Danczuk’s Booby



Not BBC bias per se but evidence of the hypocrisy and attempts to use race as an issue to silence people that is so redolent of the left…..including the BBC….for example the BBC’s Phil Mackie trying to claim that the fuss over the Trojan Horse plot was all about racism, Islamophobia and paranoia.


ph m trojan horse paranoia


Labour MP Simon Danczuk seems to be of like mind when votes are at stake and his principles go out the window…..




Mrs Danczuk isn’t the only one to display her boobs in public…hubby does too having reported Katie Hopkins to the police for linking Pakistani men to the Rochdale abuse….after he raised a Pakistani flag in Rochdale for some reason…..perhaps he should turn himself in to the police…if only for hypocrisy after having said this….

It was a tough subject for politicians and authorities to address, because most of the perpetrators were of Pakistani origin, and the victims predominantly white. Danczuk made headlines by saying it would be “daft” to ignore the “race element” of the case. In the car, he explains why:

“I’ve only ever said a very small minority of people in the Asian community have a very unhealthy view of women… It’s a complex jigsaw, and ethnicity is just one of the pieces. Class is a major factor, night-time economy is a factor, in terms of this type of on-street grooming, not sexual abuse per se.

“One reason to raise it is so we know how to combat it. The political reason is because it takes the wind out of the sails of the extreme right, because you’ve got a mainstream politician talking about it; you don’t rely on the EDL or the BNP talking about it.”


‘Daft to ignore the race element’?….but he wants to lock up those who mention it….whilst himself playing the race card to win votes by pandering to Pakistani ‘nationalism’…and why are British people of Pakistani heritage flying a foreign flag?

Simon Danczuk….George Galloway mark II?



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32 Responses to Danczuk’s Booby

  1. Pounce says:

    Yes, its play the racist card over how somebody opined to paedophile hunter Simon Danczuk that it was hypocritical of him to celebrate the flying of the Pakistani Flag in a town where Pakistani paedophiles are prevalent .

    Not only that, but the flag raising and flying celebrates not Pakistan’s independence, but rather the drafting of the resolution in 1940 by Indians Muslims for the formation of their own state, 7 years later in 1947. In fact the day of independence for Pakistan is on the 14th of August. So really there isn’t a valid reason for the flying of the Pakistani flag from Rochdale Town hall other than telling the Islamic population of the area that ‘Labour’ loves you and please vote for us in a few weeks time.
    Funny enough here’s a tweet from the porn watching Simon Danczuk:

    Pleased to have met victims & campaigners re Child Sexual Exploitation today in Parliament. This report is powerful. pic.twitter.com/IChxko4rZ2— Simon Danczuk (@SimonDanczuk) March 25, 2015



    • manonclaphamomnibus says:

      I am afraid I dont understand your logic.
      The fact that predominently Pakistani men were involved in this crime doesnt mean all pakistanis are guilty of it.
      If it does then ,if you are white, you are by implication, using the same logic ,guilty of the Moors muders etc etc.
      Since you are not guilty of this crime then by the same token not all Pakistanis are guilty of sexual offences.
      By that token, they are free to celebrate Pakistani day in the same way we celebrate St Georges day.
      I would agree that Asian/Muslem cultures have a particular problem with women and this undoubtedly was an agravating feature. The ones that really know however are the women in these cultures because they live with the unhapiness of male oppression as part of their daily lives. That IMO needs to change.


      • Laska says:

        I’m confused. You state that Muslims have a problem with women. You give no evidence for that statement. Muslim women I know have said that they have no problem with their menfolk and certainly don’t feel “oppressed”. I know, you’re going to say they don’t know they’re being oppressed but they are. That deductive reasoning. You say that the involvement of Pakistani in group sexual exploitation of white girls is not indicative of “all Pakistanis”. Neverthelsss, you identify a group behaviour from Muslims. If you identify a trait of a group – which you do – isn’t that a reasonable generalisation? In short, the behaviour you identify regarding women is expressed in their encounters with non- muslim females. No one is saying “”all Pakistanis”; what has been identified evidentially is a disproportionately large number of group sexual predators are Pakistani/Muslim. Disproportions statistically mean something. You should be pleased that your understanding that Muslims “have a particular problem with he women” is confirmed evidentially.


