Monday arrives and so does this new Thread. Anyone catch an interview with an Amnesty spokesman on Today this morning. He was wriggling like mad trying to distance his organisation from the Jihad apologists in Cage and was lobbed far too many soft ball questions. The BBC treats Amnesty with kid gloves and I can recall doing a BBC debate with Moazzam Beggs. He was accompanied to the studio by the local Amnesty Rep.

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  1. Geyza says:

    Fear in the BBC of offending Muslims, and so lying to appease their terror, is the worst, most craven, cowardly and traitorous form of Islamophobia there is.


    • Laska says:

      The BBC in that Amnesty interview “forgot” to ask how their head in 2010 – on the BBC in an interview – supported “defensive jihad”, you know that one where if you think you are being attacked you can go kill and injure people. So, according to Amnesty violence against persons and property is justified. No wonder Amnesty and Cage get on so well.


  2. Reichsführer BBC und General der Waffen UAF says:

    Until the day comes very soon when every property has to pay for the glorious BBC via a levy and earning us another half billion to spend as we see fit on European and Environmental Issues, we have to get you licence fee deniers to cough up and pay, as i want to sent my kids to a private school

    The next BBC licence fee advertising campaign will be led by our good friend Sir Bob Geldof………over to you Bob


    • Bob Geldof says:

      Just give us yer feckin money!!!!!


    • pah says:

      The levy will never happen. It is a con. The idea will be dropped when the orchestrated outcry reaches a peak and we will all be grateful that they drop the idea in favour of the old, cuddly Telly Tax.

      They do this time and time again and people fall for it every time. Why?


      • Reichsführer BBC und General der Waffen UAF says:

        BBC deniers like you need to be put into protective custody. We are setting up camps in the east to deport people like you whose blood poisons the BBC world view. The name Skegness will strike fear in you and future generations of BBC deniers


  3. Kara says:

    The BBC’s relentless praise of Jihadi John is sickening even for them. Tracking down anyone vaguely related to him so they can pollute the airwaves with praise for the beast.

    What must other countries think of us? First we “raise” this idiot, now our national broadcaster is praising him to the rafters.


    • noggin says:

      Yep! more “lone wolfery” from the BBC … they had to get that in,
      they ve used every other obfuscation, to distance away from :-

      Another mass murderer for Allah, mandated by the Quran, following the example of Mohamhead, that’s it …
      th th thats all folks!.
      If you check the countless factual examples, or can read …
      “that’s all she wrote”
      Sheesh! that and the “3 Terror Tiny s ” getting absurd amounts of airtime on the BBC … caught on camera security catching the coach, no chance of apprehending them, of course they were only waiting on CCTV for… 18 HOURS!
      So someone obviously can t wait to see them buttf-cked, and as ISIS spunk sponges, hard … but true.

      Glad to hear Gita Sanghal laying out the facts about Amnesty on R4 -Toady
      … Their response?, well you can hear the guy almost laughing at one point … why?

      1hr 09 mins

      already posted but … from 3 yrs ago


    • Rob says:

      Please refrain from calling him Jihadi John. Call him Jihadi Mohammed. The BBC will of course refuse to do this.


    • Dave666 says:

      I saw the 13:00 news where they were interviewing the former (head) at his school in (200?). I wonder how these teachers remember these individuals after all these years. I saw that because there’s a large number of people who I worked with a decade or so and for the life of me I can’t remember anything about them. Wasn’t there also a mention that the teacher was no longer teaching as well?


      • Alan says:

        Ever thought you are being ‘had’ on a truly industrial scale?

        He was this guy’s teacher. Who says so? The BBC….that bastion of decency and light? You and I have absolutely no idea who this guy is from Adam but, because the TV tells you, then, of course, it’s true.

        Don’t think something like that could happen? I’ve came to the conclusion some time ago now that I cannot believe ANYTHING I see or hear on mainstream news. I even have some doubts on the entire storyline form top to bottom.


    • outsider says:

      Bbc loves bad boys…savile wasn’t an entirely wholesome character, I’m given to believe.


    • Sickofitall says:

      Kara wrote:

      “What must other countries think of us? First we “raise” this idiot, now our national broadcaster is praising him to the rafters.”

      They must think we are an overseas territory of the Caliphate, with large muslim populations in every major city and pro-Islamic broadcasting forced down our necks 24/7.

      As if….


  4. Fred Stubber says:

    Five Live covered the new development in the Rotherham abuse story quite well this morning, except that they didn’t mention who the abusers were.



  5. Edited Highlights says:

    Not ‘trending’ on the BBC….actually can’t even find the story….

    “300 victims groomed and assaulted by Oxfordshire gangs, report finds”


  6. Ember2014 says:

    Despite a reasonably objective interview – last week – with a former teacher of Emwazi, saying he had anger problems, the BBC decides instead to push his headteacher’s views on the news site. Views that sound all too much like the response given by a naive head in an OFSTED interview.

    In other words the BBC is pushing the “Emwazi was radicalised by MI5” line.


    • ID says:

      Yes, when the BBC states that it is “the highest duty of the British government to protect its citizens”, they mean that it is the highest duty of the British goverment to prevent “groomed and vulnerable true Brits” from putting themseles in harm’s way in Syria. Whatever they might do to non-Muslim sections of British society seems to be of minimal concern. Might not being brought up in a Muslim milieu, reading the Koran and going to the mosque be a better indicator of “radicalisation” than failed potty training? No one ever seems to think that it might be a good idea to encourage those who are unhappy in the West to go elsewhere. Some one was even suggesting posting British policemen in Turkey to intercept those at risk. An ex-head of an security service Cynthia Snide-Ballocks? was worrying about the freedom of speech of “British” jihadi propagandists at British universities. I suppose that’s why they tried to stop Geert Wilders from entering the country – not British enough to forgive and forget all those Muslim murder attempts. God help us all.


    • ID says:

      Newsshite must think its indigenous viewers are complete retards. Evans nods sagely as group vacuous of Muslim girls complain about “the negative image of Islam in the media”. “We have got to make Britain more welcoming so people won’t go else where”. If Britain is unwelcoming and Islamophobic why come here in the first place? Do everyone a favour and stay away.


  7. Charlatans says:

    When one is trying to glean facts about how the situation came about, it is so God dam annoying that Labour and BBC Bias is so blatantly obvious and astounding, when they try and cover it up and do not identify the causes of the problems they are attempting to discuss on political programmes.

