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  1. Oldbob says:

    10oclock news last night Fiona Bruce puts on the state funeral voice and announces “that the BBC have learned that Mohammad the head chopping Muslim savage had anger management when he was a lad” cue cuddly photos of the cherub faced scumbag in his school uniform. Enter stage left someone who knew him as a lad to scratch his head and announce that he cannot fathom what it could be that drove him to be radicalised.

    Hello Fiona are you there ? Is that the elephant in the room siren going off that I can hear ?………..five letter word…. starts with K


    • Mark says:

      No doubt Islamopedants would insist that the elephant’s name begins with a Q and has an apostrophe in it.


    • Barlicker says:

      Everyone I know, and everyone they know, thinks that this Kuwaiti (nothing whatever to do with Britain) “beautiful boy” is the worst kind of islamofascist human excrement you could imagine and should be CAGE’d up for a long time and then skinned alive with a very blunt knife. So who exactly do the BBC think they are influencing?
      And re the survey into muslims’ reactionary views about cartoons of their so-called prophet, can someone just once give the rest of us a chance to voice our opinion of them?


  2. AsISeeIt says:

    Casting aspersions – but sometimes not so much

    “..Russian dissident shot outside the Kremlin…”

    Be fair mainstream media – it’s not so long ago they used to shot their dissidents INSIDE the Kremlin.

    The BBC leaves us in little doubt who they want us to blame for this death.

    ‘Due to lead an anti-Putin demonstration’

    Meanwhile just weeks ago the BBC’s Frank Gardner was most reluctant to lay blame for the Paris terrorist shootings anywhere in particular – despite the media being well aware of the shooters having shouted something about Ali Bongo’s new snackbar.

    Contrast also with the killing of an Argentinian dissident journo. Correct me if I am wrong but that presidentially convenient death failed to make the BBC broadcast news.

    Could it be that the BBC’s EU remit doesn’t extend to blackening the reputation of the Argentine leader?

    Or is that just me casting aspersions?


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Contrast also with the killing of an Argentinian dissident journo. Correct me if I am wrong but that presidentially convenient death failed to make the BBC broadcast news.”

      Maybe Gavin Esler could convene his Dateline London regulars again to conclude it was all due to sabre-rattling by… well, given that lot, three guesses?


  3. George R says:

    While Islam Not BBC (INBBC) politically indulges ‘CAGE’-

    “Fury over charities that fund ISIS killer Jihadi John apologists:
    Calls for end to grants for ‘warped’ human rights group.”

    “Campaign group Cage described Jihadi John as ‘beautiful’ person.
    Lord Carlile, a former reviewer of anti-terror legislation said there are ‘serious concerns’ surrounding the group.
    “Added that he would never advise donating money to organisation.
    “Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust has given £305,000 to Cage.”



    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2972757/Fury-charities-fund-ISIS-Jihadi-John-apologists.html#ixzz3T2QMDLdc


  4. noggin says:

    BBC News
    “A former teacher of the man named as extremist “Jihadi John” says he received anger management therapy at secondary school”

    Says a lot more about his erm “strict muslim childhood” his “strict muslim parents” than anything else … anyway the BBC goes into overdrive.
    What? … The erm … “lovely, lovely boy” who had a “real willingness to try and succeed” the “beautiful young man”, “who started in year seven and how he blossomed” … “left at the end of sixth form was a huge achievement ” etc etc etc

    Mark this obfuscation of reality, with the BBC take
    on a march today about justified concerns with just the type of character, the BBC have been fawning over, and the surge in those like him, and the ideology Islam, that he follows.
    BBC highlights ‘Is that hate?’ and
    “The group denies it is racist, but”
    Then BBC goes on … “Leader of the counter-protest organisers, Newcastle Unites,
    Dipu Ahad said: “They are targeting the likes of the Muslim community who are already demonised …? … in society.
    “There’s a fine line between freedom of speech and expression of hate.”…? …
    whose talking about hate?, who is even mentioning it?
    … of course apart from the BBC
    example 12mins in

    “How did a “polite west London pupil become bloodthirsty Jihadi John”?
    He “became more observant of his religion and began wearing more traditional Islamic dress.”
    But since that cannot be admitted, British authorities will look high and low for some other explanation”
    R Spencer


    • noggin says:

      For those who question the “Ministry of Truth”
      ie the liars traitors and quislings from No10, like Camoron Vague and Warsi … and fawning media like BBC and Ch4

      Ezra Levant.


  5. Invicta 1066 says:

    Re Newcastle march against Mosque; have listened to BBC apologists bringing out the ”We are a happy harmonious community’ rent a mouths.
    Last year an EDL protest about the conversion of a building into a Mosque for the Pakistani community in Sunderland was similarly treated. One white local was brought on saying the usual ‘we all get along together, these protesters have no idea what they are protesting about and should stay away’
    The reason for the new mosque for the fairly recently arrived, and expanding Pakistani community, was that they had been using the established Bangladeshi Mosque, but the two communities did not get along, they felt alienated and wanted one of their own!
    This is a pattern across this country and the known world, not surprising given the hostility and wars between the two ‘home ‘countries.
    Not the BBC but the DT earlier this week on the subject of the Newcastle march. The reporter, who could get a job with the BBC based on the article, found a Newcastle club football supporter. He was dismissive of the march, he was loyal to his local football club and the area, he would be off to watch the Magpies.
    This is the club that has eight Frenchmen playing for it and on Match of the Day last year I heard the comment, that ‘this was the first goal scored by a British player in nearly a year’!


    • Mark says:

      The creation of Pakistan as a single state was a giant blunder, as the Punjabis of West Pakistan and the Bengalis of East Pakistan were totally different in philosophy and customs, despite sharing their Sunni Muslim faith.
      Hence the separation of Bangladesh (former East Pakistan) from (West) Pakistan.


