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In regard to the EU’s alarmist scaremongering film given a platform on the BBC …..,

A BBC spokesman responded to the accusations over EU funding and bias saying:

No EU money was used in the making of the programme being aired on the BBC. Impartiality is of paramount importance for the BBC.



UKIP says different…

The mockumentary producer Bill Emmott confirmed on twitter last night that the production company had received EU funding for the film’s dubbing and distribution across Europe.


The BBC itself didn’t get the funding for the film but the film  itself did get money from the EU….Can’t see that Tweet from Emmott...but there is this though…

film fund

 The Mail confirms the funding went on translations for the film.


The film was  broadcast across Europe..

The film will be aired across Europe by eight different broadcasters, a feat Piras described as her “impossible challenge”.



Apparently, if I read this right, someone at the BBC thinks it should be shown in the EU Parliament….

eu film


Good that the same BBC person, Philippa Thomas Lead presenter World News Today & BBC4,  thinks comparisons of Christianity with ISIS are fair in this day and age…..presumably Jihadi John is Henry VIII?…..


bbc isis


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8 Responses to Follow The Money

  1. Guest Who says:

    Ooo, twitter.

    Combo with the BBC and the gift that keep son giving.

    Annalisa at least seems happy enough here.

    Hope those tweets don’t have to go down the BBC memory hole if words and deeds fail to tally, as so often can be the case.

    Phillipa at the very least may be on speed dial to the Hug’s Girls Foot in Mouth Crisis Line, that served Jasmine so well not too long ago.


  2. Truthdoctor says:

    One of the most ridiculous and ignorant apologies for Islamonazism so far and wrong on so many levels.

    The Tudor and Elizabethan eras produced Shakespeare, Milton, Marlowe, the philosophers Sir Thomas More, Sir Francis Bacon and much more. It’s referred to as the English renaissance.

    More importantly, what twisted sense of logic and morality could possibly condone Islamic murder, crucifiction, rape, beheading and jihad in 2015 on the grounds that centuries ago something completely different happened, to completely different people, somewhere else for totally different reasons?

    In 1945 the USA dropped two atomic boms on Japan. Would that make it morally OK for Iran to explode nuclear weapons in London and New York?

    Is the person saying this a BBC employee? She’s clearly not fit to be anywhere near a microphone.


  3. Teddy Bear says:


    It’s a bit like a waitress who receives tips in addition to her salary, but says she doesn’t use her tip money to pay rent. The BBC is confident that the public are stupid enough to accept their explanation, and they’re probably right.



  4. George R says:

    “BBC chief says it was not proper to discuss HSBC with Rona Fairhead.

    “Tony Hall says he would not have talked about bank with head of trust,
    who formerly chaired HSBC’s audit committee, while a BBC investigation was ongoing.”


  5. Noel Swinford says:

    It is time the BBC stopped taking any money from the EU,and start to live ,with the amount of money that it recives from the people ,and should show respect to all the people of this country and all their political views and stop being biased towards any party,Ukip is a party that belives in the people of this country,and trading with the two billion people of the comonwelth instead of just five hundread in the eu.


  6. Paul says:

    The BBC claims no EU money was used in the making of the film biased against Ukip while at the same time the Corp yet again proclaims its impartiality. Said impartiality rules disappear if a programme is made by an outside company though. I struggle to make any sensible interpretation of this. Likewise the EU money claim; it’s like driving to a petrol station with half a tank, filling up then saying the next hundred miles will only use the recently added fuel. What I don;t get is why there is no official intervention in their continued propaganda-based broadcasting. Interesting the same scare tactics used to try to convince us of global warming are now aimed at Ukip.

    How about Ch4 and the BBC making mokumentaries showing the carnage resulting from a Green victory? They want to decriminalise terror groups so let’s see British people being beheaded on the streets as a result.


  7. stewart says:

    More on that money trail from con-woman
    Interesting reading


  8. John W says:

    Wholly bogus parallel. How about pointing out that Christianity was entirely peaceful for the first 400 years of its existence whilst Islam was violent from day one?