Jews And Muslims United Against Hate!


Jews And Muslims United Against Hate!….Well only in the BBC’s mind.


David revealed the film of BBC journo Tim Wilcox suggesting that it was perhaps OK that Jews were being killed in France because the Jews, not Israelis note, were killing Palestinians…presumably he thought the deaths were somehow equivalent…cold blooded murder of Jews compared with accidental deaths caused in battle with a huge terrorist organisation that has deliberately targeted Jewish civilians for decades...731 civlians being killed in 4 years between 2001 and 2005…Woman shot on her way to work…Teenager shot…School teacher and driver shot on the way to work…Man and his wife shot dead by Palestinian snipers…Two abducted and executed…Woman stabbed to death….Pregnant woman shot…Five teenagers shot…and so on….mostly ignored by the BBC which repeatedly lists Palestinian casualty figures.

Would Wilcox go up to the relatives of a victim of 7/7 and suggest they stop complaining as Muslims were being killed in Iraq…mostly by other Muslims?

Come to think of it that is precisely the message the BBC has been pushing these last 10 years….’blowback’.


Here is an interesting interview  (18:41) with a Jewish community representative by Tony Livesey in which, starting off wth the inevitable ‘no proof that the supermarket was deliberately targeted because it was Jewish’ comment,  he seemed less than sympathetic, or at least markedly less gushing than we get from BBC interviews with Muslims complaining of ‘Islamophobia’.

Livesey interrupts the woman’s reply as she tells us that Jews aren’t the only targets of terrorism…the French way of life, democratic values are also under attack.

Livesey suggests that ‘one of the main concerns’ is that people will look at Muslims as if they are all extremists and look at Muslims with a sense of fear when really it is a case of radicalisation…of a small percentage….thereby ignoring and dismissing non-violent ‘conservative’ Muslim attempts to impose their values on Western countries…case in point the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot….essentially a devious plot to put into action an MCB plan to Islamise schools in the UK…the MCB representing over 500 British Muslim groups…so not unrepresentative you might suggest.

Livesey then tries to say that ‘Jewishness’ or religion in this context is unimportant…why can’t the woman just say she is French?

She says she talks of ‘French Jews’ because that is who is being targeted by anti-Semites….

Jews aren’t being targeted because they are ‘French’…but because they are Jewish….curious how the BBC wants to deny the religious aspect to their identity and the reason for them being attacked.


Here’s another BBC report that tries to deny the religious aspect…but in a different way….here making out there is little difference between Jews and Muslims.

The Today programme this morning (07:44) when Matthew Price had an intriguing little report that told a big lie about ‘important issues that had to be addressed’… told us Jews were fleeing France because of persecution, though the BBC refrained from telling us who was doing the persecuting….they then went on to tell us Muslims were also living in fear in France….the unspoken implication being that it was the ‘Far Right’ doing the fear mongering.

Curious remark from Price about the ‘well to do’ Jews.

So there we have it…both the Jews and Muslims are living in fear….the two are the same.  United in their fear.

Only that’s not true.

Who is the main persecutor of the Jews?  Muslims….and not just in France…the BBC is extremely reluctant to report on the pogroms in Sweden.

Who is the main persecutor of Muslims?…assuming they are being ‘persecuted’…it’s not the Jews that’s for certain.

Here’s the thing…the Jews are being persecuted, shot and killed, for being ‘Jewish’.  Jews are not terrorists roaming around France killing people who criticise their religion or who don’t believe their religion.

Muslims are being ‘persecuted’, because some Muslims, in the name of their religion and to further its interests, have launched many deadly terrorist attacks on Jews and on the very basis of the ‘West’…democracy and free speech.  And not just ‘terrorist’ attacks but increasingly political and social attacks on French society and culture pressuring France to adopt Muslim values and practises.

To make out that the persecution of the Jews and the persecution of Muslims is in any way comparable when it is Muslims persecuting the Jews is a perversion of the truth.  Attacking Muslims who are innocently going about their business is utterly contemptible but for the BBC to hide the fact that Jews are attacked by Muslims is dangerously dishonest and is a deliberate twisting of the truth for political reasons….and is indeed adopting the narrative that the Islamists, such as Tariq Ramadan, want to be used.

