BBC quiz time

Last week Labour Brent councillor Zaffar Van Kawala was found guilty of dangerous driving and ABH after he drove his car at a female fellow councillor.

Today UKIP councillor Robert Ray admitted drink driving after police found him behind the wheel of his car in a hotel car park.

Guess which of the above stories is the only one you’ll find on the BBC’s website?


Incidentally – 266 words from the BBC on the UKIP councillor, but only 107 to report the fact that 20 men were today charged with rape and child prostitution in the North East. (The list of names of those charged may give an indication why the BBC isn’t making a big deal about it.)

And while I’m on the subject, spot the only mention of “Labour” in this report about the scandals in Labour-led Rotherham council. 36th paragraph, and then only in an oblique way. Imagine if a similar scandal emerged under a UKIP-led council – the BBC report would be littered with the party name from headline to final sentence.

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50 Responses to BBC quiz time

  1. Betty Swollocks says:

    The BBC really should be put down a.s.a.p.


  2. chrisH says:

    If only the Tories-or even UKIP-would use Kinnocks voice about a Labour…A LABOUR…Council going around
    NOT doling out redundancy notices around Liverpool as they did with Degsy and Militant in charge in Liverpool 86
    1. Allowing Mid-Staffs
    2. Killing David Kelly
    3. Allowing Trojan Horse
    4. Allowing endless white child rape under its “protection” by Muslim gangs in all authorities where LABOUR are in charge.
    Rotherham only being the latest one.
    5. Allowing their Co-op Bank to fold and disintegrate as it employed quangocrats, drug-addled gay Methodists and all manner of partners and offspring to stuff the boards,the banks and the charity sectors.
    As long as it was all up north, and Labour ran the whole rotten borough.
    But the Tories and UKIP refuse to call Labour out on their support for paedos, for terrorising misfits-either Provos or Anjems.
    When will the so called “right” actually speak as if they are…too busy snivelling, too lazy not to fight the evils of the Left in a way that would hurt them.


    • Geyza says:

      Farage has spoken out against the Islamic rape gangs and he laid the blame with labour. All the media reported was anger at Farage “politicising” the rape scandal. UKIP have posters stating 1400 reasons not to vote labour, which directly accuses labour of turning a blind eye to mass gang rape on an industrial scale.


    • DP111 says:

      The so-called “sex grooming” ( Sex slavery) in Rotherham is merely the tip of the iceberg. The figures for the UK as a whole, are more likely to be in the range of 20 to 30 thousand Infidel White girls, who were forced to become sex slaves of Pakistani, and other Muslim men. Reducing Infidel women to sex slaves, is part and parcel of Islam (ISIS are doing this right now), and was practiced by the founder of Islam.

      Now suppose ten men were in each sex-slaver gang. Then a minimum of 200,000 men were involved in the rapes over a 20 year period. This is so large a figure that it must mean that the entire adult Pakistani Muslim community (women included) were aware of it. Most certainly the imams were aware of it.

      Sex slavery on a grand scale cannot be viewed as the actions of a tiny monority but an act of war by the Pakistani Muslim community over a period of two decades at least. It was under Labour that this act of Treason was made possible.

      It requires a commensurate response.


  3. Bodo says:

    Similarly, note the difference in these reports;
    Police charge 25 men with child sex offences
    25 men charged with sexual offences

    Clearly the BBC prefers us not to know some details.


    • Glen says:

      What a difference a report makes? Who do the bbc think they are protecting? Everyone knows it will be a gang of pakis who are carrying out these attacks, those fine upstanding pillars of community who have enriched our country so much.

      The collusion of liebour and the bbc in protecting this scum is probably the biggest disgrace of modern times, what sort of sick society allows the mass rape of children to continue unchallenged?

      What sort of sick ideology wants to protect this vile scum before the welfare of vulnerable young girls? The liberal left have a lot to answer for, I hope to see a Khmer Rouge style destruction of the left in my lifetime.


      • DP111 says:

        There is no parallel in history in any nation, where a bunch of immigrants have been allowed into a country, and then raped little girls over decades, with the authorities turning a blind eye.
        Why is their no parallel in history for such an occurrence?

        The answer is that no government has been so weak, so immoral and so far down the road to cowardice, as to allow immigrants to rape thousands of little girls.

        I had to ask myself then, why did immigrant Muslims do this? What was in the minds of these Muslims in the UK or Scandinavia, that their fellow believers would not do elsewhere?

        The actions of these rapists reminded me of what happens to a country that is invaded and occupied. The soldiers rape any female they can – young, old or whatever, does not matter. Young being better. For this, there are plenty of parallels in history. Muslim immigration is thus not immigration but invasion.

        Its not just a few thousand in Rortherham. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Estimates are betwewen 20 and 30 thousand girls that were sexaully abused. How is one to bring to justice hundreds of thousands of Muslim rapists.

        It is inconceivable that the authorities did not know, as they claim. They knew. How is one to bring thousands of police, councillors, and politicians to justce without shattering the nation at large?

        And now the authorities are trying to brush it under the carpet. The matter is of such huge national shame, they have no option but to.

        Historians will view this chapter in our history as one of the most shameful, if not the most.


        • Doublethinker says:

          I agree with you, but remember it is the victors who write the history, and it is likely that the Muslims will eventually be the victors, unless the mind bogglingly stupid leadership of the country wakes up to the threat and DOES something to combat Islamification. Instead, all we see is, as you point out , more and more concessions made to Islam. WHY ? Don’t the white British , who created a land of rule of law and liberty count for anything any more ? Of course the BBC et al try to keep us quiet by their never ending pro Muslim propaganda , omissions , distortions and lies. But we can see that Muslims cause problems all over world and of course plenty in our country and we don’t want them here.
          I can’t believe what has happened to our country in the last 20 years. We seem to be run by people who believe their liberal left credo as though it were a religion and simply ignore any evidence , of which there is an overwhelming amount, that doesn’t fit with their ‘multiculty faith’. We were never asked if we wanted all these aliens in our country , so they have no democratic mandate to be here and certainly no right to be above the law.
          We need a leader who believes in Britain and will stand up for us and turn the tide of Islamification.


          • JoShaw says:

            “……but remember it is the victors who write the history, and it is likely that the Muslims will eventually be the victors”

            Don’t agree – it will get nasty before that happens.

            The issue, IMO, is what will be left after the battle.


            • DP111 says:

              A leader will come, but we have to believe him and support him when he does. Or else the the BBC and the rest of the elite, will demonise him, and confine him to a mental institution.

              The issue, IMO, is what will be left after the battle.

              Yes Jo, that is the reality. This is the catastrophe that our idiot politicians have bequeathed us, and future generations.

              Its only a matter of time when all Muslims in the country will unite to install sharia in the UK.

              One hope we have is that the UK is a constitutional monarchy, and the Queen is oath bound to defend the Protestant Christian heritage of the UK.

              This obliges all MPs, PM, police, judiciary and the armed forces, to defend her, and the oath she is bound by. And so too are we.

              To change this situation, the enemy would have to win a major war within the UK – which I’m sure we will win.But as Jo points out, it will be at the cost of a shattered country.


  4. chrisH says:

    So by my reckoning that`ll be FORTY-FIVE “men of a certain ethnicity/heritage and religious conviction” due up for pretty serious jail time for very serious offences.
    But the BBC will far prefer to dig up Gary Glitters seedy goings-on long past the time the fans mothers could possibly remember how long they chose to park their daughters with Mr Glitter, as they sniffed the Bacofoil as it were.
    45 blokes-common cause and recurring evils.
    One old panto dame with far less serious crimes to answer for?
    No contest-the BBC will avoid the Islamic hordes, and rerun the Hall/Harris/Clifford crapola so we all know who the BBC reckons is the biggest threat to teenage girls(and their own baybees!) today.
    Wonder if Savile ever called by the Roundhay Mosque?…not that the BBC would ever tell us.


  5. Questwhoom says:

    “Guess which of the above stories is the only one you’ll find on the BBC’s website?”
    Is it the one where sentencing has actually been carried out?


    • Geyza says:

      I doubt it. another example from a few years back, a tory advisor and a labour shadow minister both resigned on the same day. The tory advisor resigned for saying a badly phrased comments about people never having had it so good because of low mortgage rates, at the height of the recession and had to resign for being out of touch. The labour shadow minister resigned for being found guilty of drink driving, which is a criminal offence.

      Guess which one the BBC led the news on (top item) across ALL its media output, and which story they did not report at all???

      The BBC does all it can to protect labour criminality. be it drink driving, covering up for industrial scale racist rape or war crimes. The BBC can be trusted to protect labour at all costs.


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘Guess which of the above stories is the only one you’ll find on the BBC’s website?”
      Is it the one where sentencing has actually been carried out?’

      Or the one where they’re in on the groundfloor of the action, featuring our intrepid reporters chasing across the country in a helicopter to arrive just in time to film an ageing popstar’s mansion being ransacked by a compliant Plod.


  6. Glen says:

    Not seen much about latfur rahman on the bbc this week either? Course, his misdemeanours are small fry compared to any UKIP councillor.

    I did see a news report on Rotherham where the only party who were mentioned slating the failed council was, erm, liebour? Wasn’t the Rotherham council liebour and didn’t the liebour party do nothing to expose the scandal?

    Any opportunity to ‘big up’ the liebour party is taken by the bbc, even the mass rape of young white girls, the vermin have no shame.


    • Geyza says:

      Not only did labour do nothing to expose, tackle and prevent the industrial scale prostitution, drugging, assaults and violent gang rapes of children, but they took a great deal of action to cover it up.


  7. Angrymanupnorth says:

    The BBC would do well to look at Helen Pidd and Sandra Laville.

    By my reckoning, they managed to craft an article for the Grauniad yesterday, which manages to avoid using the word ‘Labour’ completely! Now that takes real skill and a real inability to empathise or sympathise with r@ped children!

    Helen Pidd. Sandra Laville. Unashamed propagandists. A stain on journalism. Working at the BBC soon?


  8. Chop says:

    Fucks sake, they don’t even mention “Asian” anymore.

    The BBC are cunts, they have got to go…this story ain’t even on the front page…burried under “”Tyne & Wear”

    Gary Glitter?….top fucking story…I hate them.


  9. Chop says:

    Hey Scotty, looks like UAF are doing a roaring trade in facemasks…y’know, like the same ones you were ever so giddy to highlight that the EDL had:


  10. Dazed & Confused says:

    Forget the BBCs version of the religion of peace….Not hard to learn for yourself anymore…


  11. Sickofitall says:

    BBC doesn’t want to fuel the ‘rise’ of the ‘far right’ so it is keeping schtum about muslim paedophile gangs and hoping it all blows over.


  12. Chop says:

    The Mail are finally covering it, but comments are verboten:

    The media AND our Elites have learned nowt…if you cannot discuss the problem, then you can never tackle it.


    • manofsuffolk says:

      But have you seen their stock photo – white man in smart pin-stripe suit! Do you think that is likely to be representative of the clothes worn by those arrested?


      • JoShaw says:

        Could have been worse – full frontal and a UKIP rosette.


      • Chop says:

        I know, looking at the “stock photo” (carefully chosen) anyone would think it was a bunch of bankers that have been raping kids…and that’s JUST the way the BBC likes you to think.