    Just seen the Daily Politics where the chronic house building shortage was being discussed and the Government’s proposed scheme for those under 40 to get a 20% discount on new homes to be built.

    It is unbelievable that such a prodigious political information programme like Daily Politics did not factually identify the two main causes of the current housing shortage which has brought about the current situation, namely:

    1. During Labours last term in office only an average of 29,000 new homes were built per annun despite:

    2. importing millions of immigrants to expand our population.

    How can one make a judgement on who has the best policy if the actual reason for the current situation is not being factually identified.

    The Labour politician they had on was Lisa Nandy, who tried to speak over the Tory guy every time he made half-hearted attempts to raise the legacy Labour left our nation and their appalling record was not factually included within Jo Co or programme video information narrative itself.


    • Geyza says:

      Indeed, labour wrecked the housing market through uncontrolled expansion of debt, whilst labour ministers flipped houses on expenses and made themselves into millionaires in the process. Now we have a generation of young adults who will have to spend their entire lives paying a Mortgage that most of them will not be able to afford. And many will never ever be able to afford to own their own homes.

      The BBC also ignores the massive and unsustainable pressures caused by labour’s uncontrolled immigration policies (which have been continued by the coalition parties.)

      The BBC also ignore this massive elephant in the room when it comes to the NHS. Midwives are struggling under the ever growing workload in supporting ever increasing numbers of foreign immigrants having babies here. In addition, in Pakistani Muslim communities, there has been a huge increase in infant deformaties due to their cultural incestuous practices. Again, far too taboo for the BBC.


      • Bob Nelson says:

        The Daily Politics is always more left-biased when Jo Coburn is in sole charge (she was wearing red yet again, today).
        I was waiting for the balancing comment to the woman-in-the-street who thought David Cameron was a bit of a ‘marshmallow’, but it never came. Not that I disagree with her.


      • Flexdream says:

        I know that within the medical world there is now recognition of the problem of inbreeding due to certain, er … ‘cultural’ practices.


  8. Doublethinker says:

    You would think that this would make a good BBC Investigative story wouldn’t you, Mass Rape in the UK in the 21st Century. Everyone knows that if it wasn’t that the perpetrators were Muslim it would be a story that the BBC would never let drop. Quite rightly so ,it is of enormous public interest, but the BBC keep it well below the radar. So much for their high standards of journalism , fearless pursuit of the truth, refusal to be swayed by outside influence etc etc.
    Community cohesion is important now that we have millions of unwanted immigrants in our midst but not at the price of thousands of young girls being raped. You can’t build trust and cohesion on lies.


    • John Anderson says:

      Last week Radio 4 Extra repeated a play – “Holding on to You – about a 14 year old girl groomed by an older “boyfriend and then passed round to his mates. Pimped. Threats of violence to her and her family if she told anyone.

      In other words – based directly on what we ALL knew had been happening in many towns, overwhelmingly by men of Pakistani heritage.

      It had been produced in 2013 in conjunction with Children in Need. The girl had initially been contacted on Facebook through using a mobile number when ordering a pizza.

      Children in Need – and the BBC knew full well by then what the play was really about – and which section of the community was overwhelmingly responsible for this type of crime. But they deliberately hid this

      BUT – the abuser’s name was Jay, he did not sound in any way ethnic. So – deliberate obfuscation of a major social issue.

      Disgusting. Bloody liars, the lot of them.


    • Mr Glodstone says:

      You can’t build trust and cohesion with the followers of Islam.

      As Bill Warner said –
      “Every Islamic state in the world is one that Islam has conquered through Jihad, and over time has destroyed the culture and religion of the indigenous people.
      There is no multiculturalism in Islam…every Muslim country becomes 100% Islamic eventually.
      There has never been a culture where Islam and kaffirs existed in long term peace. After a long enough period of time, Islam takes over the civilization. This is the goal of Islam.”


    • Mr_Twister says:

      Someone like……Jill Dando maybe?


  9. Germanicus says:

    The alBeeba and guardian narratives today are that Mohammed Emwazi (I refuse to call him Jihadi J*** as I find it offensive to give him such a matey nickname, they’ll soon be calling him J-Jo) are that he is a lone-wolf killer, as we know this tactic from the lefties at the BBC allows them to exclude islam as his motive as they single him out as a rogue loner. The guardian’s headline is about how he was the best IT salesman his previous employer ever had. So fucking what?? These apologists are as much the enemy within as the muslims who wants sharia in the UK.


    • Mark says:

      It’s like saying that Heinrich Himmler was the best herbal doctor many Germans ever had.


      • Phil Ford says:

        Dr Goebbels knew a thing or two about effective PR and marketing, too!


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        I believe Himmler was actually a pig farmer..,,,maybe Dr Mengele would be better!


  10. Dazzy Boy says:

    More stories about grooming gangs in Rochdale, I was accused of being racist when I was talking about these grooming gangs, but the gangs in Rotherham were of Pakistani decent while the ones in Bristol were Somalians, so very different ethnic races.

    The common denominator = ISLAM


    • lmda says:

      The brief news report I have just heard on BBC radio 4 specifically said the men charged were “not of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin” but the names published online (save one) all look solidly Muslim. Anyone know where they are from? (culturally).


    • Mr Glodstone says:

      The members of these gangs should always be described by their religion not their race; it is their religion which is the common denominator, it has nothing to do with race. Those who were among the first victims of Muslim rape gangs in the U.K. during the 1980’s were Sikh girls.

      I don’t think there will be any Pakistani heritage Christian or Hindu men involved in this type of crime here in Britain. It is an insult to other Asians and non-Muslim Pakistanis to use either of those epithets to describe these perpetrators.


  11. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘Ten men charged over Rochdale child abuse claims’

    Well, it’s taken long enough – perhaps that’s why they’re called the plod?

    ‘Assistant Chief Constable Ian Wiggett said: “This investigation is one of a number of cases which comes under the umbrella of Operation Doublet’

    Operation Doublet … where do they get these codewords?

    Some obscure tie-in with Wolf Hall?

    No, I’ve got it…. according to the Reports, it’s only recently the Police stopped referring to the girls as Hose


  12. Dazzy Boy says:

    I also agree with Rob we have got to stop calling him Jihadi John. He was called John because there were four jihadists from Britain so they were named after the Beatles. John Lennon was a peaceful man, a musical genius who brought pleasure to millions. Emwazi was named Mohammad after the Prophet who also like cutting peoples heads off.


