Radical Islam & the BBC’s useful idiots

From the Telegraph:

Mohammed Emwazi’s younger brother voiced support for the radical Islamic cleric who inspired one of Lee Rigby’s killers, the Telegraph can disclose.

Omar Emwazi, 21, indicated that he admired Sheikh Khalid Yasin on his Facebook profile, which was deleted shortly after his brother was identified as “Jihadi John”.

Yasin is an notorious American preacher who converted from Christianity to Islam and is believed to live in Manchester. He was named by Woolwich terrorist Michael Adebowale as his inspiration for converting to Islam.

Adebowale, 22, said that lectures posted online by Yasin taught him the purpose of life.

In 2011 the BBC broadcast a ridiculously biased film (some things never change) attacking anti-Islamist Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

The film portrayed Sheikh Khalid Yasin as a moderate, describing him as “an American Muslim teacher…on a mission to de-radicalise”.

Here are a couple of my blogposts from 2011 about the Wilders documentary which detail the BBC’s disgraceful whitewashing of Yasin’s radical views:

BBC Geert Wilders Hit-Job

Khalid Yasin Update

Think about that for a moment. The BBC was so determined to use anything it could to attack Geert Wilders it broadcast a film that pretended the guy who inspired one of Lee Rigby’s murderers was a moderate.

I wonder how many young Muslims had their paths to radicalisation informed, in part, by that piece of BBC propaganda.

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  1. Alex says:

    Nice find. Would be good to confront the BBC on this. It reminds me of the time when the BBC tried to smear the BNP’s Nick Griffin on his highlighting Muslim child rape gangs; they accused him of lies, Islamaphobia and causing community tensions etc etc. Turns out he was right all along, but no apology from the BBC.

    It’s amazing how far the co-ordinated indoctrination has reached in this country; much of the populace has now been brainwashed into automatically hating anyone and anything that is not Left-wing, pro-Islam, pro-ethnic minority, pro-EU and pro-gay etc.

    I’ve actually seen twatter and facebook comments from leftists recently saying that they’d rather Isis to the BNP and EDL etc. Utterly beyond belief; and these comments were from middle class , ‘educated’ lefties. This brainwashing has all been planned by sixties liberals and socialist revolutionaries; a plan to dilute the English race through immigration, destruction of her culture and brainwashing by the state media and educational institutions; and anyone who has studied at undergraduate and postgrad level will know the saturation of Marxist, postmodernist and leftist theory that floods universities. The result is a self-loathing and aggressively intolerant class that seeks to undermine the freedoms of patriots who wish to celebrate their heritage.


    • Alex says:

      Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt School are to blame for Europe’s demise; these parasites endorsed, amongst other foul tenets, the destruction of national identity through immigration; the destruction of Christianity through undermining its traditions; destruction of free-thinking through educational indoctrination; destruction of the family unit through promoting new gender laws; and, destruction of free speech through introducing hate laws etc.

      It’s textbook Marxism, folks. Labour, and their propaganda agency The BBC, disgust me beyond words.


      • dave s says:

        I think these people overestimate their power. Controlling the media and the lugenpresse makes them feel invulnerable. The past is full of such power structures and cliques that have suddenly come to grief.
        Life has a habit of doing this and the liberal elite is not immune from reality. Much though it likes to think it is.


      • deegee says:

        Irony. The Frankfurt School thought that their preparations would lead to a Communist takeover. A 7th century theocracy is about as far from their aims as possible to achieve.


      • Rueful Red says:

        It’s certainly done for freedom of speech – here’s the Justice minister in the Scottish Parliament yesterday:

        Jamie McGrigor (Highlands and Islands) (Con): Does the cabinet secretary agree that, in the light of recent incidents of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, it is essential that we safeguard freedom of speech? Will he join me in commending the United Kingdom Government’s work to ensure that all of us, regardless of our religious or racial background, feel safe and respected in our country?
        Michael Matheson:
        I recognise that freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, which we all have a duty to protect, respect and uphold, but it is not an absolute right and it must not be exercised in such a way that it has an impact on the rights of others. That is why there is a clear difference between gatherings for legitimate public protest and gatherings the intention of which is to stoke up racial hatred and to cause fear and alarm in our communities, and that difference should be recognised appropriately.
        John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (SNP): I associate myself with all that the cabinet secretary has said. How do we get the right balance between allowing freedom of speech and preventing hate speech by groups such as Pegida?
        Michael Matheson: There is no straightforward way in which to do that, as the member will properly recognise. The human right of freedom of speech and expression is not an absolute right. It is possible for someone to fail to have regard to the offence and injury that they might cause to another. That is particularly true of those whom I have mentioned who might wish to incite racial hatred and racial violence, and to create fear and alarm in our communities.


