1. noggin says:

    5Live BBC – really dishing it out on the Front Nationale this morning
    after its overt protection of all things Islam, ever since the French Islamic mass murder tragedy, this ought to be called by its common name … “sh-tstirring”
    Must be gearing up for the “Pegida” march/rally


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      And right on cue (or should that be far right on cue?) the BBC publishes this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-30742898


      • noggin says:

        Panto s really going to town, so much hot air, over the march of the quislings yesterday, Hollande, UK traitor in chief Cameron, grinning like the “joker” that snake Abbas … Netanyahu was there,(hmm now that … is a story).
        All, Je suis Charlie ? eh!
        … why were they NOT
        … ALL holding the Charlie Hebdo front cover?
        … in unison?.
        … all of the leaders?
        … to front the march?
        Oh yes, silly me,
        I forgot, Islamic sharia states its forbidden to show an image of Mohamhead.
        … Thanks BBC guidelines


    • Leamas says:

      Five Live always follows the same line when these terror attacks happen.

      Day one is quiet reflection, with the politicians lining up to bathe in the blood and think of ten different ways to arrange the same weasel words.

      Day two, a nominal discussion of what is wrong with “the people who commit these acts”, and the beginning of the distancing of them from “real” Islam.

      Day three, the focus turns from the attack itself to the potential backlash against muslims.

      Day four, blame the right.

      Always the same. It’s almost as if there are editorial guidelines in place. Surely not.


      • Guest Who says:

        “It’s almost as if there are editorial guidelines in place.”

        Hey, they have plenty more where those currently can’t come from.


      • ID says:

        Radio4 seems to be at the day2/day3 stage
        On the World at One today, they were wheeling out patrician, lawyerly types like Grieve and Garnier who in clipped accents warn against the “knne-jerk reaction” and the ever-present danger of the “backlash”. Of course, there is also the danger of the “blowback” from Syria. Probably, from those mysterious non-Muslims falsely claiming to be votaries of the Religion of Peace. Apparently, even some of the “sophisticated Radio4 audience” might think that “returnees” should be locked up and the “key thrown away”. This would be a “knee-jerk reaction”, however, as most “returnees” a more like “football hooligans”. Misguided, immature young men who have seen horrible things and want to come home to mummy. Who knows, maybe they were forced to play football with human heads. Anyway, for some complex legal and moral reasons only comprehensible to a select inner circle who pronounce “house” like Prince Charles , “returnees” should remain as free as any true born Brit who got a bit overexcited at an international. Habeas corpus, in dubio pro reo, Magna Carta in excelsis. Clear as crystal to a “highly sophisticated Radio4 audience” . Beyond Belief are also at it as well this afternoon. More vain attempts to prove that the Paris terrorists are not Muslims. More use of the “No true Scotsman fallacy” to keep the delusion going.


    • David Brims says:

      It was called a Unity March showing Solidarity, yet the one person they didn’t invite was Marine Le Pen who represents 30 % of the French population. So much for Unity, just more hypocrisy from the Ruling Elites.


      • Ken says:

        The BBC called it the Unity March. Many others called it a freedom march against terrorists and for freedom of speech.

        The BBC and assorted liberal progressives thought it was a march whose purpose was to show that they do not blame Islam for anyone who commits attrocities in Islam’s name and that we should all embrace Muslims, give them a nice hug, allow them to believe and act and behave entirely as their religion demands, and NOT EVER blame them for what they do… And by doing this, those nasty terrorists will see what nice, kind, well-meaning progressives we are and they will leave us alone.

        Personally? I thought it was supposed to be a march to show that Islam cannot oppress or bully a nation into self-censorship.

        It is such a shame that the Liberal progressives used that march in France to show that Islam can indeed bully and oppress non-Muslim liberal cowards into self-censorship.


        • Llareggub says:

          Yes indeed. A bunch of Quislings tried to hijack the march to show unity with the ROP. People have noticed. And Le Pen and followers participated in one of the many dignified marches throughout France.10406923_714357878682492_6486978008219638495_n.jpg?oh=6552c53ae2ac66b75efe12c3ebdc4bc0&oe=553DB540


    • Laska says:

      I see that the BBC are celebrating the demonstrations against PEGIDA in Germany. What is not mentioned is that these demonstrations are organised by the state. Now my understanding is that only totalitarian states do this organising. For a state to put itself in this position has not occurred in Germany since the 1930s and that history should have made politicians hesitate. It is popular in dictatorships. A demonstration is meant to be a spontaneous ouptpouring of a concern by certain people. I know that this may well be naive seeing a demonstration as somehow representing the “people”, but it does say something. Also that the demonstration ultimately is meant to influence the state and its policies. Now, for a state to effectively lobby itself or personify itself through clothing itself in a “demo” will be see by historians quite coldly: not an expression of popular concern, but a manipulation of the population and ostracising of certain sectors of their electorate.


    • Laska says:

      Russell Howard, alleged comedian. He appears on BBC. Somebody showed me a clip of him going completely lunatic, Dave Spart style, regarding EDL, but that was just a hook to allow him to steam with the BBC Comedy Orthodoxy. He was basically taking a swing – bellowing seems to be standard for the Left – at everything that is not far left. All to canned laughing because their is no humour in a ranting, wild eyed fanatic. That’s kind; he is burnt into my mind as the image of a fascist screaming forever in your ear that he wants you dead because you are not left wing. Check out what you are paying for.


  2. Nicholas Heneghan says:

    Listening to the midnight news bulletin on BBC Radio 2 last night and still they couldn’t bring themselves to utter the word ‘terrorist’; no, Islamist extremists were responsible for the Paris atrocities. Disgusting people.


    • Ken says:

      Agreed. BBC always has to change the narrative to suit the liberal progressive Dhimmi agenda. The Paris freedom march, protesting against Islamic terrorism and for free-speech, was reported as a “unity” march more about forgiving Islam for non-Muslims blaming Muslims for Islamic terrorism.

      I am not a celebrity and have absolutely no influence or voice whatsoever, so I would love to see someone who is highly influential actually come out and say that the bodies of the terrorists should be buried wrapped in pork-rinds in a vat of pigs blood, and await the usual liberal outrage…. then ask them… Well how can it be offensive to Muslims, if these terrorist attacks had nothing to do with Islam and these terrorists were not real Muslims?

      Come on Liberals, make your minds up. Where these Islamic acts or not? If not, then all terrorists who are “mistakenly” acting in the name of Islam, shouold be force fed pork if alive, or buried in pig’s blood, if dead. Who knows, it might put off other mistaken Muslim terrorists from commiting acts of terror here.


    • Deborah says:

      Naughtie this morning (Monday) on the Today programme also had to come up with ‘the man who lost his life in the Kosher supermarket attack’ because he couldn’t remember Amedy Coulibaly’s name and he didn’t want to say ‘terrorist’.


    • John Anderson says:

      I think the BBC has been – unusually – using the Terrorism word for the Paris atrocities. (Unlike most overseas Islamist terrorism). But yes, the weasel words “extremist” and “militant” keep creeping in. And elsewhere – Boko Haram for example – the T word is never used by the BBC except where they are quoting someone.


  3. Thoughtful says:

    It would appear that the Traitor David Cameron is delaying the publication of the report into the Iraq war until after the election. There is something connecting him & BLiar, and it just isn’t healthy.
    My suspicion remains that money somewhere is being offered, and Cameron is one of the greediest & most self interested leaders of the Tory party this century.
    It appears that there is a cross party group of MPs trying to force the publication, which the BBC appear to support.


    • Tony E says:

      I think you might be barking up the wrong tree here.

      Chilcott was engaged by Brown to run an enquiry that would look at the Iraq war, after the failure of the Butler enquiry on WMD of which Chilcott was a member. With a career in the civil service, he was seen as a safe pair of hands, one that wouldn’t rock the establishment boat.

      But there was always an ulterior motive here by Brown, and that was to keep Tony Blair from being the next Ted Heath. He wanted Blair and the Blairites in his own ranks to have this hanging over their heads for as long as humanly possible. It would serve to keep them quiet, and possibly to stop a popular putsch in the labour ranks by a Blairite.