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘John Lennon was a peaceful man…’

      Try telling that to his first missus.


  13. John Anderson says:

    2.15pm, Radio 4, here we go with yet another afternoon play set in Pakistan ! First couple of minutes – apologia for Islam, “we are peaceful, misunderstood, yada yada yada”.


  14. Bodo says:

    So panorama tonight kicks off a four-part series about what we actually want governments to do for us, and how it will affect our vote in the May general election. The four most important factors according to the BBC are; a home, a job, sense of community, and an optimistic future.

    Two things I predict in advance with 100% confidence.

    The program will take an overtly statist approach, where only the ‘big government approach’ of the sort that Labour intends can possibly provide us with these four basic needs.

    Prediction two. Immigration, which has had a devastating effect on all four areas, will not be mentioned at all.


    • Rob says:

      I find the Tory Party just as statist these days to be honest.

      vote ukip.


      • London Calling says:

        BBC and C4 have just run smear “drama-docs” in which a UKIP victory with N Farrage embarks on mass deportation of “immigrants” (in fiction, “all recent immigrants”, not just “illegal immigrants”, careless distinction which overlooks official government policy)

        People need to get real about this. There is nothing “wrong” with enforcing your own country’s border controls. The consequence is “deportation” of illegals. That is why you have border controls.

        The Left are always squeamish, looking for an excuse to chant “Waycist” ,but there are 800m Africans who would have a better life in Britain, if we could accommodate them. Can’t hear any Labour droid with the guts to say “enough!” Somalis welcomed here (by Tony) have tried to kill us.

        BBC documentary film producers retire to their comfortable dachas in Hampstead, Barnes and Chiswick, free of any likely consequences of their “caring” veneer. That is foisted on the rest of us.

        When will BBC run a docu-drama on the consequences of electing Milliband. (Rivers of blood, social collapse, currency collapse, power cuts… just speculating! It’s fiction isn’t it?)


      • Alan says:

        There is no difference, Rob. The political arguments are a game to give you the impression that something will change and that voting matters. It used to be called a ‘One Pary State’. However, it is now morphing into ‘One World Government’.

        I’d vote Soiclaist Workers Party before I voted Lib/Lab/Con. But I’ll settle for UKIP as things stand.


    • Phil Ford says:

      “…Prediction two. Immigration, which has had a devastating effect on all four areas, will not be mentioned at all.”

      Or perhaps it will be mentioned, but only couched in terms of how much it has ‘enriched’ and ‘diversified’ the UK?


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        Or perhaps it will be mentioned, but only couched in terms of how much it has ‘enriched’ and ‘diversified’ the UK?

        Folk can spot the more blatant examples, but the most insidious technique is the ‘On the one hand ….., on the other hand …, but Dr. Very Smart Female Expert, from Top University, London, has done extensive research in this area and has demonstrated that, counter-intuitively, everyone is better off for the benefits that, blah, blah.


        • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

          Too true, except if they could find Dr. Very Smart Black Lesbian Expert they’d put her on instead, and she’d be wheeled on for an opinion on just about everything.


          • Ian Rushlow says:

            Wheeled on literally, of course, as she would be in a wheelchair. It goes so well with being ethnic and lesbian. Oh, and don’t forget the headscarf! BBC Bingo!


    • Dave says:

      Sense of community…on the BBC? Expect the following:
      i) Cue Thatcher quote “there’s no such thing as society” followed by discussion of what can be done to heal the wounds of the 80’s where working class communities were destroyed by the evil Tories
      ii) Where can we look to find an example of ‘community’ in modern Britain? Here’s an interview with Mo from somewhere like the Rochdale Community centre (Actually the sign outside says the Rochdale Islamic Centre, built with funds from Saudi Arabia…but they’ll not mention that) What can we learn from immigrant communities in Britain?

      Can I have a commission from Newsnight?


      • Arthur Penney says:

        “Do we want to be a society that is supportive, that is inclusive and compassionate, where it is acknowledged that not all can prosper, where those who are most vulnerable, most in need of help, are not seen as lazy or scrounging or robbing the rest of us for whatever they can get?”

        M Sheen – getting the plaudits in the Guardian today

        ” The quality of our lives will depend upon how much each of us is prepared to take responsibility for ourselves and each of us prepared to turn round and help by our own efforts those who are unfortunate.”

        Anon – whoever she may be.


      • John Anderson says:

        Radio 4 this afternoon gave Billy Bragg a half-hour programme to eulogise some unknown Durham miner who also wrote and sang some songs – just one long rant as usual.

        How much does Bragg get paid for this puerile propaganda ?


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘So panorama tonight kicks off a four-part series about what we actually want governments to do for us, and how it will affect our vote’

      You have covered the reality, so the notion of the BBC telling folk what they want based on that unique perception of what needs to be, is erring on the silly now.


  15. Roland Deschain says:

    Dellers at Breitbart.

    BBC Bias is Beyond a Joke. And Unfortunately It’s Here to Stay.


  16. Phil Ford says:

    New: Climate Change by Numbers
    Monday 9pm BBC Four

    A look at three key numbers that clarify the important questions on climate change, giving a unique perspective on what we know about the past, present and future of our climate. Also in HD. [AD,S]

    Length1 hour 15 mins News & Documentaries, Science

    I’m going to watch this tonight. I know. It’s not good for the health, nor is it particularly advisable if one is hoping for an unbiased, truthful examination of the CAGW scam.

    It’s going to be (yet another) relentless propaganda piece from the BBC – they’re certainly making sure they get ’em all in before May’s election, aren’t they? We’ve had the anti-UKIP piece (Meet The Ukippers – BBC2), we’ve had the pro-EU piece (The Great European Disaster (also BBC Four)) and now we’re going to have the pro-CAGW ‘documentary’, doubtless a sop to their chums in the pro-CAGW EU collective hive mind.

    Hands up how many will take the challenge and force themselves to watch this travesty of ‘science’..?

    No? Nobody?


