lead in our new blockbuster!”. A secretary making notes says “I’m sorry, can someone just remind me of the name of the new production?” “Certainly, it’s the remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

    Closer to reality than you might think…


  4. Fred Sage says:

    The BBC this morning is not reporting on anything else but the Air crash Malaysian Airlines and Ebola in Scotland. Perhaps throw in a bit about the Greek Ferry. I am amazed that they can go on talking without saying anything. There is a lot more going on in the World but the BBC is not interested.


    • Guest Who says:

      Not MAS, FYI. So far all I see is grief porn so have passed on most.

      Be interesting what, if anything, they editorialise from within their studios too.

      What is, or is not news, being a bit of a BBC specialty, depending not on what is, but needs to be.


  5. Jerry Fletcher says:

    Are you outraged or just commenting then?

    Ever feel this place is a bit like a playground? Grow up.


    • Guest Who says:

      You and Michael White should get a room.

      That said, he does at least actually discuss BBC issues, albeit in a hole-digging manner.


    • Mat says:

      LOL no I don’t Ever feel this place is a bit like a playground well no until you and the other pro BBC hall monitors turn up and get all bully tactics and abusive ! funny but I would think trolling unpaid for a mutli billion media corporation in the hope that your pathetic attempts will get you noticed and lead to a guest spot on the ‘immoral maze’ ! isn’t very mature either so why don’t you’ grow up’ !


    • Demon says:

      “Ever feel this place is a bit like a playground? Grow up. ”

      Oh the irony!!!


  6. David Brims says:

    The new Miss Moneypenny is effnik African, M is played by a female, so it’s just a matter of time when Bond is played by a black.

    I would like to see a white actor, maybe Eddie Izzard, without blacking up, play Nelson Mandela, that’s only fair.


    • Bob Nelson says:

      It’s obvious, really. If we have an ethnic African and a woman already, we need James Bond to be gay. That would be a good thing. It’d set the screenwriters a bit of a problem, though.


    • Scott says:

      The new Miss Moneypenny is effnik African

      Naomie Harris is from London, born to parents with heritage in Jamaica and Trinidad. But don’t let pesky little facts get in the way of your usual idiotic racism, eh.

      Poor little David Brims. Unable to comprehend that the reason he’s a pathetic little man has nothing to do with other people’s skin colour, and everything do with his inability to engage with the real world.


      • David Brims says:

        Scott my child, Jesus was born a stable, I suppose that makes Him a horse then. Game, Set and Match I think the phrase is.


        • Scott says:

          Interesting you should bring up Jesus. After all, his ethnicity is likely to have been such that you, Pounce and all of Biased BBC’s other racist swivel-eyed loons would have written him off straight away. And he stood up against those nice, white Romans too. The bounder.

          Never mind, Brims. At least as long as you’re spouting your insane gibberish on this site, the real world is spared from having to interact with you.


          • Geoff says:

            Be more imaginative Scott, the terms ‘racist’ and ‘swivel eyed’ are soooo yesterday and becoming extremely irrelevant because of over use by the terminally offended (by proxy) who refuse to face up to some realities.

            To be honest I couldn’t care less about the sexuality, race or gender of Bond and his associates, just as long as the actors are the best for the job, obtain their roles on merit and are realistic in the characters they are playing. ie not tokens a la Nancy (Oliver Twist) or Guinevere (Merlin) because such tokenism is so transparent and almost laughable.


          • Stu says:

            So, why do you bother? Interacting that is. No one has missed your ad hominems whilst you have been away. I assume it’s been for professional outrage training.

            Nothing that people have said here has been particularly racist except except in your imagination. I have no idea if you have read the books but James Bond is white and British. That’s it very simple. Let me draw you an analogy, I make a film based on one of Jeffrey Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme stories and cast a white actor in the role. It doesn’t work. Let me spell out why so that even you can understand Scott, Lincoln Rhyme is black, yes Scott he’s black and admirably portrayed by Denzil Washington so why ruin something by changing the ethnicity of the main protagonist, not for a good reason but to pander to some peoples sense of political correctness or not as the case maybe. I’m sure you would be complaining in hysterical outrage if a white actor took the part clearly meant for a black one.