      Chilcott would have known from his work on the Butler enquiry that the results of this investigation could be politically explosive. But he was also put in place twice by a Labour government and he is a former civil servant, so you would not expect the timing of the report’s release to come at a time when it’s findings could cause massive political damage.

      It should have been released a long time ago, but the delay does push back any political fall out, and that will continue past the election.


  4. Tony E says:

    I thought I might bring this to your attention, but not for what it says but for what it doesn’t question.


    The story alleges the use of the term ‘weaponising the NHS’ at a ‘private briefing with BBC political editors.

    What it doesn’t allege is that the briefing is anything unusual. Nor does it allege that the meeting between a Labour leader and the BBC news team should be unusual in the run up to an election.

    It does not question the level of collusion between the two, the oddity of a state broadcaster which has run almost no other domestic news except the NHS for the last week, and the timing of the ‘winter crisis’, which has coincided exactly with the opening of the election campaign?

    How much more timid can our ‘free press’ become.


    • cce says:

      My thoughts exactly as I read that article. Is it usual to brief leading journalists about your election strategy. Is the winter crisis (there is one every year) and the campaign co incidental? Personally I want to know about the specific policies that will be put in place to ‘save’ the NHS because all that I have heard is


      • Tony E says:

        It’s probably not unusual to brief journalists on your election strategy – but this wasn’t a briefing to journalists, it was a specific briefing to the state broadcaster and it alone, with no other organisation present.

        This means that the reporting of what was said in such a meeting would always be heavily self censored, and the situation open to interpretation that it was meeting held ‘in secret’ not to discuss election themes but a combined election strategy.

        That is a situation that any impartial broadcaster should deliberately strive to avoid. That the BBC is a state broadcaster only makes the matter more serious. I would be similarly disappointed if the BBC held closed doors meetings with any other political party.


        • CCE says:

          Sorry, accidentally reported you, I am using a phone.

          I agree with you entirely. There is a strong smell of collusion here. I looks as if Miliband has been planning his media strategy with the BBC. I am often (un)surprised yo here the BBC choice of newsworthy items coincides very closely with the labour Grid. I have always suspected that there was active collaboration, now we know there is.

          I heard Miliband repeating the lying meme about 1930’s economics on Sunday. There are so many things wrong with that lie i won’t elucidate but who gave it uncritical global coverage? The BBC


    • Ken says:

      The problem I have with Labour using the term “weaponising” for the NHS, is that they have already done it. When Labour were last in power, THEY weaponised the NHS against the old and vulnerable patients with their political targets, enforced lack of care from Nursing staff and policy of negligence which led to 13,000 excess deaths across the NHS in 13 different NHS trusts. Additionally, when you add-in the “Liverpool care pathway” decisions to refuse treatment to many of the most frail patients, the death toll probably exceeds 50,000.

      It is criminal that the tories even had to change the law to make “caring” a condition of Nursing employment. Under labour, “caring” for the patients became optional. Thousands of patients were left to starve to death in pools of their own urine and faeces.

      That was labour’s weaponisation of the NHS, but if you get your news from the BBC, you could be forgiven for thinking that Mid-staffs and all the other NHS trusts which failed thousands of patients, in spite of doubling the NHS budget, was a fiction.

      It is much worse for the NHS to meet 92.7% of their targets, provide excellent care for the vast majority of patients, than have the NHS actually kill thousands of their patients due to criminal levels of neglect.

      Labour weaponised the NHS. Remember that when you vote.


      • Dave666 says:

        So there’s a surprise Millibland briefs he is going to “weaponise” the NHS and we get over a week of non-stop reports about the NHS crisis.


    • richard D says:

      And, of course, I am re-assured (/sarc) that the BBC would have found nothing whatsoever interesting or report-worthy about Mr Cameron meeting Mr Murdoch and his senior team for a secret briefing, regarding what Mr Cameron would like Mr Murdoch’s media outlets to focus on all the way up to the election. This, despite the fact that £4bn of taxpayers’ money handed to it on a plate every year, is supposed guarantee that the BBC is completely politically impartial – a duty which Mr Murdoch is NOT bound by, because his organisation is not funded by the taxpayer..

      And, of course, had a term like ‘weaponising’ been used between them, the BBC would have been entirely happy that it was being kept ‘schtum’ for months, because ……

      Yeah…..riiiiiight !


    • Guest Who says:

      Just read this after watching Miliband being savaged on this by Marr (which raises, or lowers the bar of the famous sheep jibe).

      If this was hosted by the BBC, why was it in the form of a question that Ed kept mis-remembering?

      Surely there has been ample on record testimony to tell him that is exactly what he did say, what does he say now to justify it, and how can he justify the clear dissembling attempts subsequently?

      Or is the BBC now not in the business of sharing evidence or ‘sources close to the BBC’ claims?

      That they alone were privy to this is also an eyebrow cranker.


  5. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC News : ‘Over to news, travel and weather where you are…’

    Asad Ahmad is keen to tell me in his very first headline of the London news bulletin that some ‘American terrorism commentator’ (about whom I have never heard) ‘has been forced to apologise for his comments’

    I believe BBC London are refering to this story


    I am guesseing BBC Midlands will focus on the Birmingham aspect of this blown out of all proportion and irrelevant report.

    I could really do without this Lefty Twitter Storm kind of story. The analogy I imagine is some journo with a pre-set form of political ideas trawls through public lavatories serching for some grafitti that will offend his precious sensibilties. Happily finding a suitable scribbling he chisels the etching off the wall and carries it out into the public square and displays it to all and sundry.

    I wonder, do BBC news editors have people carefully scrutinising the media in Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran etc – so as to pick up their commentators for possible erroneous statements about the jewish community in London? I doubt it. I doubt the BBC would be comfortable letting us know about the casual anti-semitism rife in these countries.

    BBC London, you happily bring me this little morality lesson hung on a non-story but you hardly ever bring me any investigative journalism about what is actually going on in the borough of Tower Hamlets.


    • D1004 says:

      ‘Gameshow’ and his female Robin were laughing at this as well at 8-25, playing the piece from fox and then his full apology for getting things slightly wrong, if only they were as quick to offer apologies when they fuck up.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Anyone going to Bradford and straying into the Muslim quarter, well more like a half actually, if you see what I mean, will tell you its as near as damn it a no go area for white Yorkshire folks. This commentator may have been factually incorrect but he is merely anticipating the true situation by a few years.


      • Ken says:

        Same in Leicester and many other cities.

        Blackburn is practically an Islamic caliphate on its own.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      There certainly appear to be parts of Birmingham that are no-go for whites. The Birmingham Mail thinks so anyway, according to Guido.

      However that was back in 2009. I’m sure things have improved since then.


      • Mark says:

        It’s more vibrant now that we have Muslim Somalis to add to the Muslim Pakistanis and the Muslim Bangladeshis.


        • JoShaw says:

          Interesting, isn’t it? There are degrees of “vibrancy”.

          Perhaps there should be a Vibrancy Scale of 1 to 10, so we can grade places more accurately. I suppose an all-white area would be 1, if not off the scale altogether.

          Bradford, mentioned by Doublethinker above, has certainly climbed the scale since I was growing up there. It jumped a step or two in 2001 when the pub I used to pass on my way to school was firebombed.

          Such a dull life before then!


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Actually, the assertion that Brum is all muslim will be correct…..he is just 50-100yrs premature………


      • John Anderson says:

        The estimate I had seen was that on current trends Birmingham would be 48% Pakistani by 2026. Yes, 2026.


  6. Seek the Truth says:

    It’s already started – this is on the BBC tonight. Not sure I’ll be able to bring myself to watch it



    • deegee says:

      As France grieves the loss of 12 people murdered in the extremist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, John Ware investigates the fight for the hearts and minds of British Muslims.

      17 people died, including four at the kosher supermarket and an unarmed (black) policewoman who stopped to investigate a traffic accident. Isn’t France grieving for them?

      You could arguably include three killers to that list although I’m not grieving.


      • Ken says:

        When will those liberal progressive idiots realise that many Muslims consider non-Muslims to be the worst of beasts and less than human? There is no reaching their hearts or minds, because they are only interested in conquest, converting or killing the non-believer as their religious duty.

