Donnison At Rock Bottom



The BBC’s Jon Donnison really can’t help himself…he’s a man who supports a terrorist organisation so one can hardly expect him to have a great deal of sense…indeed he demonstrates that lack of sense when he tweets something like this:


jd rock bottom


Scraping the bottom of the barrel there with an attempt to smear the Sun by association…never mind Jim’ll Fix It was a BBC programme and the BBC looked like it had conducted a cover up.


Why didn’t Donnison post a picture of Miliband and his paper of choice…one that supported the Labour Party for over a decade?…..

Ed Miliband said he will not ban Page 3 pin-ups if he becomes prime minister after the 2015 general election “I’m not in favour of banning it.


Maybe time someone took responsibility for Boy Blunder Down Under and had a word in his ear.




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9 Responses to Donnison At Rock Bottom

  1. Essex Man says:

    Not a Twitterer , but can someone text Donnison, to shove all his evil tweets up his orifice where the sun don`t shine . Thanks.


  2. #88 says:

    Presumably that photo of was taken when Savile was at the top of his powers, in his BBC pomp. I think Donnison forgot to include that in his tweet.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Is the top photo genuine? I mean, those two women look much too old for Savile …


  3. dez says:


    “Scraping the bottom of the barrel there with an attempt to smear the Sun by association…”

    Rotflmao! Massive self-awareness fail.

    “…he’s a man who supports a terrorist organisation”


    • Just Sayin' says:

      dez. youre a weirdo, have u been smoking crack?


    • Andy S. says:

      Dez, have you any relevant points to make or are you just making one of your usual “hit and run” attacks? In fact, don’t bother to reply as it seems you’ve lost the argument already.


      • dez says:

        Andy S,

        Ok, let me spell it out for you.

        For Alan to accuse Donnison of “smear by association” whilst stating that Donnison “supports a terrorist organisation” is breathtaking hypocrisy. “Smearing by association” is Alan’s stock-in-trade. For example, I refer you to “No Surprise There Then”:

        No Surprise There Then

        “Adrian Goldberg has a Jewish father and a Catholic mother…is he Jewish? No idea…but he is married to a Muslim…..he has a horse in this race…a Trojan Horse.”


  4. TPO says:

    Has Donnison retweeted this yet:
    ‘I Am a Knife’: Trending Twitter Hashtag Supports Palestinian Terror Attack.