The BBC’s “Gotcha UKIP!” obsession is getting ridiculous

Throw in Fox News and it’s too much for BBC political correspondent Ross Hawkins to resist:

Desperate stuff.

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22 Responses to The BBC’s “Gotcha UKIP!” obsession is getting ridiculous

  1. Emerson V says:

    Taken from the bbc own story. So he is partly correct as there have certainly been no convictions yet.

    The UK has in the past been compared unfavourably to other countries over the issue, such as France where there have been more than 100 successful prosecutions.MPs have said it is “unforgivable” that there have been no UK prosecutions since laws against FGM were introduced nearly 30 years ago.

    This was despite more than 140 referrals to police in the past four years.


    • DB says:

      Ross Hawkins has caught Farage out. Just look at the evidence – the first trial begins on Monday. Gotcha Nigel! Hahaha, stupid UKIP.

      Expect lots more of the same tenuous toss between now and election time.


  2. lojolondon says:

    Well, there you go – thousands of women butchered every year and the CPS has finally found two people to charge. Piss poor performance from every angle.


  3. Pounce says:

    And yet the bBC informed me in July last year that over 170,000 females in the UK have been the victims of FGM and that 65,000 girls under the age of 13 also in the UK are at risk. And to the bBC 2 people in the dock is a result.
    Failure to stop FGM is a ‘national scandal’,


  4. Chop says:

    Unless the 2 “men” are found guilty, isn’t Farage telling the truth?


    • flexdream says:

      A prosecution doesn’t require a conviction. However I think Farage was telling the truth in that I think the prosecution does not begin till the trial kicks off. The whole nonsense is a trivial point scoring exercise anyway on the part of the Beeboid.
      Funny how the media and main parties always attack people saying the real inconvenient truths.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        They have been charged under an accusation of guilt, therefore they have not yet been prosecuted for a criminal act, because they have not yet been found guilty. So as usual, Farage is correct.
        The BBC/Labour lefty idiots also have sued UKIP’s Jane Collins MEP over her accusation that three Labour MP’s knew about the paedophilia scandal in Rotherham. Collins is known to have been informed about this by the victims and their families, who have told her that they had contacted these MP’s. Who not only did not take any action, but also now feel confident enough about the cover-up, for them to take on and win an action against the words of the victims. So this is just another attack by Labour on the victims, using UKIP as a proxy.
        Labour and the Judicial Establishment versus UKIP and the words of the victims of Paedophilia in Rotherham.


    • Arthur Penney says:

      No – to prosecute

      “1. (Law) (tr) to bring a criminal action against (a person) for some offence”

      If the men are found guilty then they have been successfully prosecuted.

      Mind you the reaction of the BBC looks like that of a 5-year, with absolutely no sense at all – just pure emotion (in this case hate, of course)


    • Ken says:

      Yes! Yet again, the BBC is wrong in spite of their convlutions and twists, and Farage is entirely correct.


  5. Al says:

    The staff of Charlie Hebdo had a choice and knew full well that they were in danger but bravely they carried on. Sadly the end result was far more violent than they could ever have anticipated and they died for their right to print their cartoons.

    ‘Je suis Charlie’ and the right to free speech is admirable and the millions that marched in support of Charlie Hebdo were correct but where is the free speech for the girls of Britain? They did not take terrible risks that they knew would put them in danger? No they were, and still are, just vulnerable and alone. They were, and still are, raped and mutilated by monsters. These girls are scared for the rest of their lives and live in fear and anguish. Some have been murdered or have simply disappeared.

    HOWEVER! The politicians, the newspapers and TV reporters are nowhere to be seen. Where is Cameron? Where is the Daily Mail? Where is the BBC?

    Perhaps the cities of the north or the backstreets of Luton and Oxford are not as glamorous as Paris and a five star hotel.

    They are hypocrites and cowards all of them.

    Where is the slogan, “I am Sophie” or “I am Layla”?


    • chrisH says:

      Where has Labour been?
      Not a peep…


      • brett says:

        Too busy “weaponosing” the nhs


      • D1004 says:

        Ah, Harriet hairperson, niece of the Countess of Longford, related by marriage to David Cameron, educated at the posh St Paul’s girls school, sent her 3 kids to the right schools, house in London, country pile to get away to in Suffolk.
        Probably in her counting house counting out her money, stinking hypocritical fake rich cow. More working class in my arse and I move that every morning……hateful.
        Wouldn’t know I was a real member of the working class if she fell over me in the street, but I would want to get a jab.


  6. John Anderson says:


    Some of the BBC staff tweets you find are priceless. Are you sure you don’t make then up ??? !!!


    • Guest Who says:

      Especially as they still keep on coming after the ‘don’t say any thing stupid’ instruction from the market rate leadership they so clearly respect and fear.


  7. George R says:

    Islam-appeasing Beeboids will hate this, on ‘Fox News’ as well!:-

    “Mass immigration has led to Muslim ‘ghettos’ in Britain run under Sharia Law, says Farage:
    ” Ukip leader claims authorities turn ‘blind eye’ to them during TV interview.
    “Nigel Farage tells Fox News authorities have turned a ‘blind eye’ to ghettos.
    “The Ukip leader claimed British cities are being run under Sharia Law.
    “He was interviewed by Sean Hannity on the causes of the Paris massacre.
    “Farage said ‘moral cowardice’ stops police from catching Muslim abusers.”

    Read more:


  8. George R says:

    “How UKIP might save a generation from apathy.”


  9. UKIP Kiddie says:

    Nigel and UKIP may not be perfect but they reflect what ordinary people think, while anyone who mentions immigration is labelled a racist. The brow beating PC brigade are being beaten back by folk seeing right through the thinly veiled tissue of lies and innuendo casually scattered by them. This General Election will certainly throw up some surprises ~ about time!


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Matthew Parris and Dr Matthew Goodwin were head to head on The Daily Politics. Parris unrepentant about his piece on Clacton. you can smell the hatred he has for UKIP. Dr Goodwin basically said the Tories are nuts – insulting their natural supporters while not managing to even replace those lost with lefties.

      Interestingly; Dr Goodwin says that UKIP have 15% solid.