        Constantly ignoring reality to appease Islam, by absolving Islam of any blame for those killers acting in the name of Islam, who are supported by a significant proportion of Muslims, only serves to encourage Jihadists to keep on killing. NOBODY is actually holding those violent Muslims to account. Empty words from “community leaders” of condemnation are mere taqiyya lies.

        There are only two possible solutions to this Islamic menace.

        1) A genuine, real and lasting reformation of Islam, brought about by all Muslims worldwide, denouncing and rejecting Jihad, Islamic supremacy and the bigoted hatred against non-Muslims, and accepting a multi-religious world.

        And if that does not work.

        2) The rest of the world uniting against Islam to force it to change, or destroy it if it does not.

        It is impossible to live peacefully alongside people who are utterly dedicated to killing or converting everyone else. Islam must change.


        • Chop says:

          I believe that for each atrocity, carried out in the name of Islam, then 10,000 RANDOM muslims are rounded up and deported to thier country of parental origin, if any are converts, they can pick any islamic shithole of choice to live.

          The gloves have got to come off, I don’t care if those rounded up are what is known as moderate, I really don’t, they are part of the problem.

          See how quickly Jihad stops when that happens…that will FORCE the moderates to speak out about what is actually going on in thier mini caliphates.

          During wars with Germany, Germans were rounded up and deported, we are at war with Islam, the same rules have got to apply.


    • Llareggub says:

      If the BBC was scaled down and run on a subscription basis it could be financed by the moslem population in the UK with top ups from the Saudis. The British people have no need for the BBC and its Islamic values and should not be forced to pay for it


    • Dave666 says:

      I’m sure that the Panorama program will be unbiased and present the views of all parties concerned in this issue. I for one am looking forward to see who they wheel out to represent the “far right” assessment of the situation as I would think this would be one of the views that needs to be put forward so that viewers can asses all the impartial evidence and make up their own minds…..Yea right!


      • Ken says:

        Spot the odd one out?

        A) The white man is supreme above all other nations, blessed by God and placed on earth to rule all others.

        B) The Germanic Arian Race is the master race and Jews are less then human.

        C) Allah through his prophet Mohammed chose the Muslims as the chosen people. The unbeliever is the worst of beasts. Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate.

        The answer of course is C). The BBC and their liberal progressive acolytes will rightly denounce the white supremacy of the KKK, and the Arian supremacy of the NAZIs. However, the liberal progressive will utterly deny and blindly ignore the vile supremacism of Islam, and will defend the Islamic supremacist against all criticism. Even as these vile supremacists cut the heads off their closest friends and families.


        • pah says:

          Except Islam is a religion not a race, of course. Please keep up at the back!

          The BBC is quite OK with thought supremacy as long as they are the right thoughts, naturally.


    • Ken says:

      WOW! I am watching this and (I can’t believe I am writing this) but the BBC are FINALLY acknowleging the extremism within Islam which is widespread, and showing it. They are showing how intolerant, bigoted and prejudiced, Islam is becoming.

      They are showing everything that concerns me and hopefully this will make liberal progressive Muslim extremist loving fuckwits finally wake up!


    • John Paul Jones says:

      Its a pity that you did not watch it. The programme featured well educated Muslins who view themselves as British Muslims. They spoke about a growing puritanical Islam that is a threat to western, in their case British values.

      What was most heartening to me was their readiness to accept that Islamism (puritanical Islam) has its roots in Islam and it is Muslims who must confront its ideological roots. Muslims have to confront this if Islam is to be made compatible with pluralism and liberal democracy.

      In my view this is the fundamental issue. What is depressing is that our political class repeatedly mouths the mantra after every Islamist terrorist act that ‘this has nothing to do with Islam. Hollande repeated it in speech after speech, including today at the funeral of the 3 police officers. Obama, Cameroon and the rest all spout it.

      The Islamist, so called ‘moderate Muslims’ and other apologist for Islam trot it out at every opportunity. It is the big lie. It is the get out of jail card. It says, its not our problem mate. How can it be if it has ‘nothing to do with Islam’. Its your problem. You create by your persecution of who? Why Muslims of course.

      There has been a backlash from the usual suspects, saying that the programme was biased, unbalanced and dealt to much with the ideology of Islam and not enough on western foreign policy, persecution of Muslim in western societies as the drivers for Islamic terrorism.

      Unfortunately at this point I do not hold out much hope for the young Muslims who want to reform Islam, but I wish them well and feel that they are deserving of my support.


  7. Thoughtful says:

    I wonder if someone thought through the connotations of this charity appeal before launching it. The comedy potential is huge, but the BBC has banned comedy so it’ll never appear.



    • ManchesterLad says:

      Interesting timing. Nothing to do with the latest Muslim terrorist attrocities in France I’m sure, just a damn coincidence.

      I wonder if they asked the Muslims involved if they realised Muslim charity is only meant to apply to fellow Muslims. We can be fairly sure the BBC won’t ask this when the certain saturation coverage ensues.

      You have to admire Taqiya in action, they have grabbed the opportunity to put Islam in a positive light by misleading the public into thinking Islam is a force for good.

      Of course, if these Muslims are going against their religion and providing genuine charity for infidels then this can only be a good thing. They should consider converting to a religion which approves of charity to the unfortunate.


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    There’s a strong and repeated BBC editorial line this morning concerning the Sunday Charlie Hebdo commemoration : “crowds consisted of people of all faiths and none”

    All very well and nicely inclusive – but this terrorism always seems to be committed by people of just the one.


    • John Anderson says:

      and Hollande is now having to give police protection to hundreds of Jewish schools – not Muslim schools


      • Roland Deschain says:

        But surely they need to protect Muslim schools as well because of the anti-muslim backlash we keep getting told will come from the far right…?


    • Chop says:

      From the photo’s I saw of “The Unity March”(tm) there were very few Muzzies there…Mainly white French from what I could see.

      Mind you, I did not watch the coverage, just saw photo’s in The Mail (A paper I am losing all respect for after thier shameless moderating during and after the French Jihad)


  9. Dave666 says:

    It’s Monday it’s BBc breakfast. Reports on the “deadly” Paris attacks why do the BBc have to keep saying “deadly” or “deadliest” when it’s a bit obvious. “An American TV reporter” has had to apologise after saying there were muslim no-go areas in Birmingham. Aren’t there? Just when I thought we had missed out on the normal agenda yes there is an article on diets, for a Horizon program tonight.


  10. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    Weaponising the NHS!! The fact that 15+ BBC executives were in a meeting with Labour in November then BBC spends two months echoing Labour mantra proves the bias.


  11. deegee says:

    Has anyone noticed that the BBC Travel on the Mid-East News page has been stuck in Iran for half a year? Could it be that the rest of the Middle East is too dangerous and Israel, is, well … Israel?


  12. deegee says:

    Sometimes BBC divisions forget ‘established’ BBC science.
    Earth was a frozen snowball when animals first evolved


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      Genuinely Shocked.

      BBC ‘science’ article written by (not a staffer surprise!) someone with science A levels! And a science degree!

      Unfortunately for Kate Ravilious, this will not assist in much future work from the BBC,( as she may know how to review ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ pseudoscience,) until such a time as the BBC introduce their [you heard it here first] “reverse ferret” when it is ‘discovered’ by ‘climate scientists’ that actually its global cooling and the associated ‘climate change’ which we must all get religious about. And give the government lots of our wealth to “solve” the “problem”.

      Should have done a degree in English and some irrelevant A levels Kate. You’d be chief scientific correspondent by now.


  13. hadda says:

    I doubt the Beeb will be rushing to interview the chap in this piece



    • John Anderson says:

      That is a tragic account of what happened inside the supermarket – and the true aims of the jihadist. For instance – that he might well have been looking to attack a Jewish school when he shot the policewoman / traffic cop.

      As you say – the BBC will not interview this man, even though he summarises the predicament of Jews in France. France – our closest neighbour, where Muslim attacks on Jews have been going on for years. Has the BBC ever reported in any depth on this pattern of Koran-inspired violence and sometimes murder ? NO. Why not ? The BBC finds plenty of time to attack “far-right” organisations like EDL, like PEGIDA, portraying them as some sort of fascist threat. But these outfits are just a response on the streets – by the common man – to the real fascist threat we have imported into Europe.

