BBC in mourning for the “moderate reformer” and Saudi King Abdullah. I guess there was never a tyrant they couldn’t find some love for. Anyway, here is a new OPEN Thread for you.

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  1. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    BBC News Channel cuts away from Call Me Dave’s droning mantra about the economy to cover the ceremony for the first female bishop.

    Philippa Thomas is oh-so-excited as she watches the fruits of 25 years of BBC bullying and propaganda. Strange, then, that we regularly see shots of ‘Friday prayers’ with no mention of how hideously male it looks.


    • Old Goat says:

      Isn’t that where there is laying on of hands? Does her husband know that all these pervy prelates are groping his wife?


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        You’re right enough! They just said some guy to be done next week doesn’t want to have hands laid on him that were laid on a woman. Beeb informs us that only a tiny minority take such a despicable view, the rotters.

        More important, what about some laying on of hands to create female ayatollahs!


    • Essex Man says:

      Whats wrong with a woman bishop in the CoE ? It makes them stand out from the Catholic`s & ROP . Some of you are critical the CoE , for allowing female bishops , but in the same breath saying the ROP is anti women . This is hardly a revolution , they will be giving women the vote next .


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        No one said there was anything wrong… merely pointing out the contrast between how the BBC treats Anglicans as Fascists while celebrating the cultural enrichment of the totally male-dominated RoP. But if I was an Anglican believer trying to reconcile the number of Bible commands now set aside to satisfy political correctness, I think I would have converted to Dawkinism years ago.


  2. AsISeeIt says:

    Now I know we here at B-BBC have had a jolly good laugh about the BBC’s discomfort over the ‘Savile affair’ but look how it’s going to turn out…

    ‘You will be told in due course that the ‘Savile estate has paid out 3 million in compensation’ – and that will be presented as ‘evidence’ that the claims were valid.

    ‘I doubt you will be told that it will be going to the solicitors, Slater and Gordon, for their fees now dwarf the estate that should have been going to charity, including those to help victims of abuse…and the solicitors fees take precedence. Any claims against the estate surplus to the funds available are underwritten by the BBC and the NHS.

    ‘If there are any genuine claims, it is you who will be paying them, not Savile. You, the single Mothers that the BBC takes to court for not paying your licence fee, and you, the payees into the National Insurance fund that pays for the A & E in hospitals that is so underfunded it is in crisis.

    ‘You will never know whether your money was wisely spent or not – because you are not allowed to know.’


    How’s about that then, guys and gals?


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘it is you who will be paying them’

      In the case of the BBC, some will not if they have opted out of the licence poll tax.

      The NHS… not so much.

      However, as Eastenders is deemed, apparently, a vital service on par with the world-envied health service, it is possible that choice will soon be taken away on matters BBC and cover-up compo too, as it gets loaded on the council tax or ISP delivery.

      ‘‘You will never know whether your money was wisely spent or not – because you are not allowed to know.’’

      This will of course continue as before, for the purposes of ensuring market raters get the rewards of their positions, but not the accountability down sides.

      Unique, eh?


  3. Thoughtful says:


    Funny but I can’t see a single mention of climate change / global warming anywhere in this report.


  4. Angrymanupnorth says:

    BBC Daily Politics. Soon.

    Brillo? or JoCo to have Douglas Carswell as guest.


  5. GCooper says:

    Now that Amjad Bashir has been proved a liar (see Guido, today), are we going to see apologies and corrections by the BBC, The Mail and other members of the luegenpresse?

    No, I thought not. So remember that when you next see a screaming headline from either of them. It’s possibly a pack of lies.


  6. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Martin Horwood MP. BBC DP.

    Trougher. Used to work for Oxfam (didn’t know that. Corporate charity to corporate political party! Who’d a thunk it?)- exploiters of volunteers and payers of big executive salaries. He thinks it’s nasty not to rob taxpayers to give bungs to corporate charities and despotic regimes. He thinks citizens can’t decide for themselves which charities are deserving of funding.

    Vote UKIP – Carswell’s the only MP on today’s show with a backbone and an understanding of whose money the LibLabCon are giving away (our grandchildrens’). Doesn’t stop Martin labeling UKIP as being the ‘very nasty’ party.