    • chrisH says:

      Oh the BBC aren`t happy with this Pegida lot are they?
      Don`t the EU and the BBC normally WELCOME these active citizens that cross borders to share common dreams, purposes all across the continent?
      Solidarity non?
      Yet when a rare chance comes to engage the youth of the Geordie nation-so white, so chavvy, so vulnerable to clever Krauts-with a tried and trusted community activist group from our old foe Germany?..in a spiwit of unity, of celebrating difference, maybe catch up over the Dresden unpleasantness of 60 years ago?…the liberals howl!
      I say _”Welcome our new European friends”…more immigration for their like, more outlets for their common wish to unite the continent in progressive harmony.
      So f***Islam…wilkommen Pegida!
      The EU and the BBC seem only to share a wish to keep their loveclub stuck way up in Berleymont…a nice pad down Grey Street surely lets some sunlight in upon the magic!
      And in this spirit=let`s hope the BBC get Newcastle to discard that tribal black and white kit of theirs-I suggest Islamic Green with rainbow headbands and some burqa black lace around the legs of the shorts with matching sleeves.
      Mike Ashley-this is your time!


  6. Aerfen says:

    Any Questions just had on a load of ignorant hooting baying Globalists at Bristol University who even started slow handclapping the UKIP panel member, who did very well in fact.

    Of course nobody challenged foreign power grabber New Zealnad immigrant Natalie Bennett on the environmental consequences of buildign 500, 000 houses a year and No Borders immigration policies. Whats she doing here? Why doesn’t she go back home and spread her poison in her own coun try?


    • Aerfen says:

      And whatever happened to the BBCs interview process thats supposed to ensure a ‘balanced’ audience? How did all these Globalists Nazis get their tickets?
      I dont think there was a single Kipper in the audience!


      • Steve Jones says:


        The BBC audience selection protest is working exactly as the BBC intended. AQ (there’s a coincidence!) plumbed new depths on Friday.


  7. Truthdoctor says:

    I’m not an expert on Pegida, but given that many people are increasingly alarmed about the rise of Islamic facism, and given that Pegida opposes Islam’s “misogynic and violent political ideology, but does not oppose assimilated and politically moderate Muslims” – what’s the fuss about?

    If you read Pegida’s 19 “position statements” (see wikipedia) it all seems pretty reasonable. They say they oppose any hate speech regardless of religion.

    The mainstream media however seems to be mobilising to paint Pegida as an “extremist right wing organisation” because it dares to criticise multiculturalism and Islamic intolerance.

    That’s very sinister. Seems those prepared to demonstrate against Islamic facism, or use their freedom of speech to express such views’ ill be subject to torrents of hate from the BBC and left.


    • Guest Who says:

      Is there such a thing as a rhetorical ponder?

      Because I have been wondering why it is written into lore, if not law, and certainly as an item of faith with the BBC, that if a person feels ‘something’ to have and ‘ism attached, it matters not if that defies logic or credulity, it is. And often a taxi will be dispatched to get them into the studios asap to wail, rend clothes, knash teeth, etc at the injustice of it all.


      If someone has a very specific phobia, which most may argue is not altogether unreasonable given the facts surrounding what inspires it, suddenly establishment heaven and earth is moved to not only deny them the right to express it, but even have it at all.

      And as a cheery cherry on top, they have given it a name that actually contradicts itself, though they may argue on one of their ‘tell it often enough’ semantic bases.


  8. Truthdoctor says:

    Just had a quick look at BBC news online coverage of the Pegida march. Predictably one sided and favours the counter demo.

    They interview someone called Dipu Ahad who’s described as “leader of Newcastle Unites”. A quick Google reveals he’s a left wing Labour councillor who travelled to Israel last year to support Palestinian Islamists and was arrested for his pains.

    The BBC makes it appear he’s just some ordinary Geordie; a voice of the people. Why do they constantly conceal things?


    • “Pegida says it is not far-right but has gained support from a number of far-right groups” says the BBC report. But it does not say who.


      • Mark says:

        The repulsive George Galloway was in the lefist demo against ‘Nazi’ Pegida. Yes, the same George Galloway who declared Bradford an ‘Israel-free-zone’.

        Just who is the Nazi here ?
        The pot calling the kettle visibly ethnic.


  9. AsISeeIt says:

    In the BBC mind what constitutes a ‘massive crowd’ ?

    According to John Inverdale presenting 6 Nations Rugby for the BBC and at half time making sure we take our allotted dose of the wimmins game – like it or not – there was a ‘massive crowd’ at the recent France v Wales game.

    Intrigued, I’ve tried to put a number to this BBC adjective – for future reference, you see.


    Not all attendance figures are reported – and they seem rather rounded. Anyway the crowd numbers, such as they are, fall in the 1000 to 5000 range.



  10. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Not on The One O’Clock News

    Oh no! Beeb golden boy Mohammed Farah is in a spot of bother…. but, remarkably, I haven’t seen it on the telly?

    Mo Farah could face IAAF wrath after being pictured training with banned doper Hamza Driouch


    • Invicta 1066 says:

      Any mention of Mo’s brother? The one who is in prison for 17 different criminal offences?
      Mo is a great example of what a gifted immigrant can achieve, however within the Somali community he is the great exception. I wonder if he visited his brother when he was here briefly?
      The other athlete appears to be another ‘plastic’ passport holder allowed to compete for a foreign country just for it to get some recognition on a world stage.
      Frankly I am tired of it, watched the rugby yesterday, the ”Italian’??? team! Loved the Aussie accents and names.
      Whether its athletics, rugby, cricket or any other sport, the national team players should come from the home country, not imported and often having played for their country of birth before changing nationality.
      At the last Olympics our female triple jumper was on her third different country. It just displaces our own talent.
      Mustn’t mention the subject, probably be called racist.


    • Dave666 says:

      I’ve stopped buying quorn since he’s been advertising it.


      • Mark says:

        I’m sure the soya bean plant had been given a halal blessing when it was harvested to go to the Quorn factory !


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Surely you mean “John Farah”, the fully naturalized US – sorry, I meant UK – athlete who won the 5,000m and 10,000m at the last Olympics? “Jogging Johnny”, as he may be known in some quarters, used to be called Mohammed or just Mo, but should be referred to as “Johnny”, because the Right-wing climate of extreme xenophobia and Islamophobia in the UK has, unfortunately, lead to quite unjustifiable prejudices attaching to the name Mohammed.


  11. Guest Who says:

    The BBC is rather proud of ‘resolving’ failures in its service delivery not by addressing them, but with semantics. CECUTT being a whole new level of weaselness in this regard.

    Hence it’s rather nice when they get caught flat out pants down:


    Especially, when ‘Maybe it’s is not a semantic observation, but Richard [My views, not theirs Leeming]’s comment is just plain wrong’.

    Or quite grasping reality:

    Richard Leeming
    On subscribing to the BBC: “people would end up paying more and getting less.” http://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/feb/26/bbc-strategy-chief-subscriptions-licence-fee

    Some ‘people’ of course may be fine not subscribing to the BBC at all, and be £145.50pa better off.



    • Guest Who says:

      Of course, given TVL’s reputation, one can see whythe cheery Mr. Leeming may want to put a bit of distance between what he does and how it gets uniquely funded.

      Sadly, the disinformation that exists is pervasive.

      Bumped into our Sky installer today, and asked him if he could connect things from the ‘main’ TV fed by the online catch-up box the same way we had it round the house when we were ‘live’ off dish.

      He asked why and I told him we were off grid now. Amazingly, a pro installer was not aware that this was legal so long as we did not watch as broadcast (currently). I pointed him at a few places to check the true situation.

      On a happier note, in the course of the conversation we agreed I could simply hook up a lappy to the sets where I wanted to view, and watch what I wanted, when I wanted anyway.

      The loss of BBC rolling News or sports live for our home not a problem.

      I do note Mr. Leeming’s boss appears to feel Wolf Hall may plug the ‘vital’ gap that BBC PR served more to widen the last time it tried to justify their existence.


  12. DB says:

    Re Pegida rally in Newcastle. BBC’s Hannah Bayman has been tweeting about this today.

    Old school Biased BBCers may remember the name. She’s a good ol’ hardcore leftwing activist.


    • John Anderson says:


      As you say, she was a nutter way back when – and her journalism then was dishonest in not making clear that she was really writing propaganda for her favoured causes.

      She was a bit of a kid then. Still hasn’t grown up, it seems. But a nice cushy time still at the BBC – at our expense.


  13. Aerfen says:

    Program on Natalie Bennett about to start on Radio 4. Expect plenty of bias!!!


    • lock13 says:

      The Green Party could not run a whelk stall


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        Well, the no-doubt-sustainable whelks would likely be overpriced but BBC types (thanks to the poll tax that finances it) could easily afford that and, at least, we could rest assured that there would have been no ‘cruelty’ in gathering them.


  14. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Rod Liddle, a former editor in the BBC, …. thinks the BBC is “cringingly political correct”; “hates the working class”; “has too many useless middle managers”; “spends money chasing ratings”; “spends money like there is no tomorrow”; puts adverts for its own programmes on constantly; pays its stars too much and ignores things it does well, like local radio and children’s TV.



  15. Jeff says:

    I heard Natalie Bennett on Any Questions this afternoon. It was a home game for Nat’s so no one asked any uncomfortable questions and the audience were exactly as you’d expect; middle class, pseudointellectual lefties who have never done a day’s graft in their adolescent lives. They loved her! For God’s sake this twerp isn’t in any sense an inspiring orator but every comfy cliché she muttered was met with loud applause, hooting and foot stomping. It made me think of nothing other than the Nuremberg Rally. And these greenie lefties are so unbelievably intolerant. When the UKIP chap attempted to speak you heard discontented grumblings from the “enlightened” audience and towards the end slow handclapping. Do they not realise how most British people despise such uncouth and boorish behaviour?
    The housing shortage seems to be a perennial mystery for the left. They just can’t begin to admit that endless mass immigration has anything to do with it. And to suggest such a thing is clearly racist and in lefty terms that’s a greater sin than beheading foreign aid workers.
    They waffle inanely about ripping up most of our countryside to accommodate yet more of our eastern European friends, but never address the real issue. If our population increases by 300,000 every year it’s likely to mean we’re going to have a housing crisis. And it will continue ad infinitum. We don’t have enough bricks to build the endless supply of houses we would need let alone brickies, hod carriers and carpenters! Oh, of course, I know we’ll import some from Lithuania.
    Silly of me…


    • lock13 says:

      You hit the nail on the head we are surrounded by thickos they really do think fairy dust provides them with energy and somewhere save to live. This whole pack of cards is teetering and the establishment know it . The planet is moving into a cooling phase nobody is buying the multi cult bullshit in England anymore – the times are going to be very interesting glad I’m getting old


    • Aerfen says:

      They think brown field sites can provide space for 500,000 new homes a year probably. Theyre blinkered enough.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Thanks for the link.
      Here’s an extract:

      -The bombs and bullets, like the Sharia patrols and the No-Go Zones, are statements by Muslims that they will not be integrated into Europe. Europe must integrate with them –

      Disturbingly true.



  16. The Lord says:

    Apropos of nothing, could anyone explain something to me, please.
    Every time they mentioned Farage and Thanet on R4 yesterday they added that ‘it was his last chance’. Does anybody have a clue as to which ‘last chance’ they were alluding?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Its the last chance to win a seat before the next By-Election, unless the establishment are planning to abolish democracy, due to its unpopularity with foreigners, such as Immigrants and the EU.