  2. Pounce says:

    Here is what everybody is complaining about:
    Flag raised for Pakistan Day
    The flag of Pakistan was raised at the Town Hall this morning (Friday 21 March) to commemorate Pakistan Day. The flag was raised by Mayor of Rochdale Councillor Peter Rush. The ceremony was attended by local dignitaries including Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, Leader of the Council, Councillor Colin Lambert and local councillors. Ghulam Rasul Shahzad OBE, who arranges the flag raising every year, said: “It is about our heritage and providing information to the local community. It is also about our youngsters as well because they are the future.”


    and here is the current home page for Labour MP Simon Dancziks who can be seen standing with pride behind the Pakistani Flag above:


    • richard D says:

      ‘Our fight for Britain starts here. Are you with us ?
      (Accompanied by a photograph of ‘the Wallace’ himself…)

      Hell, no, we’re definitely not!

      (in Mr Milibamd’s vernacular)


  3. Alan says:

    ‘Our fight for Britain’…by raising the Pakistani flag? Is there a mini caliphate in Rochdale?


  4. JimS says:

    This quote from Wikipedia regarding Pakistan Day, (the formation of the world’s first Islamic state) seems apposite:
    ” No constitutional plan would be workable or acceptable to the Muslims unless geographical contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be so constituted with such territorial readjustments as may be necessary. That the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in majority as in the North-Western and Eastern zones of India should be grouped to constitute independent states in which the constituent units shall be autonomous and sovereign”

    How long before there is a call for parts of Birmingham, Bolton, Luton, Rotherham etc. to be demarcated as Islamic regions? Danczuk supporting the local branch of ISIS!


  5. stewart says:

    Here’s Breitbart’s take
    I note they report Danczuk as saying
    “Rochdale has a proud history of coming together to mark special days in different cultures, from St Patrick’s Day to the Ukrainian Holodomor, and our town will not take any lessons from Katie Hopkins on community cohesion. She has waded into something she doesn’t understand and her ignorance is extremely dangerous.”
    In other word ‘f#ck the English just don’t mention the hundreds of white girls brutally abused by moslem men in case it enflames the Pakistani community’


    • pah says:

      Do they, I wonder, fly the Union Flag at all or St George’s Flag on that saint’s day? If they are anything like Sheffield, which sacked the caretaker of the Town Hall for flying the Union Flag instead of the Red Flag, then probably not.


    • LostOverThere says:

      Not England, Scotland or Wales?

      Now the gNats and Plaid Cymru are shouting for independence, expect two more of these “special” days

      A vote is a vote


  6. Doublethinker says:

    Any MP with a significant number of ethnic voters in their constituency is going to have to court those constituents one way or another. Unless of course they are standing on an England for the English platform, which no party, not even UKIP , is doing , or I suspect, would be allowed to do by the liberal left establishment. Additionally, if the MP is from the left then they would be ‘excommunicated’ if they didn’t at least bend the knee to multiculturalism and of course no Labour MP in England can be seen as overtly pro British, let alone pro English. This is what has become of our democracy since Labour allowed millions of immigrants into our country without any democratic mandate to do so. All of which the BBC approves of and does all it can, which is a hell of a lot, to promote and to allay any fears or opposition that there might be from native Brits.
    So, unless something seismic happens and the English find the political leaders, the courage and self confidence to assert themselves, and this would have to happen quite soon, we are on road to a multiculty future. Well, that is until our Muslim minority becomes large enough to insist that Islam rules the roost and suppresses all other religions/ cultures . I expect that at that point the left will see how crazy their great social engineering experiment was but it it will be far too late to change anything.
    So to future generations of white Brits around in 50 years time, I apologise on behalf of the baby boomer generation which allowed this to happen.


    • LostOverThere says:

      Vote Labour, get bigots

      Look at Glasgow city council, Dundee, and all the Labour strongholds in the North of England

      In a few weeks Milliband will get into bed with the SNP to get power. He will divert cash to win votes, in Scotland, and in the English regions


  7. Alex says:

    What a vile and disgusting crew Liebour are. They really are loathsome scum.


  8. Jeff says:

    It seems that these days you are criticized for telling the God’s honest truth. It was (and undoubtedly still is) Pakistani, Muslim men that have been grooming and raping under age white girls. There’s no doubt about this, we all know it. Are we supposed to pretend that there might be extenuating circumstances? I’m sorry, there aren’t! Despicable traitors, like Danczuk and his ilk, can’t admit to this because it might cost them a few votes. In the light of what has been happening, flying the Pakistani flag is akin to spitting in the faces of the victim and their families. All these pathetic, fifth columnist hypocrites should be ashamed of themselves.


  9. richard D says:

    Since when does anyone in the UK today believe that telling the truth will in any way be considered by the liberal left (and I include many of the judiciary in that category) as a valid form of defence against any charge of racism ?

    That is not going to happen any time soon.


  10. johnnythefish says:

    Raising the Pakistani flag on Rochdale Town Hall.

