BBC Still Stirring Up Racist Anger



Here’s the headline for the latest BBC report on US police ‘racism’:

Ezell Ford shot in back by LA police – coroner


The BBC chose a particular line there….clearly in a cheap attempt to generate some ‘outrage’ at police racist brutality…..never mind that the man was in fact shot three times in a struggle in which he tried to take the police pistol and was clearly shot during that struggle…in the side, in the arm and in the back….


So three shots….the one the BBC highlights is the shot in the back.

But the context is all important…clearly the police officer could not ‘aim’ the shots and the shot man would have been twisting and turning violently making any aimed shot impossible.

The BBC’s heading is designed to elicit a certain response from readers, that the US police have yet again brutally executed another black man…shooting him in the back this time.

More dangerous racist rabble rousing from the BBC.


Curioulsy the BBC is ignoring a spate of attempts to shoot US police officers such as this:

North Carolina Police Officer Survives Christmas Night Assassination Attempt


FIVE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS on Police and Firefighters since NYC Executions



The BBC though is in good company….and on the same page as Al Qaeda (What’s new there though?):

Al-Qaeda References Anti-Police Protests in Latest Magazine, Includes “Don’t Shoot” & “I Can’t Breathe” Slogans





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10 Responses to BBC Still Stirring Up Racist Anger

  1. Guest Who says:

    Maybe, given his clear mandate to calm troubled waters in this area, expert Lenny Henry could be prevailed upon to editorialize objectively from the pulpit his letters to Lord Pantone have secured?


  2. Laska says:

    The BBC is being disengeneous in their stirring on this story and jumping onto the bandwagon on this story with an implied conclusion suggesting an improper illegal act by the police officer who shot the deceased. Now, this “shooting in the back” – with all its well known connotations – is only a story if it contradicts the said officer’s story, in effect calling him a liar and allowing an implication of unjustified killing. The problem is that the autopsy confirms the officer’s account, so no story. Making it a story is only low journalism that reveals the chosen narrative that frames how the BBC will editorialise this issue.


  3. therealguyfaux says:

    Of course, the “callback,” though tacit, is to the Michael Brown “Gentle Giant” shooting, in which it was at first erroneously reported that HE was shot in the back whilst surrendering.

    By the way, there is NO “Code Of The West” against “back-shooting” per se when it comes to US policing, as some would believe; still less of one when the perpetrator is at close range and in constant motion, as appears to be the case here. Each case is judged on its merits with the facts and circumstances. The most egregious case would be a non-violent suspect in a petty crime hauling arse from an attempted arrest, and a donut-loving obese patrolman unable and unwilling to engage in foot pursuit merely draws a bead on the back of the fleeing man and shoots. Anything less clearcut than that is most often resolved in the patrolman’s favour.

    It was, after all, an attempt to apprehend a man (who would not come along peacefully on a “fair cop”), by use of other than gunplay which resulted in the Eric Garner case, innit?


  4. stewart says:

    BBC not worried by this case of back shooting – can you quess why yet?


  5. Chop says:

    Race hate crime in Southend:

    “Asian man”….can’t find it on the BBC news portal of tripe, although I am sure our christmas trolls will point out it was there for all to see, hidden in plain view.


  6. Chop says:

    Can’t find this on the world class service, delivered to us all, for a measly £4bn per year:

    Now, I know I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but I’m wondering who might have done something like this?

    Oh, it is also, clearly a racist attack.