  17. noggin says:

    The more you view rebel media … 😀
    somewhat different from “orrible” Harribin and co
    What … Global Warming?
    Record Breaking Cold Frustrates Fear Mongers


  18. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    The press think it remarkable that UKIP can poll 15%. Many here think it remarkable that they only poll 15%, given the incredible numbers of immigrants flooding in. We ask ourselves, ‘When are they going to see the size of the problem?’

    There is an article in the Torygraph today that looks like a shock response to yesterday’s figures. The writer is not a political journalist; she seems to do mostly celebrity pieces. And she is clearly at pains to say that she is not an Kipper. Nevertheless, her words are closer to an expression of the panic typically felt by a UKIP voter rather than the usual slick journo-ese.

    Politicians need to find an answer to the immigration crisis before we run out of school places and the NHS collapses

    … a great many of us are starting to feel crowded out.

    Labour has ‘fessed up to political correctness gone mad, …
    The Tories have proved unequal to the task of shutting that door…

    Immigration has gone mad – our borders are like a sponge

    Is this article a sign that the comatose nation is awakening?


    • Invicta 1066 says:

      Typical of the DT no readers comments allowed on the article, comments are becoming a rare luxury on so many articles that might offend the Barclay Brothers or the establishment.
      According to Private Eye, lot of job losses and cuts at DT


      • Conan the Contrarian says:

        I notice that ‘guest’ votes are not allowed on Guido Fawkes or on Breitbart-you have to register to up- or down-tick a comment.
        This is a bad move and will give a distorted picture of true public opinion as most people cannot be bothered to register/sign in just to indicate agreement or otherwise with a comment.
        This is how the MSM distorts the picture.I can believe it of Guido Fawkes which has become a T ory mouthpiece , but I am surprised at Breitbart News ,as it seemed like a beacon of hope for an ‘alternative’ or rightist view of the news.


        • GCooper says:

          The Telegraph, ditto.

          I suspect this is more likely to be an attempt to stop the mass fiddling of the voting system by well organised loonies than anything like a media conspiracy.


          • JoShaw says:

            I think you’re right.

            I recall one comment about a month ago which collected recommendations into three figures – all of them “guest” votes

            Not typical of the rest and very unlikely.


  19. Dave666 says:

    From the Telegraph ”
    Mel Giedroyc never thought that The Great British Bake Off would be a hit – a bunch of fake flowers in her kitchen is testament to the fact.
    “I nicked them from the Bake Off set, series one. They’re really good ones, they’re worth £600,” says Giedroyc
    Oh that’s OK then.


    • Guest Who says:

      Go nicely with the iPads they leave lying around as goingvsway gifts for visitors.


    • Conan the Contrarian says:

      Yes, I read that today. Oxford graduate with the brain of a doughnut-supports the G reen Party and reduces everything to the level of a knowing joke.
      She conflates the story of her father ,a c atholic Polish emigrant into the UK (who is obviously proud of his adoptive country) with the problem of many thousands of third-worlders who have completely antipathetic beliefs and values to the host country ,and ,in many cases, would lend (tacit) support to our enemies.

      These MSM/liberalelite people are only in it for themselves ,they don’t care about our country or its people . I know some media people and they are very compliant in that they follow the pc route :they perceive to do otherwise would be professional suicide (no work and ostracism by the hive).


    • outsider says:

      easy come, easy go.


  20. Dave666 says:

    Possibly not the message the BBc is trying to put over whilst it continues it’s ongoing anti Russian agenda.


  21. Philip says:

    In The Times today (Saturday) disturbing report on the ‘golden years’ of Tony Blair’s New Labour financial inefficiencies amounted to (in 2005) already in debt by £230 Billion pounds. A detailed account of all the losses to the taxpayer are highlighted in this new book (author Mr Hamilton – retired ex businessman painstakingly analysed all the New Labour years receipts) should make interesting reading. Link partly hidden by the annoying ‘Times’ paywall (but should feature on Monday’s ‘Daily Mail’ with luck.

    Add in the now famous ‘Gordon Browns ‘raid on UK Pensions’ which gave even more money for Labours ‘state-benefits’ when the country was all but broke between the last two recessions. That cost another £230 Bn pounds (if you had any pension left).

    The book lists Labour complete financial incompetence includes widespread tax evasion, fraud and total lack of accountability by Blair’s Ministerial team. (Gordon Brown and Balls both working at ‘The Treasury’ at the time). The true cost will be far higher when you factor in BBC involvement in this socialist wet dream of the media age being run entirely by the (then) BBC ‘soundbite’ team. I think they are hoping for a ‘repeat’ with Milliband. In which case the country will never ever recover. Like Greece but worse.


    • Wild says:

      The chances of the BBC providing an accurate analysis of the Labour years are the same as the BBC providing an accurate analysis of what is happening in the UK now. BBC News & Current Affairs is 5% facts and 95% pro-Left spin.


  22. Teddy Bear says:

    The BBC appears not even to be bothering anymore to try and appear like they’re following their charter, knowing the government will do nothing about it. In what sounds like a completely puerile propaganda piece from the BBC to convince the public of the chaos that would follow if the EU collapsed.

    In respose to the BBC justification: A BBC spokesman said: ‘BBC editorial guidelines do not prevent the commissioning of programmes which approach subjects from a particular perspective.’ Peter Hitchens rightly states, ‘The trouble is, you cannot imagine the Corporation giving anyone the chance to make a film about how miserable it will be if Britain stays in, and how good it will be if we leave’.