Note that this strategy, of making false comparisons between two groups in order to give Muslim ‘suffering’ some credibility is one used by that other ‘master of deception‘ Mehdi ‘Media’ Hasan…..

The truth is that Islamophobia and homophobia have much in common: they are both, in the words of the (gay) journalist Patrick Strudwick, “at least partly fuelled by fear. Fear of the unknown . . .” Muslims and gay people alike are victims of this fear – especially when it translates into hate speech or physical attacks. We need to stand side by side against the bigots and hate-mongers, whether of the Islamist or the far-right variety, rather than turn on one another or allow ourselves to be pitted against each other, “Muslims v gays”.


Trouble is it isn’t just the ‘Islamists’ who are ‘bigoted hatemongers’…..

0% thought that homosexuality was morally acceptable

Not a single British Muslim said homosexuality was morally acceptable, compared to 58 per cent of the general public who believed it was.




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24 Responses to Jews And Muslims United Against Hate!

  1. Paul Weston says:

    Jews make up around 3% of France’s population yet account for more than 50% of the victims of racial/religious attacks. A November European Union survey found French Jews attribute the rise in anti-Semitism as follows: Muslim extremists 73 percent; left-wing activists 67 percent; the far right 27 percent.

    And so it starts again. Last time it was the Nazis in France, this time the brown Nazis coupled with their hateful Left wing friends.


  2. dave s says:

    To live with uncertainty and fear corrodes the soul and this is now how French Jews will have to face the future. Israel is a haven. Israel may be surrounded by nations and peoples that wish to destroy it but there you have certainty and know that as long as the young men and women show the courage and determination they always have then you are safe. Soon that same uncertainty will spread here from France, Sweden and the new hell holes of Europe.
    To be frank it is to Israel all of Jewish descent must look for hope and a life without the corrosion of evil and fear.
    Once again Europe and it’s intellectual dishonesty, greed for oil and money and lack of courage has failed .


    • Deborah says:

      I lead an activity at my synagogue and yesterday we discussed whether we lock the doors. The Community Security Trust (the organisation concerned with Jewish security) would certainly recommend it. To date we have not locked the doors and if we do henceforth then the terrorists have won. It is not the Far Right I fear whatever the BBC reports.


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Israel may be surrounded by nations and peoples that wish to destroy it…..’

      Another inconvenient truth ignored by the BBC, along with the 1948, 1967 and 1973 full-scale wars launched by the Arab nations in an attempt to ‘wipe Israel off the face of the map’.


  3. Miv Tucker says:

    Try this thought experiment – imagine that Nigerians living London started attacking Muslim businesses and people because of what Boko Haram are doing in Nigeria. Would the Tim Wilcoxes of this world be equally unsympathetic towards Muslim victims? I think we all know the answer.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Try this thought experiment’

      Another similar was conducted earlier by, of all people, Dan Hodges, who can be a most frustrating commentator by being very off and very on target within the day:

      No comments (read into that, or rather not, what you may), but some on twitter are excited. Go to his feed. There are several linked variations of the piece.

      Then read the comments on these. I’ll give him credit for fighting his corner, too.

      ‘presumably he thought the deaths were somehow equivalent’

      Mishal Rules apply.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Good piece by Hodges and one for dezzz to get himself a bit of perspective given his moral-equivalencing with Brevers in a different thread.

        Hodges’ condemnation of Farage is a bit puzzling though as the multiculturalism agenda is largely to blame for what Hodges is concerning himself with in this piece.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Also spot on bringing the Life of Brian into it. I can’t imagine a serious film about Mohammed let alone a grossly satirical one – but then that’s stating the obvious.


  4. Laska says:

    HEADLINE NEWS: Martha Kearney agrees that British Jihadist fighting for Islamic State can best be seen as football hooligans! Just heard at 13.20 today from some politician, Conservative I think. He was understanding that many R4 listeners would like to “throw away the key” for returning Jihadists. However, he said that it was better to see them as “football hooligans” most of who, in his opinion, are not interested in religion. Martha Kearney responded, “Sure”, agreeing approvingly with this grotesque analogy. Don’t recollect football fans with AK47s or RPGs killing and raping. Correct me if I’m wrong.