    • Bob Nelson says:

      If I thought there was the slightest chance that this will be an unbiased examination of CAGW I would watch it. Presumably it is not ‘live’ so the outcome is known. It would not be broadcast if it didn’t confirm the BBC’s entrenched position.
      I’ll record it and await your judgement, Phil.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Not worth watching, but, I will watch the El Alamein Tank battle on Quest, and then watch the last 15 minutes. Three ignorant mathematicians will look at three numbers, as the BBC admits “The stories behind these numbers involve an extraordinary cast of characters, almost all of who had NOTHING TO DO WITH CLIMATE CHANGE”. Norman Fenton, Professor of Risk Information Management, David Spiegelhalter, Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk and Dr Hannah Fry will look at the wider conception of uncertainty as going beyond what is measured to model uncertainty, the unknown and the unmeasurable. (1) 0.85 degrees (the amount of warming the planet has undergone since 1880): I thought it was 0.76 degrees. (2) 95% (the degree of certainty climate scientists have that at least half the recent warming is man-made): I thought this 95% was 90% until the German delegation at the last IPCC junket insisted on this politically induced figure. (3) One trillion tonnes (the total amount of carbon we can afford to burn – ever – in order to stay below ‘dangerous levels’ of climate change): I thought this was the assumption with no long-term correlation that is at the core of all Computer Model errors. So the BBC continues to censor Causational Climate science, Causational Climate Scientists and scientific debate about the Cause of Climate Change, and instead produces this piece of rubbish. Rubbish because although number (1) is roughly correct, number (2) is a politically induced opinion, and even the true opinion of a scientist is irrelevant in any calculation, and number (3) has never had any proof, and I think has effectively been proved wrong since 2011 by the Unified Theory of Climate.


    • Old Goat says:

      It’s part and parcel of the BBC contribution to the Road to Paris.
      “Green lights all the way…”


  17. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    For anyone with the technology, and interested enough, to listen to boring, snoring Lord Hall Hall, he was on the BBC NHS News Channel from around 15.50, basically saying 97% of the population consume the BBC one way or other, so you all should be paying, you greedy ********!


    • Old Goat says:

      Ah, that magic 97% – it’s just SO popular.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Apparently 97% of scientists agree the BBC believes in man-made global warming.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        Maybe 97% of scientists follow the majority Opinion, while 3% of scientists think for themselves. Therefore, only if we can get 51% of scientists to think for themselves will the other 49% change their mind. That’s what makes number (2) a piece of loony rubbish.


        • Ian Rushlow says:

          The figure of 97% is way too low. The correct statistic is: “100% of scientists with a vested interest in doing so believe in global warming”. Research grants all round chaps – make mine a double!


  18. Ember2014 says:

    There’s an article at about renationalising the rail network. Look out for that in Panorama.


  19. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    BREAKING: England footballer Adam Johnson arrested for sex with underage blah, blah,… The most significant thing I can see about this guy is that he is hideously white. Just in time for the Six News. There was a danger that the Rochdale arrests, coming so soon after the Rotherham report, could have led the public to wrongly make assumptions about …..

    Wasn’t the Cliff Richard smear released just after the publication of the Rotherham report? How odd.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      BBC and C4 both placed Adam Johnson higher up the order than Rochdale. C4 did not mention ethnic origin or religion of the Rochdale arrests. At least the Beeb said ‘Asian’.


    • pah says:

      The Rochdale case is far, far more important than the Johnson case. Why? Because the Rochdale case involves Muslims? The Rochdale case involves multiple victims? Because Rochdale is yet another mass grooming scandal? Because Rochdale was compounded by Labour politics which prefers that girls suffer rape and torture rather than upset ‘community cohesion?’ Because the Johnson case was underage but consensual? Because Johnson is a footballer?

      Take your pick according to your own prejudices but it doesn’t matter because Rochdale stands out by a mile as the more serious crime.

      NB Johnson is no Ched Evans. This was a consensual relationship that was reported to the police by the irate father. But ask yourselves this. What sort of 27 year old fucks a 15 year old, consensual or not? Thinking she was really 16 is not really an excuse …


    • dave s says:

      Amusing and true. In fact the BBC is the joke and a very bad one at that. Every day in every way it becomes more absurd and more detached from reality.
      All it needs to finish it off is time.
      Last night’s offering was really bad. Even if you agreed with the premises it was still awful television and looked as if it was put together by amateurs.


  20. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    Did my usual weekly look at iPlayer last night, trying to find the odd diamond in the rough of their documentary output. On the plus side there’s old Larry Olivier still going strong in World at War. Hurray! Mind you it is 40 odd years old and an ITV programme originally.

    Then on to a history programme about monasteries, presented by that big-faced goth girl – who is a bit irritating but the programme at least wasn’t awful.

    Finally there’s labour luvvie Michael Sheen agitating about the Chartists in the valleys. I managed about 10 minutes of that old nonsense, whose message seemed to be ‘why aren’t governments more left wing?’

    There was also something called ‘Meet the Kippers’ which I didn’t watch as I assumed it would be a hatchet job.

    Thank god I stopped my licence paying for these biased bastards!


  21. Kennedy says:

    I thought there might be a thread on the BBC4 thing about the EU. Living outside UK these days I have to wait until the pirates post it. I didn’t even last ten minutes. Perhaps when I am calmer I might post a reasoned review. My first vote was in the EU referendum when I was a “NO” supporting Tony Benn et al. Obviously I’ve crossed political sides these days, but still have a soft spot for “Old Labour”. Your tax payers money paid for the stupid programme that was made with the money of UK taxpayers.


  22. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Major whinge-a-thon on Channel 4 News – it seems detainees in Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre don’t like being there. What a shocker! Maybe we should just release them all?

    Channel 4 News interviewed Esther Izigwe. who was released from Yarl’s Wood at the end of January.

    Judging from the film of Ester’s current domestic situation; if that’s her taxpayer funded accommodation, she’s hit the jackpot! There must be millions of Britons who have worked all their lives and can’t afford a place like that! Her ‘thanks’ is to list her grievances to C4. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you, Esther!

    Yarl’s Wood: undercover in the secretive immigration centre


  23. johnnythefish says:

    Excuses for The Great Wind Turbine Failure have begun.

    Jeremy Vine Show today had a feature on the proposed new tidal lagoons in S Wales.

    Cue discussion on ‘renewable’ energy during which Vine gobsmackingly asks (paraphrased) ‘Why weren’t we told these wind turbines would be unreliable, breaking down and falling apart when birds hit them etc etc in fact not renewable at all’ (he failed to mention the myth of ‘capacity’ always trotted out whenever a new wind farm is being proposed).

