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  1. DownBoy says:

    Despite all we hear from Donnison etc in the BBC, this is so blatantly biased, it is a jawdropper.


  2. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    “You understand that everything is seen from different perspectives …”
    … and this is the bBBC’s perspective that I am paid to broadcast.


    • John Anderson says:

      Wilcox should be sacked for that. Pure scum remark, cheap, not relevant – just blame the Jews all the time.


      • hippiepooter says:

        He wont be. The Nazi left has critical mass at the BBC.

        This anti-Semitism is so patent an MP should table a Parliamentary motion demanding Wilcox’s instant dismissal.


  3. hippiepooter says:

    I take it this was after today’s march in Paris?

    Wilcox has form:-

    The BBC is institutionally anti-Semitic.


  4. flexdream says:

    Unbelievable. Four dead French Jews not yet even buried, murdered in Paris by a French muslim and this BBC jerk dares to say to this women that the Palestinians suffer at Jewish hands! As if all Jews everywhere in the world should expect to be the targets of such attacks because they are Jewish.
    Also covered at http://bbcwatch.org/2015/01/11/bbcs-tim-willcox-in-paris-a-new-low/


    • Chop says:

      Israel suffers a “Paris” every single day….these left wing progressive arseholes would do well to remember that.


    • pah says:

      When you compare it to their insistence that all Muslim violence is not related to Islam then it is indeed jaw-dropping hypocrisy.

      How can they complain about blaming all Muslims and then blame all Jews? Astonishing.


  5. brett says:

    This is disgusting, all the proof anyone should need. And as I write this I am listening to the news at ten and its sickening, the bbc must be shut up, someone needs to organise a switchoff? Or something. The jees in france do not feel safe, I do not feel safe in england , its only a matter of time. Co existence is not working.


  6. brett says:

    Edit/ the”jews” in france


  7. Truthdoctor says:

    Blame the victims. It’s their fault for existing. Or perhaps it’s BBC balance; if we hear from victims of terror, we need to balance it by giving the point of view of the murderers.


  8. Edward Solomon says:

    Complaint submitted:

    “The deliberate conflation of Middle East affairs with the loss of innocent lives of French Jews in Paris is a shockingly bad example of reporting, imputing a false sense of guilt for something that is neither related nor relevant to the grief, loss, anger, and mourning felt in the aftermath of the events last week in Paris at the Hyper Cacher supermarket. It is insensitive at best of the BBC to interview a native French Jew and conflate Middle East events, and downright subversive at worst, misleading the audience into thinking there is a connection between the loss of Jewish lives in France and the geopolitical troubles of the Middle East, whereas the merest mention of the real problem – jihad, Islamism, or the deliberate targeting of Jews – goes unmade. It is an outrageous travesty of duty and a deliberate attempt to misrepresent events by forcing the inclusion of an anti-Semitic narrative that has no place whatsoever in this discussion, once again making political points at the expense of real victims.”


  9. Glen says:

    This is just disgusting, the bbc are so low that I honestly expect them to be at the Jewish funerals supporting ‘free Palestine’ badges and asking whether the deceased had any form with the Palestinians.

    It is a scum entity that needs to brought to its knees and destroyed.


    • +james says:

      The BBC are behaving in a Fred Phelps manner, I wonder how Danny Cohen feels about this?


  10. Paul Weston says:

    I in no way suggest the following statement is perhaps the only way left to ensure our survival, but I offer it up anyway:

    The political and media class working for the extinction of the West (which includes both Israel and us) have total control. They fear nothing. We are fighting the system today in order to ensure peace and normality for our children and grandchildren tomorrow. If we feel we can make no headway in this vitally important battle via words and reason, then others will replace words and reason with murder and terror.

    The stakes are too high for any other option. The BBC state they will not mock/criticise Islam because they fear Islam. The BBC needs to fear the wrath of the otherwise tolerant British. By any means.


    • Merched Becca says:

      Too true Paul Weston , too blinking true!


    • hippiepooter says:

      Paul, we have the democratic means to put things right, albeit with the parameters of debate massively rigged by the BBC, but there nonetheless.

