Each morning, just after 6.30am, the Today programme trails the political agenda for the rest of the day. I notice that this seems to be restricted to the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats. Given the UKIP are showing a poll rating double that of the LibDems, don’t you think this is unfair? It’s as if the BBC want to cut off any oxygen of supply to Farage and his colleagues.

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5 Responses to SETTING THE AGENDA….

  1. nofanofpoliticians says:

    I have struggled to understand how a party that has struggled to achieve 2 or 3% of the vote in any of the last 5 by-elections and has lost its deposit in most of those, can be currently polling 8%.

    Maybe it will all become clear.


  2. stuart says:

    what really annoys me just lately about radio 5 live is the gruff sounding john pienaar and ultra liberal stephen nolans sneering attitude towards ukip on there radio 5 live show after question time on thursdays,it is as if how dare nigel farage and ukip come on the politacal scene,how dare they,never does nolan and pienaar give a positive story about ukip,they go out of there way to dig up some old story from years ago about some ukip member falling over after having a couple of pints and saying heh there you go with ukip there full of alcoholics,give ukip a fair crap of the whip,thats all i ask from politacal geeks like pienaar and nolan and radio 5 live.


  3. Doublethinker says:

    Eddie Mair on PM interviewing firstly a Conservative MP and then a Labour MP about the economy. He was very aggressive with the Tory and much less so with the Labour one. He tried to rubbish the good economic news of today but allowed the Labour guy more or less free rein to say whatever he liked with minimal challenge, ignored Labour’s recession totally.
    Peston came on and was quite positive about the news but even so managed to say that many sections of the population had not felt any benefits so far. Again no mention of why we are in this mess, viz Labour’s Great Recession. He then went on to say that we could have come out of the recession much more quickly if the government had followed other courses.
    On the whole I would say the score on the BBC Bias Swingometer was LEFT 4 .
    (The bias swingometer can go from LEFT 10, through zero, to RIGHT 10 ) Although it must be said that we don’t actually know if the BBC meter can go past zero to the right, because, despite it being in use for over 40 years, there has never been an instance when it has been required to move to the right. When Mr Neil is on the meter is stuck at zero but does not move to the right, whatever his politics may be.


  4. chrisH says:

    And NEVER any mention of what Labour left the country with in 2010.
    Once we`d had to scrape Browns nails off the jamb of Number 10.
    No-the Tories have not killed a David Kelly, created a Sharon Shoesmith, lost the nations tax details or invaded countries on the say so of a Campbell.
    Until the BBC remind Labour what THEY did to this country( LIam Byrnes note?)…then we all know they`re biased lying snivelling toadies and liberal hoover bags.
    But hey-we`ve known that for years at this site.
    Can I post my vote to the DUP? Reckon that would annoy the BBC most.