Anti-Semitic ‘Morons’



Listened this morning to Mishal Husain interview (08:44) Rabbi Arnold Saunders on the subject of anti-Semitism in the UK.

Was left wandering who it was committing all those anti-Semitic acts….other than the Rabbi mentioning ‘Morons’ it was left unsaid.

Now the Rabbi might be shy about broaching the subject especially with a Msulim interviewer (Why did the editor choose Mishal Husain for the interview?  Perhaps Tim Wilcox should have done the interview) but surely a hardened journalist with fearless integrity could ask just who might be the worst offenders?….is it white neo-Nazis, Muslims or maybe it’s very left-wing anti-Israeli Jews?

Who knows.  None of us do after the less than enlightening interview.


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30 Responses to Anti-Semitic ‘Morons’

  1. deegee says:

    Could the BBC have deliberately chosen Rabbi Arnold Saunders to interview because he could be relied on not to rock the ethnic boat?


  2. TPO says:

    Anti Semitism on the rise. Muslims fear backlash – BBC


    • DP111 says:

      Muslims always fear backlash after a nIslamic terror attack that leads hundreds dead.

      This way Muslims become the victims of Muslim terrorist attacks on Infidels.


  3. George R says:

    “How can Jews oppose Muslim anti-Semitism without being ‘Islamophobic’?”
    (September 2014)

    By Douglas Murray.


  4. UAF Street-Warrior says:

    Islamophobia is far worse than Anti-Semitism!


    • Glen says:

      No it isn’t, but rape and abuse of young white girls is worse than both. UAF, are you one of those students who keep your face covered at protests so as not to harm your future career in the city?


      • DP111 says:

        other than the Rabbi mentioning ‘Morons’ it was left unsaid.

        Perhaps the good rabbi meant to say Moorons.
        On the so-called sex grooming in the UK.
        The so-called “sex grooming” in Rotherham is merely the tip of the iceberg. The figures for the UK as a whole, are more likely to be in the range of 20 to 30 thousand Infidel White girls, who were forced to become the sex slaves of Pakistani, and other Muslim men. Reducing Infidel women to sex slaves, is part and parcel of Islam, and was practiced by the founder of Islam.

        Now suppose ten men were in each sex-slaver gang. Then a minimum of 200,000 men were involved in the rapes over a 20 year period. This is so large a figure that it must mean that the entire adult Pakistani Muslim community (women included) were aware of it. Most certainly the imams were aware of it.


    • TPO says:

      I’m not sure if you’re being ironic or not.
      If it’s the latter then you really are deluded as there is no such thing as ‘islamophobia’, which is a crude invention by Islamic nutters.


  5. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Why did the editor choose Mishal Husain for the interview?

    Well; maybe because she’s an experienced professional – they chose her to lead from Paris during the march after the Islamist slaughter. It is odd how she gets these jobs.


    • Alan says:

      So professional that she doesn’t ask who is committng these anti-semitic offences.

      Yes….not her job to ask questions and get to the truth is it?

      So professional.

      As for Paris…let’s have a go at working out the thought process of the producer….

      Muslim terrorists kill cartoonists and Jews.

      Great outcry against this…and Islam, funnily enough, gets the blame.

      Great concern about ‘Islamophobia’.

      So let’s then put a Muslim presenter at the forefront of our broadcast so that people can see a Muslim not in a burkha, a Muslim not machine-gunning people and, hopefully, a Muslim reporting with sympathy and empathy for the victims and concern for free-speech and democracy.

      Putting Mishal Husain in as lead presenter was a propaganda stunt to present a Muslim, and ‘Muslims’, in a good light….and therefore try to undermine the belief that Islam is a rather unwelcome development in a secular, democratic, progressive and modern Europe.

      The BBC are blatant and obvious….what next? Nick Griffin next to Bonnie Greer or George Galloway in a Jewish area on QT?


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        So professional ….

        I was trying to be funny…. but failed miserably again. I really need to give it up!

        I agree with all you say.


      • John Player says:

        And Tim Wilcox? Is he a muslim? Lyse Doucet?

        Was Mishal Husain chosen because she was a Muslim, or are you mentioning it because she’s a Muslim?

        Can you provide some evidence for your claim? Anything at all will do…………

        George Galloway in a Jewish area on QT? I suppose you’d support the banning of Jewish guests from the panel when QT is in Birmingham, and Bradford? How far are you going to go with that Alan? (What about banning David Vance from speaking any place where you’ll find Muslims, Catholics, women, poor people, gays, AIDs victims etc etc?


        • Just Sayin' says:

          Tim Wilcox? what word best describes him? anti-semite? racist? bigot?

          Lyse Doucet? Another one who is accused of being an anti semitic pro muslim terrorist scumbag

          maybe you could have picked a couple of BBC reporters who havnt been acused of hating joooooos.

          Release the Balen report!!!!!


          • John Player says:

            ‘Another one who is accused of being an anti semitic pro muslim terrorist scumbag’

            Yeah, that’s very eay to do…..look! you just did it.