      I think the impulse to offer us these ‘offerings’ is one to be resisted.


      • Paul Weston says:

        Do you really think so? We are in a demographic race against time. There will come a point very soon where a line representing our democratic ability to change the future will be crossed by a line representing Just Too Many Muslims.

        Although this point is still some years away, we are also some years away from accepting the reality of our situation.

        As I say, it is a race against time. And no current viable political party is in the race. Reality is reality – as future historians will note. Possibly in Urdu.


        • Lynette says:

          I think it is possible to get our voices heard if enough people protest and bring attention to the unjust BBC reporting. It needs perseverance and getting help from anyone who can help!!!


    • dez says:

      Paul Weston,

      Why do you support a blog site which says;

      ““WOO HOO! Yet ANOTHER anti-Muslim attack on a French mosque.”

      “As for Breivik? He killed the wrong people.”

      “anytime a Muslim dies, we rejoice.”


      • Guest Who says:

        BBC Watch on Facebook is an interesting site, too, sometimes.

        All sorts of comments.

        There are actually some quite funny ones on a recent post that their ‘team’ has made it the Golden Globes.

        Many trying to establish if the BBC squad fought their way there to be honored with a gong, or just occupy a few floors of the local hotels and soak up the vibe.


      • Paul Weston says:

        Dez, I assume you are referencing the site Bare Naked Islam (BNI)? I don’t support such statements and I am uncomfortable with the many videos and photos they post of the many MANY beheadings carried out by the religion of peace.

        However, BNI is on the ball with its reporting on hundreds of stories which are very important but which fail to make their way into the British media.

        I suppose the brutality of some of their readers is a logical result of being exposed to the brutality of Islam depicted every day on their site.

        We will all be brutal when conflict starts in 2025-2030. It would be nice if this could be avoided of course and one way it could be avoided is if everyone in the West was actually aware of the brutality of Islam (as are the BNI readers) and pressured our politicians into peacefully doing something about it today. Before it is too late.

        It won’t happen of course. As we have done so many times before we will deny, smear and appease until a much larger threat tries to defeat us.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Why don’t you try to address the misplaced and malign anti-Israeli BBC bias a la Wilcox, dezzzz?

        Maybe you’ve resurfaced too early.


  11. Sinniberg says:

    What did I just watch?.

    French Jews are being targeted daily and in increasing numbers in FRANCE and rather than discuss the issue all he can do is throw the Israeli/Palestine conflict at her.

    And as she tries to say that’s another matter and not really relevant to her he “apologises” and puts his hand on her shoulder!!.

    The thing is, you could literally see it coming…….


  12. Vector Curl says:

    I feel disgusted with the way Wilcox has used the deaths of Jews in Paris to make a cheap and inappropriate comment about Israel, not to mention about Jews in general. The non-stop traducement of Israel now appears to be de rigueur amongst many BBC reporters. Are they trying to create the illusion amongst the general population that militant Islam and terrorism would magically disappear if only Israel would as well?


  13. Techno says:

    I thought the “Je Suis Charlie” alliance would crack pretty quickly but I thought it would at least make it to the end of the day.


  14. Cull the Badgers says:

    The odious Willcox didn’t even let the poor woman, who was clearly struggling to get the words out in English, finish before he interrupted, with his insulting remark. Maybe he was deliberately preventing her from making a point he knew he and the BBC would not wish us to hear.


  15. David Ward MP says:

    I don’t see what’s wrong with what he said.

    Storm in a tea cup.

    Bradford’s an Israel free zone, as Paris soon will be. So don’t express your views there. If you do, don’t blame the locals if they implement the local (Sharia) law and execute your ass. The precedent has now been set in France you see.

    French law? Non. Sharia law – Oui. Those are the facts so deal with them. The french won’t uphold western (or Weston) values, our british values embrace Islam, as we are tolerent – The Germans would call us Uber-tolerent. We will look to tweek a few more laws at the edges to curtail expression of unwanted opinions (unless you are a muslim) so that everyone can feel secure in the knowledge that all will be equally restrained in what they can or can not say. Except muslims of course, who can say, and do, what they want.

