57 Responses to French journalist 1, BBC journalist 0

  1. JimS says:

    Let’s not talk about…

    …where do we start?

    It is scary when one considers all of the areas that the BBC doesn’t ‘do’. What happens in Canada, Australia or New Zealand? Does everyone in the EU really love it, are we the only ones ‘out of step’? Immigration? Off the table since at least 1998 and only now creeping in once it is too late to do anything about it.
    As for the ‘I’ and ‘M’ words, you would think they were the official PR team – ‘bad’ person, as in rapist, ‘militant’ – nothing to do with ‘I’ so no ‘M’ label; ‘good’ person, as in policeman or self-preserving shop assistant it’s ‘M’ writ large.
    The reality is that they don’t want to risk challenging their own student politics sensibilities and up their own backsides perverted, dystopian, view of life . Don’t frighten the horses or Owen Jones! Let’s act like the two socialist monkeys – see no evil and hear no evil. The other monkey is clearly on the ‘far-right’!


  2. jimbob says:

    “global audience” excuse is bullshit. We pay his wages. The BBC answer to the tax paying British people not wahhabis in Saudi Arabia.


    • DB says:

      Exactly. Pay your licence fee so the BBC can fund a news service that kowtows to Islam around the world.


    • London Calling says:

      The BBC never asked me if I wanted them to spend my license fee (I still pay) to become the global news content generator of choice. Vastly expensive vanity project, which inevitably tries not to offend however many billion Muslims there are out there. The international news agencies are similarly riddled with the same dhimmi nonsense, otherwise they can’t report from the “closed societies” of the Muslim world.

      The BBC is b a d news, lost its way trying to become “the world’s favourite broadcaster” Instead it has become seriously loathed organisation stuffed to the gunnels with left wing activists based all over the world. Tim Willcox’s shameful street interview from Paris is no different from the hideous Question Time after 9/11 – basically Jews/ America had it coming didn’t they? Why is this man still employed? Because he is out of the same box as all the rest of them. They protect their own – in order to protect themselves.


  3. Laska says:

    The logic of the BBC as expressed by that reporter is that the BBC has an international – IBC (International Broadcasting Corporation?) – audience, so must editorially tailor itself to concerns or “sensitivities/offence of some audience somewhere anywhere in the world that can access the BBC. Points: 1, We the people of the UK are legally required to pay for the BBC through the license, so the BBC should only concern itself with us, it’s paymaster. Others can watch and listen but they have no voice because they are not the primary audience; 2. By this logic the BBC will determine its editorial policy by the sensitivities of an international audience, so if any audience out in the world is concerned the BBC will curtail its output to suit them. The problem here is the – literally – the lowest common denominator will prevail. Logically, in this case, given that there are Muslims, in this case, who will be offended somewhere in the world, the BBC will allow the offended editorial control. The problem is that this is obviously unprincipled and further requires the BBC to ignore the concerns of its British paymasters. Weird example of deracinated thinking. Thank God that there is no life on Mars or the BBC would worry about being prejudiced in favour of human beings.


    • Merched Becca says:

      Then where is our Prime Minister on this ?


      • Llareggub says:

        Where is the Prime Minister? Already devising ways to keep the lid on respectable objections to Islamic violence, probably sending out messages to magistrates and police to clamp down very heavy on graffiti daubers and anyone caught putting bacon slices near the car parks of mosques. Meanwhile, pressing hard for membership of freedom loving Turkey to the EU.


      • Old Goat says:

        Where’s your “Prime Minister”? Why, he’s hob-nobbing with his new Bro, useless Obummer. That’s where he is.


    • Merched Becca says:

      Surely the BBC World Service should be promoting British values of democracy, freedom of speech and fair play. What else do we fund it for?
      Its not fit for purpose.


      • John Anderson says:

        I listen quite a bit to the World Service radio after Radio 4 finishes at 1am each night. It is a real mess most of the time, nothing like the old well-modulated tones we used to hear. Far too much leftie opinionating. And as you say – WE pay for it.


