Petition to sack Jezza reaches 1000 in 10 months!



Sack Jeremy Clarkson… working for truth and justice, a fairer society and a BBC that consists entirely of left wingy mush…

Jeremy Clarkson has proved himself to be a deplorable man. His employment with the BBC is funded through licence fees paid by the general public.

We the undersigned do not believe that a warning is sufficient recourse given Mr Clarkson’s previous discriminatory comments and given the public profile that he has.

The only acceptable way in which the BBC can demonstrate it’s top-level commitment to diversity and equality (on and off/screen) is to relieve Mr Clarkson of his position with immediate effect. We trust that the BBC will act with integrity and take the necessary action.

Kind regards,

Reece Williams and Jayne Linney


Like that ‘kind regards”’as they seek to put a man on the dole and his family on the breadline.


Way to go yet….

Top Gear: 300,000 sign petition supporting Jeremy Clarkson




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130 Responses to Petition to sack Jezza reaches 1000 in 10 months!

  1. Geyza says:

    #BringBackClarkson petition gains 369,611 signitures within 21 hours.

    The BBC will probably ignore them all, yet the acted over a non-racial comment when ONE woman complained over the word “slope”.

    The paedophile protecting BBC (Buggering Boys Club) does not give a shit about their viewers at all.


    • Selohesra says:

      I’d never heard slope used as offensive term – & I expect most others were unaware that they needed to be offended until someone made big fuss of things


      • Llareggub says:

        Me too. It gives a new meaning to the expression ‘Down the slippery slope’.


      • Pounce says:

        It’s an American term that was widespreadly used during the Vietnam war to term the Vietcong


        • scott tait says:

          the term slope pre-dates the vietnamese conflict …it was more widespread in 1850s+ american railroad expantion due to high volumes of imported chinese labour which was radically cheaper than employing caucasian imigrants from mainland europe ect
          The more widespread term Gook used during the vietnam war derives from the earlier philipene uprusing where this term was given to insurgents


  2. AsISeeIt says:

    So I hear Clarkson had done a Naomi Campbell

    ‘It’s not the first time the fiery super model has courted controversy. She has been accused of a string of outbursts in the past, here are her Top Ten ‘hits’….February 2000: Pleads guilty to a 1998 assault on Georgina Galanis, her then assistant… etc etc etc…’

    I’m sure the BBC will soon see beyond Jezza’s little indiscretions and be quite happy to promote him to children as a role model – just like they do with Naomi.

    Naomi Campbell on the catwalk in aid of charity Fashion For Relief
    20 February 2015

    Well, it’s not as though Clarkson ever accepted a blood diamond.


  3. Llareggub says:

    The BBC are rattled by the petition. They have compared it to other petitions which have attracted more signatures – like the Zimmerman issue they pushed day after day with misleading data and phony photographs.
    Says the BBC:

    ‘And what about some of the most popular petitions of all time on the site? More than 2.2m people signed a petition to prosecute George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Treyvon Martin, a black teenager shot by a neighbourhood watch volunteer in the US in 2012’.


    • John Anderson says:

      He also presented an excellent prog on Isambard Brunel as a candidate for “Greatest Living Englishman”. Interesting and entertaining.

      I don’t watch Top Gear – but this whole episode looks like a vendetta against Clarkson. He is too un-PC for the BBC, too forthright for its namby-pamby hothouse culture.


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    As I remember it, Jeremy Clarkson had a chat show that was even more intellectually informative than the Michael Parkinson show.

    Chat shows are now celebrity mush, exclusively reserved for the ignorant, the politically correct, the brainwashed and those repressed by the censorship of free speech.

    Chat shows at the BBC now have “You can’t say that” as the prime directive, so they don’t invite any intelligent guests anymore.


    • Lobster says:

      Not only that Richard, they only invite unintelligent guests who have a book or film to plug.


    • Sir Norman De Plume says:

      Way before that Clarkson talk show was a talk show with Alan Whicker that really was stimulating.
      He had great economists etc to discuss what was really happening in the world!