    The BBC are doing sterling work in laying the foundations for a much more peaceful Britain where the jews will be a record in our history books and Islam will be the national religion.

    Our schools are also doing excellent work in ensuring that young people are developing a censorsorial attitude with their penchant for mob rule and their aversion to engaging in rational debate in favour of name calling. Look what happened with the convicted rapist Ched Evans – I am so pround of our media savvy youth for making that guy’s life a continuing hell. Play the man, not the ball. Excellent philosophy!

    Your freedoms will be protected as we see fit. Don’t worry. We’re in control in government and will ensure the sensibilities of certain minorities will be protected over and above the natural rights of you so called ‘indigenous’ English.

    The people of England need to Get with the program. The islamification of England is inevitable.



    • DP111 says:

      Good comment.
      At present it looks likely that Britain will be an Islamic ountry in a few decades. But we must not lose hope. We have been at such junctures in history, and managed to pull the chestnuts out of the fire, just in the nick of time.


  16. +james says:

    That is absolutely repugnant.

    There was a man in the 1930s who ranted and raved against the Bankers, Zionists and wanted to liberate the Palestinians. His name was Adolf Hitler and he would be working for the BBC if he were around today.


  17. Angrymanupnorth says:

    At +james.

    I think “David Ward MP” may well have his tongue stuck well in his cheek. Repugnantly close to the truth unfortunately.

    Check out MP David Ward’s twitter. He has form.


  18. deegee says:

    Although I am sure that the Charlie Hebdo murderers would agree it is significant that none of them raised the issue of Palestine at all. Their specific complaint was the insult to their religion and their general complaint was conditions in France.


  19. George R says:

    “Paris: Grand Mosque Open, Grand Synagogue Closed”

    by Lawrence A. Franklin.



  20. George R says:

    “BBC Reporter Slammed for Anti-Semitic Comments at Paris March.

    Jewish rights groups angered after BBC interviewer claims ‘Palestinians are suffering at Jewish hands’ during Paris rally.”



  21. LesS says:

    I also was disgusted at Willcox’s remarks on BBC yesterday. Not only was he attempting to blame Jewish AND French foreign policy, he bullied a young French girl quite badly. He was trying to get her to admit it was the Fault of the French. At one point in his interviews about 17;10 he pointedly asked “don’t you think the French are Racist”
    He is a disgrace and should be prosecuted.


    • johnnythefish says:

      At the very least he should be disciplined by the BBC.

      But then why should we expect an undisciplined national broadcasting organisation which thinks it can do what the hell it likes without fear of censure discipline one of its own who is, after all, ‘just following orders’?


  22. George R says:

    “BBC WS ‘The Fifth Floor’ highlights cartoonist known for antisemitic imagery”



  23. Laska says:

    HEADLINE NEWS: Martha Kearney agrees that British Jihadist fighting for Islamic State can best be seen as football hooligans! Just heard at 13.20 from some politician, Conservative, I think. He was understanding that many R4 listeners would like to “throw away the key” for returning Jihadists. However, he said that it was better to see them as “football hooligans” most of whom, in his opinion, are not interested in religion. Martha Kearney responded, “Sure”, agreeing approvingly with this grotesque analogy. Don’t recollect football fans with AK47s or RPGs killing and raping. Correct me if I’m wrong. This is the Institutional Cultural mindset at work in the BBC where the need to avoid what is plain sight leads you into desperate attempts to explain, justify, etc.


  24. mandelson says:

    Just been on the Daily Mail website and scanned the comments posed on their article. Quite extraordinary statistics upvoting pro Wilcox comments and the reverse for any criticism. It appears that Al Jabeeba has mobilised its robot trolls on mass.


    • hadda says:

      Apparently he’s tw@ted an ‘apology’ (at end of this piece):


      So, that’s OK then.