        • LostOverThere says:

          Mathieson has form for this kind of nonsense. He was the idiot who wanted the Hokey Cokey banned in Scotland as it was “anti-Catholic” and sinister


          He’s the type of tin foil hat wearer that sees bigots everywhere, expect for the more obvious places


        • flexdream says:

          Pegida hate speech? Got any examples John?
          “Pegida UK spokeswoman Marion Rogers said: “We are not racist, we are not fascist, we are not far-right and we’re certainly not anti-Islam – we’ve got Muslims here with us today.

          “Islamisation of the West in our books is extremist Islam, extremist Muslims, basically enforcing their beliefs on us and making us feel like second class citizens in our own country.

          “We want integration. We are not the hate campaign we are made out to be.””

          Mason is a decent man, but in this regard he is also an idiot.


      • Not just Europe – the USA as well, which is where they fled to, taking all that America offered in the way of freedom and the good life, they then went on to destroy it from within. That’s gratitude for you. –


        • DP111 says:

          Socialists/communists are just like Muslims – parasites living on the wealth of the West, but plotting to destroy it.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Between the dregs of humanity viz-a-viz the BNP and the scum of humanity viz-a-viz ISIS, I’m sure they’ll find soon enough they have far more in common than divides them.


      • Alex says:

        You sound like a typical lefty. The fact that you can make any type of comparison is very concerning. The BNP are idiots, its policies a laughing stock and no doubt there are more than a few footy hooligans in the party for the odd protest, but many of its supporters are genuine normal folk who have nowhere else to go; there is Ukip but even they’re getting the old ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ treatment.

        When was the last time you heard one of the BNP’s ranks beheading or burning someone alive? Get a grip.


      • JoShaw says:

        In that case, the BNP needs to pull its finger out PDQ and catch up with a considerable number of beheadings, bombings, rapes, beatings, FGMs etc in a very short space of time. Nick really didn’t get his act together, did he?

        But then they’re working class, largely ostracised, not terribly well educated on average, tattooed, and insist on speaking funny. White scum, in other words.

        Sorry hippiepooter, but I think that either your grip on reality is virtually non existent, or you’re a deeply unpleasant snob.


    • DP111 says:

      Alex: Terrefic post.

      Indeed. No apology from the BBC to Nick Griffin. No apology to the most deprived and marginalised people in the UK – the White working class.

      The hatred that New Labour, presumably the defenders of the working class, have for the working class, is something that needs to be examined. New labour abandoned the White working class to the extent that it even turned a blind eye as their daughters were gang raped in the tens of thousands, for decades.

      There is no parallel in history for such an event, for such a length of time. Even Quisling did not stoop to such depraved treason and depravity.

      Where are you St George, the defender of vulnerable maidens, when we need you.


      • Llareggub says:

        What has happened to the white working class children and wht continue to happen to them has rightly shocked the world. It demands government intervention in the same way that is required to combat acts of terror, bombing and assassinations. It has revealed that many parts of the country are beyond the rule of law and continue in that state. Yet we do not have a government prepared to act, or media denouncing failure to act.


        • DP111 says:

          Its not just mass rapes of White Infidel girls. When combined with beheadings, bombs, Jihadism, mass criminality of Muslims, and a huge numbers on Benefits, this is a war to destroy the UK from within, and impose sharia. The subjugation of the Infidel is a key demand of the RoP.

          We need to alert everyone what is going on, and this forum is one of them. But we need to tell people about this face to face.

          There is no place for the enemy within the walls.


    • Jeff says:

      “BBC tried to smear BNP’s Nick Griffin…” It was really quite a lot more than simply smear him. He could easily have got seven years in nick for his (honest) remarks. Without any investigation to see if what he was saying was true the Beeb handed over tapes of BNP meetings and Griffin’s speeches to the police. I remember seeing the Panorama in question all those years ago. We all now know how utterly useless the police, social services, local politicians were (and still are) but so were the BBC in ignoring these claims about Muslim paedo gangs.
      The staggering hypocrisy of the BBC was shown when a decade later the same Panorama team returned to these damaged northern towns to investigate the reasons behind the police failures. Have they no sense of shame?
      I’ve had an idea for a new BBC prog’.
      How about Panorama investigating themselves and their own culpability in distracting attention from genuine victims and thus allowing this horror to continue for another decade?
      Not going to happen, is it…


  2. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC(INBBC) has not one critical word to say here about its “militant”
    Mohammed Emwazi-

    “Mother recognised Mohammed Emwazi’s voice on hostage videos”


    For Beeboids, apparently, Emwazi is not an Islamic jihad barbarian, and Islamic State is not Islamofascist.