  5. The Old Bloke says:

    Zimmerman shot Martin in self defence, you know, a bit like when Prescott threw a punch at one of the electorate after being egged. Maybe we should all sign a petition to prosecute Prescott and I’m sure Manonaclaphamomnibus will be the first to sign.


  6. John Anderson says:

    The BBC are being very dishonest in not comparing like with like.

    The keep-Clarkson petition has attracted a record number of primarily BRITISH signatures withing a day of being posted. The Zimmerman petition was pushed in the US – not in the UK.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘The BBC are being very dishonest’

      Practice makes perfect.

      I owe this lady an apology too:


      Listen BBC Director @DannyCohen, if ‘no one is bigger than the club’, how did Saville get gold plated club membership for such a long time?

      No comments thread? Probably wise. Still, it would be good to get a BBC spokesperson to explain the editorial decision of such integrity that left them out.

      You might be interested in: The princess and the homeless Vogue reader

      Or, maybe, not.


      • Neil Andrew says:

        Its hardly dishonest, the comparison is simply on numbers. This site makes me feel like a genius!

        Also, to the OP, I don’t think Clarkson will be on the breadline either way. Is that a joke?!
        You didn’t seem to have such quams about putting Rhona on the breadline!


      • coldwarkid says:

        Not forgetting it’s ‘Sir’ JS’vile, then let’s not forget , DLT, Rolf, Garry Glitter lets face it there are many coming.
        BBC= Bestial Brutalisation of Children.

        All over the years they promoted the ‘beeb’ and ‘comfy’ Auntie, should really have been wicked uncle


  7. Gaon says:

    The insensitive state broadcaster has ignored major news items that could touch us all. Instead they concentrate on a most transparent and disproportionate story about Clarkson that is just pure time wasting fodder and shameless self-publicity!


  8. Fred Sage says:

    The BBC does not like to go very far beyond the outskirts of Manchester for their reporting and notice at weekends the empty desks in their reporting room.


    • coldwarkid says:

      Why would they go out in Salford, it’s far too risky, so they all go back to their homes in London, by taxi.


  9. Guest Who says:

    3000 comments in 4 hrs.

    Not many, safe to say, music to Danny’s ears.

    And that’s before the majority of licence fee payers… and TG viewers… get home from work.


    58. Living By Logic
    300,000 in 18hrs hey?

    Interestingly, the petition on the same forum headed “Sack Jeremy Clarkson” has only managed 1400 in the ten months it has been around, and most of them today.

    If the BBC is a public service, I’d say this is pretty good data on what its customers feel. Let’s see what they do about it.

    Any bets on when the plug gets pulled?


    • Guest Who says:

      Off to sign now.

      The level of BBC misreporting around this story makes the petition for me now a worthy commentary on the state of the BBC.


      • ManonClaphamOmnibus says:

        any real evidence for that comment.As usual noooo.We dont do evidence on this site do we?


        • Guest Who says:

          This ‘we’ you invoke would be who now?

          As it stands still, the BBC has alluded to a lot then promptly reserved the right to say no more until its secret internal procedures have been filtered.

          Despite this, across its reporting estate from main news to magazines to online trending it has encouraged and even set up debates. All based around what the BBC has teased or leaked. And withheld.

          Hence many in the audience are reacting based on what may or may not be accurate, as suits the BBC spinners as this spirals out of their strategic control. Which then gets passed off as ‘reporting’ or ‘analysis’.

          Thank you for the opportunity to clarify.

          As you are here, any comment on the BBC opening up threads during the day and closing after a few hours, and before the vast majority get home from work? Hardly representatative, is it?


        • Guest Who says:

          ‘You’ see very active elsewhere still.

          Back on the topic of the BBC, whenever you are ready…

          ‘any comment on the BBC opening up threads during the day and closing after a few hours, and before the vast majority get home from work? ‘


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Any bets on when the plug gets pulled?’

      This entry is now closed for comments

      3222. mr teapot

      They are predictable at least.

      Sorry Britain, the BBC speaks at you, not for. So that whole ‘we’re listening’ thing? Don’t take it too seriously.