    • Conan the Contrarian says:

      Lefty prats only have a responsibility to the licence-payers in the UK as we pay for them.
      Typical hifalutin leftist twaddle-we take YOUR money and do what we think is best with it.

      The Time for Change is well overdue.

      Sell off the BBC now.


  4. stuart says:

    i tell you were are prime minister is,he is to busy touring around the world and uk telling everybody that islam is a religion of peace,the next time i hear him say that i will keep my sick bag very near to my telly because i feel like many just sick and tired of him saying that.


  5. Chop says:

    Would any of our lurking trolls like to defend this policy by their beloved BBC?


  6. Vector Curl says:

    Catherine Guilyardi is correct: the cartoons are challenging rather than insulting, and boy does the Islamic world need to be challenged right now.


    • Emerson V says:

      It does but the left in the UK will not challenge it, the bbc never have challenged it.

      Just watched the DP and lib, lab con coalition will not challenge it.


    • flexdream says:

      The cartoons ARE the story, 12 people died just in Paris because of them. The BBC has a duty to show them, which trumps the argument that the BBC should not offend any viewers. Let’s see what all the fuss and slaughter was about.
      (Like the BBC gives a rat’s ass about offending Christians or UKIPers or any other group which wont go mental and come at the precious beeboids with a knife or gun)


  7. Guest Who says:

    I went back to check but sadly either my tablet or browser won’t play this:


    About halfway through, John Ware is interviewing one of those slick media types with the cheeky smile and neatly trimmed beards. He I think runs a TV station that is produced here but goes out ‘internationally’.

    Mr. Ware challenged him on claims that were broadcast that he admitted did not apply in the UK. His excuse was that they had an international audience.

    So we appear to have two ‘professional’ people that feel propaganda out, and censorship within, is acceptable because of a mystery group ‘out there’ who need to be fed untruths, or protected from reality.

    One was from a media organization I presume is funded by market forces; but in the case above, the state media of the UK, funded by compulsion.

    Propaganda and censorship have very poor historical precedents.


  8. From Paris with love says:

    Loving the #foxnewsfacts parodies tonight— Christian Fraser (@ChristianFraser) January 11, 2015

    Of course you do. What’s for a Beeboid not to like?


    • John Anderson says:

      Some years ago Bill O’Reilly a Fox presenter attacked the BBC head on for its bias. I’d like to see him and some of the others at Fox turn their guns on the BBC – the BBC here, and the wet BBC output in North America. Could be a good scrap.


      • John Anderson says:

        Like Megyn Kelly versus Kirsty Wark – no need for mud, just watch the fur fly., Or Sean Hannity wiping the smirk off Evan Davies’ face.


      • From Paris with love says:

        A word on #foxnewsfacts.

        Fox’s interviewee, Steven Emerson, got it wrong on Birmingham, but back in 1994* he got things very right. He made an undercover documentary (for PBS, no less) called Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America at the end of which he states “As the activities of Muslim radicals expand in the United States, future attacks seem inevitable. Combating these groups within the boundaries of the Constitution will be the greatest challenge to law enforcement since the war on organized crime.”

        *So where were you back in 1994, BBC? Had you started worrying about islamophobia by then? We know that by 2006 you were making Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic, which featured an associate of the 7/7 bombers, Mohammed Hamid (the BBC knew this fact), Hamid would go on to be convicted of terrorist training offences in 2008. Mi5 had him and associates under surveillance and recorded a wealth of incriminating statements, such as that about the 7/7 death toll : “Fifty-two? That’s not even a breakfast to me.”

        I’ll take Emerson’s ‘wrong’ over the BBC’s ‘wrong’ any day of the week.


      • DP111 says:

        I think every journalist should open his piece with”I will never caricature the prophet Muhammed (pbuh)”

        If journalists are to be cowards, and betray our civilisation, then at the very least, they should be honest about it.