    For Beeboids, it is people who criticise Islam, who oppose mass immigration into U.K, and who want U.K out of the E.U who are the Beeboids’ real political enemies, to be propagandised against.


    • chrisH says:

      I`d be interested to see how this “Kuwaiti trail” turns out.
      If mum DID recognise her boy….how come it`s only now that we`ve been told it.
      You`d think that she-as well as Kuwaiti intelligence-might be playing the typical taqiyya game with whitey, as Islam is prone to do.
      In fact, the Koran rather says it`s haram-screw over and disseminate the kuffur, but keep the Muslim in the loop as you do so.
      Don`t trust a word from any of them, unless they swear it on a Koran.
      Same goes for anything that the BBC say, to be fair to the lying maggots of Kuwait and Broadcasting House…who look rather the same as ever.


      • DP111 says:

        Chris wrote: Don`t trust a word from any of them, unless they swear it on a Koran.

        Not even then. A scholar of Islam advises, that if Islam is in danger, even go far as to disavow Islam, and even burn the Koran. When the danger has passed, the Koran can be re-written from memory.


    • Flexdream says:

      .. and his mother recognising his voice immediately informed the authorities?


      • deegee says:

        That’s harsh. When he eventually gets his just desserts will she declare him a shahid?

        … and will the BBC report it?


  3. stuart says:

    what is it with this religion called islam that nicky campbell and co just wont go near with a bargepole ,everybody that seems to convert to this religion ends up being a deranged machete wielding headcutting savage,what is it in this religion that drives these nice young sweeties into islamist devils of murderous intent, is it alienation or poverty,or could it be the teachings of the koran and the hadith,i wonder,just wonder could that be nearer to the truth that all the mumbling braindead idiots in the media just wont address as the real issue behind islamic terrorism and jihadi mo and his mates heading off over to iraq and syria to join the muslim isis caliphate of murder and rape and cannibalism.


    • Asitis says:

      Agree, so many ignore the Manual/Handbook! However Islam is better defines as an ideology as the best religion I know is adopted by many races and many cultures. And blends in seamlessly…


    • DP111 says:

      Stuart wrote: ,or could it be the teachings of the koran and the hadith,i wonder,..

      Stuart, you need to get in touch with the sayings of the great Islamic scholar, Imam Daoud al Cameroon. He knows best.


  4. Alex says:

    I’m sick and tired of the BBC finding excuses for this murdering Muslim butcher Jihadi Mohammed. Everyday we get a new BBC sympathy story and pathetic euphemisms such as ‘radicalised’ and ‘militant’. Use of such terms is indicative of the BBC’s pro-Islam bias.


    • Flexdream says:

      Remember Mad Mo is the real victim here. Like those poor girls who were groomed by ISIS.


  5. hippiepooter says:

    ‘Radical Islam’? No such thing. Islam is radical. If a Muslim is moderate he’s only half a Muslim.

    “It is wrong to blame MI5 for the failure to keep him here.”

    From a Daily Mail piece by Prof Anthony Glees.

    No, it was wrong to allow a patent Al Qa’eda/ISIS front to wage the jihad propaganda war on our airwaves.

    Where the BBC leads the rest of the media follows – and some. Let’s remember that after the Hebdo massacre, the Guardian and the BBC (indirectly) showed the Mo toon in it’s next edition, the Telegraph and the Mail didn’t. They didn’t want to ‘offend’ Muslims.

    No, you were afraid that one of the 2,000+ known Jihadists stalking our streets might kill you.

    The Mail also broached that we may need to limit free speech in the wake of Cage’s PR blitz for Jihad John.

    No, spreading enemy propaganda at time of war isn’t ‘free speech’, it’s Treason.

    If you don’t publish the Mo ‘toons to defend free speech against Jihadists because of the number of them prowling about, why don’t you urge the enemy be locked up? It’s what we do when we’re at war. It’s absolutely incredible that there’s no hint of this being broached.

    Forget about the BBC being the enemy’s propaganda friend, in their own ways the Telegraph and the Mail are part of the problem.