  10. Simon says:

    shows how out of touch the left wing pressure groups are but that isn’t surprising at all


  11. Roderick says:

    Of course, this whole fiasco could be nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt to distract our attention from more serious stuff going on in the world. And I don’t mean Ed Miliband’s wife’s encomium.


  12. JimS says:

    I’ve learnt that Jeremy Clarkson was once cautioned by a Metropolitan Police Officer and that this radicalised him.

    A spokesman for the government-funded charity BRAKE said that, “he had been such a nice quiet boy up until that time and had never ever exceeded the speed limit”.

    The commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force apologised for any upset that his officers might have caused and said, “Jeremy has committed no crime and will be welcome back in London at any time”.

    BBC Newsnight will address the question, “What pushed Jeremy Clarkson off the rails? Where did we all go wrong?”


  13. Guest Who says:….html

    ‘Innocent until proven guilty is a treasured principle – especially if you are a long-serving, charitable BBC paedophile’

    If I was the cat in the Hall, Cohen, Purnell, Fairhead, Boaden or Hockaday households (assuming they can remember how to get back of an evening), I’d make myself scarce.

    A few weasels are making valiant stabs at the ‘fact’ that he ritually disemboweled this hapless employee, but given the BBC reporting and/or lack of has created the usual doubt on their versions, few are buying any more.


    • John Anderson says:

      Yes, the BBC has shot itself in the foot on this one. More and more people are recognising that the BBC is a leftie PC biased organisation.


  14. flexdream says:

    currently 464,637 supporters


    • John Anderson says:

      The site is repeatedly going offline – through traffic overload ?


  15. Guest Who says:

    Someone (I think Framer; if not, apols) elsewhere raised the odd disconnect between ‘sources’ within the BBC claiming Jezza slaughtered the innocents with a chain gun, and the fact that the police seem either uninvolved or uninterested (don’t know if they have a Savile Mind Blank to Cliff Copter scale to assess responses) in what ‘may’ have been a gesture in a general direction. Elderberries optional.

    So as actual confirmed detail remains Glaswegian in extent, this gets a wee bit closer to procedure maybe:

    A few good questions.

    We know how much the BBC loves answering those.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      I noticed in passing on the item that you linked, that the great Alan Yentob is 68 today. A champagne and finger buffet party at the TV poll-tax-payers expense perhaps?!

      Excuse me if I’m missing something but why is Yentob still working at the BBC at 68?


      • Guest Who says:

        Maybe he’s irreplaceab… oh… hang on…


        • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

          Why not retire Yentob and pay his successor, let’s say, £100,000 a year less in view of his/her likely inferior experience? The new salary of over £200,000 would still attract talent and is more than the PM gets.


  16. Richard Pinder says:

    According to the TV listings: You can still watch Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear tomorrow (Thursday) on BBC 3 from 7pm. Also he Stars on a one hour long documentary dedicated to Clarkson on Yesterday, Freeview Channel 19, from 9am and repeated from 2pm.


  17. EmersonV says:

    Top Gear or no Top Gear the bbc still get their TV Tax, probably the only male output the bbc does, we will be left with baking, sewing and dancing, oh and an hour of MOTD…


  18. EmersonV says:

    Over half a million have signed the bbc are in real trouble over this.


  19. Umbongo says:

    The BBC comment pages usually feature 5 comments although you can see more if you wish. Interestingly and, AFAIAA completely against the run of the 3,000+ comments, of the last 5 comments on the (now closed) list no less than 3 are of the “Clarkson is a disgrace” type. The final one is from “Jon Snow” (which is either the lefty Channel 4, BBC wannabe or someone channelling him): the comment reads: “Can someone start a survey [sic] requesting he isn’t taken back, tired of his anti-cycling jibes”. Phew, some good work there by the site editors: if they hadn’t acted quickly (and at that precise moment) to shut down comments, it could have seemed – on a cursory examination – that viewers were heavily supporting Clarkson.


  20. Sinniberg says:

    Well, the petition has passed 500,000!.

    Speaking of other programmes that Jeremy Clarkson has made, he made(or helped make) and fronted a truly excellent programme about the Arctic Convoys.