    BBC’s apocalyptic drama about the tragedy of an EU break-up is condemned as ‘scaremongering propaganda’
    *Apocalyptic vision of Europe descending into social chaos aired tonight
    *BBC4 programme condemned by Eurosceptics as ‘pro-EU propaganda’
    *BBC say The Great European Disaster Movie is ‘authored documentary’
    *It shows terrorists advancing to Vienna, Nigel Farage as Prime Minister


    • The Lord says:

      Nice to see the money the Beeb get from the EU slush fund is paying dividends. Must be the only ‘efficient’ department they have. (unfortunately)


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Proof that the Pro-EU establishment must have an emergency plan to abolish democracy, due to its unpopularity with careerist politicians and bureaucrats on the EU gravy train. Napoleon and Hitler did cause social chaos as people fought for freedom from a united Europe, but we are millions who will join Switzerland and Norway in the sunlit uplands of a peace loving Nationalist future, in the case of Switzerland, a Nationalism that has brought a thousand years of peace, free from invasion by Internationalists and warmongering anti-democratic-socialists trying to Unite Europe. While the Pro-EU traitors in Brussels are a taxpayer funded minority of left-wing scum bags. The only people on the Brussels gravy train who are brave enough to endure personal financial loss are UKIP MEP’s.

      So vote UKIP.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        By the way, I am in Mensa.


        • D1004 says:

          We won’t hold it against you 🙂 when I was a PO driver a long time ago we had to collect from its headquarters which for some curious reason is in the centre of Wolves rather than some London suburb, and the place always seemed to be totally disorganised, they were never ready at their appointed time, always begging more time. I would dearly like to know what’s it like at the back doors of britains finest organisation, are they slick and together or are they a right pain, someone out there must know!


          • Richard Pinder says:

            That was the Richard Pinder doppelganger troll.

            But as I remember it, it must have been ten or more years ago. The man that ran the Wolverhampton HQ was an employee and non-member, who turned out to be a criminal or caused a financial mess, and who could not cope with expansion after more quiet times. The membership took a more professional approach after the Sinclair C5 years.


  23. Teddy Bear says:

    I don’t know what I find more ridiculous, what the BBC are able to get away with, or a public that behave like Lemmings, and raise no outcry at its continued unabated abuse. No doubt our MPs will tut tut for a while.

    Revealed: Tax scandal-hit HSBC is paying an astonishing £513,000 in fees to BBC Trust chairman
    *Rona Fairhead paid ‘£10,000 a day’ by bank accused of helping tax avoiders
    *Chairman of the BBC Trust was paid more than £500,000 by HSBC last year
    *Dwarfs the £110,000 she is paid to oversee BBC on licence fee payers’ behalf
    *MPs have called for her to quit one of her posts due to ‘conflicting interests’



  24. Guest Who says:


    Being the BBC is a broadcaster, and this is in the Graun and unmissable over the cornflakes, given the tricky message to be conveyed it will be interesting how the BBC handles the story.

    Certainly a party seeking less time for its leader on air seems ‘news’.

    But if inconvenient they can always Whitehall march it.


    • Demon says:

      I do think nearer the time the Oz idiot will be inflicted with a mystery illness and the Mad Pixie will take her place in all the debates. She talks unadulterated crap as well, but she speaks it so fast she has gone beyond all the points of rubbish before anyone else has chance to respond to them.


      • Guest Who says:

        It could yet all go a bit Kremlin May Day balcony, true.

        I remain interested in the role of the supposed professionally impartial national broadcaster, who appears to feel even ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ audiences need a bit of political indoctrination.

        The Green ladies are of course symbolic heroines, but practical matters may intrude if they drain votes from the BBC’s saviours, so I see them being indulged a bit, but ultimately thrown under a pink bus.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      … it will be interesting how the BBC handles the story.

      Isn’t that covered under the standard template? The bit about which stories to cover will always be a matter of judgement and we try blah, blah, blah?

      I would guess there is a corporation-wide understanding that the story should be avoided, so as to best ‘promote the values of the organisation’. Nevertheless, expect to see Brillo have a dig at it. He’ll never be able to resist.


    • Steve Jones says:

      Here is an interesting snippet from the Grauniad article:
      ‘Party sources insisted the requests to the broadcasters should not be seen as a slight against Bennett, a former journalist who once worked for the Guardian.’
      What a surprise.


  25. Thoughtful says:

    OK it’s not about the BBC although I’m sure they will run one of the stories, but how on earth the two partisan newspapers can run such opposite stories is thought provoking.

    Guardian: Ed Miliband on course for absolute majority, according to poll

    Telegraph: Tories plan housing revolution as they gain poll lead

    Both these stories are from today, and are the result of editors cherry picking which poll they think their audience will prefer, although neither of them reflect the truth.

    The fact is that Labour and the Tories are the same. They are part of the LibLabCon party and as a result of being the same party, they are not unsurprisingly neck and neck.


  26. noggin says:

    BBC News
    “A former teacher of the man named as extremist “Jihadi John” says he received anger management therapy at secondary school”
    Says a lot more about his erm “strict muslim childhood” his “strict Muslim parents” than anything else …
    anyway … the BBC goes into overdrive.
    What? … This erm … “lovely, lovely boy” who had a “real willingness to try and succeed” the “beautiful young man”, “who started in year seven and how he blossomed” … “left at the end of sixth form was a huge achievement ” etc etc etc

    Mark this obfuscation of reality with the latest shameful Al BBC Islamophilia

    Emwazi ‘felt like dead man walking’
    “Jihadi John” had suicidal thoughts after feeling harassed by MI5, according to email exchanges with a journalist. ”


    What is he now? hmm?
    … militant? … erm extremist? … rebel even?
    disenfranchised? … oppressed?
    … cos you know poverty causes terrorism right?
    bullied? by the MI5, at school, erm “led astray”
    has he been … “groomed ” at all.

    Don t know has much of this bullsh-t we can bear.
    The guys a mass murderer … for Allah … mandated in the Quran
    that’s it … that’s why more Muslims are rushing to ISIS than join the army to fight them.
    A Breivik heard that name, on the BBC again yesterday
    don t recall them being so conciliatory, so excusery towards him.