    Er, Jeremy luv, I think you’ll find there were plenty of people telling the BBC just that – and more – it was simply the BBC had already made a commitment to its 28gate mates and didn’t want to listen.

    Then we had a caller telling us the rise of the wind turbine was all about big business and landowners being greedy for subsidies. No mention at all, and no correction from Our Jeremy, about Miliband’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and ridiculous renewable energy targets i.e. the whole effing wind turbine/renewables mess being driven by successive governments.

    Well, at least it could be a start. On the other hand, Vine could be getting around to loving Big Brother as we speak….


  24. Lunchtime Loather says:

    Another classic response from BBC Complaints came my way today…

    I wrote to them last week (yes, I know) and complained that my comments left on Radio 2’s Facebook page in response to posts by the Jeremy Vine Show were being routinely deleted. The first response I had told me that they probably went because they were racist, offensive or liable to cause harm to children. As they had obviously not bothered to read my message to them I asked to take the complaint to the next stage.

    I received a further reply this evening with provided me with this wonderful explanation: Jeremy Vine’s programme team tell us they actually didn’t remove the posts in question. These were hidden. We will not correspond further in response to additional points, or further comments or questions, made about this issue or our responses to it.

    So, they didn’t vanish because they were deleted. They vanished because they were hidden.

    Silly me. I’m off to flush my head down the toilet.


  25. johnnythefish says:

    Today’s TWATO had a feature on the pricing of designer handbags, someone having discovered that the optimum price for someone who couldn’t really afford one but wants to be seen owning one and would be prepared to buy is £300.

    Becoming big business in Japan, we were told, where apparently – and this was so unbelievable the BBC bird could not hide the astonishment in her voice – women were even prepared to make their own lunch to take to work to save up the money.

    Well, blow me down, make your own butties to take to work. How very could they!

    A small vignette hugely illustrative of the BBC mindset that comes into play whenever they get on their high horses about poverty, the living wage, the ‘bedroom tax’, the deprived younger generations, ‘can’t afford the basics’ etc. etc.


    • outsider says:

      If ‘boids are so outraged by economic inequality in this country, the sensible thing to do would be resign post haste en masse.

      It’s axiomatic that each one of those five billion pounds could be deployed every year far more productively if spent not on state tv but on improving conditions for the poor.


  26. lojolondon says:

    More news you won’t see on the Biased BBC – freezing weather is really bad, because it undermines the whole global warming scam –


  27. Becca says:

    Al Beeb reporting Britain’s defence cuts.
    Surely the first concern of any country is its defence? Yet our government continues to give millions away in foreign aid. Is Cameron leaving our country vulnerable to attack? This is very worrying.
    For once, Al Beeb seem to have their ‘finger on the pulse’.


  28. George R says:

    “Licence fee is outdated, admits BBC boss:

    “Lord Hall thinks changes are needed to secure the Corporation’s future ”

    Read more:


  29. thoughtful says:

    The news from Manchester today. 10 more paedophile Muslims have been arrested and charged, unusually the BBC has reported their names.

    Also in the news but not mentioned on the BBC

    Iranian who raped a woman and was caught trying to flee the country to Romania. Presumably if he was on a refugee passport or seeking asylum he wouldn’t be able to return to Iran.

    An illegal Shisha den which is exactly the kind of place we are told Jihadi John liked to frequent, but the authorities are no so much bothered about the illegality of smoking indoors, or the substances being smoked, or the religious zealotry of the customers, but the fire risk posed !
    Well it might be a little like jailing Al Capone on tax evasion charges because they couldn’t make anything else stick, but this is Britain and it’s more likely that failing to meet fire regs is actually considered the most serious offence !


    • johnnythefish says:

      Shisha and the law for bar-owners

      The law classes shisha smoking the same as cigarette smoking.

      It is illegal to smoke shisha in an enclosed public space, or a space that’s mostly-enclosed.

      To smoke in any public premises with a roof, at least half the wall space must be open.

      If people are smoking shisha in your premises YOU are committing a criminal offence.

      Bar owners and managers face fines of:

      up to £2,500 for allowing smoking in a smoke-free place
      up to £1,000 for not displaying a no-smoking sign.

      Obviously rigorously enforced with the same zeal the pub owner in Blackpool was pursued. Not.


  30. chrisH says:

    I didn`t watch the “Great European Disaster” or whatever the BBC put out on BBC4 last night.
    The very premise that ANGUS DEAYTON-ex druggie, whore-employer and all-round BBC archetype-would be ALLOWED to accompany a little girl out of the country…without a CRB check, a DBS check and a note to say that he never met Jimmy Savile(oh-wait-he did!…so keep Angus off the plane FFS!)
    In short-another bedwetting paean to the EuroDictatorship from the taxpayer-funded BBC.
    They must be doubly incontinent-hence the endless tripe about what a vote for UKIP will mean.
    I`m voting for them anyway.


  31. George R says:

    Think the opposite of what HALL says-

    “Tony Hall said “a sleep-walk into decay for the BBC” would mean “a UK dominated by global gatekeepers, partial news and American tastemakers”.

    Hall really intends:- ‘The political BBC would mean “a UK dominated by INBBC global gatekeepers, BBC biased news and E.U. tastemakers”.’


    • Richard Pinder says:

      At the moment I have British, Russian and Arab TV news sources, and the British BBC is by far the most politically correct censorious gatekeeper. We need a more honest news source like Fox News, as honest people are less censorious and therefore politically incorrect.


    • pah says:

      There’s a simply solution to the foreign influence schtick;

      1. All media outlets in the UK MUST be based in the UK.
      2. All media outlets MUST be owned by British citizens
      3. All owners must reside for a minimum of 100% of the year in the UK; holidays excepted.
      4. All owners must derive the majority of their income from the UK.
      5. No owner nor outlet may take funding or advertising from companies whose main profits exist outside of the UK.
      6. The BBC must be privatised or legally obliged (monitored by an independent committee ) to ensure political balance.

      Now there is no incentive for any outlet to be anti-British nor to work against British interests as they will be the same thing.

      The internet is another thing but as it is uncontrollable there is no point wasting resources trying to. If people want foreign news or programmes that is what the internet is for surely?


  32. Uncle Bup says:

    Have the BBC found Jihadi John’s baby-sitter yet.

    Can only be a matter of time.


  33. Geoff says:

    Plenty of excellent examples of ‘enrichment’ on Crimewatch right now, almost laughable that they ask us for help to ID a group of obviously Roma deception thieves, but of course thats not the way the bBC describe them….


  34. TrueToo says:

    Amnesty International? What a foul organisation. The other day on the World Service I heard them equating Israel with ISIS. What a brilliant move from Amnesty scum . They expressed their hostility towards both Israel and ISIS, killing two birds with one stone. I guess there are plenty people stupid and biased enough to imagine that makes Amnesty impartial.

    But I suspect that they dislike Israel far more than ISIS.

    The only time I ever heard the BBC voice mild criticism of Amnesty was when a World Service guy interviewed Amnesty head Irene Kahn after her retirement with a cosy little reward of close to a million quid. He was aghast at the sum and pointed out that it was inappropriate given the fact that Amnesty was funded by donations from ordinary people.

    I guess he was one of the donors and was kicking himself for lining her pockets when he was thinking the money would go to a worthy cause.


    • Teddy Bear says:

      The other day on the World Service I heard them equating Israel with ISIS

      It shows the poor mentality of those that accept their spin, and that of many other groups and organisations including the BBC with a similar propaganda.

      So long as journalists feel quite comfortable and safe reporting from Gaza at the height of any conflict with Israel, providing of course they toe the Hamas line, yet know they would lose their heads if they did the same in any region where IS are engaged, just shows how ludicrous is their equation.

      There’s a simple bit of logic that will never be aired by the BBC.


  35. Truthdoctor says:

    BBC unveils new poster to promote documentary explaining what muslims really want from us.


  36. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Global warming contributed to Syria’s 2011 uprising, scientists claim

    US study claims regime’s unsustainable agricultural policies meant drought led to collapse of farming in north-eastern region and triggered mass migration to cities and added to feelings of discontent

    The prolonged and devastating drought that sparked the mass migration of rural workers into Syrian cities before the 2011 uprising was probably made worse by greenhouse gas emissions, US scientists say.

    The study is one of the first to implicate global warming from human activities as one of the factors that played into the Syrian conflict which is estimated to have claimed more than 190,000 lives.


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      FFS. Facepalm. The bullshittery of AlBeeb and the Grauniad is relentless.


    • Lobster says:

      The drought didn’t seem to have much effect on next door neighbour Israel, did it? Funny that.


    • dave s says:

      The fantasies of the Western elite imperil us all now. Apart from Israel all the ME countries are dysfunctional. They are just that way.


    • orwellspeak says:

      I thought the Iraq war led to mass migration of Iraqis into Syria.Dams built by Turkey also affect flow of river into Syria.Over population and no contraception also leads to mass youth bulge of people with unemployment and disaffection due to political /religous (islamic)systems ?


    • Arthur Penney says:

      Oh – I thought it was ‘unsustainable agricultural policies’.


  37. Angrymanupnorth says:

    BBC4 2100 until 2215 “Climate Change By Numbers”

    3 warmist mathematicians on the BBC’s latest AGW based documentary. A delectable AGW gateaux mixed with data manipulation, baked by modelling magician and iced by statistical Mystic Meg predictor guru.

    Whilst interesting basic mathematical tools were introduced to the viewer, and the presenters were bright (and two were particularly so) and had specific areas of expertise, all were worshippers at the alter of models, belief, fear, state funders and metropolitan urbanite elites. The conclusion seamed to be that we need to limit the burning of Carbon to 1 trillion tonnes, to save London from flooding, droughts in the med, yadda yadda. And of course plants were never mentioned. Nor the complete mysteries of water vapour as a GHG. Nor …….

    I will await more erudite critiques from those less busy than I on this propaganda. To the makers of the program – If you’re that worried, move out of London. Live on a hill. Reduce your own carbon footprint.

    What gave me a chuckle was the juxtaposition of this program with the follow up program “The 1.7Billion Dollar Fraud”. 🙂

    Vote UKIP. Common Sense Not Common Purpose.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Well said.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Computer Models can be useful if you use the oldest data in the records. Use of the most up to date Software and the most up to date Hardware, combined with the oldest data means that you can always start a prediction from say 1980. You can then make a 100 year prediction in which you could test the first 35 years with Observations. I am sure the charlatans have done this, and always failed with the carbon dioxide theory. I remember Peter Lilly mentioning retrospective runs on BBC Parliament to an invited charlatan, the charlatan was momentarily flustered, but I don’t think any Journalists would have understood Peter Lilly’s question, so it passed unnoticed.

      As for the correlations between the length of the Solar Cycle and Climate Change, the Computer Models can be run from 1755, and if the runs produce what actually happened between 1755 and 2015, then the prediction beyond 2015 has a high degree of confidence. And that is what is behind the prediction of a coming Mini-Ice Age.


      • Steve Jones says:

        I disagree. The models are useless as they do not incorporate all of the physical phenomena that drive the climate (clouds and aerosols being just two, there are many more). Also, error propagation in iterating algorithms using numbers stored in a computer to finite accuracy quickly swamp the models. That is why they are ‘parametised’ to keep the results within pre-determined ranges. All of this is known to real computer modellers.
        I could write a program that models the climate and produces an ice age every time. It would be useless, just like the models that produce warming every time.


        • Richard Pinder says:

          But if the speed of plasma in the Sun is the dominant factor in a correlation, and the cause of the tidal effects in the Sun are known, and the correlation is explained by Solar magnetic effects on Cloud Albedo, then all other factors in Climate Change can be ignored. Everything else incorporated in all of the other physical phenomena can be explained in what is called Weather.

          The BBC censors those Computer models produced by Astronomers such as Ed Fix, Carlo Tosti, Nicola Scafetta, Paul Vaughan, Ian Wilson and David Archibald which can be used to explain what causes Cloud Albedo changes.

          Also I heard that they can use self learning programs which eventually tally with the observations, and do not depend on programmers knowing how the program has come to correlate with observations. But as you say, it does look as if the state funded charlatans have the most out of date incompetent programmers. I suppose they must be unemployable in the real World.


      • Eris says:

        I believe that there is a fundamental logical problem in attempting to computer model a complex chaotic system such as the climate.
        It is literally impossible to mathematically predict a complex chaotic system.
        Whatever they do their computer model predictions can never match reality.
        Try explaining that to a journalist or someone who works at the Beeb, though – as far as they’re concerned if a dude with a PhD says 2+2=5, then it does. End of story.


        • Richard Pinder says:

          The complex chaotic part seems to be weather, if it was Climate, I don’t think we could survive for long. But I think its best to ignore the chaotic part and look for patterns in correlations with past weather events. I think that is how Pier Corbyn betters the Met Office in long term weather prediction.


          • Steve Jones says:

            Don’t forget the other big problem with BBC reporting of Climate Change; none of the environment cabal has a science background or qualifications. All of the points you raise about modelling, physical processes and trying to make meaningful predictions would make a great science programme, if not a whole series, if dealt with by an objective scientist. Alas, this will never happen. Today’s BBC science coverage must involve Brian Cox jetting off to exotic locations at our expense to do nothing more productive than the equivalent of using a magnifying glass to scorch ants.


            • Richard Pinder says:

              Another point I did not mention: The prediction of Tides and Planetary movements predate Computers: As this also relates to Solar Tidal prediction for the length of the Solar Cycle, at least some of those Astronomers are using the Computers to speed up predictions using old fashioned tried and tested methods used before Computer Modelling.

              Also remember that the Greenies always turn up at Britain’s oldest 3,000 year old Astronomical computer at Stonehenge, just at the correctly predicted time every year.

              The only known BBC employee with any qualifications in causational climate science is Paul Hudson, he has a first class degree in Planetary Physics, but being associated with Professor Lockwood of Reading University, he probably now realises the game is up for the BBC, Lockwood was involved with the production of the bogus rebuttal of the Svensmark theory using low energy cosmic rays rebutting a theory based upon high energy cosmic rays. One journalist is known to have picked this up, but Nigel Calder has now died, so the genie is still in the box.


  38. noggin says:

    “In every year there was a set that was the Muslim Mafia that hung out together and were “very religious” ..UH OH!.
    “So many of them are second generation immigrants whose parents are still very much “in touch” with their culture … UH OH!

    looks like for Jihadi Mohamhead … .BEING MORE PIOUS IS BAD NEWS
    Oh no … not the Jehovah witnesses influence again?
    scrap the BBC … now!


  39. Uncle Bup says:

    Droid on Newsnight talking to young ukippers;

    ‘You’re young; shouldn’t you be left-wing and idealistic?’

    Nothing further.


    • Eris says:

      My hard left sister-in-law said something similar to me once.
      Her politics took a 180 as soon as her kids hit school age.

      Prosecution rests.


  40. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Newsnight. 2 March 2015. A biased review. By Angryman.

    Well done Laura Kuenssberg, who gets a (very short) slot on Newsnight to report on the ongoing child exploitation by Muslim men of predominantly white girls, throughout the country, and evidently the government’s gonna have a meeting about it. Stick with it Laura, you’re country’s girls need you.

    Immediately afterwards, we get a much longer in depth ‘report’ on young Muslim girls looking to find love with their ISIS heroes.

    The Newsnight amoral nose-dive continues, as:

    1. House numbers and immigration figures continue to be unrelated to one another in the real world.
    2. It’s still nothing to do with the Islam, ‘radicalization’ doesn’t happen in the home and in the mosque, and it’s the fault of the media, the internet and the government.
    3. Female terrorists, and other terrorists, need a ‘safe zone’ and need non-Muslims to stop being mean to Muslims and all negative about them?

    Evan interviewed four confused young girls who don’t appear to understand the difference between right and wrong and who think Britain isn’t doing enough! (I’m guessing, but these girls didn’t look like they had been raped and assaulted by anyone, and they were clearly receiving an ‘education’ [funded by me]). Our schools are clearly dangerous places for young minds to be.

    But what’s this – a semi-positive UKIP piece with some young English men???? Are my eyes and ears deceiving me? Go young kippers!

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m on an LSD controlled psychological experiment, and this isn’t really happening.

    And Evan confirms that ‘unboxing’ has been introduced into the OED. Shame Evan doesn’t get onto the OED about their definition of Islamaphobia, which currently has four distinct and different meanings. And Beeboids never clarify what they understand the term to mean when they use it, and consequently, nobody knows what anybody means when the term Islamaphobia is used.

    Worth watching the skydiving clip at the end.


    • Phil Ford says:

      “…Evan interviewed four confused young girls who don’t appear to understand the difference between right and wrong and who think Britain isn’t doing enough!”

      I saw this. Evan Davis seemed a bit unhappy with all four (muslim) girls taking the line that those three (muslim) girls had gone to Syria because they’d been ‘groomed’ and had been feeling ‘alienated’ and ‘picked on’ by an ‘aggressive anti-muslim media’ here in the UK.

      The four girls being interviewed seemed to have no idea why – IF the alleged ‘Islamofauxbia’ actually exists (it doesn’t) – that might be the case..? Anyone have any idea why British people (of all races and ethnicities) might perhaps be a little suspicious, perhaps even afraid of aggressive Islamists..?

      These four girls had no clue. Whether that’s a damning indictment of their common purpose education in these ‘diverse’ and ‘inclusive’ times of ‘safe zones’ where no one is allowed to say anything that might hurt someone’s else’s prejudices, or whether it’s just a simple case of pig ignorance (or even wilful self-delusion)…well, who knows?

      Evan made some attempt to try and discover if they were seriously suggesting there was no other cause for so-called ‘Islamofauxbia’ other than…well, other than simple ‘racism’. None of the girls could see any other reason.

      I despair.


      • Lobster says:

        If it was racism, surely we would see Sikhophobia, Hinduphobia and Buddhistophobia. Has anybody seen any evidence of those because I certainly haven’t. Racism? Bollocks.


        • petebogtrotter says:

          Bollocksphobia all due to the BBC and their lack of honest reporting


          • FYI says:

            I believe the PC brigade are referring to bollocksophobia as ‘feminism’ there days.


  41. stuart says:

    lets name names here,apart from amnesty and liberty these so called human rights groups who could not care less about the victims of these terrorists, there are 2 other groups who should be outed and exposed for there what in i and many peoples view are just funders of the politcial wing of isis this group called cage run by moazaam begg and asim qureshi,cage are hard core islamist and apologists for terrorism.who is funding these groups to carry out there propaganda,yes,the anita ruddick foundation and the joseph rowntree trust has given a total of £600.000 betreen them to this islamist group called cage since free to contact these to groups as i have done to let them know you do not approve of them funding this vile radical islamist group called cage.