  6. EmersonV says:

    Seems the bbc have a recording of there latest little hero Jihadi John. What they should be doing is investigate CAGEnwho seem very dodgy..


  7. Sickofitall says:

    I don’t know if we have a word, in the English language, that is the opposite of ‘character assassination’ but, whatever it is, that’s what the BBC are doing to Mohammed Emwazi.

    If you just read the BBC’s coverage of Emwazi from the last 3 days, you would have no idea that he has beheaded goodness knows how many people, in the name of Islam.

    This morning, he is ‘not an extremist’ according to the BBC’s headline.

    How much more ‘extreme’ can you get?


    • JimS says:

      Can’t be long before we are told that all the beheadings were carried out in a US supermax prison by the CIA, (note the orange jump suits, gotcha!) and that Mohammed Emwazi has been saving ebola victims in Nigeria from certain death, guided by his strong faith.
      Meanwhile Anders Breivik begins his PR-rehabilitation campaign . Will the BBC take up his cause or is he too useful as a super counter-balance to all those thousands of followers of NotThe RealIslam?


    • Laska says:

      Agree. If they would to be consistent and adopt the “sociological” in its full idiot mode, I expect them to treat all other murdereres, rapists, etc, with the full biographical “how can we understand what happened to make them do it”. Saville, Glitter, etc, could have the psychologists wheeled out by the BBC to explain their aberant behaviour. BBC would not do that. So, what’s the distinction? Well, the former comes from a “vulnerable” group and the latter doesn’t. So, Muslims – that “vulnerable” group – have no free will with all their violence a hapless determined response to that “oppressor” group – the West. Though to keep the model intact, within the “West”, women – that other “vulnerable” group – have to be given a free pass. So, that just leaves men who are completely responsible. Have I complleted the circle? Hang on I just realised that the Muslim men also get a free pass because their “Muslimness” trumps their “maleness”. Ah, that explains the free pass for “Asian” criminal sexual predators. Just realised, it gets worse: the underage girl victims should have “vulnerable” status under female and child categories! Only conclusion: Muslim “vulnerability” wins the jackpot because it is more. “victim” and not responsible for its actions. I’m glad the BBC has made that clear.


    • Guest Who says:

      Lionising dubious anti-establishment characters with whom they are smitten seems very much a BBC default.

      They will of course see it in terms of ‘understanding his motivations’, but their propaganda services on behalf of those who would do us harm, and morale-undermining of those tasked to protect, make the forced support of this state broadcaster one hard to comprehend.

      The ever-younger, ever more diverse cubicle gardens of the BBC seem a fertile breeding ground for such teenage obsessions. Wonder if Mad Mo will ‘accidentally’ appear as a poster, or on a T-shirt, like Che?


    • hadda says:

      “I don’t know if we have a word, in the English language, that is the opposite of ‘character assassination'”



  8. Pounce says:

    Just read the bBC headline where they have listened to a tape by jihad Mohammed. Explaining he isn’t an extremist , the tape made by Cage in 2009 after jihad Mohamed was kicked out of Tanzania where the bBC Tries to brainwash me into believing he and a few Somalian buddies ( who belonged to Al shabab ) say they were going on a safari.
    Strange how the other two are now dead. Strange how this poor little kitten and his brother belonged to radical Islamic gangs before getting kicked out of Africa. Strange how prisoners of Jiad momhamed have stated he played them al shabab videos and how JM loved stabbing people in the UK .
    Yet to the bBC he can only be………innocent


  9. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, the BBC on FaceBook* has… this (and they have got it to ‘trend’):

    Jihadi John · Trending

    BBC News

    He says he’s no extremist. A recording’s emerged of the man identified as the Islamic State militant “Jihadi John”.

    “Some say…. he thinks cutting heads off is the best way to express his anger management issues. Others… that he is a hottie for the girls in the cubicle gardens to swoon over. All we at INBBC know is, he’s da Man!”

    Top Trumps, BBC style.

    *(suffice to say, their pitch is not really winning over too many).


  10. Simon says:

    are the bbc really pushing the line he isn’t an extremist? If they are a few of their journos should go out to meet him and see first hand if he is……


  11. Guest Who says:


    I clicked this one perplexed. Day…?! The BBC’s ongoing week-and-counting-long obsession with this makes every ’24’ Series look like a one-off pilot.

    But a worthy complement to the chorus (liked this mid-way: ‘Another institution investigating itself and finding it had no case to answer’).

