Barefaced Cheek



Lord Hall has spoken.… The BBC will not change, it will not respond to criticism, it will not bow to naked bullying of those who demand accountability, transparency and reporting of a balanced and impartial nature.

He also says his reporters will report ‘without fear or favour’….really?

Publish this then:



Not this….

Jean Paul Bierlein reads the new Charlie Hebdo outside a newsstand in Nice, south-eastern France, 14 January 2015



Hall says…

“There may be some – I hope only a few – who try to use the impending Charter Review to influence our coverage of politics in this most sensitive of political years,” he said. “We will never let that happen, because to do so would betray the public and the ideals of the BBC.”


Just what did Miliband say in his ‘secret meeting with top BBC executives last November…apart from revealing his plan to ‘weaponise’ the NHS for his election campaign?


He went on:

‘… the independence of the BBC would be challenged “like never before”, with its coverage carefully scrutinised in a manner some staff might find “rather unappealing”.’


Ah yes, can’t have any of that unappealing scrutiny.

It does seem that Tony Hall doesn’t like the BBC having to be accountable to anyone….believing presumably in the inherent professionalism and fairminded nature of his staff to rein in the impulse to act as the Labuor Party’s media arm.

He says:

“Our confidence will never be arrogance, our pride will never be complacency, our determination will never be defensiveness.”


I’m sure he’s got that entirely right….arrogant, too proud to accept criticism, complacent and defensive?….no, no one would ever, ever, think that about the BBC.


Love the idea of naked bullying….all those Tory Eton toffs, butt naked, chasing Hall around the dorm slapping him with their mobile phones that are playing jazz s&m style…..should have a cartoon of that.









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30 Responses to Barefaced Cheek

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    I think Lord Hall was appointed to protect the BBC from the outside World. He is responsible for setting up the seminar of ‘the best scientific experts’ who turned out to be environmental activists, without a single causational or attributional climate scientist present.

    The purpose of journalism at the BBC is for propaganda, by collecting and using mind bending excuses gained from environmental activists, such as those at the Grantham Institute, for censoring the science, scientists and scientific debate on issues such as Atmospheric Physics and Solar Astronomy.

    Here is my tribute to Charles Hebdon


  2. chrisH says:

    No the BBC will not change.
    A flaccid shoehorn for Islam, a limpdick jemmy for all things Labour.
    If it were worth a Hebdo style assault, that would only show that it got up Islams nose and was part of the solution to being British.
    It wouldn`t happen-the people would smoke out the murdering jihadis-they would already have been hung up on cranes.
    As things stand though-the BBC are much more use to the Nazi Socialists and Fascist Islamists as it sets about its daily wail.
    IS and the EU require the BBC to keep on doling out the rohyp, the rosewater and the chloroform…it never fails to do so.
    Indeed it openly wants more jihadists in the country-plenty more news, more fear and terror,,,and more need to vaunt their evil cowardice and “pragmatism”…as “sensitivity to Muslims”.
    Hope the BBC are kebabbed before the good people of this country will be.


  3. dave s says:

    The BBC is one of the very last state industries. It needs privatisation now. Modern technology makes this easy.
    I am tired of listening to BBC apologists. They make no sense in the world of 2015.


  4. Teddy Bear says:

    Hall has fulfilled the predictions about him since he first tried using achieving an ‘open and transparent’ BBC, invariably when it was shown to be anything but, in an effort to convince the licence fee paying chumps public that we were now in good hands.

    Another prediction that has come true is what would be the real purpose of the woman hired to head the BBC Trust, you know, the department that’s supposed to be monitoring the BBC on behalf of the licence fee payer.

    Well she justifies his actions so the BBC doesn’t have to face any criticism of their bias.
    And the public continue to put up with this bullshit, both from the BBC and the spineless government.


    • Guest Who says:

      The notion of trust or transparency is a delusion so laughable now not even the BBC high command’s daily ‘tell it often enough’ mantras via their £4Bpa propaganda machine is convincing anyone.

      “We will never let that happen, because to do so would betray the public”

      A public they insult with a censorship operation as draconian as it is inept, and exists still only because it is secret, internal and unaccountable.

      Lord Pantone and Rona are very rotten figureheads from which a very rotten state body continues to decay.


  5. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    I wonder if Lord Hall-Hall was one of Miliband’s 15 BBC executives in the “weaponise the NHS” meeting. Anyone know?


  6. The Old Bloke says:

    Well, he got his peerage from Gordon Brown in 2010. Maybe Labour are calling in their favours?


  7. stuart says:

    well, lord hall, 5 million copys so far have been sold of charlie hebdo depicting the prophet mohammed with a tear in his eyes and so he should for what his followers are doiing in his name.5 million copys and the demand for more copys of charlie henbo is that strong the print presses are in overdrive printing more copys,just fantastic,but here is the bad news,bbcs sister station lefty channel 4 tonight had the former tory minister micheal heseltines muslim convert daughter catherine was on playing the muslim victimhood card and accusing charlie hebdo of racism for printing that pictiure of the prophet mohammed today,how irionic is that when catherine heseltine the muslim convert is white,see the irony there.


