Stabbings, Sun and Cigarettes



Donnison is quick on the draw when a non-White person is killed and he thinks he can blame it on some form of racism…note all the trigger words…’Moroccan’,  ‘Murdered’,  ‘Islamophobic attack’ with the link provided to the report:

jd  islamo


Not so quick to label an attack on Jewish bus passengers as a terrorist attack by a Palestinian…and note no link to the news report in his Tweet and no mention of who attacked who...very unusual for Donnison who religiously links to bad news for Israel…..


jd stab

And that was that for the attack…no more from Donnison….he is more interested in plain packaging for cigarettes, the Sun’s Page 3 and naturally the BBC’s latest big story…the kidnapping and killing of one Israeli teen and a Palestinian teen….never mind the other two Israeli teens also kidnapped and killed….

The lost sons














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14 Responses to Stabbings, Sun and Cigarettes

  1. D1004 says:

    Donnison is a disgrace; to the bbc, to this country, to ‘journalism’ , to humanity. Someone who disgusts me for his other support for terrorists and for his use of Jimmy Savile of all people to attack page 3 ought to be sacked on the spot. The fact that the pathetic, completely immoral bbc will not do so tells anyone who will listen what is wrong with this organisation.
    I am truly appalled by this person ( I can not honestly call him a man ). Sick.


  2. John Paul Jones says:

    I woke up this morning to this piece of shit from Mike Thomson on the World Service for Islam. What amazed me was the dignity and humanity of the Israeli parents. Not once did they exhibit anti-Palestinian hate speech when taking about the murder of their son. MK prefixed his interview of the Israeli police officer with a warning that he would speak about Judea and Samaria as Israeli fundamentalist call the ‘occupied west bank’.

    When it came to the Palestinian family all sense of dignity and restraint was lost . Their son was (as always in these cases was a paragon of all the virtues ). Now I have no doubt that I view my own children as ‘wonderful, and would emphasize their virtues in similar circumstances, but it is about time that the media stops taking these parental views as sacrosanct. These Palestinian parent engaged in a vitriolic rant against Jews and Israel that was unchallenged by MJ. They claimed that the Israeli authorities were unresponsive because their son was a Palestinian. However, it these same police/Israeli soldiers 18 days to locate the bodies of the 3 Jewish boys. When told by MJ, in reply to the accusations of the Palestinian parents that it was the ‘the Jews’ that kidnapped the 3 Jewish boys and killed them (as a pretext to attack Gaza) that Hamas claimed to have ordered the operation, the mother denies this. She states that “every one knows that the 3 boys were killed by the Israeli’s”. MK then states that this belief results from their (the Palestinian) “distrust of Israel”. Thus explaining and legitimising this irrational belief. I can think of other explanations for this e.g. It represents a fanatical rejection of any objective reality in order to maintain a narrative that demonetises Israel and all other who do not adhere to the narrative,


  3. Sickofitall says:

    As mentioned above by John Paul Jones above, BBC simply takes what the Palestinian parents say as sacrosant, and there is absolutely no context at all to explain their feelings, except ‘the Evil Israel and is terrible misdoings’.

    Of course, the role of Hamas incitement propaganda and state-run television channels indoctrinating Palestinians to hate Jews and Israel, not to mention if they at all even slightly criticised Hamas they would be terminated may have played a part in the viewpoint of the parents, something that never even crosses the minds of the ‘at times’ curiously uncurious BBC.

    Must be that world class journalism in action.


  4. Matt says:

    Long live Israel. Down with the BBC.

    I think a reckoning is coming soon.


  5. stewart says:

    This fellow might have a point


  6. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) persists in misleadingly claiming the Muslim, Islamofascist beheaders of Islamic State are mere “militants”-

    “Japan checking IS ‘hostage death’ video”

    BBC: “Virtually all Muslims see violent Jihadism as a perversion of Islam”


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Virtually all Muslims see violent Jihadism as a perversion of Islam’.

      Really? Then how do they rate the first Jihad under Mohammed I wonder?

      Is that very obvious question really too difficult for the BBC to ask?


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        Yep, and to repeat a comment somewhere else, may have been here…..Did you see the 100,000 muslims march through London rejecting the violence of their fellows………no….neither did i……….


  7. George R says:

    Beeboids spend their Saturdays (and our licence-fee money) politically promoting
    their like-minded CND still-


    • Laska says:

      The CND coverage by the BBC was the same as RT. WE understand why RT why would support CND. The total number of CND demonstrators were only a couple of hundred which would hardly justify national coverage. So the BBC’s fawning interviews seem to be excessive and is only explained by the fact that the Trident issue is a central plank of the Green Party. The promotion of Green Party is very deliberate and shows the BBC’s political strategy.


  8. Span Ows says:

    Has anyone seen proof that the murder in Donnison’s tweet was Islamophobic? All press reports have exactly the same thing but no-one has the outcome. Apparently the guy shouted “I am your god, I am your Islam”, was he Muslim too? Or crazy? Or a crazy Muslim. Maybe not (Thomas G) but he was known for his depressive episodes and regular use of cannabis…so Islamophobic? No. Nuts, yes.


  9. stuart says:

    yes donnison,your of on one again,but remember this donnison,one of your fellow journalists has just been beheaded by the cousins of hamas which is the islamic muslim state in iraq,yes jihadi mohammed(not john that is a christian name and a insult) has tonight lopped of the head of a japanese journalist all in the name of islam and the prophet mohammed peace be upon him,no end of begging to the islamic muslim state by the family of this japanese journalist spared his bacon(pardon the pun).lets hope donnison that one day you might not fall into the hands the cousins of hamas which is the islamic muslim state in isreal.will they spare you matey,dont think so,in fact the only people who will rescue you from these headcutters of islam is mossad and the isreali state.dont bite the hand that feeds you donnison,never forget that.


  10. jez says: on.