  5. Alex Feltham says:

    The BBC’s musing over whether the Islamo nutjob consciously targeted a Jewish business reminds me of the CNN reporter making the same speculation that 3 Pakistani terrorists may have stumbled upon the Jewish centre in Bombay during that mass murder.

    Maybe the BBC could make its way in the private sector. After all CNN somehow survives there spouting verbal diarrhoea 24/7


    • John Anderson says:

      and there are indications that the solo killer went looking for a Jewish school the day before – but killed a policewoman instead.

      The BBC has resolutely refused over the years to report the appalling increase in mainly-Muslim anti-semitism in France. Now they appear to be trying to rationalise it away – or minimise it.

      How sick can the BBC get ? Is there NO-ONE at the BBC protesting all this ? It is a moral disgrace, surely there is someone in the top floors not scared to call a halt to this evil bias ?


      • richard D says:

        “Is there NO-ONE at the BBC protesting all this ?”

        From John Anderson, the perfect rhetorical question re the BBC.


      • Umbongo says:

        I don’t think anyone at the BBC would understand what you’re talking about. The BBC is, after all, statutorily required to be and obviously is (looked at from the inside) “impartial”. “impartiality” is in its genes and thus, by definition, the BBC can do no wrong. Particularly, it can do no wrong if it’s those pesky Jews – trouble makers to a man (and woman) – complaining yet again. Of course, the BBC can point to the avalanche of bogus and contrived complaints from “independent” (if almost universally left-wing) sources that the BBC is biased towards Israel or against Labour. Luckily, to those at the BBC, all the evidence they wish to consider (and none that they don’t) points to the conclusion that the BBC “gets it about right”. To use a much over-used phrase, “the science is settled”.


        • DownBoy says:

          They are on the ‘centre ground’ you know. Hahahahahaha…..sorry, had a wee laughing fit, there.


  6. Laska says:

    I don’t remember what happened to the BBC policy but I get confused if a reporter uses the term “prophet Mohammed”. It may seem to an audience to be a prejudicial in favouring Islam. I would admit I might appreciate it if the reporter talked of the “Saviour Jesus” but I don’t think the job of a reporter is to favour any religions. So could we have a new rule for the BBC: you are allowed to use the phrase “prophet Mohammed” if you are Muslim; if not, say “Muslim prophet”. Of course, this may cause problems for reporters from other religions who would also expect naming privileges. So, I think it would be clearer for the BBC just to go for “Muslim prophet” to save confusion and conflict.


    • Pounce says:

      “prophet Mohammed”

      More like Paedophile Mohammed, there lies the Islamic penchant for raping little girls.


    • D1004 says:

      Can we have a contest to spot which of them starts their little report with ” the prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him” I’ll have a £10 each way on Wilcox or Doucet.


  7. stuart says:

    see what the leftist trick is here,jews and muslims unite,against who? radical fascist islam.isis,al qaeda,no,the leftists game is here to turn them against anybody oppossed to radical fascist islam who is you and me,jews are not stupid.the left have done nothing but demonise jews on a regular basis under the false banner of anti ziionism and the creation of the state of isreal which they hate,jews and none jews should unite against radical fascist islam and this alliance they have with left wing groups uaf,swp etc who are out to divide and sow hatred in soceity that leads to terrorist outrages we have seen in 7/7 and this recent terrorist outrage in paris.


  8. Odo Saunders says:

    Tim Wilcox is the main reason why I stopped watching the news on BBC television over ten years ago. He was unbelievably biased in those days, even to the extent that when the time came each evening to discuss the following day’s headlines, he never once referred to the front page of the Daily Telegraph.


  9. Pounce says:

    The left have no problem attacking Americans, Jews,British ,Christians and the any none Muslim, simply because they know they won’t hear as their last words:
    “Allah Ackba”
    That people is what terrorism is meant to achieve.


  10. DownBoy says:

    How about ‘Je suis Richard’ Coeur de lion. That was a time when we united and faced east, I seem to recall.


  11. Arnav says:

    Wilcox should not resign. He must immediately be fired!