  8. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    So, Hall says “There may be some – I hope only a few – who try to use the impending charter review to influence our coverage of politics in this most sensitive of political years,” he said. “We will never let that happen, because to do so would betray the public and the ideals of the BBC.” He added the journalists should report “without fear or favour”.
    Go on then, prove it! Try a day or few running news stories that differ from the Labour agenda.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Cameron and Miliband launched their election campaigns last Monday morning. Labour’s big thing is the NHS. The BBC immediately launched an ‘NHS in crisis’ rolling news story, that was still running days later when the shootings disrupted the schedule. Hall’s fine words are bull.

      But as far as I’m concerned, Cameron deserves all he gets. He has played the progressive for five years. He needs to learn he can never out-socialist a real socialist. Miliband comes from a family of true believers.


      • Ken says:

        I have great difficulty in believing that Miliband, or any of the current labour party are really socialists anymore. I think that they are even worse than that. They are corporatists, from a socialist bent. Corporatism is a perverse child of socialism and capitalism, inheriting the worst aspect of both parents. The state and massive corporations effectively merge to screw the tax-payer and give the government and corporations much more control over people. It marries the state’s ability to create law with corporate efficiency to invade, spy, and control people and seperate people from their money. It skews and perverts markets, destroy’s competition, whilst increasing the scope and size of the state, eating up ever more tax.

        Socialism, (as much as I hate socialism), would be an improvement on corporatism.

        It is a shame therefore that both labour and tory alike, are both corporatists, although arriving at corporatism from different positions.

        The only party speaking out against this corrupt corporatism is UKIP.


  9. George R says:

    “BBC accused of ‘spying’ after nearly 150 staff emails accessed or monitored”


    • Guest Who says:

      If they operate like this with their own, imagine the levels they will stoop to with any they see as a threat from outside the bunker?

      And all protected by their own oversight illusion, backed by a pervasive ‘purposes of’ get out of accountability free card on any challenge.


    • #88 says:

      They should start ‘accessing or monitoring’ their Tweets,


  10. Brian Mac says:

    Come the general election in may, and there is a slight majority held by the conservatives. Ukip win enough seats to become ‘King Maker’s’. Cameron has no choice but to invite ukip into forming a coalition government, and appoints Farage deputy prime minister.
    Do you think that one of the conditions that farage will make to cameron would be to take away the license fee, and disband the bbc as we know it in 2016 when the bbc charter comes up for renewal, or something along those lines.
    Is it any wonder that the bbc are running scared of ukip, and will use all their dirty tricks, and throw everything at them including the kitchen sink. According to hall, the bbc are accountable for nothing, and to nobody. Our only hope is that with a bit of luck, my above mentioned scenario, becomes reality.


    • Ken says:

      Farage will refuse. He has ruled out going into a formal coalition with any party, but is willing to help any other party, on individual policies on a case-by-case basis, depending upon UKIP getting guarantees on certain UKIP policies.


  11. Barefaced cheek, part two says:

    Lord Hall is refusing to appear before a parliamentary select committee to answer questions on the BBC’s coverage of the EU.


    • Merched Becca says:

      Then Al Beeb sees it self as being above Parliament.
      Where is our Prime Minister on this?
      Oh for Oliver Cromwell!


  12. Charlatans says:

    BBC is yesterday.

    The death throws are sounding.

    I heard on Channel 4 news tonight a Conservative MP, (think it was the Westminster and City MP), say over half the Conservative party are fully convinced about BBC bias against the Tories.

    If my ‘fantasy dream coalition’ of Cameron and Farage happens in a few months time, it’s thankfully ‘curtains’ for the BBC in it’s current guise!

    I personally heard Nigel in Hove meeting last year express similar BBC views!


    • johnnythefish says:

      Only half?

      The other half can only be socialists or morons.


    • Ken says:

      Cameron still thinks the BBC is a jewel in the British Crown. There is no way he will even abolish the licence fee, let alone the BBC itself.

      UKIP could never go into coalition with a party run by a man who opposes ALL of UKIP’s difinitive and central policy positions.


  13. S..Trubble says:

    The Telegraph recently published a top level breakdown of this lot.
    Top Mnagement
    mid mngmnt
    They stopped at that,however, does the final picture look like this using a span of control point of 8.

    line Management ( incl project,etc)
    punter level
    total manifest – 15,872 – no wonder they deflect and deny.


    • TigerOC says:

      Really good mathematical extrapolation there Trubble but it is actually worse because the BBC actually employ 22 000 journalists and that excludes contracted external entities.

      What a sordid mess financed by the public but totally unaccountable to the public.


  14. Up2snuff says:

    I spotted this yesterday. It’s an agency photo – Associated Press. On their web-site it explains they made an editorial decision to not show the complete front page. Shades of you know who … ?

    As is often said after a product mention on radio & TV: “Other photo agencies & photographs are available.”


  15. George R says:

    “A ‘high-risk’ year for the future of the BBC”

    [Beeboids will do all they can for Labour Party win in May.]


  16. Philip says:

    I vote for change at the top. The BBC are the party we didn’t vote for but always seems to become an essential part of the ‘opposition’ to how the BBC is run. They don’t want our vote, but eventually we will make a difference. Lord Hall is a victim of indiscriminate gibes and ‘in’-diversity psycho struggles, suffering from acute amnesia of the the finances and insecure ‘common purpose’ of one-size-fits all EU social agendas. All in all a hopeless case of state media insensitivity towards ethnic English forced to pay TV license with menaces..

    Vote here:

    or vote here: