Purple Heart to Be Awarded to Victims at Fort Hood


Purple Heart to Be Awarded to Victims at Fort Hood

“An appropriate recognition of their service and sacrifice.”

Until Friday, officials referred to the shooting at the base as “workplace violence,” not terrorism.

“In essence, what we have now is a recognition from the Pentagon of what the whole world knew right away, that this was an act of terror,” said Neal Sher, a lawyer for dozens of the victims. “I consider this event to be a major victory. I think it finally puts to rest the insulting and disingenuous insinuation that this was an incident of workplace violence.”


The victims of an Islamically inspired terror attack are finally recognised as casualties of the war of terror being waged against the West.

All it needs now is for the BBC to admit there is a war going on and not some ‘senseless tragedy’….


Mark Mardell famously denied that Major Nidal Hassan murdered 13 fellow soldiers in the name of Islam,  that the murders were rather a  ‘senseless tragedy’…

‘The alleged murderer was clearly a Muslim, but there is very little to suggest that he adhered to a hard-line interpretation of his religion or that he had political or religious motives.

Still, searching for patterns and for answers is part of what it is to be human. I loathe cliche, but perhaps, for once, this is a “senseless tragedy”, devoid of deeper meaning.’


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7 Responses to Purple Heart to Be Awarded to Victims at Fort Hood

  1. deegee says:

    I wonder whether should Obama sprain his wrist on the golf course will he now feel entitiled to a Purple Heart to go with his Nobel? 😉


  2. RCE says:

    It’s not senseless for the jihadis.


    • noggin says:

      Ah! but but but … what about the “Crusades” eh!
      the latest history rewrite and the question at hand equivalence … from Muslim Brotherhood in Chief – Buraq Hussein


  3. Sickofitall says:

    Exactly, RCE. It’s very clear-cut for the jihadis.

    Only with the BBC and its lefty chums is there any ‘confusion’, although they do know what it’s all about; truth is, they just don’t want to say it.


  4. Ian Rushlow says:

    When Nidal Hassan massacred his “workmates” he shouted “Allahu Akbar”, as is the tradition with jihadi terrorists. The BBC reported this as “he made a benediction”. Utterly disgraceful, even by the standards of the BBC.


  5. stuart says:

    you would be forgiven for thinking that the fort hood massacre was carried out by some vietnam war veteran down on his luck.not one mention of the word terrorist,muslim or islam to describe this killer,it is as if barack husseins obamas marxist govement are protecting his identity hoping that nobody will notice that he is from a muslim background and done all his killing in the name of islam ,after all he did shout allah hu akbar when he went on his jihad killing spree of the infidel and the kaffir,strange times in amerca under barack hussein obama.