      A few days ago someone posted that “only” about 600 cars had been torched by Muslims on New Years Eve in France. Did the BBC report that ? I never heard anything.

      BBC – suppressio veri. Bury the truth. Promote the lies.


      • IsItMe? says:

        There was mention of the large number of Jews leaving France on the BBC News Channel the other night, due to rising anti-Semitism. No clue, however, as to the source of this anti-Semitism.


        • hadda says:

          Is it the Baha’is?


        • Pounce says:

          “No clue, however, as to the source of this anti-Semitism.”

          The thing is years of leftwing political indoctrination has resulted in a situation where we excuse the intolerant by blaming everybody and anybody bar the guilty. In remaining silent or blaming everybody else for the barbaric nature of Islam we have allowed these relgious bigots to quite rightly presume that they are above the law;
          Behead a soldier…blame British foreign policy
          Blow up London….ditto
          Get jailed for an RTA …blame the jew
          and the rest

          Until we (And that includes the people reading this) start to overtly express their fears of Islam we will continue to see Muslims terrorise us to their way of thinking. On that note on every picture i saw of the protesters in France, I saw very few Muslims. That tells me all I need to know.

          A religion of peace my arse.


          • ID says:

            Yes, frankly, I find the BBC line of reasoning impossible to follow.
            If some one says “I am a Muslim” then unless you are a mind-reader and know what it means to be Muslim, there is no way of determining whether the claim is true or false.
            However, if someone says “I am a Muslim and I have righteously killed a cartoonist who has insulted the Prophet” you have to accept the the claim as prima facie true because of all the similar acts in the past.
            The prime example is Salman Rushdie fatwaed in 1989 by the Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini over his novel The Satanic Verses. The reason was an allegedly blasphemous statement taken from an early biography of the Prophet Muhammad, regarding the incorporation of pagan goddesses into Islam’s strongly monotheistic structure. Khomeini died shortly after issuing the fatwa. In 1998 Iran stated it is no longer pursuing Rushdie’s death; however, that decree was again reversed in early 2005 by the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
            These are some of the highest authotities there are in the Muslim world and so typify what “main stream Islam” must look like. The BBC may as well try to prove that the Pope is not Catholic. Good Muslims kill in the name of their religion because it is the will of Allah as received by the Prophet, laid down in the Holy Book and interpreted by the scholars.


  14. Old Goat says:

    Bad night last night, so semi-dozing through “Today” – I heard nothing that made me sit up with interest, just nothing but waffle, with the phrase “lessons to be learned” being the only thing that stirred me – to switch the wireless off.


  15. Umbongo says:

    I’ve been critical of the Telegraph recently but credit where it’s due: this article by Andrew Gilligan in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph sets out graphically the sell-out of our political class to their Moslem Islamic friends. I cannot imagine anything like this appearing on the BBC, certainly not on its broadcasting wing. As usual, craig’s excellent Is the BBC biased? blog notes Wilcox’s not so subtle anti-semitism and the vast tracts of unwelcome Moslem-related news ignored by the BBC.
    In God knows how many years of commenting on this blog I thought I’d seen/heard everything concerning BBC bias. Unfortunately not: the BBC reaches new depths inspired, quite unbelievably, by public murder. I fear that it can only get worse. After all, and certainly this side of the general election, none of our political masters – not even Farage – is prepared to square up to the BBC. This is a product of both fear (of the BBC’s power) and, in the case of the Labour/multi-culti/warmist coalition, a desire to see its propaganda arm prosper and, not least, paid for with other people’s money.


  16. Jeff Waters says:

    Apology for ‘Muslim Birmingham’ Fox News claim – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-30773297

    The BBC have been delighting in milking this gaffe by a minor conservative commentator who’s regarded by liberals as an Islamophobe.

    The guy probably just meant to say there are areas in Birmingham that are nearly totally muslim, not that the city is totally muslim. He tripped up over his words and apologised. Non story.

    It’s curious that they didn’t tell us whether it was true (possibly hoping that we would assume it was a ridiculous claim by a foaming at the mouth conservative):

    Steven Emerson told the channel that in London “Muslim religious police” beat “anyone who doesn’t dress according to Muslim, religious Muslim attire”.

    Groups of muslim extremists have been known to patrol areas of British cities to prevent unislamic behavior – see below, for example – so it would have been good if the BBC had told us if these extremists ever enforce an islamic dress code.

    ‘Today, Izzadeen, the self-styled ‘Director for Waltham Forest Muslims’, will march with his supporters — many of them new young recruits to Islam — as part of their campaign to make the suburban borough into Britain’s first Sharia-law zone.

    Under his brutal set of rules, there would be a ban on alcohol, gambling, drugs, music, smoking and homosexuality, as well as on men and women mixing in public.

    This is all part of Izzadeen’s concerted campaign to defeat ‘Western decadence’ and turn large parts of Britain — where, his supporters say, ‘people live like animals in a jungle’ — into an Islamic Emirate.
    Already, 20,000 yellow leaflets have been printed by Islamic activists, saying ‘You are entering a Sharia controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced.’ The leaflets have been stuck onto lamp-posts, put up in shop windows and on pillar boxes. As fast as the police and council officials tear them down, more go up.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2020382/You-entering-Sharia-law-Britain-As-Islamic-extremists-declare-Sharia-law-zone-London-suburb-worrying-social-moral-implications.html#ixzz3ObJyNoBU


  17. Doublethinker says:

    The victims of the Paris terror all died in vain.
    The rally in Paris and those elsewhere in France and Europe showed solidarity, allegedly to Charlie H. But the folks at Charlie were murdered because they worked for a publication which dared to offend Muslims by publishing a few cartoons.
    Surely the best way to show solidarity would be for the media to show those cartoons all over Europe throughout the day and for placards to carried by those brave enough to do so at the demonstrations.
    The media and most politicians are turning the demonstration into ones which are supposed to show the strength of western values by showing support for Multiculturaslism. But by not showing the cartoons all over Europe the establishment is kowtowing to the Muslim thugs who have shown , yet again, that the West cannot, or will not, stand up to their terror. They know they can get what they want at the point of a gun.
    If the result of this latest terror is for the West to make even more concessions to Muslims and to blame western society for their alienation and radicalisation, we just slide another few notches down the road of Islamification.
    The people at Charlie Hebdo and all the others died in vain let down , like the rest of us, by their weak politicians and media establishment.


    • Angels 30 says:

      Good old Boris was being interviewed in Trafalgar Square yesterday afternoon by Sky and rabbiting on about the sacrifices that we have made for the freedoms we currently enjoy and this includes a free press that is not afraid to offend – Oops!!
      This was rapidly corrected by saying that any offence could only be made within the confines of current laws.
      Thanks Boris, you just confirmed what the rest of us knew that, even with all of our sacrifices, we still do not have a completely free press.


      • Lynette says:

        We do not have anything like a free press in any case because just like the BBC will only show a point of view if it suits them. They do not even give easy or prominent access to information that has been proven to be misinformation which means that opposing information is actually censored . And a person who does not represent their idea of the world is made to look foolish even by the way they look or tone of voice eg See even this subtle example (the second one) http://netanyalynette.blogspot.co.il/2012/07/imortance-of-tone-of-voicerepetiton-of.html


    • ID says:

      Excellent, concise analysis of the situation. What days of flatulent media drivel have tried to obscure, you reveal in a few well chosen words. I see on Sky news that the latest version of Charlie Hebdo is to be translated into a number of languages. I wonder, as a former translator, if any translator will be brave enough to risk being butchered by a peace loving Muslim, the fate of the Japanese translator of the Satanic Verses.


  18. George R says:

    Political mentality of Beeboids, leading to national suicide:-

    ‘We should NOT stop mass immigration from Islamic countries, because only a minority of such Muslims are active Islamic jihadists’.

    Beeboids do not learn lesson from the obvious fact about the present in Europe-

    Only a minority of millions of Muslim immigrants are active Islamic jihadists; but look at the violence and carnage such jihadists are bringing to we Kafirs.