    If you missed it, please take the time to watch it. It’s the kind of programme that the BBC should be making rather than the drivvel of Eastenders……


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      Yes, i saw that Arctic convoy prog, and very good it was too, he also did an excellent doc on the VC winners, where it transpired that the Major Robert Cain who won the medal at Arnhem, was the father of the wife of Clarkson, and she didn’t know until he died that he had won it…..remarkable.


  21. Vic Carlton says:

    Confirmation today that there are at least 500,000 in this country (or beyond) that do indeed need their heads examining.


    • EmersonV says:

      Don’t like it don’t watch it, for me it is the only bbc output that I think is worth watching, it’s different from the leftist, PC, feminist inspired stale crap we get such as sewing, baking, dancing and wow eastenders or Midwives…


    • #88 says:

      I noticed similar comments in the Guardian…one contributor there reckoning that the 500,000 must be ‘Sun readers’.

      Charming people those patronising hypocrites of the left. Why ordinary working people think that the left is for them is beyond me.

      BTW: Anyone watch the Newsnight debate with Kirsty Allsopp (who managed not to be able to develop her argument) and the gobby Owen Jones (spouting and interrupting with his one dimensional well worn bigotry), chaired by the useless member of the bien pensant BBC liberal elite, Evan Davis? It ever got round to considering what they set out to consider; the liberal left wing establishment that Clarkson was perceived to be railing against.

      It was hopeless. No wonder Newsnight is going down the pan and is having to trawl for viewers on the Ten o Clock News.

      Perhaps Davis and Katz should follow Clarkson out of the door


      • Mark says:

        Combined readership of Guardian, Indy and ‘i’ = 527,000 (source: Audit Bureau of Circulation).

        Signatures on “Reinstate Clarkson” petition = 600,000+ and rising.


      • ManonClaphamOmnibus says:

        I think one of the reasons Kirsty Allsopp has difficulty developing her ideas is she is an idiot. Probably why ,together with her class connections, she is beloved by the Tories.


        • ManonLetsgo says:

          Of course the political Left always claim a monopoly of intelligence and education! They often have little of either and certainly no common sense. Alas, Kirsty A isn’t the worst of those interviewed on TV by any means.


        • johnnythefish says:

          So, Mr Omnibus, as an anti-Thatcher, Labour-supporting, Israel-hating Islamophile, what is it about the BBC that appeals to you?


          • Mat says:

            Well for Molesteronacrampedbus the highlight is deff access to the Jimmy Saville memorial caravan behind the CBBC ‘s building every second Tuesday !


    • tomo says:

      erm … try 1000000 + you prat servers have been locked up for well over 2 hours there’s some irony in that – and when they start hosing the usual libtard shite emails to harvested voters – they are I think in for a surprise…..


      • Llareggub says:

        The problem is that when you exceed 500,000 people whom the left declare to possess some form of mental disorder, the cost of treating them in a socialist re-education programme is prohibitive.


        • johnnythefish says:

          But Llaregub, you’re forgetting – the Viscount Stansgate Memorial Re-education Campus is situated bang in the middle of the money tree forest.


  22. Invicta 1066 says:

    Why is it that the BBC allows so-called comedians to use foul and abusive language (Jo Brand use the F word just about every time she is on QI) Of course provided the swearing, the invective and the abuse is never directed at certain ROP or ethnic groups, at lefties, the labour party etc. all is fine and dandy. Only abuse directed at so-called right wing, politically incorrect, or those who conform to the BBC list of acceptable targets is allowed, indeed recommended


  23. tomo says:

    well then…… computers have crashed sabotage anybody?


  24. Fred Bloggs says:

    Just short of 600,000. I notice the top management of the bBC are keeping their heads down. Probably a good idea.


  25. Stamfrod Raffles says:

    Did he get upset because after a hard days filming because his producer didn’t have a dinner ready, when they always do. And Clarkson thought it was a deliberate wind up because Cohen at the Beeb doesn’t like him and wants him out ?


    • Just Sayin' says:

      no it was gross negligence on the part of the producer who failed to provide food for the entire crew at lunch time, messing up the rest of the days filming.