  13. stuart says:

    but the bbc and radio 5 love a ukip story so then can smear that party and nigel farage,i would suggest that the bbc have a whole team down there sifting through the papers looking for any story involving ukip.look what happened last night on that left wing biased stephen nolan and john pienaar question time extra time on radio 5 live,the debate was about anti semetic attacks on the jewish community but nolan and his producer just happened to have some scottish far left crackpot on called frank smearing ukip as nazis,nigel farage as oswald mosely and the murdoch press as far right,what the hell has that got to do with that debate about anti semetic attacks by the muslim community on jews apart more left wing bbc bias against ukip,not once did nolan and pienaar challenge that scottish far left idiot franks views,not once because they did not want to deal with the real issue of islamist muslims attacks on the jewish community in the uk,nolan and pienaar,you are anti ukip biased idiots.


  14. TheHighlandRebel says:

    The use of the word ‘pleb’ made headline news at al-Beeb day after day, week after week and month after month yet systematic grooming by paedophilic Muslims against thousands of vulnerable white girls seems unworthy of news.

    Paedophilia and child grooming is irrelevant except of course if it’s committed by whites like Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of quizzes, on BBC QT what pressing questions of the day were raised for discussion, as the topics are selected by the audience (a BBC spokesperson says)?


    Anything oddly not troubling this representative group of citizens? All doubtless easily explained given their sole source of what is, and more often is not… ‘News’ (c) A. Newsroom Tealady.


  16. David Brims says:

    Nick Griffin was going on about Rotherhan 10 years ago, but Liberals have so much visceral hatred of ‘dem waaycists’ that if Nick Griffin said ” The sky is blue, the grass is green, 2 + 2 = 4. ” They would deny it, just because Griffin said it.


    • Chop says:

      Not one of the media that hounded Griffin as a “waaaaaaaaysist” but now know what he said was true have apologised for smearing him….


    • +james says:

      The BBC had Nick Griffin put on trial for warning the public about the Muslim paedophiles. He was found not guilty because he was telling the truth. So the BBC put an innocent man on trial for warning the public about the Muslim paedophiles.

      I used to think they did this because of PC. But since the revelations of Savile, Hall, Harris, King and Glitter. The BBC did this because it agrees with this sh*t.


  17. #88 says:

    This is quite simply, corruption.

    What is the useless BBC Trust doing about it?


  18. +james says:

    The BBC only exists to protect Labour. Remember when the McAlpine story broke? For a week on every news bulletin it was ‘Tory child sex abuse scandal’ or ‘conservative sex abuse cover up’. Then we find out the story was made up.

    Then remember how the BBC covered for that PIE lady Harman, kept the story off the TV for a week. Then tey gave her a kid gloves interview and she still hanged herself.

    Now onto Rotherham. no mention of Labour or Labour councellors involved.

    Compare and contrast.


  19. johnnythefish says:

    Wasn’t it Rotherham where the Eastern European children were taken away from ther (very experienced) UKIP-supporting foster parents whom the council thought might not have bought into the multiculti dream?


  20. jez says:

    psml@ george galloway on question time last night.


  21. #88 says:

    Yesterday in Brum, Labour pulled one of their scare stunts, ably supported by the BBC who were in attendance.

    The story goes that (Tory) cuts were about to put our kids at risk as lollypop ladies were to be axed in Brum – this, BTW, one of a daily series of BBC Midlands Today, ‘cuts’ messages.

    So everyone decamped to Erdington, Birmingham to protest outside a school and the BBC were there to interview outraged parents, trades unions and of course the local MP, PIE gobbler and bloke who topped the all women shortlist, Labour member, Jacqueline Dromey (aka Mrs Jack Harman).

    The BBC didn’t bother to ask Dromey any questions about why the City Council had chosen to scare parents (or what was his favourite PIE?), they this though, in fairness spend a couple of seconds with visiting Tory, Eric Pickles, who was typically dismissive.

    But the thing is this; here was a protest by Labour activists, a planned stunt comprising of the BBC, Unison members, Jack Dromey and fluorescent jacketed Labour Party officials…demonstrating against a decision made by the Labour controlled Birmingham City Council, who were also protesting against their own proposal!!!!

    Bizarre. Not that the BBC in the Midlands chose to dig a little deeper and point this out.