    Will the evidence now deter West’s political class (inc Beeboids), from their political campaign to Islamise Europe (to include the addition of 80 million Turkish Muslims into E.U)?

    Not at all.


    • Ken says:

      OK, Am I the only one who is sick of the outrageous hypocrisy of the lefty liberal progressives who will argue to the ends of the earth, that Jihadists do not represent Islam and Most Muslims are peaceful, whilst applying the direct opposite logic to UKIP when a very rare and unrepresentitive racial comment is made by a member ( which inevitably results in their swift dismissal from the party)?

      When someone speaks out in opposition to UKIP policy to make a racist comment, all of a sudden, these politically correct idiots denounce ALL of UKIP as racist.

      So, for the avoidance of doubt, here are the differences between Islamic supremacy, and UKIP racism.

      Ai) UKIP have no racist texts, policies or known racist members.
      Aii) Islam has many supremacist and violent texts, duties and members.

      Bi) UKIP kick racists out of the party as soon as they are discovered.
      Bii) Islam does NOTHING against violent supremacists in their ranks.

      (Ci) UKIP beleive in one law for all, equally, with none superior in law to anyone else. With equal duty and responsibility and protection under this one law, applicable equally to all, regardless of your colour, race, gender etc… No one (whether Muslim, African, Chinese, British, Christian, Jew, Agnostic, Atheist) has superiority over anyone else in law.
      Cii) Islam believes in one Law for all Muslims. Non-Muslims & bad Muslims (hypocrites) have no protection in law whatsoever and they can be killed with impunity. Muslims are superior to all others.

      There. Now that is cleared up, we should confront all the idiotic and hypocritical lefty liberal progressives with their hypocrisy.


      • Steve Jones says:


        Fear not, the public is wise to all of the points you raise. The power of the ballot box will be seen in May.



    • JimS says:

      Dangerous Dogs Act
      2. Banned dogs
      In the UK, it’s against the law to own certain types of dog. These are the:

      Pit Bull Terrier
      Japanese Tosa
      Dogo Argentino
      Fila Braziliero

      I’m sure they are not all dangerous and if we humans adapted our behaviour I bet they would all fit in. It is unfair to label whole breeds as dangerous. Why some of them might have been mistreated in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan…


  19. Jeff Waters says:

    Young Woman Engineer of the Year: Challenging the ‘grubby boys’ club’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-30774761

    Nothing at all sexist about that headline.

    I don’t know why the BBC are concerned about a shortage of engineers when the immigration policies they support mean that there is no shortage of engineers willing and able to come and work in Britain.


    • JimS says:

      When it was ‘the 5%’ we went ‘up to university’ and the university was ‘of’ a place, i.e. ‘University of Borchester’. Somehow this “popping into ‘uni'” of ‘the 55%’ makes them all sound like ‘Neighbours’ drop-outs. I do like her enthusiasm though!


  20. David Brims says:

    That little creep Sarkozy said ” It was an attack on Civiisation.” Bit rich that since the French Ruling Elites have turned Paris into a Third World slum. Looking at the people rioting in this YouTube clip, let’s put it this way they don’t look like Maurice Chevalier.


  21. Laska says:

    Whilst certain people are congratulating themselves on being for Charlie, how about going for full freedom of expression in response? Showing resolve in the face of terrorists trying to undermine the liberties of the West, how about a gesture of solidarity by declaring that they will take off the statute books all those laws that have increasingly made it a criminal offence to express an opinion and threaten to criminalise us all. Those that object to Charlie are aware of the many laws that suppress comment – and they are pleased by many of them – wonder why the West cannot go that extra step. This bonfire of statutes would be a lasting legacy showing respect and strength in face of terrorists that attacked Charlie? I suspect that the response of governments will go in the opposite direction. How ironic; Charlie as a reason for state’s further restriction of freedom of expression.


    • IsItMe? says:

      Don’t be silly. Some US journalist we have never heard of said something which could be construed as being “Islamophobic”. Much more newsworthy.


    • John Anderson says:

      I mentioned yesterday that out of 40 stories on their front page the BBC website somehow overlooked the firebombing. But it was among the 20 headlines on the Sky website. And Craig says that it was also on the ITV site, and the story was in various newspapers eg Telegraph, Guardian – and as you say, the Indy.

      Curious oversight by the BBC ? Or just another example of the BBC suppressing news that does not fit in with its main theme – ie “risk of backlash against Muslims”.


    • hadda says:

      I did a search for that story yesterday. It was mentioned in a very brief paragraph right at the end of a minor piece about yesterday’s ‘grief on sleeve’ love-in. Apart from that, zilch.

      Now had it been a mosque with a dodgy heater…


  22. Laska says:

    Russell Howard, alleged comedian. He appears on BBC. Somebody showed me a clip of him going completely lunatic, Dave Spart style. He was attacking UKIP, PM Cameron and basically taking a swing at everything that is not far left. All to canned laughing because their is no humour in a ranting, wild eyed fanatic. That’s kind; he is burnt into my mind as the image of a fascist screaming forever in your ear that he wants you dead because you are not left wing. Check out what you are paying for.


  23. Framer says:

    The BBC is now adopting the term ‘Islamist extremists’ where it had been generally accepted that ‘Islamist’ was a descriptor for Muslim extremists.
    Watch the way they will twist the phrasing to avoid reality.


  24. Fred Stubber says:

    Could anyone point me to the link to the vicar’s wife who spent four years in Birmingham amongst the immigrants? It was on here somewhere but I can’t find it now.


  25. Framer says:

    The question the Daily Telegraph article today on Miliband ‘weaponising’ the NHS does not ask is why the BBC had gathered 15 top executives in November to discuss the matter with the Labour leader –
    “The Telegraph has learned that Mr Miliband actually made the comments to a far wider circle of BBC executives during a background briefing with the Labour leader which took place around November last year.”
    It is obvious that the BBC’s new year announcement that they were going to major on the NHS in news and comment throughout the winter was planned with Labour as a deliberate attempt to turn the election campaign on to what they believe to be Labour’s winning battleground territory.
    They are shameless.


    • Tony E says:

      When I mentioned this above it was before Cameron spoke this morning. Now I’m slightly more surprised than I was before.

      Cameron doesn’t mention the context in which the remarks were made. That in itself says one of two things.

      1) It’s so obvious to him that Miliband would feel comfortable in making such a statement because he felt his environment so uncritical that it is not worthy of comment by a PM.

      2) He’s so damn scared of the BBC that he dare not poke at it with a stick, despite Miliband having given him the stick clean end first with which to administer the beating.


  26. noggin says:

    BBC is non stop, gloating over some American s misguided comments on Birmingham.

    Daily Telegraph – Birmingham best place in Europe to be a “pure Muslim”

    Standpoint : A Stranger in My Own Land


    Bham Mail? … they might know something about Bham? you would imagine?
    Jasper Carrott: He might know a bit about Bham eh?
    We must stop Birmingham being divided into ghettos
    Jun 29, 2014
    “The comedian has called on ethnic minorities to put city and country before community – before it is too late”

    European ‘No-Go’ Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating
    “Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers”
    The Islamic Emirates Project names the British cities of BIRMINGHAM, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton

    Fury over ‘Muslim only’ rental advert – Daily Star
    Birmingham muslims only, discrimination, landlords, and tenants

    before its too late? eh ? … are you one of those far right racist Islamofauxbic bigots, Jasper … or maybe a concerned citizen?

    I digress I used to travel into “Brum” a lot, the moniker muslim ghettoes seems a fair one to me.
    where was all that Trojan Horse, school takeover business? … any ideas ?


  27. Llareggub says:

    Muslims fear Backlash from the people they keep killing



  28. Old Goat says:

    So it’s true – it IS de rigueur for BBC employees to be poofs, and to parade themselves around, purely to generate controversy.



  29. Roland Deschain says:

    The BBC is actually allowing people to comment on Paris. Strike now before closing.



    • Flexdream says:

      They won’t like the popular comments, many of which the BBC have removed.


      • Steve Jones says:

        Really enjoying the comments section. Currently, moderation seems to be at a minimum. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts.

        What a surprise, the clowns have just shut the comments section. What are they afraid of? Free speech?