      The producer should be sacked on 2 grounds. 1st, as mentioned, gross negligence, and 2nd abusing the human rights of the entire crew in failing to provide adequate food.

      If the producer was a british soldier in iraq and done the same to captured terrorists, the BBC and the rest of the left wing pricks in the country would describe this as a war crime and demand the producer be sentenced to death wouldnt they?


      • ManonClaphamOmnibus says:

        ‘no it was gross negligence on the part of the producer who failed to provide food for the entire crew at lunch time, messing up the rest of the days filming. ‘

        Someone should hit him!


  26. flexdream says:

    currently 665,397 supporters

    no, wait it’s 666,009 supporters

    no, it’s now 666,415 supporters …

    well you get the idea

    “‘Top Gear’ Host Jeremy Clarkson’s Petition Crashes Website”


    • ManonClaphamOmnibus says:

      ISIS seem to have a lot of supporters too. So accordingly do the the tribe think they should get more coverage on the telly?


      • Demon says:

        “ISIS seem to have a lot of supporters too”

        I thought you fascists and anti-semites claim that ISIS is supported by only a tiny, tiny, tiny little group of mentally deranged individuals and opposed by 99.9% of all Muslims. So your statement above contradicts all BBC claims – it’s you for the Common Purpose re-education centre.


      • flexdream says:

        ISIS and their supporters, sympathisers and apologists get more than enough TV coverage.


      • johnnythefish says:

        Really, seriously comparing Clarkson to Isis? I think you are.

        You’ve got mental problems, Mr Omnibus. Either that or you’ve had your perspective surgically removed.


        • Disgusted of Essex says:

          “You’ve got mental problems, Mr Omnibus”…

          You mean he’s really “Man Clapping On The Bus” – a guaranteed way to get himself a seat and plenty of personal space.


  27. Dover Sentry says:

    Perhaps Jeremy has become Radicalised?
    He was such a beautiful and sweet young boy…
    I blame MI5 and the Met Police…..
    Will he be prosecuted if he returns to TG?


    • JimS says:

      Say it often enough and it will become true!


      • Llareggub says:

        How are we failing middle aged men like Jeremy who has apparently become radicalised? Perhaps Cameron could set up a Task Force to look into the matter. Maybe recreate the idea of the Big Society in order to prevent the alienation people like him must be feeling.


  28. ManonClaphamOmnibus says:

    ‘Like that ‘kind regards”’as they seek to put a man on the dole and his family on the breadline.’

    LOL Allan – this really shows exactly what you are!


  29. J Kellaway says:

    Sack him


    • johnnythefish says:

      But not those employees who consistently post left-wing, anti-Israel tweets? You know, breaking BBC impartiality rules and all that?

      Which is more important do you think?


  30. paddytoplad says:

    Why do the hand-wringers hate jezza so?

    You have greasy haired faux Edwardian grandfather botherer brand spouting on about anarchy. He sits there encouraging the young to throw away their fundamental voting rights and jezza makes a remark about a slopy bridges pushes a producer and HE’s the Devil

    You can imagine the bike riding public sector humourless fcukwits who don’t like him. People like Phil I’m not funny anymore jupitus and sandy cummfy shoes dotz lick. Oh and that tax dodging bastard Jeremy oh so fugging sincere vine

    You can imagine the hypo


    • TigerOC says:

      If you read the comments supporting the signatures on the petition the main gripe is that they feel that that the BBC is enforcing its lefty outlook on us and JC represents them in response.

      Most have assumed an “innocent until proven guilty” on the substance since nobody is actually aware of exactly what happened.

      When the BBC claimed ignorance over Savile, Hall and Harris and deliberately put a lid on their own investigation they holed themselves below the water line. If they can ignore and cover-up paedophillia by their own staff on their property then they can never claim any kind of moral high ground for they are truly amoral.

      The Janet Smith enquiry started over 2 years ago. Since then she has hired more QC’s into the investigation and it is still going on. This says that;
      1. The results are so bad that they need to wait for a major event to happen to release it under the “smoke screen”.
      2. The results are so shocking that the BBC would be closed immediately with dramatic consequences for the thousands employed there.
      3. A major judicial enquiry would be required and many household names will be in the spotlight which is currently not needed see 1 above.