            By the way coming on and calling people racist and swivel eyed loons won’t shut the debate down. What it does, however, bring into question now that you are back is who is the swivel eyed loon. Perhaps you should reflect on this one by Robert Burns before your next post, “O wad some Power the giftie gie us
            To see oursels as ithers see us! “


            • Scott says:

              “O wad some Power the giftie gie us
              To see oursels as ithers see us! “

              Oh the laughs, that a Biased BBC regular sees this as advice worth doling out with no sense of irony. What next, David Brims telling people to be more tolerant? Stuart telling people to use capital letters? Pounce telling people to be calm, reasonable individuals?

              Try taking your own advice. Try doling it out on some of your fellow travellers on this site. Just because they aren’t exactly blessed in the common sense department doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from it.

              Until you and your fellow Biased BBC fools show any attempt to recognise your own failings, don’t be surprised when those you seek to patronise laugh in your face at such inept hypocrisy.


              • David Brims says:

                Scott, can you please be more tolerant of other peoples views.


              • Stu says:

                Absolutely hilarious, you have no self awareness whatsoever.
                You don’t answer one point you just keep up the ad homs.
                As anyone will testify, I’m not a regular so point number one is an assumption not based in fact.
                It’s not advice, it’s just a response to the rubbish and nasty attacks on people that you indulge in.

                Scott when will you recognise your failings? I wasn’t seeking to patronise you I was patronising you.

                No hypocrisy here by the way, that’s the prerogative of left wing BBC apologists like you who ignore the fact that the poll tax that pays for the BBC is extorted under threat from the poorest in society. People with money can afford it. They may not want to fund it but they can afford it.


          • stewart says:

            “Interesting you should bring up Jesus. – Biased BBC’s other racist swivel-eyed loons would have written him off straight away”
            Why would you think that Scott? I have seen no anti-sematism from any regular posters, quite the opposite most seem to be pro Isreal and admire the Jews
            Its the BBC/Guardian axis that have a problem with those Joos
            And as for UKIP.Why it’s run by Jews ,according to your Labour party that is.
            (you are aware that Jesus was a jew Scott?)


            • Scott says:

              I have seen no anti-sematism from any regular posters

              You’re quite right – Biased BBC is, as a whole, far more likely to accuse others of anti-Semitism for little else than refusing to join in their own hagiographic brown-nosing of anything that Netanyahu says, does or farts. Suggest that some people disagree with Israeli government policy towards Palestinians, and you suffer the full outrage of a group of people who seem intellectually incapable of acknowledging that their point of view can in any way be questioned.

              The ethnicity of Jesus at the time at which he was preaching is, of course, far closer to that of the Palestinians who you and your cronies regularly talk of in tones that, if used about animals, would be red flagged by the RSPCA.

              But hey. He’s been played by white skinned, blue eyed men throughout cinematic history, so that’s all right. Nothing to see here – just a little bit of whitewashing that will please Brims and all the others like him who tell themselves that non-white people are beneath them, despite every possible indication to the contrary.


              • stewart says:

                “refusing to join in their own hagiographic brown-nosing of anything that Netanyahu says”
                “intellectually incapable of acknowledging that their point of view can in any way be questioned.”
                What were you saying earlier Scott
                “O wad some Power the giftie gie us
                To see oursels as ithers see us! “
                One last thing Scott
                “Palestinians who you and your cronies regularly talk of in tones that, if used about animals, would be red flagged by the RSPCA.”
                Thats a lie Scott and a pretty desperate one at that


              • Demon says:

                “their own hagiographic brown-nosing of anything that Netanyahu says, does or farts “
                Now that is clearly anti-semitic.
                “The ethnicity of Jesus at the time at which he was preaching is, of course, far closer to that of the Palestinians”
                The regulars on here don’t much care what ethnicity Jesus was – racial sterotyping is something that you left-wing fascists have always indulged and excelled in. Jesus was a Jew, and it’s the Jews who are under constant attack from your beloved Palestinians. If you deny that you would be a lying, anti-semite.
                People on here don’t support Netanyahu wily-nily but do strongly support the right of Israel to live within secure borders and at peace. Something which you anti-semitic Israel-bashers disagree with most violently: spittle-specked and racist.
                “who you and your cronies regularly talk of in tones that, if used about animals, would be red flagged by the RSPCA”
                Again, you are making disgraceful accusations against persons unspecified which is quite disgusting. It would appear to more reflect your views of Jews. If you had any self-awareness you would be completely ashamed of this post of yours. However, what you did prove was that you are a bigot, a fascist, a hater, an anti-semite, a liar and an odious little narcissist. As well as a hetero-phobe as shown on many previous posts.


                • Andy S. says:

                  That poisonous little creep has, once again, diverted and disrupted comments on this thread for his own bigoted and hateful reasons. DO NOT engage with him – he’s just a wind up merchant who uses his homosexuality as his raison detré. Most gay men just want to get with their lives,and with their neighbours. Scott, however, uses his homosexuality as a weapon to bash those who disagree with his onanistic world view . His eagerness to resort to insults, abuse and condescension prove that he is not willing to enter into reasoned debate. He is very good at projecting his prejudices, hate filled views and insecurities onto those he dislikes ( which is most of the regulars on this site), but you shouldn’t bite. The best way to get under his skin is to just ignore him and hopefully he will fade into the obscurity he so thoroughly deserves. JUST DON’T REPLY TO HIS HATEFUL MISSIVES! Being ignored is probably this sad little man’s greatest fear.


                  • Demon says:

                    Sorry. You are right.


                  • Scott says:

                    His eagerness to resort to insults

                    But you’re free to call me a “poisonous little creep”, apparently. Because you refuse to live by the rules you seek to impose on others. Ah, well.

                    Most gay men just want to get with their lives,and with their neighbours. Scott, however, uses his homosexuality as a weapon to bash those who disagree with his onanistic world view .

                    Well, thank you for deciding that you know how I live my entire life, based on my interaction solely on this site. Doesn’t matter that you’re 100% wrong, of course – factual accuracy seems to be both beyond you and of little concern.

                    Bless. Poor little Andy S, desperately trying so hard to be a bully boy. And not just failing, but failing badly.


    • +james says:

      And they have a black Felix Leiter a brother from Langley. Come to think of it there was a black Felix Leiter in Never Say Never Again in the 80s. There should be more black Bond Villians, I really liked Yaphet Koto as Mr Big back in the day and Tee Hee was kinda cool.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        Memorable line from the new Bond film “Blackfinger” (2015):

        Bond (tied down and under threat from approaching laser flame):

        “Do you expect me to talk?”


        “No, Mr Bond! I expect you to dye your skin black!”


  7. David Brims says:

    The same thing happened with the media with the election of the first black president Barak Ebola, Jon Snow was wetting himself.


  8. David Brims says:

    If Idris Elba is picked, as Rush Limbaugh said ” The character is a certain ethnic type”, let’s put it this way James Bond isn’t suppose to look like Louis Armstrong, the film will be a world wide flop and he’ll be ditched, cinema goers in Asia and South America haven’t been brainwashed by the multi culti propaganda.


  9. deegee says:

    At the risk of arrest by the PC police I want it on record that I loved Idris Elba in Luther and have no problem with black actors in spy roles. Will Smith, for example in Men in Black knocked it out of the park. Bill Cosby, pre sexual harassment charges, was ground breaking as a spy in I, Spy. I have no problem with a black actor in a James Bond clone.

    However James Bond is a fictional character with a recognised persona. A black actor would be just wrong. He would raise issues about the character that have already been settled in one of the longest running franchises in movie history.