        • Emerson V says:

          Reading these the bbc took a mauling, I think it’s days are numbered, people are finally waking up. For me it started when they gave Argentina advanced warning of our attack on Goose Green the bbc NUJ have done their best to destroy Britain.


    • Guest Who says:

      Current top two (no Editor’s Picks):

      38. Dave1965
      A number of Muslims in Europe raised their voices this weekend telling other Muslims to either accept western standards including free speech or to leave Europe – and well done to them for being brave enough to say this.

      If I were to say the same thing in the UK, however, I’d be prosecuted under our ludicrous anti-free-speech rules. So do our leaders really respect free speech?

      188. angry_of_garston
      Did you see the March of thousands of moderate Muslims through London at the weekend expressing outrage at the murders in the name of their religion?


      Neither did I.

      Opened today at around 9.30am. Now at 2500+ comments.
      We’ll see how it goes. Folk will be getting home soon.


      • Steve Jones says:

        The quislings at the BBC will have been rattled by the tragic events in Paris and by the voting in the HYS section. They know full well that they have been defending the indefensible. The public in western democracies are extremely apathetic up to a point because, generally, their societies bump along without too much in the way of trouble. However, the game has changed in the last week and it is immediately apparent where certain organisations priorities lie.
        The BBC should, quite deservedly, be worried about its future.


    • Guest Who says:

      Strike now before closing


      Now there’s a thing…

      This entry is now closed for comments

      2663. keli_richards
      1 HOUR AGO (they have helpfully added).

      Most will get home in maybe another hour, or more.


  30. johnnythefish says:

    There are loads of inconvenient facts in this article, easily verifiable, which the BBC could use to challenge the Miliband/Burnham lies and scaremongering about Labour’s Weaponised NHS:



    ‘….NHS England has 573,000 clinicians – doctors, nurses, paramedics, radiologists and medically qualified staff. That is 17,000 more than when the Government came to office. It also employs 10,000 more medical support staff, and more staff overall. Almost 5 per cent of Britain’s labour force works for the NHS.

    The supposed “toxic cuts”, meanwhile, have seen the health budget rise from £98 billion in Labour’s last year to £113 billion this year, a real-terms increase of 2.5 per cent. The proportion of that budget spent on commissioning private providers has gone up under the Coalition from 4.9 per cent to – wait for it – 6.1 per cent. Private involvement in the health service rose faster in every year of the last Labour government than in any year of the Lib-Con government.

    Mr Burnham argues that the pace will soon accelerate, saying the controversial 2013 Health and Social Care Act forces NHS commissioners to put all contracts out to tender. But that’s not true either; in the first 16 months after the new law, according to the British Medical Journal, just under 3,500 contracts were awarded – 210 went out to tender and only about 80 were won by the private sector.

    Of course, even the services covered by those 80 contracts haven’t been “privatised” in the sense of patients having to pay for them. Though they are no longer publicly operated, they remain publicly funded, publicly controlled and free to use. ‘

    The trouble is the BBC, with only 4000 journalists at its disposal, doesn’t have the time or the resource to investigate the Miliband/Burnham claims properly, so will just have to take their word for it. At least, that’s the impression they give.


  31. CCE says:

    Hmmmmmmm……. Interesting I wonder if it was a matter of trying really hard to get the right answer*


    Two young Jewish people from Paris interviewed.

    “Q: Would you feel comfortable about wearing the skullcap inParis?

    Gabriel: Not everywhere. You could get assaulted or insulted.

    Raphael: They (qui sont ils alors?) could call you names, like “dirty Jew”, or threaten you.

    Gabriel: But it’s not everywhere in Paris. It happens but it’s not in every neighbourhood. (mais il est courant dans les banlieues).
    Raphael: It’s important to say that there are low-income neighbourhoods in Paris where Jews are safe.” (ceux qui sont-ils alors?)

    What’s that? …. oh I heard some heavy footsteps and some trumpeting noises and I found a few gigantic turds in the living room. F**k me, someone has written “Je suis Nellie” on the wall by the TV with a huge paintbrush.

    et maintenant la pièce de reistance…

    Gabriel: I don’t feel the attackers were Muslim at all so what they did can’t change what I feel about Muslims.

    Raphael: Just two concerns. I fear these attacks may help Marine Le Pen and I don’t want a French Patriot Act.

    *Roger Mosey, in his time as Head of Television News, had a similar experience, in the case of a film about census returns in parts of east London, showing that ethnic communities had become the majority. The film included interviews with council officials, members of the Asian community, and one white resident – who pronounced himself happy with his neighbourhood. Questioned as to whether this voxpop was really representative of the white community, the reporter replied with pride: ‘Oh no, we had to work really hard to find him!’
    page 68


  32. Flexdream says:

    It seems that the PM may no longer be the dummy dhimmi at number 10. I can’t find it reported on Al Beeba but according to the Telegraph, “David Cameron agrees with Sajid Javid, the Culture Secretary, that it is “lazy and wrong” to say that the Paris attacks have nothing to do with Islam” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11340004/David-Cameron-Muslims-must-do-more-to-tackle-terrorism-in-wake-of-Paris-shootings.html
    About time! I have always had admiration for Javid who as a Muslim knows what he is talking about. Hopefully we will never again hear Cameron say Islamism is nothing to do with Islam. He may think it, but maybe won’t preach it. It is still the line to take at the BBC though.


    • Thoughtful says:

      I don’t think you know very much about Muslims, and Islam Flexdream.
      Javid could perhaps at best be described as an apostate Muslim. I have yet to see a practicing Muslim pose happily for photos with a pint of beer in his hand! Fair play to the guy if that’s what he wants to do, but it’s not Islamic in any way.

      Then there’s the assumption that as a Muslim he knows what he is talking about. Muslim children are sent to indoctrination classes called madrassas where they are taught to read the Qur’an in its original classical Arabic and how to pronounce it correctly which apparently is very important.
      Muslims by and large (and thank God) do not read translations of the Qur’an as they have some hang up about Allah and the language he (allegedly) used to reveal his murderous pronouncements.
      So they understand none of it and only know what they are told by their Imams.
      This of course used to happen in England in the Middle Ages when the Bible was read only in Latin and the people had to rely on the priest to tell them what it meant.

      The reformation put paid to all that and we progressed from the darkness of ignorance, Islam did not, and thank God for that!

      So most Muslims are not ‘peace loving’, or ‘moderate’ they only know what their Imam has chosen to tell them, and the same for him in his turn. They follow by tradition, but cannot distinguish what is Islamic, and what is secular handed down by generations.

      When someone comes along who has read the Qur’an like Anjem Choudary then he can use the Jihadist verses to influence those who wish to follow him. You might remember that Robert Spencer engaged with the Imam on radio, where the Imam was unable to counter anything except with vague left wing phrases. This is because he has never read the Qur’an and only knows what others have told him. These others have learned it from those who have learned to read the classical Arabic.

      If you want to find an expert on the Qur’an and Islam, then don’t look to a Muslim, because to be honest they know very little about their religion. Look to an authority like Robert Spencer or Anjem Choudary they both have a good idea of what the evil ideology is all about.


    • Cull the Badgers says:

      Don’t you believe it – Cameron says whatever he thinks his audience at the time wants to hear, especially if he thinks there may be a few votes in it, and especially as we’ve got an election coming up remember. Cameron cannot be relied upon or trusted. He will betray anyone and everyone. And where did you read it, The Telegraph!


  33. George R says:

    INBBC: censors on Islamic jihad in LIBYA.

    Is INBBC more alert to global Islamic jihad war on us, after Paris jihad massacres?

    Where’s its report on this?:-

    “Islamic State of Tripoli announces kidnap of 21 Christian ‘Crusaders.’”



  34. Jeff Waters says:

    The BBC: Blaming the Jews for attacks on Jews – http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/nick-cohen/2015/01/the-bbc-blaming-the-jews-for-attacks-on-jews/

    ‘People are demanding that the BBC fire Wilcox. I disagree for two reasons. First you do not respond to an attack on a newspaper by firing journalists. More important, Wilcox is not some isolated and aberrant racist; his views are the standard opinions of the European left middle class. I meet them every day in my political neighbourhood. They are the result of ignorance rather than malice. (Although I find that in time a dark alchemy can transofrm ignorance into malice.)