  31. GCooper says:

    How dare you accuse Phil Jupitus of ever having been funny? That’s a simply outrageous suggestion.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      Does anyone know what he actually does apart from appearing on BBC panel shows?


      • Tony E says:

        He sings for the Blockheads in the absence of the late Ian Dury.


        • Angrymanupnorth says:

          He supports Boston Redsocks, so he gets a bit of lee-way from me for just that. But not much, the unfunny fat c*^t.


    • Dazed & Confused says:

      What do you mean? Phil Jupitus is the future of Top Gear if Comrade Danny Cohen gets his way….

      Top Gear will be completely revamped and hosted by Jo Brand, Lenny Henry and Frankie Boyle….The revamped :Stig” will become environmentally friendly, in line with the BBCs world view of Global warming, and fundamentally safety conscious – Whilst Jupitos will be a regular component checking in as the “Star in the politically correct car”, where-by each week, a leftist Guardianista luvvie will be chosen to lecture us on Britain’s disgusting colonial past…..

      It’s a Danny Cohen dream to bring Top Gear in line with every other show the BBC currently produce, because Comrade Cohen must be obeyed, and the licence payers must fund their own leftist indoctrination..


  32. Betty Swollocks says:

    Phil Stupidus more like.


  33. oldartist says:

    I don’t much like like Clarkson, and I’m not really interested in cars, so I don’t watch Top Gear, but I don’t hate the man. Clearly he is popular and that’s fine with me. Much of the negative reaction he seems to provoke in some people is completely over the top.
    However, I do think there are far more troubling issues with the BBC, than whether Clarkson goes or stays. And lets get real, if he does go he is not going to be signing on the dole.


    • deegee says:

      I don;t care how popular you are or how politically correct or incorrect. Incompetence is no excuse for a celebrity to raise his hand against staff.


      • Just Sayin' says:

        3/4 of a million ppl disagree with you


      • Angrymanupnorth says:

        Did he now? Any evidence? And why restrict your comment to ‘celebrity’ and only male one’s at that?


        • deegee says:

          We are talking about the BBC. The BBC would not risk the financial fall out of postponing their most popular and profitable show if there wasn’t a lawsuit and/or a strike if they didn’t. Political correctness is a very fuzzy concept. Assault isn’t.

          The Saville case doesn’t help us. Had he been exposed while still employed I have no doubt he would have been suspended pending inquiry.

          I deliberately restricted this to celebrities because there are thousands of honest. anonymous BBC staff earning about the same as the rest of us. The organisation would collapse if there were not. That includes producers — and they are represented by unions.


          • Guest Who says:

            A long time ago I learned what assault wasn’t and battery was.

            An eye-opener into vague law, which used to muddle through as it was observed in the spirit vs. the letter by mostly sensible people.

            It no longer is.

            I do wonder what is included under ‘raising one’s hand’, as it appears even the target seems less than bothered.


      • Ever met a TV Producer?


  34. Nibor says:

    Why don’t the BBC give Clarkson a job on Eastenders , like they did with that fellow who murdered a taxi driver ?

    Perhaps Jezza was just being ” militant ” ?


  35. Guest Who says:

    Via a link on Guido:

    I am presuming this is not a spoof account.

    i am a producer at BBC TV London

    Big day tomorrow and I promise all the #BringBackClarkson fans I will tell the enquiry team that Jeremy did not hit me and this will be ok

    ‘BBC News special correspondent Lucy Manning said sources had confirmed reports Clarkson was suspended for “allegedly hitting a producer”.

    Presuming the victim would know if he had been hit or not, seems Lucy’s sources had confirmed what she wanted to hear, at best.


  36. im everywhere says:

    One mistake in this, Jeremy Clarkson is not employed by the BBC. He is a free lance journalist


  37. flexdream says:

    over the 3/4 million mark now

    758,754 supporters


  38. BBC planning “Top Snear” with Harman, Alibhai-Brown and Toynbee.
    Be a scream.


  39. Tony Holloway says:

    The man is an abomination to human decency. I cannot think of anything positive to say about this deplorable man.