    Are the BBC deaf as will as blind (rhetorical, as they tell us how much they listen)? Everyone is not just noticing but, worse, taking the Mick: http://www.thecommentator.com/article/5646/have_you_been_radicalised_poor_thing)

    Yet still they crank out one bizarre connection after another. Maybe his pedicurist once slipped and he thought… ‘aha, a career awaits..’?

    I am calling it Emwazi Derangement Licence or, for short…


  12. Doublethinker says:

    On the Daily Politics there was an item about Child Abuse the presenter, Jo Coburn mentioned that many of the men involved were of Pakistani or East African heritage, the new euphemism for Muslim. When she asked the studio guests if they thought that the lack of action against these men was due to those in authority not wanting to be labelled racist, the guests couldn’t bring themselves to admit that it was. What was quite startling that one of those guests was Tim Montgomery who is a well known Conservative journalist.
    IF PC correctness has reached a stage where, in the face of overwhelming evidence a conservative cannot , or dare not, say that of course PC was the reason why many officials in the council, the police and even MPs , dare not do their duty to protect young white girls from Muslim predetors, we really are in deep pooh.
    I have long thought that if the state cannot protect its citizens , the citizens have the right to protect themselves.The government has intoruded new laws requiring public officials to report any concerns they might have regarding Child Abuse. The question though is if those new laws will be enforced?
    The British people have been astonishingly passive whilst their children have been abused, they have been threatened with atrocities , their culture trashed, their country sold down the river, millions of aliens forced upon them, freedom of speech suppressed. The politicians of all parties should ask themselves how long this is likely to continue and what will happen if the British decide that enough is enough? I think it will take more than political platitudes and the assurances and lies of the BBC , to keep us under control then.


    • dave s says:

      Montgomery is not really a conservative so no surprise there. A liberal PC state will not protect it’s citizens because it cannot do so without compromising it’s liberal fantasies.
      In many ways the liberal state resembles the old USSR. The apparatchnik professes that the happiness and welfare of “the people” is his only desire. But the people are always in need of moulding (purging of incorrect attitiudes) Harsh decisions are then necessary but it is always for “the peoples ” own good.
      The elite ( apparatchnik ) in truth despises the people. It values above all loyalty to itself and it is no surprise that not only does it reward itself very well and lavish privileges on itsef but also protects itself from real criticism.
      The one thing the elite really fears , that keeps it awake at night , is the unexpected. Not the lower level apparatchnik, but those at the top.
      So the elite’s tame media tries to manage events. This is what we are seeing now. Increasingly it is finding this difficult and more and more of us are not buying their view.
      Our real weapon is reality and time. They are on our side not on the side of the liberal state. If once the elites grasp this fully then expect oppression and victimisation. The elite has nowhere else to go. it is then that things get interesting.


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        ‘Increasingly it is finding this difficult and more and more of us are not buying their view.
        Our real weapon is reality and time. They are on our side not on the side of the liberal state. If once the elites grasp this fully then expect oppression and victimisation. The elite has nowhere else to go. it is then that things get interesting. ‘

        Very good. The elite are always obsessed with getting their way; dominate the opposition. There is never an awareness that they could be wrong and that just having the numbers means nothing.

        There is a sad story in the Guardian of a young woman in Australia who just died from cancer. She had rejected tough conventional treatment, had turned to alternative medicine and became a celebrity promoting it. The cancer was a slow one and she lasted seven years. The media played her game; she was a bright young thing:

        … Ainscough started blogging about her “journey.” Because she was pleasant, intelligent, and telegenic, she soon became more and more famous, to the point where she became a common fixture on Australian media and could book speaking tours that were well-attended. Her books sold, as did her other lines of products.

        All the while, her cancer was slowly progressing.

        The Gerson protocol, cancer, and the death of Jess Ainscough, a.k.a. “The Wellness Warrior”

        The media didn’t just promote her, but engaged in deceit to hide signs that the cancer was progressing.

        Worse, the Australian media is enabling her. No one asks inconvenient questions, such as why her arm is so bandaged in the segment. Producers cooperate with her to hide just how bad her arm is through the use of clever camera angles. Her delusion is fed, and never is heard a discouraging word.

        The Way of the Wellness Warrior: Enabled by credulous reporting

        Sadly for her – to use your expression – reality and time prevailed in the end.


        • Teddy Bear says:

          The elite are always obsessed with getting their way; dominate the opposition. There is never an awareness that they could be wrong and that just having the numbers means nothing.