    Wilcox like so many others does not understand that anti-Semitism is not a rational, if regrettably bloody, critique of Israeli foreign policy but an insane conspiracy theory that has captured the minds of millions of fanatics, moved whole nations and led to uncountable deaths.’


    • dave s says:

      Leave him in his job. Leave all the BBC liberals in their jobs. Let them bury themselves. For reality to triumph all that is necessary is for these fools to continue with their lies and deceptions.


    • thoughtful says:

      his views are the standard opinions of the European left middle class.
      They are the result of ignorance rather than malice.

      Just like Hitler then?

      Fascism is an insidious belief, and because of the constant denials and lies that it is right wing instead of the truth that it is really left wing, then they fail to recognise the country they are in.

      The left by definition are wholly full of malice and self loathing. It burns in them like a wound that won’t heal.

      Should they fire him? Well it will just make others realise that they can’t say what they’re thinking, but express it in other ways instead. It’s likely Wilcox will carry on and not say it again, but think the thoughts anyway.


  35. Thoughtful says:

    Compare & contrast these two reports of an explosion in London today, one of two I’m given to understand.




    • Llareggub says:

      I suppose his name will never be released., and we will see the rumours that have followed the Glasgow bin lorry incident


  36. Thoughtful says:

    And now we have a London Shopping centre evacuated allegedly for fear of a ‘gas’ explosion.
    The trouble is when the government start throwing D notices around no one knows what to believe and what is a terrorist attack and what isn’t.



    • Guest Who says:

      ‘..allegedly for fear of a ‘gas’ explosion.
      The trouble is when the government start throwing D notices around no one knows what to believe’

      Last night watching old episode of ‘Haven’ on catch-up.

      Two of the core characters run the local paper and are self-appointed guardians of truth to avoid civic panic… of a population slaughtered each week by mystery local nasties.

      In this one they were cheerfully debating whether the ‘gas leak’ excuse would suffice again.


  37. Thoughtful says:

    And just to cap it off, what is being billed as a drug related shooting but was probably the alternative explanation of special forces shooting up a car bomber.


    There are reports of three motorcycles with men with Sub Machine guns chasing this car, and while I’m prepared to believe the odd moped and rider for a gangland shooting, 3 of them chasing a car at speeds of over 100 mph is stretching credulity a little bit too far.

    I don’t know London, I don’t live there any more, I do know it’s a violent place but there seems to have been a lot of ‘incidents’ today and there are forums on the net claiming an Islamic angle.


  38. stuart says:

    lessons to be learnt about the unity marches in france and other parts of the uk,well the lesson i learnt yesterday was the lack of muslim faces in these unity marches in france and the uk,i find it quiet disturbing that the musllim community on mass did not join these unity marches,why that is i dont know,maybe you know,but the biggest lesson i am afraid i learnt by all this unity is that isis and al qaeda could not care less about these unity marches and they will carry on business as usual as long as they know the west is weak and wont deal with them with an iron fist as vladamir putin and the russian state does.


    • Thoughtful says:

      I think with the feelings in Paris at the moment, if I were a Muslim I doubt I’d attend for fear of my life !


  39. JimS says:

    Apropos nothing in particular but seen after following a link to The Manchester Evening News, what exactly do ‘journalists’ think the word ‘braced’ means?

    “UK/Where You Live Braced For Bad Weather” is a nonsense, invariably this is a warning that we ‘will’ (really?) have ‘bad’ weather. We can only be ‘braced’ if we already knew that and had done something about it, like nailing the shed door shut.

    I guess it is one of those words like ‘set’ that only journalist use – i.e. like “Dawn set to follow Night Tomorrow” (unnecessary use) or “Clegg set to form new government” (yeah, right!).


  40. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    The SO-CALLED Fiona Bruce has just reported that ‘The SO-CALLED Islamic State’ have hacked US Central command’s Twitter account.

    No matter how hot the news, PC niceties have to be observed; can’t annoy The Religion Of Peace by clearly linking it to terrorists. Oops… sorry…. I meant ‘extremists’!


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Google search shows David Waddell, a ‘Senior BBC TV News Producer’, claims credit for this wonderful piece of BS:

      I used the phrase “so-called Islamic State” in BBC News scripts before I saw it being used by anyone else.
      I’m not saying I coined it but… I read it first in my own scripts!

      My reasoning:
      1.The expression Islamic State manages to be both true and false at the same time, and I felt we needed to express that paradox in a simple way.
      2.The proper noun is indeed ‘Islamic State’ – if we follow the normal convention of allowing an organisation to decide it’s own name.
      3.But as a descriptor, it is false:
      •There is considerable dispute over whether it is Islamic. Islam is certainly a key factor in its culture and ideology, but the vast majority of the world’s Muslims want nothing to do with it.

      Nothing to do, then, with the complaints they got from Islamists who thought it bad PR for The religion Of Peace?


      • Thoughtful says:

        Funny because I thought their might have been rather more of a question mark as to whether it actually was a state !


        • Ken says:

          So the BBC news producer David Waddel actually admits what I postulated some months ago on this site.

          I remember writing that I agreed with putting quotes around “Islamic State” or adding “supposed” to the name, but for the opposite reason to the BBC. The BBC was questioning if the Islamic State was Islamic. Considering that EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING in the Islamic state is organised to comply with Sharia Law according to strict adherence to the Hadith of the Qu’ran and Sunn’ah. All civic society, all laws, all trading, all rights and responsibilities of the whole of the society is devoted to as pure a form of Islam as possible… There is no question or doubt that the Islamic state is completely Islamic. Other Muslims may not like that PR, but the truth is, there is no doubt whatsoever that the Islamic State is entirely Islamic.

          I put a great deal of doubt on the Islamic State qualifying as an official “state”


      • #88 says:

        I think that it would have been more appropriate to call it,

        ‘The terrorist organisation that has pretentiously named itself the Islamic State’


      • Emerson V says:

        The bit that states most of worlds Muslims, I would like to know how they know this. Did they ask them all or is he just reading the bbc own propaganda.


      • hadda says:

        A better term would be ‘self-styled’, as any halfway decent copy/subeditor could tell you. But no news organisations bother with such things these days.


      • Guest Who says:

        At least he has gone on record, albeit as a matter of pride, which if history is judge can rebound.

        ‘My reasoning:
        The expression Islamic State manages to be both true and false at the same time’

        “Calling the ‘truthiness’ fence-straddler police; dilemma on aisle whine”.

        So far his and reply comments interesting.

        When all this IS/IS/IL stuff started hitting the PR circuit as news I did wonder if those who coined it were being deliberate and those who ran it were quite thinking it through.

        It has becoming a ‘brand’, like it or not, and mostly a toxic one, especially for those sensitive to associations with words, such as ‘Islamic’ and ‘State’.

        The UK state broadcaster, for instance, along with any once happy to fall under the Islamic banner, may suddenly feel things are veering off piste a tad when deed done by shared, or at least similarly-named groupings don’t help on the peace and love front.

        Trouble is, IS is what IS calls itself, so hard to go all Prince and try an obfuscate too much. Hence, i suspect, attempts at separation and distance with such as ‘so-called’.

        Not sure such semantics work as well in the real world as it does in the bubble they inhabit.


  41. Thoughtful says:


    The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted he is powerless to stop an ex-vicar jailed for child sex offences from using the title “Reverend”.

    Which is not quite true as the Archbishop could strangle him to death and that would stop him using it !
    A wonderful fitting end for a paedo too !


  42. Scotty says:

    Its about time Islamphobia was make a capital crime.


    • Chop says:

      So, you think it should be a capital offence to fear an ideology that is hell bent on killing you?

      Damned if you do, damned if you dont.



    • brett says:

      You prat


    • Lobster says:

      “was make”???? English not your first language then?


    • lojolondon says:

      Good idea – along with an inability to write in English!


    • D1004 says:

      Sorry Scotty, you’ve missed out the o from islamophobia, did you leave it in that gay club in London you were on about yesterday ? When you go visitin’ down Tower Hamlets way bringing support to the downtrodden I would not bother mentioning that bar, might lead to a misunderstanding.