  27. Truthdoctor says:

    Interesting comparison;

    While the Sunday Telegraph front page tells us Jihadi John’s friend can’t be deported because he hides behind the Human Rights Act…

    “Oslo Local News” reports violent crime has decreased by 31 per cent after a record number of immigrants were deported by Norwegian authorities last year.

    Norway has a policy of deporting immigrants with known ties to extremist groups. The National Police Immigration Service of Norway, Politiets Utlendingsenhet (PU), deported a record 824 people in October.


    Didn’t see that on BBC


  28. Dave666 says:

    Hooray! It’s back at number 1 story slot. The 3 girls who went to join the cult. Someone’s found some CCTV of them. From the BBc website “New CCTV pictures appear to show three UK schoolgirls on the Turkish leg of what is believed to have been their journey to join Islamic State in Syria.” I believe I still couldn’t give a toss. I though it was all over..it isn’t yet!


  29. IsItMe? says:

    More news about the 3 jihadi “schoolgirls” on BBC news this morning.

    The newscaster read in a shocked tone that images of the girls had been found on Turkish CCTV cameras and – surprise, surprise – they appeared to be quite happy and there was no sign of anyone coercing them. It was almost like they willingly chose to go off and join a band of genocidal terrorists.

    (Of course, the only people to be at all surprised by any of this are BBC journalists and the more slow-witted amongst us who have yet to wake up to reality. )


    • Guest Who says:

      All over BBC News and BBC World News on Facebook.

      Comments… not going well.

      This little attempt at telling it too often seems to be backfiring as much on the PR facilitators as our lovely gap-head travelers and their community in fear.


    • George R says:

      Will the three Muslim ‘victims’ advise Islamofascist Islamic State on which of their ‘kafir’ enemy they want targeted first?


    • GCooper says:

      “BBC journalists and the more slow-witted amongst us ”

      The same thing, surely?


  30. George R says:

    “BBC’s apocalyptic drama about the tragedy of an EU break-up is condemned as ‘scaremongering propaganda.’
    “Apocalyptic vision of Europe descending into social chaos aired tonight.
    “BBC4 programme condemned by Eurosceptics as ‘pro-EU propaganda.’
    “BBC say The Great European Disaster Movie is ‘authored documentary.’
    “It shows terrorists advancing to Vienna, Nigel Farage as Prime Minister.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2973924/BBC-s-apocalyptic-drama-tragedy-EU-break-condemned-scaremongering-propaganda.html#ixzz3T7qUSBtN


  31. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘More news about the 3 jihadi “schoolgirls” on BBC news this morning….. found on Turkish CCTV cameras’

    Yawn. Now if they were caught on camera coming out of the airport duty free…. that would be news.


  32. AsISeeIt says:

    These 3 (not)British school girls have got it made BBC career-wise. If they play their cards right and make it back here more or less intact.

    Got to get their own show – working title: The Great British Heads Off


    • Mr Glodstone says:

      I have posted about this before, but I think it truly is outrageous the amount of coverage the BBC (and ITN) have given to these three; they who chose, of their own volition, to journey to and join a terrorist state which has murdered British citizens; and the lack of any coverage of the disappearance of a teenage girl from Bristol. This story was all but ignored for the first six days she was missing, and the little coverage it eventually did get was perfunctory at best; but she’s white and British – so who cares at the BBC about what’s happened to her? When there are three “misguided” young Muslimas for them to try to track down and return “home”?


      • John says:

        6pm news another 10 minutes on three girls, why did we not stop them. Report says they entered Syria on 19th which I think is the day they were reported missing. Let’s have an investigation into who planned this journey for them


  33. George R says:

    For Beeboids to applaud?:

    ” UK set to spend MORE on foreign aid than on Armed Forces.

    “Britain’s spending on foreign aid will exceed the defence budget within the next 15 years, according to a new analysis.”



  34. George R says:

    A politically incorrect question for INBBC-

    “Why Do Gays, Feminists, Actors, Comedians And Whiny Atheists Give Islam A Pass?”



  35. Ember2014 says:

    Didn’t the BBC spearhead the original attack on the dodgy dossiers of the Iraq war by criticising the government using single sources for intelligence?

    Why then is it that at the end of a new article, on their news pages, they have the timeline of Emwazi and just one source? And who is that source?

    Source: Cage, London-based campaign group

    Single sources are fun!
    *slow hand claps BBC*


  36. AsISeeIt says:

    S’truth ya pommy bludgers it’s the Green Pardie’

    Or as BBC tries to rehabilitate her on all formats – this time on the Sunday Politics Where You Are – that wonderfully fragrant Antipodian Natalie Bennett…

    But, about those duff spending plans of yours –

    NB : “In fact, they are similar to Labour’s….”

    Oh dear, oh dear.


  37. joeb says:

    I am just watching the rugby on BBC1, and the commentator came out with “outstanding work by the left-wing”.

    Even commenting on some sport, they cannot help but display their bias.



    • Llareggub says:

      Yes, it makes me feel like that. And the player on the right wing was giving racist looks to persons of colour in the opposing side.


  38. Ian Rushlow says:

    Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the head of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales, said he was “dismayed” immigration was such a big issue in the forthcoming election whilst speaking on Andrew Marr’s programme (see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-31681187). The cleric, who seems more concerned with the Third World than the Next World, says that ‘London would “grind to a halt” without immigrant workers,’ a wonderfully London-centric view of the country strictly in accordance with BBC guidelines. Given that London is the modern version of Sodom and Gommorah, it sounds like the best argument yet for an immediate end to immigration. Perhaps that did not occur to the cardinal, or is he a secret UKipper?