  7. Angrymanupnorth says:

    BBC 2 . Daily Politics. Classic AGW bias.

    “…..we are here reporting on a protest that hasn’t happened yet.” Yes, beeboid actually said that.

    But it was an excuse for ‘interviewing’ the renowned scientist and expert in geology, hydrocarbons and all things fracking……. Bianca Jagger. FFS. Followed by a environut protesting fracking. Common Purpose and the warmist nutters chip, chip, chipping away. Repeat the lie often enough….

    For fracks sake. They need Bianca Jagger.

    Eco-loon + celebrity = Guaranteed slot on BBC

    Scrap the BBC. Propagandist to statists and propagators of mass delusion.


  8. Ian Rushlow says:

    Now look what they’ve done…
    Just a day after a BBC-approved coalition of Trots, unreformed Marxists, eco-warriors and Occupy Movement types gains power in Greece, Demis Roussos dies. ‘Tis a message from the Greek Gods, I tell you…


    • Guest Who says:

      See… balance. If of a kind that would make Jasmine L’s pretty head spin as she assesses what is, and is not news for those not outed yet as shills to purvey at £95kpa+ a pop.

      Looks like Dave has snagged a keeper there.

      Be interesting how the BBC’s goldfish bowlers assess what gets rushed to air or quietly watertighted.

      Top comment:

      ‘So the opportunistic media who leaped (before looking) to stuff UKIP are going to come a cropper.
      Well done editors at the BBC, The Times, Telegraph etc. More votes for UKIP – keep it up lads.’

      Priorities, eh?
      (a few other good comments follow, esp. about BBC ethics and especially the Lib Dems).

      FWIW, UKIP are still inglourius members the unholy desperate political mix here, where anyone who looks remotely like ticking a diversity box is fast-tracked by all parties with zero concern for talent, qualification or… blowback.

      However, this being about media bias, specifically the BBC, that first para still applies, and the efforts to spare their tribal BFFs with the tokenistic cherry bomb vester in the septic tank having exploded… will be interesting, if doubtless unsurprising.


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        So the opportunistic media who leaped (before looking) to stuff UKIP are going to come a cropper.

        Sadly, that’s not how it works. The dogs bark and the caravan moves on. The BBC got their propaganda broadcast to millions yesterday. The truth is being discussed here and a few other places by a couple of dozen people today. But the BBC will not enlighten the millions they conned yesterday, so the damage is done. The truth about the Bird-Bolter incident came out within a day or two, but wasn’t reported on mainstream media.


        • Dover Sentry says:

          Sadly true. All we can hope is that Bashir draws attention to himself over the next two months.

          And I think he will…..



        • Old Goat says:

          I think we’re used to that. The BBC never apologise, or backtrack – you only have to consider the climate change nonsense to realise that – have they broadcast, anywhere, that the alleged ‘Hottest Year, evah’ was merely inaccurate spin?


  9. Scotty says:

    No one on this site has blamed Islam for at least 5 minutes, is something wrong?


  10. Barry says:

    So who do you say is responsible for the butchering, beheading, stoning, raping and all the other vile atrocities that these animals commit whilst yelling ‘Allah u aqbar’, the fucking Christians?

    I must say scotty, I think you are a bit of a wanker


  11. George R says:

    For INBBC Scotland to report?

    Front-page headline of today’s ‘Daily Star’-

    “Scottish jihadi bride who travelled to Syria to join terror group writes guide for widows.
    A JIHADI bride who left Britain to marry an Islamic State fighter has written a guide to living as a war widow – sparking rumours her husband may have been killed.”



  12. richard D says:

    “71 Mirror Group stories and 45 journalists linked to phone-hacking, High Court told” is the headline in the media trade magazine, as reported on Guido’s blog.


    Given that the Mirror Group has admitted this, I shall look forward to the imminent, incessant, screaming demand from the BBC, aided and abetted by such worthies as Tom Watson, MP (Labour), that Trinity Mirror should act as as News Corp was forced to, and just shut down the Mirror Group newspapers involved…i.e. The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, and The People.

    Ah, sorry, I forgot, Rupert Murdoch doesn’t own the left wing media complex that is the Mirror Group.

    Nothing to see here, folks….. let’s just move on, shall we….