            I picked the reporters that reported from Paris on Charlie Hebdo.

            ‘Release the Balen report!!!!! ‘

            Why don’t you petition the courts?


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Yawn…yet another bbc employed troll.


      • DP111 says:

        But but, didnt the BBC use Nazi journalists to broadcast of the terrible Germanophobia of the British people.

        What comes from the BBC is that the British suffer from NonBritonphobia. This is a phobia that is above and beyond race, religion and any other phobias. This also includes Globalwarmingphobia, and Climatechangephobia.

        There is no cure for such an all embracing phobia, but to destroy the British in Britain – hence allowing Muslims and Islam to invade Britain.


  6. stuart says:

    a jewish freind of mine told me the anti semetic hatred does not come from the far right but comes from this evil alliance of radical islam and the white marxist far left including a certain mp i wont name who have used the gaza conflict and this pretence of anti zionism as a cover to carry out there true agenda of anti jewish hatred and anti semetic attacks,yes these politacal correct jewish leaders wont use or mention the word muslim as the perpetrators of all these anti semetic attacks on the jewish community the same way rotherhan labour council ignored and covered up the fact it was pakistani muslim men grooming underage white children for sex,it is called being in denial and rabbi arnold palmer was guilty of that in his interview this morning by not mentioning those behind all this anti semetic hatred which is plainly the racist muslim communuity egged on by the anti semetic fascist far left.and even members of parliament.


    • DP111 says:


      It doesnt need a Jew to realise that Hate of all non-Muslims is part and parcel of the ideology of Islam.

      Muslims deny this as they are required to do by the war ideology of Islam. Many times they employ a nice looking Muslim woman (Mecca Rose), for the message.


  7. dave s says:

    The more this happens the more the BBC and it’s reporters lose credibility. The first question should be -who is doing this? From this all else flows.
    It is the same with the politicians. I was going to ask my MP the same question. Who is doing this to the Jews but there is no point.
    What really motivates Isis is another key question to which the elite has only denial as answers.
    The BBc and the elites are playing with fire and in any country this is stupid.
    Reality will out and cannot be denied for ever. Imprison the truth tellers and silence them if you must but reality always wins out in the end.
    Truly this is a time of the stupid.


    • DP111 says:

      Sometimes I feel we are bit part players in the Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings can be viewed as an allegory of the invasion of Christendom ( Middle Earth/Shires) by Islam ( Twin towers)

      The Old Christendom is awash with pairs of twin towers. There is not the remotest possibilty that Orcs can live in peace with Hobbits (shire folk), Elves , Welsh miners or Methodists.


  8. flexdream says:

    I think everyone knows what drives anti-semitism in the UK but the powers that be pretend it’s an issue for everybody and even refer to the ‘far right’ and lump Jews and Muslims together as victims.
    The majority of British jews I’m sure know who their friends and enemies are.


  9. jez says:



  10. Glen says:

    I saw another anti-semitic piece on the news tonight from Manchester and thought I’d add my thoughts.

    I’ve been working in Prestwich for the past few weeks, a place with a large Jewish community, I haven’t witnessed a single ‘moron’ abusing a Jew, in fact, a local lad I know who lived there has recently moved to another area because the Jews had bought up the houses around him and he didn’t feel part of the ‘community’.

    If these abuses do take place I’d wager they would be at night and in the Cheetham Hill area, an absolute slum of a place with a large paki community, the coincidence can’t be ignored, I had my car spat on and was called a ‘white mutthafucka’…’bro’.. by a car full of pakis in the same area. Just another northern town they think they own.

    There probably has been some anti semitic morons abuse the jews, there has been the some abuse on whites (there’s plenty of history of tensions around there, one incident resulted in a white lad being run over and killed by a paki in a revenge attack) and there has probably been some abuse against muslims…it’s called muliculturalism.


    • Mark says:

      Many Orthodox Jews still live in Sedgley Park, but the more secular, self-styled “Wej” have now moved to Whitefield and Stand.


  11. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    The BBC NHS News Channel has just reported that Nigel Farage was prevented from speaking publically in Rotherham this morning by the free-speech campaigners ‘Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition’.

    The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

    (Actually, the Beeboid just talked of ‘protestors’, but the TUSC banner was prominent.)

    The Beeboid suggested that this rent-a-trot mob was likely to be the norm for Farage up to the election. He was unusually neutral on how he felt about that.


    • dave s says:

      All to the good. Any attempt to silence Farage will mean more votes. People see and make up their minds in private. Our left liberals are too stupid to get it.


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        A good proportion of UKIP supporters worry as well; the ‘if-you-think-that-you’re-not-a-nice-person’ propaganda worked for years. But the worm has turned.


  12. Vector Curl says:

    The Mishal Husain creature who lost her temper interviewing an Israeli during the most recent Gaza conflict because not enough Jews, I mean Israelis, were being killed by Hamas’ rockets. If I were Jewish, I’d do a “George-Galloway in reverse”, and refuse to be in the same room as her.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Mishal is so much more fragrant than George, but it’s ‘the same soup on different plates’.