1. Manonclaphamomnibus says:

    Deplorable economic coverage on BBC breakfast.

    If ever there was a plug for the Tories it was todays coverage of the
    ‘economic progress’ under Osbourne’s steerage.
    Apparently,according the the lurvly Steph, the country is going in the right direction(nice to know) because some of the numbers say so. This is like calling a patient stable after they died. Curiously accurate , within bounds, but entirely misses the point.
    No mention of Labours economic plan and no consideration of the fact ,in all likelyhood, the ‘recovery’ , (ie short term blip before we crash again) is likely to fizzle in the not to distant future.
    Why do I say that? because the notion of expansionary austerity has and had absolutely no economic evidence behind it. The US ,having largely ignored the wildly inaccurate austerity forecasts from the Republicans came out of the recession fairly swiftly after the fraudsters destroyed it in 2008 by cash injection
    And so too did the UK whose economy was growing up to Osbourne’s first budget ,when, at the behest of OECD ‘austerity speak’ the economy crashed through lack of demand. Has it recovered? Now we have a low wage, low demand economy ,low productivy and a deficit to boot. Furthermore, working for a living,if you can get work will never reward you as much as the return on capital. So those with money will just make more at the expense of those coming on the the job market,predominently the young.More cuts will only reduce demand further and the spiral will continue.
    And all this when we have the lowest yeild on gilts.
    The real truth is we need to borrow to restructure and we need moderate inflation otherwise we are dead in the water .

    Again, a classic instance of the Tory BBC keeping dialogue and thought within the aceptable right wing bounds.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      So why are you happy to be forced to fund this pro-Tory organisation just to be able to watch another channel? Or perhaps you’d agree that the licence fee is an anachronism and that those who want the bias served up by the BBC masquerading as facts can pay for it themselves?


      • Guest Who says:

        Well named at least, as after a brief pause, scores come all at once. Never mind the quality, feel the denial of service!

        I am seeing the new ‘right-wing BBC’ counter strategy more and more, which is if anything more deranged than the ‘see… everyone hates them; must be doing it about right’ staff and many apologists deploy.

        I often agree that as whatever is being delivered now clearly satisfies few from any ‘direction’, the solution is quite clear. And as I am quite happy to see its compelled funding from me removed, I presume they are too.

        Oddly, vocal critics from the left suddenly go quiet or on the defensive.

        Mrs. Merton may ponder what it is about the BBC that actually appeals to them so much more.


      • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

        Who said I was happy.


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      ManonBus. I’ll give you a D+ for this year 8 economics assessment piece. ‘Working towards minimum acceptable level.’ Is what I think the modern terminology may be.

      “Again, a classic instance of the Tory BBC keeping dialogue and thought within the aceptable right wing bounds.”

      That is very comical though. Stuart Lee-esque in dry parody. In fact I’ll up mark you to a pass, C-, for the injection of humour and give this offering a ‘like’ for your efforts.


      • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

        Ok so you buy into economics that doesnt work. Sadly that doesnt really qualify you to give out the grades does it now.
        You could refute what Im saying by entering into dicussion but I suspect that places you on dangerous ground.


    • Charlatans says:

      Manonclaphamomnibus – where is your evidence please?

      I have got tons of facts to rubbish all your claims but if you that thick I would rather just have a good laugh:


      • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

        Roughly translated that means youre a twat without a clue.


        • Troll Controll and Extermination ltd says:


          “Can I politely ask readers to try and not swear or engage in banal ad hominem on this site?”


          If you dont want to get banned from this site, please abide by the site rules and stop your vile and unwarranted abuse. This isnt a meeting of the lgbt swp uaf stand up to islamophobia fan club

          thank you


  2. Pounce says:

    The bBC and half the story:
    Syria claims shooting down of US drone over Latakia

    For the opinionated news that comes from the arsehole of the bBC, you’d think they would have come up with some reason why Syria has shot down a UAV over Latakia.

    You know that same Latakia the IDF bombed 17 months ago in which to take out a transfer of missiles from Syria to Hezballah., the same Latakia, where the Syrians shot down a Turkish F4 reconnaissance jet in 2012.

    Yet the bBC doesn’t impart that information to the plebs, instead in its usual style of conflating and confusing the issue it talks about everything else but.

    The bBC, the not fit for purpose newsagency.


  3. #88 says:

    Good to hear Gameshow get arsey this morning when a caller accused John Pienaar of bias, and again towards the end of the programme when another caller said that his programme had been one long party political broadcast for the Labour Party.

    Well said that caller. It was.


  4. AsISeeIt says:

    I notice the BBC newspaper review here studiously avoids all mention of the story ‘Clarkson goes to war on BBC after Jimmy Savile smears’


    I wonder what the word is at our Reds and Repeats national broadcaster ?

    ‘Don’t panic, don’t panic Mr Hall don’t panic!’

    You can tell they don’t like it up ’em.

    And when the press man must surely have asked : can I attribute your ‘like Savile’ quote to a named BBC source? was the answer from Lord Hall ‘Don’t him, Danny!’


  5. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Just before DP came on yesterday (18.3.15)BBC2 at Midday, I am exposed to Grayson Perry (yet again) advising me (again) that, because I find ‘positive’ discrimination morally reprehensible, I must ‘feel’ that I am having my ‘privilege’ ripped from the ‘claws’ I don’t possess, on the basis of my gender, age and skin colour. What a disturbed human being Mr Perry is.


  6. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Watching BBC News and Newsnight last night 17.3.15, I felt let down. I had not really learned anything about the salient differences beteen ‘Likud’ or ‘Zionist Union’ in terms of economic, social and foreign policy.

    We find out that a young man thinks ‘Why change things that are working’ and a young lady ‘feels’ that ‘a change’ is needed and the guy Yitzhak Herzog is a decent, genuine type.

    My neignbour is a lovely woman, decent and genuine type. I wouldn’t let her run my (very small) business though, let alone the local council. Being decent and genuine might be a start, but it ain’t enough by a long stretch.

    But I did learn from the BBC that the wrong ‘racist’ guy won, and the good guy lost, and that BBC staff including Bowen, Lies Deceit (I think that’s her name) and Estler didn’t want or like the result. Poor Gavin was almost choking at one point.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘I did learn from the BBC that the wrong ‘racist’ guy won, and the good guy lost, and that BBC staff including Bowen, Lies Deceit (I think that’s her name) and Estler didn’t want or like the result. Poor Gavin was almost choking at one point.’

      Well, at least they left their politics at the door… well, the foyer… no… up the hall, into the lounge and pretty much next to you on the sofa screaming.

      It’s in their DNA.

      Sounds like Gavin needs to quickly convene one of those balanced groups Dateline London is renowned for to bring him down in supportive surroundings.


    • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

      Thanks for sharing your insights as to your neighbour. Maybe you could indicate where on newsnight the revelations became aware to you. If Gavin Esler was talking to you you made need to cut down on your intake. ‘There’s no business like blow business’


      • Angrymanupnorth says:

        “.. BBC News and Newsnight..” Read it again. Perhaps we need to add a ‘Basic Reading and Comprehension’ module to the ‘Laws of Thermodynamics’ further reading suggestion I gave you earlier. You can go look at the News 24 tapes from yesterday evening now. I hope Gavin’s throat tickle is better today.