    • JoShaw says:

      “Given that London is the modern version of Sodom and Gommorah”

      Don’t be silly. That’s the sort of excess the BBC is guilty of. Even Rotherham, with a population of only 1/4 m but 1400 grooming cases, isn’t that bad.


    • Nibor says:

      What does he want to be the big issue in the elections ?


    • dave s says:

      This call by the Archbishop. is an attempt to placate his liberal masters. What about the other major matters where the Catholic Church is at real odds with out liberal masters. Abortion, mercy killing, adoption by same sex, gay marriage and so on.
      Much too difficult for a modern prelate to handle.
      I despair of these churchmen both Catholic and C of E.
      An irrelevant bunch of crowd pleasers.


  39. Llareggub says:

    BBC whipping up sympathy for poor wee Jihadi John, who felt like a dead man walking after M15 interviewed him. If he makes it back to this country he will get a hero’s welcome from the BBC, will be defended by the most skillful legal team available, Theresa May will ensure that he is not sent to face trial in the US, finding every legal loophole to keep him here on generous benefits. Members of his family will be Dugganised and offered places in the House of Lords, and soon he will be appearing alongside other victims of oppression such as the muslims, Jews, gays, Durham miners, pro-Palestinians and those who blamed the US for 9/11, who all spoke so passionately about the evils of this country at yesterday’s Islamotrotfest in Newcastle.

    Does the BBC and media know something that we don’t know? Is the bugger coming home?


    • D1004 says:

      Durham miners ? Did the extinct parade the streets of Newcastle ? There are no coal mines in Durham any more. Jihadi Mohammed back here ? Ha, if he turned up in Turkey trying to get off the sinking ship and boarded an aircraft using his British passport he would obviously be arrested at this end. Now being a suspect in the murder of Americans I would imagine they would want to get hold of him at some point. You think May could keep him ? I would imagine US pressure like you’ve never seen before to get hold of him, and there is a lot of screws that they could turn if she came over all coy. No Jihadi Mo would be toast if he returned here, if it went tits up for IS I would imagine a trip to Afgan or the Yemen or some other hell hole than back here with the prospect of life in a US Max prison in solitary. He ain’t coming back.


      • Llareggub says:

        Oh yes. Durham miners were in Newcastle without connection to their mines. Their leader spoke of his trip to paradise in Cuba and called for socialism. Next to him on the platform was another speaker with true geordie instincts, denouncing Pegida who apparently object to muslim prayer mats. Miners for prayer mats eh.


        • D1004 says:

          Very curious, a union with no workers working underground, a few working on surface cutting I expect. Looking on their web site I see a memorial to two miners killed on picket lines, no mention of the taxi driver murdered by miners dropping a 20kg rock on his cab carrying working miners in nov 84. Do these fools seriously think the Left, the Bbc, the Greens would allow them to rebuild a coal mining industry these days ? Miners for Muslims eh? Well that daft film last year about the strike had gays and lesbo’s for miners so why not ? ( all total bullshit, I knew a couple of miners when I grew up in Cardiff, a very reactionary bunch in all matters to do with women, sex and society in reality).


  40. Ember2014 says:

    BBC News Ticker boldly saying (at the moment)

    “Emails claim the IS British militant known as Jihadi John complained of persecution by the security services.”

    That’s right no context: nothing about Emwazi’s paranoid mental state. Just a bold allegation presented as fact on the BBC ticker so that thousands of Muslims can read it and build their own fears about the security services.


    • Guest Who says:

      It is getting hard to see the British Broadcasting Corporation’s editorial integrity showing any great commitment to community cohesion in Britain.

      Funding them, however uniquely, seems a bizarre imposition to require of the people of the UK via compulsion.


  41. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) politically indulges CAGE: past, present and future.




  42. GCooper says:

    What is so hilarious about the BBC’s sobbing over the ‘dead man walking’ story is that they have lifted it from the Mail. Yes, that’s right – the newspaper never mentioned on the BBC without a curled lip. The newspaper whose major stories are hardly ever carried by the BBC.


  43. George R says:

    Not for INBBC NEWS ‘Education & Family’ online pages-

    “Inquiry into Jihadi John’s school as it emerges he is one of THREE pupils who turned into killers fighting for terror groups in the Middle East.
    “Education minister Nicky Morgan ordered inquiry into Jihadi John’s school.
    “Investigation ordered after it emerged two ex pupils also became terrorists.
    “Choukri Ellekhlifi, 22, was killed fighting with terrorists in Syria in 2013.
    “Mohammed Sakr, 27, died while fighting for al-Shabaab in Somalia.
    “All three attended the Quintin Kynaston Academy in north London
    It is claimed both Ellekhlifli and Sakr were ‘close associates’ of Emwazi.
    “Jihadi John was revealed as Londoner Mohammed Emwazi last week.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2974419/Jihadi-John-s-school-investigated-three-pupils-killers.html#ixzz3T9jxl8WM


  44. Geoff says:

    Were the bBC complicit in closing down coverage in all media of the UKIP spring conference?

    Even though they knew the identity of Emwazi, why did they wait until the start of said conference to announce it? Were these the ‘operational reasons’ they told us about? This followed by the bBC CAGE interview, the story occupied front pages and screen/airtime across all of our media during the period of the conference.

    Far fetched I know, but after last weeks documentary and tonight’s pro EU drama documentary, one does wonder….



    • Richard Pinder says:

      The UKIP conference is even censored by BBC Parliament, the Tories and especially Labour do not like talking about policy, while on the other hand, the journalists don’t want to talk to UKIP about its policies. With the Nazi’s, Soviets and Irish gone, MI5 needs Islam to justify its existence, so most of the agents are pro-EU traitors, fearful that UKIP would solve the Islamic problem by not causing unnecessary wars, deporting illegal immigrants, reducing “Multiculturalism” down to “British people of different religions” and allowing British people to deport themselves to Islamic states.

