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  1. stuart says:

    you can guess what is gong to happen on question time even before it has started,get ukip and nigel farage,listen to nolan and pienaar now on radio 5 live,it is all about smearing farage,what worrys me is john pienaars anger with nigel farage on radio 5 live today,this guy seems personally upset and has been attacking nigel farages comments all day,pienaar should keep his anti ukip and anti nigel farage views to himself.


    • Just Sayin' says:

      no wonder Pienaar isnt too keen on Ukips plan, he’s a dutch immigrant.

      Asking Pienaar a question on immigration is like asking a thief his opinions on how long he should go to jail for


  2. Dave666 says:

    Another balanced panel, not. Did Lucy forget the question I thought NATO membership included a 2% GDP commitment. Oh she’s off on colossal cuts. NHS blah blah


  3. Al Shubtill says:

    I would seriously not want to have Charles Kennedy’s hangover tomorrow.


  4. Ann McMorran says:

    Charles Kennedy -i was sad, squirmed and could hardly watch Question Time . Is there no one responsible on the Question time team?


    • coldwarkid says:

      I’m really no Liberal, but I have respect for CK particularly after he was shafted by them, but he did look out of it. Shame.


  5. 43 says:

    Was the Asian (muslim ) in the audience referring to hamas when he was on about atrocities in Gaza ?


  6. Brian Mac says:

    They just couldn’t resist putting the boot into Clarkson at the end, could they?
    Charles Kennedy asked ” did i miss something there”? Er, yes Charles, i think it was last orders! I could almost smell the fumes from here.


  7. roland says:

    who would vote for any of them establishment cretins on question time last night.


  8. 43 says:

    Why didn’t someone tell the fat muslim female with glasses that when her parents or whoever landed here it’s our way or the highway. We won’t change our foreign policy or anything for that matter for a few immigrants that don’t like it.
    I don’t like our policy on 20 mph speed limits or speed cameras but I wont be blowing up any trains or buses. It’s the British way you see. Once again to any newcomers ( going back 2 generations ) IT’S OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. There are plenty 3rd world sh1toles they can go and live their sh1tty 3rd world ways.


    • dez says:


      Why didn’t someone tell the fat muslim female with glasses that when her parents or whoever landed here it’s our way or the highway.”

      Why doesn’t someone tell the morbidly obese B-BBC regulars that IT’S OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. We won’t change our broadcasting policy or anything for that matter for a few right-wing loons that don’t like it. There are plenty 3rd world sh1toles they can go and live their sh1tty 3rd world ways without ever having to watch a BBC programme ever again.


    • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

      What unlike the U.S. whose foreign policy towards Israel is entirely determined by Jewish immigrants.


      • Mat says:

        Wow racist and anti Semite ? your going for the full deck BBC toady !


      • johnnythefish says:

        Mr Omnibus ticks all the BBC boxes.


      • dave s says:

        Pernicious rubbish and said to provoke. US policy is always in the interests of the US and nobody else. It has been that way since WW2 if not before.


      • Whataloadofbollocks says:

        Oh those pesky jews, so few of them worldwide and yet they control everything, they probably brainwashed Obama and they are without doubt controlling the drivers of all omnibuses in Clapham…
        Only one type of person blames the Jewish people for everything. We have a name for them.


  9. flexdream says:

    Hislop spoke some sense and the audience clearly agreed that the Met and its Commissioner should not have made an apology via the HoC committee for failing to stop the Jihadinas’ families, but should have received one.
    Hislop was right to point out the breathtaking conceit and inappropriateness of the Met Chief publicly granting immunity to these terrorist females. The police don’t get to make that decision. Is the Met Chief deranged?


  10. Phil Ford says:

    Charles Kennedy was either inebriated or ill. It was painful to watch.


  11. The Lord says:

    I saw the panel and just couldn’t bear to watch it.


  12. Loving the Truth says:

    I think all Question Time audiences have a very strong left-wing bias or is it the way the the majority (brainwashed) of people think?


    • CranbrookPhil says:

      Yes the audiences are always from the left, though the week before I was surprised at the audience from Glasgow, they seemed less left than usual. I think that must have spooked the Beeb!


    • Julio says:

      Certainly seems that way, even when QT comes from the true blue constituencies of the south-east, the audience seems to be comprised of students, council staff and ‘uman rights lunatics.


  13. Donnie Cunningham says:

    I’m no Lib Dem but felt heart sorry for Charles Kennedy last night.The man was clearly under the influence and should not have been allowed to appear. I noticed his demeanour before he started talking and if I can detect it from the seat of my chair while watching on TV then the production team must have been able to see he was not shall we say at his best. Shame on BBC for going ahead with this. They should be made to compete in the market place with other TV stations. They are lazy and arrogant and need a strong dose of reality served up to them big time !!! Two small examples of their bungling ineptitude is the Savile mess and the atrocious way they have reported on Scottish football team Rangers and their current troubles. Clearly a biased organization with it’s own agenda.If they wish to be biased then go and do it with your own money and not public cash


    • Tony E says:

      No. On the contrary, this man is a parliamentary representative standing for election. The BBC should not protect him from the electorate.

      If he is unable to perform due to drink as has been suggested, then it calls into question his fitness for office.


  14. Jeff says:

    Yes, like many others, I did feel sorry for poor Charles Kennedy.
    In the days of the late George Brown the term “tired and emotional” was often used to excuse his occasional drink induced ramblings. Whilst I tend to disagree with most of his political opinions, I don’t like to see a chap embarrass himself like that.
    Mind you he still made more sense than Natalie Bennett…


  15. George R says:

    Beeboid ‘QT’ seems to operate in this political environment-



  16. jez says:

    was charlie boy drunk last night on q.t.?


    • chrisH says:

      He surely was jez.
      They all looked like tellytubbies last night to me-pretty clear which one was Tipsy!
      Maybe Oborne could have been prised from his bottle to interview him as well.
      What a bunch of grotesques now deign to speak for the nation politically-only an oaf like Lucy Powell would have directed the nation to go and see Miliband in McClusky/Salmonds pocket…


  17. Maturecheese says:

    I am still waiting for a panel worth watching on QT, I live in hope.