      • richard D says:

        He made the comment on mainstream TV news – he ‘tweets’ some form of apology to his followers (i.e. those who most probably aren’t at all fazed by his comments). Balanced response from the BBC, then, eh ?

        But hold on a second… he made the comment as a BBC employee, which makes the BBC accountable, but then tweets something – which the BBC constantly tries to remind us is a personal opinion zone, and not the voice of the BBC….

        So how come defenders are trumpeting that he has apologised, and so the matter should rest there ? The BBC has a duty to get this A-hole on the air in the middle of a prime-time news broadcast to publicly, with no ‘weasel words’ (he has form in this arena), grovel and apologise for his racist remarks (to use the left’s definition of a race).


        • Arthur Penney says:

          Well the BBC sacked a disc jockey (no NOT for child abuse) for accidentally playing a song that had an inappropriate (to them) lyric.

          The least they can do with Tim Wilcox is HDQ as a proportional response.


        • hadda says:

          And he uses the ‘apologies for offence’ trick, not for what he said, nor did he dissociate himself from the anti-Semitic thinking behind it.

          Truly vile.


    • George R says:

      Let’s not underestimate the numbers of ‘leftist’ Labour Party-Beeboids and
      Islamic types, politically organised, who propagandise for an Islamised Europe.


  25. Deborah says:

    Tim Wilcox’s question may have been badly phrased during a live interview but what it showed is
    1) he believes the deaths of Jews in Paris was related to events in Gaza

    2) he thinks all Jews are to blame for events in Israel.

    Where has he got those ideas?


  26. Ember2014 says:

    I’m surprised Wilcox didn’t continue revealing his own bias with a tirade against the Jewish capitalist conspiracy.


  27. Emerson V says:

    What annoys me most is I am paying his wages. His job is to report news not give opinions.


  28. Framer says:

    Is he not the smug person who does the papers late at night on BBC News with a wet Tory and a community activist.
    Oddly they all then agree with each other.


  29. Drew Howard says:

    Who says the BBC are anti-semites ?
    Alan Yentob, Danny Cohen, Lord Sir Micheal Grade,
    Gavin Esler, Jon Sopel, Emily Maitliss, Jo Coburn,
    Victoria Coren, Giles Coren, Stephen Fry,
    Claudia Winkleman, Simon Amstel, Matt Lucas,
    Tracy-Anne Oberman, Ben Elton, Naomi Alderman,
    Boyd Hilton, Joshua Rozenberg, Melanie Phillips,
    Sir Robert Winston, Sir Alan Sugar, Miriam Stoppard,
    Stephen Poliakoff, Will Self, Vanessa Feltz, David Aaronovitch, David Baddiel, Ivor Baddiel, Micheal Rosen, David Schneider, Simon Baron -Cohen, Rebecca Front, Jeremy Dyson, Patrick Marber, Zoe Wanamaker, Stacey Solomon, Andrew Sachs ?
    This is a small list of Jewish people who have worked or still work at the BBC

    So to all who scream the BBC is anti this or pro that GROW UP everyone whatever the Race or creed will have different views and the BBC is no different its the fact most people settle the differences between them with out spilling blood makes us human I just wish the middle east leaders from Israel to Iran and all country’s around them would sit down stop throwing tantrums and start working together without the BIG 3 stepping in and using them as pawns in their game of thrones. Maybe then the world would be a happier place and safer for one and all


    • RCE says:

      By Willcox’s logic that’s a jihadi hit list.


    • mandelson says:

      Hmm would be interesting to hear Melanie’s views on your premise. Suspect she would disagree.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      And your point is?

      Most of those names – with a couple of exceptions – would run a mile before they would get off-message far enough to take a pro-Jewish line. They are first and foremost career people.

      Isn’t the Leader Of The Labour Party Jewish as well? Which proves? – Nothing. Israel will never need enemies when it has friends like him.


  30. Mark says:

    Many of the Jews in your list are of the self-loathing Marxist variety such as Will Self, Stephen Fry, Ben Elton and that uber-treacherous arch-Trot Michael Rosen.
    Melanie Phillips is one of the more honourable exceptions.