      • Scotty says:

        Islam is the biggest organisation in human history.

        I’d do well with all those hunky muslims.


        • Scotty says:

          gay organisation


        • D1004 says:

          Ok, sounds fun, have you ever, you know, been tempted to make your interest a bit obvious ? Had any results from the strong boys ? I mean they all deny any feelings for other men but we all know they must have the same % as we do. If you have struck lucky, how do they square it with being a good Muslim ?, just interested.


  43. thoughtful says:


    London locked down: UK security and police prepare response to Paris-style attack

    For no apparent reason, apart from the ones I posted earlier !


    • Emerson V says:

      A bit late me thinks..

      Ministers are also seeking to tighten Britain’s borders to stop weapons, such as rocket-propelled grenades or Kalashnikov assault rifles, like those used in the attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris in which 12 were killed, being smuggled in.


      • brett says:

        Try smuggling 200 b&h in and see how far you get! Amazing they can find ciggies but not illegals or weapons.


    • Emerson V says:

      Just seen the iTN news, we need troops on our streets now just like the French, let’s get them on the streets before an attack rather than when it’s to late.


      • thoughtful says:

        have we actually got any troops in this country no Camoron has made them all redundant?


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        No, just reverse the stupid gun law, the various atrocities that brought them about were in large part down to police laziness and ineptness in checking the owners, even when prompted, Dunblane, the report of which is still being sat upon, to avoid police being blamed…..i’ll have a Beretta 92S please, and that lovely new Army shotgun please…….watch out Ahmed….


  44. Bodo says:

    Credit where it’s due – tho it was far from perfect – tonight’s Panorama actually acknowledged that there is a real problem in the UK with Islamic extremism, and for once they didn’t blame it all on the west.

    They even showed pictures of the cartoons! They must have realised how poorly their rapidly discarded ‘no mo pics’ policy reflected on them.


    • Merched Becca says:

      Something has changed at Al Beeb ?


    • John Anderson says:

      It was made by John Ware – one of the very few good guys at the BBC. Too senior at Panorama to be sidelined.


      • Merched Becca says:

        I don’t know John Anderson?
        I have a feeling that the cause of the sudden change in direction has come from higher levels at the BBC. The programme was totally ‘against the grain’ of the normal meme.
        The question to be asked now is, will the BBC have the bottle stand by their colleagues at Charlie Hebdo and publish the ‘so called’ offending images in support of ‘The freedom of speech’?


  45. Emerson V says:

    It makes me wonder when this bias started , I suspect it was the mid 60’s..
    This is surely the classic though.
    During the planning of the assault of both Darwin and Goose Green, the Battalion Headquarters were listening in to the BBC World Service. The newsreader announced that the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment were poised and ready to assault Darwin and Goose Green, causing great confusion with the commanding officers of the battalion. Lieutenant Colonel Jones became furious with the level of incompetence and told BBC representative Robert Fox he was going to sue the BBC, Whitehall and the War Cabinet.[41]


    • D1004 says:

      Before we blame the bbc for that mistake ( and in the Falklands they made several) we ought to remember that they had been briefed by the MOD beforehand about the attack because the politicians back in London had been unnerved by losses in San Carlos, and what was seen as a sluggish build up ( actually the losses had been reasonable, given the circumstances and the build up was always going to take time). In any event any armchair general could see a map and could see that Goose Green was in the line of advance towards Stanley, the Argies were not that stupid to not see that, so the bbc guilty of stating the bleedin’ obvious.
      The more serious charge at that time was announcing that argentine bombs were not going off because of a fusing issue, and even then the bbc has a get out of jail card, again the source was the MOD, hardly blame the media for the criminal mistakes made in London by idiots. Our MOD was shit then and still shit these days.


  46. George R says:

    Yes, John Ware’s ‘Panorama’ is in sharp political contrast to INBBC’s usual
    daily pro-Islamic propaganda.

    Many kafirs viewing the programme should have learnt something about Islam,
    and the global and national threat.

    The references to France Islamic jihad massacres, and to Islamic State barbarians,
    were well made.

    Ware made clear the growth of the threatening ‘non-violent Islamic extremism’
    (less cumbersomely ‘Jihadwatch’ calls it ‘Islamic supremacism’); but while he seemed to warm to a Muslim trying to sell the idea of ‘British Islam,’ it was not clear how small a group this was.



  47. chrisH says:

    Jon Snow was unusually sympathetic to the Jews in Paris tonight on Charnel 4 News earlier.
    1. Netenyahu wasn`t accused of electioneering or making political points by him, although the thought WAS allowed to swirl elsewhere.
    2. No mention of payback for Gaza-Allah knows hoe he resisted THAT canard enchainte!
    And then I thought…yes, the liberals and Islam rather like to see cowering Jews relying on the State to mind their schools, defend their streets-well for week anyway.
    Job done-Snow can also see the Jews finally giving up on self-sufficiency, being sabras and fighting back…needing to escape with their lives and sanity.
    Under the protection of the States troopers…we`ll all national socialists once again, only this time it`s INTERNATIONAL socialists-which somehow makes it SAFER in the BBCs Satanic eyes.
    And no Piers Morgan telling the French State to stop risking trouble in schools by wandering around with those nasty guns…Sandy Nook yet again is risked…but no Labour Liberal blowhards telling the French NOT to protect their Jews in schools.
    Do you want the Lime Green Fascism of the EU/Global warming liberal nutters….or do you want the Islamic Green Fascism of Raaqa, Brussels, Duisberg and Paris…and sliming over here like anthrax spores?
    In truth, the lime green nazis are mere picadors for the Muslim bull…but what would they know?
    Well, listen to Snow, Brand and Toynbee-THAT`S what they know.
    Best get to know Jesus say I!


    • Steve Jones says:

      Don’t let the likes of Jon Snow and his BBC accomplices fool you. Ultimately, it is their sinecures for life, with final pension salary, that they are most interested in. They should be held to account regardless of how much wriggling and repositioning they get up to. Still, they are only taking their lead from our coward of a Prime Minister.


      • chrisH says:

        Agree completely!
        Witness the BBC show about “British Muslims”.
        Robert Ware is one of the better ones, having tried to pin Tower Hamlets Council down last tear…gerrymandering, expenses, favouring his own tribe, caste or what have you.
        BUT-he announces “Inspire” as a moderate Muslim forum…how come it`s called Inspire then?…for that is the selfsame name of Al Quedas magazine as well.
        Taqqiya as ever.
        He also pines for a British Islam…which to me is hoping that Hitlers gauleiters and Provosts would like Vaughn Williams or a Devon cream tea.
        In other words…it`s Islam…there are NO sweet mutants of that black virus…taqqiya lets `them smile at you, jihad lets them cut that smile into your throat once the taqqiya merchants have “led you to the door”-to quote our friendly Muslim lady at Inspire…..


    • Arthur Penney says:

      Probably the Outrage about Wilcox’s crap interview with a Jewish woman made him tone it down.


  48. The liberal left’s rotten temple of multiculturalism is falling down around them. The rest of us outside could see it was gonna happen years ago, miles away. They can’t hold the thing up any more.

    In any other context it would be delicious to see the BBC , Labour party and all the advocates of this ridiculous social engineering experiment fighting pathetically to hold the thing up. But it isn’t funny when Jews are gunned down in shops simply because they are Jews. Cartoonists are blown away by AK47’s and young girls are gang raped repeatedly because they are not Muslim (while authorities turn the other way) and of course a never ending cycle of violence in the capitals, cities and towns from Australia to Canada for decades to come…And the media’s constant fear of an “extreme Right-wing backlash”. Wake up! When you are anti-Semitic, rape girls because of their colour and shoot cartoonists for offending your leader then clearly the extremists are already out on the streets of Paris, Sydney, London, Brussels, Rotherham…


  49. Dave666 says:

    http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/old-kent-road-crash-driver-dies-gunshots-fired-high-speed-chase-crash-police-9972156.htm l00 mph car chase with gunmen, sounds like a bit spectacle. Obviously not in the public interest because it wasn’t on the national news. Interesting that there has already been”10 homicides confirmed” this year. What’s the date?