      Now, I only buy the Daily Express, it takes less time to read than other papers, but the censorship of UKIP and its policies are less, and you can find more info online, and read more books.


  45. Thoughtful says:

    This report on BBC radio 4 concerns the attitude of insurance companies when responding to attacks on children where public bodies are liable.


    In most of the cases however the perpetrators appear to be ‘Asian’ read Pakistani, and this is the Fascist BBC looking to place blame somewhere else in advance of the latest Rotherham outrage.

    One of the stories glossed over is truly grotesque, and it’s only when you begin to look into it that you realise the true horror of a white school pupil abandoned by his Fascist PC teachers while he was attacked by a gang of Pakis and their PARENTS !!! WITH A HAMMER !!!!

    The poor kid was nearly killed, 12! Yes 12 sub human animals were jailed for their parts in the attacks.

    But the point of this post is the low profile this case has. The BBC reporting is notable in its avoidance of even mentioning the word ‘Asian’ let alone Pakistani or Muslim.

    You think that Rotherham is the first case of Fascist lefties turning a blind eye and suffering no consequences for their action? Well think again.




    • Lobster says:

      I am not surprised that the BBC have given it a low priority, after all it pales into insignificance compared to some bloke being stopped from getting on a train in Paris or the absolute trauma-inducing outrage that was Plebgate. And don’t even think of mentioning those three poor girls who have gone to Syria – I might have an attack of the vapours.


  46. Teddy Bear says:

    It’s common knowledge for most of us here that the BBC want to replace the Holy Bible with the Wholly Beeble.

    As we’ve seen all too often, any report by the BBC related to the Catholic Church, even the visit by the Pope to the UK, the mention of historic sexual abuse would be included in the article.

    Anybody see an article by the BBC on Muslims here in the UK showing the same? – Rhetorical question.

    So it appears that the Catholic hierarchy have realised that the only way to avoid the continued degradation of their Church is to toe the BBC line. Otherwise why should the head of the Catholic Church in England promote immigration as nothing for our society to be concerned about?

    The mostly silence from the Church has been deafening in regard to Islamic terrorism and the persecution of Christians throughout the Islamic world. Also in regard to the number of Muslims in this country who oppose free speech, not to mention the Muslim gangs involved in sexual abuse of young girls. The dismissal by the Church of all the problems in society caused by overcrowding due to immigration, not to mention a host of other problems where cultures simply don’t integrate in a positive way, shows just how removed they are from their flock.

    The BBC give this Cardinal almost top spot in their UK news website and absolute reverence in his statements. No mention here of previous sexual abuse in the Church – he’s a ‘good Catholic’.

    Fact is – he’s a detestable excuse for a religious figure.

    Catholic leader Vincent Nichols: ‘Test parties on immigration’
    The head of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales said he was “dismayed” immigration was such a big issue in the forthcoming election.

    Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, he said London would “grind to a halt” without immigrant workers.

    As can be seen in the following Daily Mail article, the BBC didn’t give him a hard time at all with these views – music to their ears.

    Don’t blame immigrants for ills of society, says Catholic church as Nichols voices ‘dismay’ that it is an issue for election


  47. D1004 says:

    The wife watches both ” call the midwife ” and ” wolf hall” I give them a brief watch whilst reading. I am curious at the lack of ethnic faces on both shows, seeing that the bbc has said it wants to increase their number on shows to reflect their number in this country, a couple of West Indians on one midwife show is all I can recollect. So where is the cultural enrichment ? Just because a show is Poplar in 1960 or Merrie England in Henrys time why no ethnics ? Does not the beeb say that it is colour blind ? Cannot an African play a Lord ? A Pakistani play the husband of a local white woman ? Where would be the harm ? Is it a case of ethnics only on shows that are not flagship ones ? Is the bbc going against its own position ? Racism at play here perhaps ?


    • Geoff says:

      You haven’t been watching this series of CTM very closely!

      Plenty of enrichment and diversity among other things. The series has gone beyond the original memoirs of Jennifer Worth, we’re now in the swinging 60s and has become typical bBC drama fodder.

      Mrs Geoff now refuses to watch what was once a genteel Sunday night drama reminding us of the UK that was because of said diversity.


      • Al Shubtill says:

        I know it’s not a Beeb show, but have you seen how “diverse” Midsomer Murders has become these past few series, after that producer was sacked for, quite reasonably, pointing out that the Home Counties where it’s set aren’t particularly enriched – after being asked why the programme was so white.


    • Geoff says:

      Have now watched tonight’s episode, amazingly they somehow managed to subtlety shoehorn into a program set in the early 60’s a profoundly 21 century subject – gay marriage!


    • Essex Man says:

      Wait to the Poldark remake starts , they won`t be blacking up for the B & W Minstrel Show , or just returning home from a shift down a coal mine . Cornwall will become Hideously 18th century black , in the eyes of the Bbc .


  48. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Coming up at 10.00 pm on BBC 4 – latest major piece of BBC propaganda:

    Storyville: The Great European Disaster Movie

    The film includes fictional scenes, set in a post-EU future, which feature archaeologist Charles Granda, played by Angus Deayton, travelling on a flight through a menacing storm, explaining to a child passenger what the EU was.

    Sombre, thought-provoking and witty, the film frames Europe through the eyes of those who have most at stake: the Europeans themselves.

    The Great European Disaster Movie will be immediately followed by a special Newsnight debate at 11.20pm, which will feature a range of contributors – Bill Emmett, former editor of the Economist and one of the journalists who made the film; Peter Hitchens, columnist for Mail On Sunday; former Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Norman Lamont; Marina Prentoulis of Syriza; Mark Reckless MP; and Sonia Sodha, associate of the think-tank Demos – who will discuss issues raised in the film.

    Covered by Alan here:

    As Robert Peston Said….. ‘Bollocks’