    • London Calling says:

      Fox News made a slip up, their “expert” turned out not so. 95% of their stuff is spot on the money. Roll around on the floor laughing all you like, BBC lies 95% of the time. O’Reilly talks straight. That is why white middle class left wing pricks with beards hate him and Fox. Great. You don’t have to watch Fox, and you don’t have to pay for it. One of those two statements is not true for the BBC.


  9. Llareggub says:

    Here is a verse by verse discussion of the Koran for the BBC to analyse and respond to. Come on BBC, bring your beardies out


  10. RCE says:

    Didn’t Mishal ‘not enough dead Jews’ Husein use the ‘global audience’ excuse in that interview?


    • Jimbob says:

      she did say in the interview with gil hoffman that ” we are trying to bring this story to our audience around the world”.

      if the BBC want to compete with wahhabi scum like al jazeera for the hearts and minds of the arab street and propagate conpspiracy theories and sectarian hatred of non muslims then they should just say so.

      …but don’t ask the british taxpayer to pay for it.


  11. DP111 says:

    French Muslim Students Scream “Allahu Akbar,” Dishonor Moment Of Silence For Charlie Hebdo Victims – See more at:


    Jason Morrison slaps down Al Jazeera Paris terrorist apologists



    • George R says:

      Also for INBBC to be intimidated by, and not report?:-

      ” # no apology:
      “Muslims stage angry protests over Charlie Hebdo’s Mohammed cartoon
      as Boko Haram terror leader hails Paris massacre.
      “Muslims call front cover image of Prophet a renewed insult to their religion.
      “Others feared the cartoon would trigger yet more violence from extremists.
      “Kuwaiti doctor: ‘Lives at risk when you taunt bloodthirsty, mad terrorists.’
      “Filippino protesters burn banners with pictures of Israeli PM Netanyahu.
      “He became symbol of massacre response after Jewish hostages were shot.
      “Security stepped up after Turkish paper publishes section of Charlie Hebdo/.
      “Boko Haram leader: ‘We are happy over what befell the people of France.'”

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2910126/Muslims-stage-angry-protests-Charlie-Hebdo-s-Mohammed-cartoon-Boko-Haram-terror-leader-hails-Paris-massacre.html#ixzz3OtCsGrmK


  12. DP111 says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Paris policewoman injured outside President Hollande’s palace after ‘driver deliberately knocked her down’


    This is our future – the future that the entire ruling elite of Europe has designed for us.

    They are all F*****G Traitors of a kind that has no parrallel in history.


  13. George R says:

    “Charlie Hebdo Paris massacre:

    Air France distributes 20,000 copies of controversial magazine to passengers”



    • DP111 says:

      This is great news. I hope France continues to print such cartoons and articles on the depraved nature of the “prophet”.

      Lets see what the Islamic world does next. If they do respond in the usual peaceful manner of the RoP, then it should be “Bring it on”.


  14. Ember2014 says:

    Douglas Murray was discussing the problems with Islam, on a BBC radio programme, and the BBC decided to do some self-censorship at the behest of the Muslim guest:

    The night after the Charlie Hebdo atrocities I was pre-recording a Radio 4 programme. My fellow discussant was a very nice Muslim man who works to ‘de-radicalise’ extremists. We agreed on nearly everything. But at some point he said that one reason Muslims shouldn’t react to such cartoons is that Mohammed never objected to critics.
    There may be some positive things to be said about Mohammed, but I thought this was pushing things too far and mentioned just one occasion when Mohammed didn’t welcome a critic. Asma bint Marwan was a female poetess who mocked the ‘Prophet’ and who, as a result, Mohammed had killed. It is in the texts. It is not a problem for me. But I can understand why it is a problem for decent Muslims. The moment I said this, my Muslim colleague went berserk. How dare I say this? I replied that it was in the Hadith and had a respectable chain of transmission (an important debate). He said it was a fabrication which he would not allow to stand. The upshot was that he refused to continue unless all mention of this was wiped from the recording. The BBC team agreed and I was left trying to find another way to express the same point. The broadcast had this ‘offensive’ fact left out.