  40. chrisH says:

    Am no particular fan of Clarkson, apart from the fact that he`s hated by the liberal left-so, like John Terry: I`ll take HIM over them….every time.
    I think it was “only Jeremy being Jeremy”…seemed to exonerate that useless blubbery bastard John Prescott.
    Maybe if he tupped his secretary near a Royal coffin, the leftys would learn to love him.


  41. George R says:

    “A row over a STEAK and a luvvie BBC boss who wants Clarkson out:

    “Top Gear host on the brink as it emerges ‘fracas’ escalated because hotel could only offer him a ‘cold platter’ for dinner.”

    Read more:


  42. Tony Holloway says:

    Ha ha, nah, religion is an outdated form of social control. Jeremy is just offensive because he thinks it makes people laugh at him. Well they do but not for the reasons he thinks. Its not funny to be oppressive to folk just because you can be. Tbh honest, for a guy with so little talent, it amazes me he ever got anywhere.


    • thoughtful says:

      Its not funny to be oppressive to folk just because – they have different view on life to you.
      Because that’s exactly how the Fascist left behaves. Now even life long Labour members like Sir Trevor Philips has commented about the oppression and the thought control.

      I wonder how many of the left wing empty heads watching TV think the characters are real people? Seems that there’s a lot of them where Clarkson is concerned, because the things the are most allegedly aggrieved over (although how mush is genuine is anyones guess) have been written by script writers which Clarkson has merely read out. That includes the shooting people and the slope comments.


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘…..religion is an outdated form of social control’.

      Having to live under our legal system must be a tough one for you.


  43. George R says:

    “Jeremy Clarkson will hear fate via disciplinary panel as Simon Cowell backs his return.

    Jeremy Clarkson’s fate is to be sealed very soon.”


  44. George R says:

    Will ‘diverse’ HALL and ‘diverse’ COHEN decide ‘politically incorrect’ Clarkson’s fate over a hot dinner in some exclusive London restaurant?


    • Essex Man says:

      If Jezza is sacked , you all know what to do , hang on to your fee they are expecting every year ,from you . With over 1 million supporters ,by the time the Kangeroo Court sits ,plus 6 to 8 million Top Gear viewers ,yes I know some are the same, the courts will clog up , they can`t send everyone to jail, & the Evil Bbc will be denied £300 to 400 million of funds. I know some of the 8 million will cough up , but I guess this cash, they will need ,may cause them to crash & burn. Of course people like the “Twat with Clap on the back seat of a bus” will come on here to defend them ,as he is embedded in Broadcasting House ,probably Scott`s boyfriend to boot too.


      • 20 number 6 says:

        You forget that there would also be a similar loss of revenue from overseas sales. You could be talking nearly £1bn here – if enough people could be organised enough to take action.


  45. George R says:

    “Jeremy Clarkson:
    ‘Top Gear presenter is a legend and left-wing pinkos are out to get him'”

    By Ewan Palmer.


  46. SAB says:

    All you need to know is, what else has this pushed out of the news?

    Don’t look where they’re pointing – learn to look the other way..


  47. Guest Who says:

    This is all degenerating nicely into new depths of farce.

    Interesting how even CiF commenters are immediately picking up on a slight over-reliance on ‘sources’ to push narratives.


  48. Guest Who says:

    Good question:

    So my question is, what would be the outrage if Clarkson, say, threw a mobile phone at someone rather than punching them?

    One the BBC likely to go near, much less risk an answer?


  49. Guest Who says:

    Auntie’s high priest of political correctness

    ‘The BBC director of television is expert at skirting controversy’

    Yes, that is obvious.

    Not sure the top comments will be a comfort in the Cohen household.


  50. George R says:

    “Jeremy Clarkson row could lose BBC £50million-a-year if Top Gear cut.

    “The Jeremy Clarkson crisis leaves the BBC facing a multimillion pound nightmare as a veteran TV personality sprang to his defence yesterday.”