I enjoyed this.

It’s the BBC’s rightwing bias that is the threat to democracy and journalism

So says the BBC’s much loved “pundit” Owen Jones, aged 13 and three quarters.

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23 Responses to RIGHT WING BBC BIAS…

  1. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Funny that.

    Now Owen ‘MIA since Hebdo’ Jones struggles to get appearances on the BBC to promote his evil one world Marxist statist ideals, whereas the BBC is awash with ‘right wing’ pundits and commentors. Oh, hang on a minute….

    But then again, Miliband and Balls are right wingers to young OJ (aged 13 and three quarters), so maybe (in his fantasy world) he has a point.

    It does raise the issue of the scandal of the shambles that is the mental health services in this country, a subject which is not given the attention it deserves. A lifetime of psychological abuse that OJ has had to endure from parents, teachers and mentors, and our society has no mechanisms to provide help to the likes of young Owen to assist them in addressing their demons.


    • Laska says:

      It is concerning that OJ and Brand have been out and about in the community when they have serious reasoning problems. Their attack mode must get very tiring as they see demons everywhere. I blame the education system that allowed them to hold – unchallenged by reasoning and learning – incoherent ideas that I suppose are understandable for pretend adolescent rebellion, but grownish men? I blame society for this sad state of affairs. What is worrying is that the BBC seems to think OJ is some sort of prophetic intellectual. This is OJ whose career was created solely by the BBC simply because he called somebody a “racist” on Newsnight.


  2. nofanofpoliticians says:

    Notwithstanding that the article is over a year old, he does rather argue against himself in the first paragraph.

    How anyone can suggest that a former TUC economist with a background of working for Hattie Harperson can have anything other than a left wing leaning is a mystery. He also conveniently forgets to mention all the other left leaning folk associated with the Newsnight programme.

    I didn’t get far beyond the first paragraph. It is just such tripe.


  3. Pounce says:

    Owen Jones the schoolboy prick who thinks that Marx and brotherly love can solve all the problems of the world.


    • Laska says:

      Less of the “brotherly love”. OJ is a supreme hater. The left believe in conflict and can always find an enemy. If they can’t they will invent one like that exaggerated idea of the “fascistic right” lurking around every corner. OJ is so trigger happy – or so far left that SWP would be “right wing” – that anybody will be sneered by being called right wing. Writing for the Guardian as well which now reads like Socialist Worker, circa 1978. One can easily see him helping out Mao in the Cultural Revolution.


  4. Truthdoctor says:

    The Liberal islamo-left, politically correct fascists are the new right. Perhaps that’s what he meant.


  5. Pah says:

    To a communist everyone else is right-wing …


  6. Doublethinker says:

    He doesn’t look 13 to me?


  7. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    BBC bias is becoming obvious as the public start to focus on the election. Their old standby excuse is ‘We get equal criticism from both sides, so we must be getting it about right’. Kirsty Wark was interviewed on 5live yesterday and said just that. One requirement of this defence is to have high-profile claims of right-wing bias. Step up the boy Owen and his ilk. No doubt Dame Polly will be along shortly.


  8. stuart says:

    nothing more annoys working class people like me and others is when never off the bbc posh middle class oxbridge educated guardianistas like owen jones claims to represent the views of the working classes in this country,sorry owen, you dont,in fact up till recently you have demonised the working classes as racists because they dared complained about mass immigration under the labour party and tony blair,now all of a sudden owen boy thinks it ok we talk about immigration but only on his terms and if you dont agree with him you are still a nasty little racist,to me,owen babe is just another posh leftie who has done quiet well out of capitalism judging by his nice little £200,000 a year he earns as a columnist for the far left guardian newspaper.


  9. s.trubble says:

    If Owen is looking in between watcing pre recorded Francois Hollande speeches we should point out that 13 and three quarters is equal to 13 point seven -five!


  10. johnnythefish says:

    Perhaps Owen Jones can point us to who his right wing equivalent is on the BBC.

    Or even anybody right wing who is regularly on the BBC.

    Maybe just one teensy-weensy right wing tweet from a BBC correspondent?

    Nah, didn’t think so.


    • Pounce says:

      “Perhaps Owen Jones can point us to who his right wing equivalent is on the BBC.”_47110018_-4.jpg



  11. SR says:

    So let’s end the licence fee then, Owen, no?


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      I’ve said it before on here, and i will say it again, Jones is a product of Oxford University……a fine example of how you can turn out….not. Still, Oxford is the home of lost causes it is said….


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        Oh…Matthew Arnold said that about Oxford by the way, quite a nice chap by the sound of it…..he would have trounced the likes of Jones…i like to think….


  12. chrisH says:

    The OJ Simpletons!…sums up that whole caste of clowns who refused to go all suttee on Bob Crows Council Tax bill…or didn`t drink Tony Benns hemlock from a working calls billy can last March when the nation wanted these “signals to be sent”
    I myself will maybe vote for Margaret Thatcher. A posthumous tribute to the great lady and her memory.


  13. logie bored says:

    The Jimmy Clitheroe of the picket line and go-to Spart for the Beeb complains of right-wing bias at the organisation that has him on speed dial.
    Oh my aching sides.


  14. Barlicker says:

    The comments to Jones’ article come from some weird sort of parallel universe in which its thought normal to say things like:
    “The clue is in the title – BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation – a relic of British identity, nationalist propaganda and fealty to the crown. How could it be anything other than right wing?”
    Strange then that absolutely no-one on the left, especially regular appearers such as Jones, wants to get rid of this vile, right-wing propaganda institution.