    The fight back, with the BBC on the frontline, is not going well.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      In the words of the prophet:

      When the apostle heard what she had said he said, “Who will rid me of Marwan’s daughter?” Umayr b. Adiy al-Khatmi who was with him heard him, and that very night he went to her house and killed her. In the morning he came to the apostle and told him what he had done and he [Muhammad] said, “You have helped God and His apostle, O Umayr!” When he asked if he would have to bear any evil consequences the apostle said, “Two goats won’t butt their heads about her”, so Umayr went back to his people.


      The old prophet clearly had a way with words.


      • Guest Who says:

        In the spirit of ‘balance’, it seems the slightly younger Pope has an interesting turn of phrase too.

        Guess the girls, especially, best get ready for a return to the good old days.

        That law of unintended consequences does keep swinging back.


        • pah says:

          [dawson] Well at least seeing the Mother-in-Law in a burqua will be a relief; for everyone.[/dawson]


    • Chop says:

      I have read that same story Ember, so we are not imagining or making up stuff to discredit Muslims, or their scabby book of shame.

      I have also noted the Taquia going on in the open comments sections of virtually all our media and press outlets…it goes:

      “Muslims do not kill innocents, thus the turds who committed last weeks massacre are not Muslims…”

      This is technically true, in the “Muslims don’t kill innocents”, because the “Innocents”, in Islam, are followers of pure Islam, NON-MUSLIMS are not classed as innocents, nor are Muslims who stray from the Sharia, thus, making that poor Muslim cop fair game in thier eyes.


      • Jimbob says:

        very well spotted.

        Some clerics have said “innocents” do not include jewish babies who will one day join the IDF. other clerics also say “innocents” do not include military age infidels.


      • John Anderson says:

        Yes – “innocents” is the classic cop-out. And they know it, lying through their teeth when they quote that verse.


  15. George R says:

    A comment on BBC-NUJ’s Islamic Al JAZEERA political chums, for whom Beeboids took time off work recently, in demo outside BBC London HQ- at licencepayers’ expense.

    “Al. Jazeera. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Shitting. Me.”



  16. sirus says:

    douglas murray is turning out be a great advocate for freedom of speech.


  17. Philip says:

    Only the BBC Saudi funded news agency thinks that ‘Islam is great’, a ‘religion of peace’ and related EU codswallop. Meanwhile: ‘THOUSANDS OF JEWS FLEE FRANCE FOR SAFE HAVEN IN BRITAIN’, is hardly a good reflection on France as a safe haven. France is becoming and Islamic republic even before these attacks on Hebdo, it shows that appeasement does not work but forces the rest of us to comply with ‘egalitarian diversity’ (previously called Communism) in fringe states subject to inspired French (EU) political correctness that Blair introduced with relish.


    • dave s says:

      Which is why Netanayhu returned with the bodies of the murdered Jews to bury them in Israel.
      The liberal press seems unable to realise that this was a deliberate highlighting of the French attitude to their Jewish population.
      France seems about to try a re run of the 1940s if it goes on like this.


  18. TrueToo says:

    I heard Hollande on the World Service, telling people that Islam is compatible with democracy. No doubt the BBC loved that line.

    If he carries on with crap like that he will just become irrelevant to the extraordinary opposition to Islam that is sweeping France.

    Once the dust has settled, it will be fascinating to see how many copies of this edition of Charlie Hebdo have been sold.


    • London Calling says:

      (Reporting today from France) The normal Hebdo circulation was around 60,000 per issue. The post-atrocity edition was upped to 3 million, sold out immediately, additional print run took this to 5 million, today they commissioned an additional print run taking it to 7 million, and you still you can’t find a copy on the news stands, it sells out immediately. If the “offended ones” ™ think this has done their cause any good they can think again.

      Unfortunately, our media keep serving the wrong cause by broadcasting footage of The Offended Ones ™ all around the world seizing any excuse to demonstrate outrage to camera, on cue.

      The International News Agencies are as usual “creating news” through creating photo-opportunities for Offended Ones ™, not reporting news. Reuters, PA and co are aiding our enemies to spread fear. This footage is routinely recycled by our national broadcaster (and its fellow-travellers ITN and shamefully, Sky)

      Who gives a toss what The Offended Ones ™ think? A 7th century cult is offended. Their god, not ours. Our country, not theirs.


