Muslim Mafia


One raised finger…seem familiar?




Compare the Telegraph’s report on Mohammed Emwazi’ school  and the BBC’s.

The Telegraph tells us there was a ‘Muslim Mafia’ at the school that was very religious and pro-active in demanding that the school adopt Muslim friendly practices such as introducing a prayer room. The BBC gives us the ex-headteacher’s thoughts….you might think the BBC would have tried a bit harder to challenge what was in all likelihood a bit of backside covering by her.


The Telegraph reveals Omar Emwazi, 21, was known as a member of the ‘Muslim Mafia’ at school and supported an Islamist cleric who inspired one of Lee Rigby’s killers

[Omar] Emwazi attended Quintin Kynaston, the same north west London school as his older brother, and was known there as a member of the “Muslim Mafia” – a group of particularly religious teenagers.

He is an integral member of a network called Power of Dawah, an evangelical Islamic group that tries to convert people in the street.

The group has hosted lectures by various preachers, which are filmed and put online.

Its Twitter account follows Abdur Raheem Green, a controversial preacher who has justified domestic abuse and has suggested that the 7/7 and 9/11 attacks could have been carried out by western governments.

Emwazi registered the website.

A friend of Emwazi’s said she believed many pupils were being groomed by radicals whilst they were still at school…The “Muslim Mafia” were not popular among their peers as they were considered too judgmental.

“They had a very specific set of values,” she added.

“Quintin Kynaston was full of that. It was 70 per cent or 80 per cent Muslim. There was only one white kid in our class.

“In every year there was a set that was the Muslim Mafia that hung out together and were very religious.

“So many of them are second generation immigrants whose parents are still very much in touch with their culture.

“I think there was a system of grooming at Quintin Kynaston because there have been a few of them.

“They petitioned to have a prayer room so they could pray five times a day and they always went to Regent’s Park mosque every single Friday.

“I think that’s where it happened. A lot of them suddenly got very religious.


Was Mohammed Emwazi just as religious as his younger brother at school?  The Daily Mail suggests he did….

After finishing primary school in 1999, young Mohammed moved to Quintin Kynaston Community Academy, in St John’s Wood, where he is believed to have studied alongside former X Factor judge and pop star Tulisa Contostavlos.

Once there, he became more observant of his religion and began wearing more traditional Islamic dress, and his sisters began to wear the hijab.


Curious that the head teacher claims she saw nothing amiss.


The BBC whitewashes the school and makes no mention of any problems with overly devout religiosity from some Muslim pupils…

‘Jihadi John’: Emwazi’s school not aware of radicalisation

Islamist militant Mohammed Emwazi was never suspected of being radicalised at school, his former head teacher says.

Jo Shuter, who was head of Quintin Kynaston Academy in north-west London until 2013, said he had not been “seen as a huge concern” as a pupil.

Emwazi has been named as the man known as “Jihadi John” in several IS hostage videos.

Two other pupils from the school are also thought to have gone to fight in Syria and Somalia.

Ms Shuter, who was head teacher for more than 10 years from 2002, said there had been no indication that any pupils were becoming extremist.

“I am not prepared to say when the radicalisation took place. All I can say is absolutely hand on heart, we had no knowledge of it. If we had we would have done something about it,” she said.

“There was never any sense that any of these young men as I knew them were radicalised when they were in school.”



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5 Responses to Muslim Mafia

  1. Guest Who says:

    ‘‘…school not aware..”

    Seems like just the place to ‘train’ the next wave of astoundingly uncurious Mind Blank, Brain Fade BBC Middle East reporters and Editors for the Gaza beat.


    “Is it a bird; is it a plane? No… yes… let’s go with that!”


  2. Wild says:

    The BBC, your daily dose of (self-serving) Leftist spin paid for by compulsory charge. It was created at a time when “progressives” thought that the USSR was the future, and the BBC should be put on the same scrapheap.

    Rod Liddle was correct when he argued that BBC leftism is mostly greedy middle class public sector workers justifying to themselves their bottomless sense of entitlement. If Jenni Murray gets any more bloated she will have to give up walking and be carried around in a litter.


  3. stuart says:

    i think it is a bit telling where in the last few days the bbc and the far left guardian newspaper are running and spinning storys portraying jihadi mo as a nice little sweetie of a guy who butter would not melt in his mouth,such a nice guy is jihadi mo,but we have been here before,i am sure that when adolf hitler was was a young man he was the sweetest guy in the class and a animal lover,teetotal and vegetarian and look how he turned i comparing jihadi mo and isis to adolf hitler and the ss,to bloody right,less of this romantic view and narrative been spun by the bbc and the apologists for radical jihadi mo and his freinds and more of outing these people for what they are and that is the heirs to hitler amd genocidal nazi murderers.


  4. Glen says:

    No,’s all our fault, little Mo was bullied in school and that turned him into a bit of a loner, the constant harassment by the UK security forces further forced him into such a desperate state that the only way out for him, in a desperate bid for attention, was to cut the heads off innocent people live on TV…we made him do it.

    It was nothing to do with the fact that he is an arrogant muslim fuck who has been given free reign by the liberal shithouses in this country.

    Nothing to do with the fact that he was radicalized whilst in the British education system, we are now running state sponsored terrorism academies…and that view is coming from muslims who have attended these ‘hotbeds of extremism’. Is it any surprise with the UK hating people who are employed in most of our schools.

    Nothing to do with our lax rules on immigration that basically lets whoever come into the country..and leave after they have been trained up to IS standards, I notice his family are safely back in Kuwait yet still the bbc claim him as one of our own?

    The bbc’s subliminal reporting of this criminal is embarrassing, ‘he was a beautiful person’..’he was so quiet’…’he was the perfect student’…’he loved football just like any little boy’ etc,etc,etc…it’s unbelievable to think that there will be appeasers all over the UK actually believing this shit from the impartial corporation.

    I just don’t know who is the biggest enemy to this country…ISIS and little Mo or the bbc.


  5. McClane says:

    Jo Shuter has form. She is banned from teaching until 2016 becasue of financial irregularities when she was head at Quintin Kynaston, including charging the school for her birthday party, furniture and taxi rides.

    Reported at the time by the BBC and the Guardian.