    The BBC editorial when it comes to the Middle East is strongly anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.


  31. Drew Howard says:

    And one last thing Tim Wilcox current long term girl friend is Sophie Long new reader who has work closely with “Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre” on behalf of the BBC


  32. Drew Howard says:

    Mark your comment “self-loathing Marxist variety” is as out of order as anything Tim Wilcox said. the people you have just vilified makes you a bigot and a standard bearer for the far right are you sure you’re not a paid up member of the BNP because your attack and use of this smear makes me think you could be an agent provocateur.
    balance views are hard to come by are they not you only have look at yourself Mark.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Why does calling somebody a ‘self-loathing Marxist’ make you a bigot and and a standard bearer for the far right? You chose the list – all Jewish people – all Mark did was make another point about BBC bias by picking out those he thinks are ‘self-loathing Marxists’ and therefore apt to toe the BBC line, it was nothing to do with race or religion.

      Your three posts are nothing but an exercise in dissembling. You make no attempt to address the distasteful bias of the Wilcox interview.


    • Mark says:

      So my comment about a few BBC employees from your list makes me a standard-bearer of the far right ?

      Drew, for your information, I have never voted for the NF, the BNP or any other extreme political party, nor have I ever been a member of one.

      My main target from your list is Michael Rosen not because he is Jewish, but because he is an unrepentant, vicious Trotskyist who cheered the death of a thrice-elected Prime Minister not long ago, and who contributes to the SWP’s toxic rag.

      Also, I noticed the name of Andrew Sachs on the list. IIRC, he was the victim of vicious bullying by Russell Brand on a BBC show.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Are you really Owen Jones in disguise? No argument, so you resort to insults? There’s plenty of evidence available to justify what Mark said. Try doing a search on ‘Will Self Israel’ for starters. Any number of links; here’s what the Jewish Chronicle think of this loyal member:



  33. Drew Howard says:

    OMG Owen Jones never. lets get one thing clear Tim Wilcox is a dick and an arrogant one at that, if you all want is his head then start by calling on the BBC to move him so he covers the Israeli desk FROM Israel that should open his eyes somewhat. Mark am glad to hear you never supported those nasty little bigots and also I disliked the way Mrs Thatcher was vilified by the press and those who rode on her skirts then they dropped her only to fain remorse when she was dead. As for the so-called comedian turned defender of the poor Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross his idiot of a co presenter they should have been sacked and banned from the BBC not because Andrew Sachs is a Jew but because it was a degrading attack to whoever was on the receiving end of their supposed jokes and japes. Will Self is like many people through out history who have changed the religion they where born with or have not openly wanted to be associated with it only to come back to whatever religion when they where older and wiser Bob Dylan springs to mind so hope yet for Will. I would like to point out I am not here to stir to pot but have an open discussion about the BBC and how I see the situation. The BBC has many people working for it that have opposing views to those registered on this site and many who who will applauded the views of this site for this I say thank God because it means we have a FREE and Fair society we have the right to shout scream and hiss and point fingers at each other with out fear and long may it stay this way I hope you all agree.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘I would like to point out I am not here to stir to pot’

      Are there courses available to reach your expertise in this? May be well worth a go.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      You say: ‘The BBC has many people working for it that have opposing views to those registered on this site and many who will applaud the views of this site for this I say thank God because it means we have a FREE and Fair society…’.

      You imply that there is a balance of numbers; that is simply wrong. People here find it worth remarking on when ANYONE at the BBC veers from the pro-Leftist, pro-Islamist, pro-Feminist orthodoxy.


  34. Richard fish says:

    He’s an honourable man who spoke the truth. If we’re marching for free speech then this man should be applauded! The hypocrisy is sickening.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      He’s honourable because he doesn’t like Jews? On that basis, wasn’t Hitler an honourable man as well?


  35. Jack Justus says:

    Someone should kick this idiot’s ass.
    BBC should be ashamed with this anti Israël, pro Palestinian guy.
    No sign of any knowlegde of THE situation in Israël. What an ass!