      • John Anderson says:

        Yes, this seems like the French standing up for themselves and their national traditions – and telling the millions of restive newcomers to STFU.

        No longer the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” ?


        • I Can See Clearly Now says:

          No longer the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” ?

          Yup. Seventy five years after the fall of Paris, they can justly claim that they are the brave ones now… and we are the gutless.


  19. TrueToo says:

    However, France remains a seriously anti-Semitic country, even without factoring in French Muslim anti-Semitism.

    On Monday, World Have Your Say gave French Jews their say. One of them doubted that there would have been much outrage or people taking to the streets if it were only Jews who had been murdered.


    (Four days left to listen/download)

    Even though Hollande said that France without Jews is not France, when push comes to shove that sentiment is highly unlikely to prevail.


  20. Chop says:

    Uncle Pat’s latest offering:

    Nothing to do with Islam.



  21. Tommy atkins says:

    Good grief
    Even Diane Abbot is standing up to the mark on “this week” right now.
    Genuine surprise in my living room.


  22. DP111 says:

    From Littlejohn in th Daily Mail
    08:26am 13th October 2006
    Evening, infidels! Here is the news from the BBC…

    Good evening, infidel dogs. I spit on you. The mujahideen are coming to murder you in your beds and the blood of your kafur children and your drunken whores will run through the streets of your decadent, godless cities. That’s our top story tonight – and, of course, every other night.

    Some breaking news this evening – a plane has crashed into a skyscraper in New York. Unfortunately, only two people were killed.

    We also celebrate the fourth anniversary of the glorious Bali martyrdom operation, a shining day in history for all true believers.

    In an exclusive interview from Lebanon, the president of Iran tells our diplomatic editor, Sheikh Omar Bakri, of his plans to wipe the pariah, pigs-and-monkeys state of Izza-ray-el off the map in a nuclear holocaust, just as soon as he receives the plutonium from North Korea.

    Our crime correspondent, Abu Izzadeen, reports on the progress in the fatwa against the Danish cartoonists who insulted Islam.

    Later in the programme, in our consumer affairs slot, I’ll be presenting a special report from West London on how you can become a property tycoon while living on benefits – and, indeed, while in prison.

    Our legal aid correspondent, Anjem Choudary, will be bringing you an update on the imposition of Sharia law in East Ham.

    There’ll be the latest news on the campaign to have London Underground stations renamed after the four members of the July 7 martyrdom brigade.

    We’ve got exclusive footage from our brothers in Iraq showing a Western aid worker slut having her head sawn off. If you can’t wait for that, it is available right now on our website, where you’ll also find easyto-follow instructions on making Ricin in your own kitchen.

    Sir Ian Blair apologises to all Muslims for something which hasn’t actually happened yet.

    In sport, we ask if England goalkeeper Paul Robinson should have his right leg amputated to punish him for letting in that soft own goal in Croatia.

    And coming up after the break, a shocking report from the Great Satan on how, in their latest outrage against Islam, the rapacious, infidel running dogs of the illegitimate and immoral Bush regime have, er, banned online gambling.


  23. George R says:

    More Tony HALL ‘diversity’-

    “Terror Raids Across Europe After Attack Foiled.
    “Security forces in Germany and France make arrests after Belgian police kill two suspects on the verge of an attack.”

    “Video: Belgium: Suspected Jihadists Killed.”


    Director General, and ‘Diversity’ Enforcer, Tony HALL’s political line on effects of such ‘diversity’:-

    ‘Look, these people are merely “suspected militants” – there is no real problem with Islam.
    ‘And INBBC will continue to pursue the Islamisation of Europe and Britain, and will continue to campaign for mass immigration from Islamic countries, come what may, as a matter of our political principle.

    ‘We will not be bullied.
    ‘Rather, we will bully Britsh people to accept the colonisation of what once was their land.’