  42. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    bBBC NorthWest continued their faithful adherence to Labour’s agenda with a prime-time (7.30 p.m.) half-hour special on ‘what’s wrong with the NHS?’, focussing on Cumbria. Not, as you might think, why did Furness Hospital kill 30 babies and mothers during the Labour government years, and try to cover it all up; but why do some people now have to wait a day or two to get a routine GP appointment.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘BBC NorthWest continued their faithful adherence to Labour’s agenda with a prime-time (7.30 p.m.) half-hour special’

      It was revealed recently on BBC Newswatch that for an ‘experimental’ period up to the General Election BBC regional news would contract their midday bulletins and extend their evening slots – so as to better cover local political issues.

      As has often been noted hereabouts the local BBC news rooms are particular hotbeds of Leftist bias.


      • Flexdream says:

        Sometimes the regions are better. This morning I noticed that while R4 Today stubbornly sticks to ‘militant’ and ‘extremist’ in referring to jihadists that Radio Scotland does use ‘terrorist’.


  43. Englands Dreaming says:

    The Beeb getting in a lather again about the Police shooting of an unarmed (black) man in LA.

    The guy was black so the Police had to shoot him right, what else makes sense?


  44. Alex says:

    I’d also say that the BBC failed in their duty to report the full picture without political censorship. If they’d reported ALL the facts of the case rather than politically correct fragments, then maybe the public would have been more aware of the Muslim dimension to all of this.

    The fact is, the left are more concerned about not upsetting a certain community than protecting children.


  45. Truthdoctor says:

    R4 news at 7am sounds like it was put together by agit prop, left wing students. No mention that the child abuse in oxfordshire was carried out by an Islamic gang.

    More apology for Jihadi john/Mo and how he was against extremism until Mi5 made him do it.

    Now we have a lenghty interview with a jihadist. We hear how he had no fear as the bullets whizzed around him in battle.

    No question at all challenging him about waging jihad. We now hear that he left al Qaeda after realising they had misunderstood real meaning of Islam (religion of peace).

    No question about Islam’s aim to make the whole world submit and live under totalitarian sharia law.


    • Flexdream says:

      The R4 Today programme is by far the most biased of the BBC’s radio news programmes. It leads with any Labour news release, is Islamophilic and is contemptuous of popular culture.


  46. jimbob says:

    words fail me at this article.

    Emwazi claims to have had words put in his mouth by M16
    Emwazi denies being an extremist
    Emwazi “threatened” by MI5

    I know the security services don’t and won’t rebut every single piece of bullshit that is spewed out by these scum but i thought nothing was published by the BBC unless there were 2 sources ?

    Here we have the BBC , given a tape by CAGE and then they mindlessly repeat the jihadi, paedo bullshit.

    what happened to the “it’s not true unless there are 2 sources” ?


    • Guest Who says:

      “What happened to the “it’s not true unless there are 2 sources” ?”

      As the McAlpine case revealed, the BBC again appears to have guidelines that can be interpreted flexibly.

      Two sources can include a one degree of separation ‘supplier’ (like Bill Emmott) and a single source they swear is reliable (like most Nick Robinson scoops).



      • Llareggub says:

        Emwazi claims to have had words put in his mouth by M16
        Emwazi denies being an extremist
        Emwazi “threatened” by MI5

        Oh dear, it looks as if Smiley’s people have done it again.
        And all the time they were merely trying to get this very devout lad to work in yoof clubs in order to rally young mooslims against the far right


    • Flexdream says:

      Under sharia a man’s testimony is worth that of 2 women.


    • ID says:

      Yes, on the Today program they repeated the “recording” a number of times before a CAGE representative was interviewed by some clueless woman who knew how not to ask any pertinent questions. Yet when a “moderate” Muslim was interviewed towards the end of the program, the presenter, when talking about the recording, said ” ..the case was certainly not made..”. Self pleading is never convincing -even by a person of integrity. Why play the recording numerous times when even a Beeboid thinks it has no value as evidence of anything? It is, however, highly valuable to Muslims as exculpatory propaganda. The BBC seems never to have heard of “agenda hijacking” Congratulations to CAGE a small organisation noone had ever heard of who gets the BBC to use resources we pay for to spread its pernicious message It’s hard to believe that an organisation which is always congratulating itself on its intellectual sophistication could be duped so easily.


      • EmersonV says:

        It seems CAGE have become the bbc best buddies, however they are no more than apologists and a mouthpiece for some of the worst dregs of society.

        The bbc should be ashamed.


  47. The Old Bloke says:

    Radio 4, 7.45 am. Interview with specialist concerning the statement from the prime minister about those professionals that turned a blind eye to the mass rape of white children in this country should face criminal charges. I listened with incredulity to the BBC’s interviewer, spoke as those 1200 or so children at Rotherham was a one off and came as a surprise that there were more elsewhere in the country. The BBC have been caught with their pants down concerning the child grooming across the land primarily in Labour controlled councils. Let us hope that David Cameron is true to his words and seeks out those that turned a blind eye and that includes the BBC, for they do indeed deserve to be held to account and if those that have *turned a blind eye in their reporting* are found guilty (which most on this forum to believe to be the case) then they too should also serve prison sentences.
    There are two things I loathe in life at the moment, banks and the BBC. Banks are an unfortunate necessity, the BBC isn’t. Pay for the BBC through a compulsory tax? I would rather go to prison.


    • Another Old Bloke says:

      Dream on Old Bloke. There`s an old English saying’ `Actions speak louder than words` You have lived long enough to know the guilty parties will not be prosecuted but will remain free to practise in their chosen professions, enjoy their retirement, draw their generous tax payer funded pensions, receive their very large redundancy/ Ill health payments and then engage in lucrative consultancies or join the worldwide lecture circuit. One or two will be thrown to the wolves, but they won’t be significant players
      Up to 5 Years imprisonment? In your dreams.
      As we used to say ” Roll on the Revolution” and yes, it will come and maybe quicker than most of us think.
      In May, the way we cast our vote could help hasten the radical overhaul that many moribund, rotten to the core institutions need in order to become fit for purpose. That of course includes one of the worst offenders – the Biased BBC a major contributor to the decline of so much which made the British such a major contributor to the welfare of the peoples of the world.