    There’s something symbolic there but I can’t quite put my finger on it…


  11. “Hopkins reported to police for disagreeing” is essentially the line taken.
    Welcome to 21st century Britain.


  12. Edward says:

    Mrs Danczuk would already be dead if she lived under Pakistani law.

    What the f**k is going on here? How are these leeches on society (politicians) getting away with it?


  13. hippiepooter says:

    A Labour election candidate raises a foreign flag in Rochdale. Couldn’t be to win the votes of an immigrant Muslim community that bears no allegiance to Britain, could it?

    Way to go Mr Danzuck for exposing that ghastly fat nonce Cyril Smith, but sadly you’re part of the reason paedo-jihad went unchecked in Labour controlled towns and cities for 15 years.


  14. Andy S. says:

    I’ve made a post about Danzcuk on the latest Open Thread but I’ll repeat the main points again on this thread.

    Danzcuk’s office made the complaint to Plod A WEEK after the Twitter spat. It’s obviously a ploy to distract attention from the embarrassing ( to Danzcuk) news story that he regularly accesses Internet porn, something he originally denied but later fully admitted. He also admitted his narcissistic wife doesn’t mind him watching Internet porn. It’s worked, too, as the BBC have been banging on all day about the complaint about Katie Hopkins but have mentioned nothing about the Danzcuk’s Internet viewing habits. Danzcuk has revealed himself to be a sleazebag of the highest order.


    • Geyza says:

      I liked what Katie Hopkins said, regarding what she thought he should do. She said he should take his wife to Pakistan and fly the British flag. She also said it would be a one way trip!

      I follow Katie Hopkins on Twitter and the overwhelming response to that twitter argument was that Katie ripped Simon a new orifice. To quote youthful vernacular, she totally pwnd him.


      • Guest Who says:

        She seems willing (can’t speak for able) to fill and exceed a gap in the non-pc market recently vacated. You’d think Danny Cohen would tell Ian Katz to hire her. One presumes she has a distinctive voice. Certainly has access to peroxide.

        For sure she is polarising. Just read a piece by Mr. D justifying his noble resort to legal suppression of critical commentary. Less mention of the reasons behind the delay.

        However it was in the Indy, which means that for more than six people to read it, it will need to be ‘picked up’ by the BBC and promoted everywhere.

        They are good at that. Just as they are erasing DM front pages that don’t suit.


  15. Owen Morgan says:

    This is where the Pakistani flag-raising is heading:


    The Mexican-American/Pakistani-British analogy is not exact, but it’s close. The first immigrants from Mexico/Pakistan didn’t think of themselves as either invaders, or colonists, but as people who were lucky to escape the ghastly conditions in their home countries.

    More recent generations have had developed a blatant sense of triumphalism. In the US, people who would never dream of going to live in Mexico boast, nevertheless, of the imminent reconquista of all those areas conquered (or sometimes purchased) from Mexico, over one and a half centuries ago.

    Similarly, British muslims left Pakistan because they hated the place (Jesus – the entire country of Bangladesh left Pakistan because it hated the place), but, now, the descendants of those Pakistani immigrants want to recreate in Britain a country their antecedents couldn’t leave behind fast enough.


  16. Deborah(another) says:

    They can raise as many Pakistani/ Banglageshi flags as they like but these politicians will one day find their constituents forming their own party as happened in Tower Hamlets, and there will be no safe seats for them.

    Even Galloway will no longer be able to manipulate the Muslim vote to his advantage.


  17. Simon says:

    Can’t stand this man’s wife. I knew as soon as I started seeing these regular pictures she had issues and massive validation ones as well. I couldn’t care less that Danczuk watches internet porn because about 95% of the population does but everything else surrounding this stinks but then this is Labour we are talking about with an election just round the corner


    • Andy S. says:

      Let’s be clear. I wasn’t criticising his use of online porn – each to their own. It’s the attempt to smear and criminalise Katie Hopkins in an effort to distract attention from what he obviously considers embarrassing publicity with a General Election just weeks away. The fact that he’s using the Police for what can only be described as a politically motivated action is disgraceful and shows the real face behind the public mask.


      • Peter Davies says:

        I agree, only to add that he better be careful what porn he’s watching – and I mean adult porn. Several consensual adult porn activities (like bondage, sado-masochism, women dressed as schoolgirls) are now banned by our oh-so-caring government. Mr Plod might just be knocking at HIS door!


  18. Nibor says:

    Do people of Pakistan origin fly the EU flag ?


  19. Mary Hinge says:

    That link to Totalpolitics.com….4th photo down….is he staring blatantly at her t*ts ?