    BTW why not a Pakistani, Afghan, Arab or Chinese spy? That certainly makes sense in today’s world.

    BTW Hands up who hasn’t watched a James Bond movie in a cinema in years? The occasional TV rerun doesn’t count.


    • deegee says:

      I couldn’t help thinking. Black actors have played Shakespeare with distinction and it is no longer an issue but a white Othello with a black Iago stretches the multicultural to breaking point.


      • hadda says:

        “Black actors have played Shakespeare with distinction”

        Indeed. And then there’s Lenny Henry, who was a dreadful Othello.


        • Scott says:

          Lenny Henry, who was a dreadful Othello

          Well, that’s your opinion, certainly, but others were more effusive. Take, for example, Charles Spencer in the Daily Telegraph:

          This is one of the most astonishing debuts in Shakespeare I have ever seen. It is impossible to praise too highly Henry’s courage in taking on so demanding and exposed a role, and then performing it with such authority and feeling.

          Even those critics who thought Henry’s titular role was the weakest part of the Northern Broadsides production never called him anything approaching dreadful.


          • D1004 says:

            Happy new year, please do not feed the needy troll


            • Scott says:

              Ah, the old Biased BBC “anybody who disagrees is a troll” technique.

              Only ever utilised by people who can’t contribute in any constructive form, I find.


        • David Brims says:

          ” And then there’s Lenny Henry, who was a dreadful Othello.”

          Advertising cheap down market hotels on television is about his level.


    • +james says:

      He has the wrong sort of voice, very Londony. He’d make a great Harry Palmer though.


  10. Mark says:

    At least we won’t be having an Islamic Bond for the time being.


    • Essex Man says:

      I agree , any non `Hideously White` actor playing 007 in a film would be a world wide flop. Al bbc would be wetting themselves over it, however , we would hear of nothing else for months .


    • noggin says:

      An Islamic Bond?
      I think that 007, immediately beheading everyone he doesn t like, constantly lying, and a driving penchant for, drugging, threatening, and sexually abusing children …
      hmmm … might affect the success of the franchise a little


      • noggin says:

        of course
        “not all of Islam is like that”
        “tiny minority”
        etc, etc, etc


      • D1004 says:

        But just think, the take up in certain sandy parts of the world would be a success.
        Cinemas all over Syria and Iraq would be full of IS lackeys watching themselves as hero’s, the money ( as well as the heads would roll in )

        A further plus point might be that local showing times might be arranged to coincide with coalition aircraft overhead on a bombing run, all the loons having a wet dream and a bag of popcorn all in one place, target rich environment ! Win, win combination.


  11. A Teddy called Moh says:

    Why not Lenny Henry? Apparently he’s not seen enough on TV


  12. Dover Sentry says:

    This site is irritating BBC supporters/employees/management.

    And several of them post on here.

    Good. Long may it continue.


    • Scott says:

      And several of them post on here.

      Any evidence of that? (Hint: “I just thought of it, so of course it must be true” doesn’t count – whatever certain regulars who use that very tactic would have you believe.)


      • D1004 says:

        Do not feed Scott, he loves attention because he has none elsewhere, in his mind he turns it into likes and care, all very sad.


        • Scott says:

          You know, “D1004” or whatever else you’re calling yourself these days, I really don’t give a toss one way or the other whether you or anyone else gives me attention.

          But for someone who falsely claims I am attention seeking, you’re displaying a worrying obsession with answering every post I make with empty statements that contribute nothing.

          So thank you for feeding a need I apparently have, even though I say I really don’t need it. I’m sure you’re right, and not just a desperate little man who desperately want to bully someone in order to validate their own sorry little existence.

          Now, do you have any evidence pertaining to “Dover Sentry”‘s absurd claim, or are you just going to demonstrate your own trolling behaviour again, and again, and again?


          • D1004 says:

            Trolls need to feed off others, do not let them, be strong, strength upsets their little egos