          Worth thinking that through a bit more because in that lies hope. They ARE aware that they could be wrong which is why they go to great lengths to limit proper debate and avoid presenting both sides.
          As we all know from the trolls here, as soon as they’re faced with reason and logic they resort to obfuscation and insults.

          Why this is important is that because they need to shut out reality to maintain the views they hold, they don’t and won’t see what’s coming – until it’s too late.

          Because they believe that their power is sufficient to overcome dissent, which for now it is, they are unaware of what will be coming back at them when enough of those they have frustrated and tortured with the twisted society that has been created decide to put it to rights.

          We have seen this throughout history – time and time again. As the saying goes, ‘those that don’t learn from it are destined to repeat it’.

          They carry the seeds of their own destruction – whichever way they go.


  13. Doublethinker says:

    If you want to have a good laugh look at the The Commentator.com website re poor Jihadi John


  14. George R says:

    The link to above-

    “Have you been radicalised, poor thing?

    “He’s affectionately now known as Jihadi John. But how he could possibly have been ‘radicalised’ is apparently a total mystery to the BBC and the British establishment. As we continue to commit civilisational suicide, sometimes only satire will do.”

    By Vincent Cooper.



  15. George R says:

    INBBC seems to be censoring this:-

    “ISIS ‘fed murdered kidnap victim to his own mother after she travelled to their headquarters and demanded to see him’”

    – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/03/sis-fed-murdered-kidnap-victim-to-his-own-mother-after-she-travelled-to-their-headquarters-and-demanded-to-see-him.html/#sthash.MZ5Axkqn.dpuf


  16. George R says:

    Compare these two reports on Islamofascist beheader:-

    1.) ‘Daily Mail’-

    “‘My son is a dog, an animal. He can go to hell’: Father of Jihadi John breaks down in tears as he admits he is ashamed of son.
    “Ashamed father of Mohammed Emwazi disowns son in emotional outburst.
    “Jaseem Emwazi had row with the killer over his decision to go ‘for jihad.’
    “Family members say: ‘We hate him. We hope he will be killed soon.’
    “Evil Islamic State executioner got married recently, according to friends.
    “Security chiefs desperate to identify bride as they track down butcher.
    “Believe she may hold clues as to the terrorist’s whereabouts in Syria.
    “Mohammed Emwazi was last week unmasked as man behind Jihadi John .”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2977461/Who-MRS-Jihadi-John-ISIS-executioner-got-married-Syria-friends-claim.html#ixzz3TLq7B96A

    2.) INBBC-

    ‘Jihadi John’s’ father Jasem Emwazi ‘in state of shock’



  17. George R says:

    For INBBC to censor?:

    – a report on Islamic State plans to invade Europe,

    and enforce Islamic sexual slavery on white girls.

    “ISIS will carry out ‘9/11 in Europe within two years’ and fanatics are recruiting migrants

    in Libya with the promise of ‘white virgins’, claims Gaddafi’s exiled cousin

    and former Special Envoy.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2971979/ISIS-carry-9-11-Europe-two-years-fanatics-recruiting-migrants-Libya-promise-white-virgins-claims-Gaddafi-s-exiled-cousin-former-Special-Envoy.html#ixzz3TMUiyplA


  18. Guest Who says:

    Golly, what has ’emerged’ today regarding the BBC’s favorite son? Yes… A recording!

    He speaks!

    Well, again. The first outing wasn’t too great, mind


  19. George R says:


    “It’s insane to make excuses for a sadistic serial killer like Jihadi John.”

    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “Something is unhinged about a society that lavishes compassion on a sadistic serial killer,
    while blaming his crimes on the security services who strove to
    protect us.

    ” Welcome to Britain, 2015.

    “For days, limitless airtime has been offered to hand-wringers’ flattery of
    Mohammed Emwazi, a.k.a. Jihadi John.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2978383/COMMENT-s-insane-make-excuses-sadist-like-Jihadi-John.html#ixzz3TPJpjf2C


  20. Mark says:

    In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the Rebellion gave the animals greater apparent freedom, but the farm needed new rulers to take over from the deposed men.
    The pigs took over to form a new elite as sadistic and venal as the old one, keeping a lumpen proletariat under their control.


  21. Sofia says:

    It is actually meaningless – it’s purpose is not to talk about the motivations of criminals. For instance an Iraqi terrorist getting revenge for the USA killing his family in one of the Iraq wars. That is dangerous because it points the finger back at the USA.


  22. Alexander says:

    I feel very much for the parents of the young people who were massacred by this crackshot crackpot. They must be grieving and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. And what are the authorities doing meantime?