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  1. #88 says:

    BBC Newsnight leading on the Tories promise to remove the Rail Fare Escalator.

    Not just leading but they have, Chris Cook, Labour’s Stratton and Krusty Wark putting the Tory spokesman on the back foot. Analysing and challenging for all they were worth (and doing a complete about face from the time when they were criticising the Tories for letting rail fares increase)

    Compare and contrast with their lead on Labour’s non-dom announcement. Greeted excitedly by Stratton with no analysis whatsoever…no challenge, just admiration.

    The BBC’s support for Labour is an affront to democracy. They are corrupt and cannot be trusted.


  2. dave s says:

    I tried to watch Newsnight and failed. I tried Question Time and failed.
    My God they are so boring!. Off to study the form for the Grand National on Saturday.
    I really fancy Paul Nicholl’s Unioniste. Is that an omen?
    Off driving a steam locomotive tomorrow . Nobody mentions politics there. Sensible people
    But then steam locomotives are all proper conservatives with a small c.


  3. Geoff says:

    RIP the voice of bBC cricket Ritchie Benaud, oh for those endless summer days watching cricket free to air, when the bBC was worth watching.


  4. Pounce says:

    Anybody watching jihadi brides on 2
    I get the impression that girls who bugger off to Syria, can only be ….victims. In fact that Scottish lawyer anwar something equates the men who recruit these girls as…pedophiles . Really.
    Now got a woman in a hijab saying that these girls don’t know anything about the sisterhood of Islam. Now got a policewoman saying that if these girls have made a mistake then they are free to come back.
    Program is a disgrace.


    • Pounce says:

      bBC program has now finished and now they are advertising their next program
      Kill the Christians
      Next Wednesday


    • ID says:

      I only saw a bit of the latest “It’s got nothing to do with Islam” propaganda piece. The idea that “Jihadist groomers” suddenly out of the blue target random “vulnerable teenagers” on line is laughable. Particularly so, because, the French teenage girl who was targeted, said it was her “Muslim name” that lead to her being contacted. The first thing the “groomers” wanted to know was whether she was Muslim or not. Clearly, early exposure to typical modes of Muslim thought through family, friends, the mosque and the wider community (local mini-caliphate) is the key factor facilitating “radicalization”. Only the BBC can see an ideological difference between Islam and radical Islam. The beliefs per se are the same, but the level of religious fervour determines whether the beliefs are acted on or not. If you have not already been exposed to the Muslim credo, the on-line beardy ones with the George Galloway rhetoric (insallah, mashallah, lala) and gestures is just a joke.


  5. DickMart says:


    BBC lionising Communist terrorist and murderer Che Guevara, demonstrating how far they are in the grip not just of the left, but the extreme left.


  6. You may have heard of Mary Ann Twitty, dismissed from her position, in Ferguson, USA, for sending racist emails, who described her treatment as being “thrown under a bus”

    What you may not know is the origin of this phrase.

    The ANC had a policy.

    ANC members abroad would follow white people speaking with an Afrikaans accent, wait for a lorry, not a bus, to arrive and push them into the road.

    Do not worry, the people killed were white, so it was not racist.


    • Scott says:

      Any evidence to back up that claim? All research into its etymology online suggest an origin within the U.S.

      Don’t worry, being wrong isn’t racist. Making stuff up to try and pretend you’re superior to black people, on the other hand…


  7. Guest Who says:

    @Mumsnettowers Mumsnet’s @rowandavies will be on @BBCLondon949 at 7:40 this morning, talking about the Election and who’s voting

    Always good to get a one degree of separation spokesperson on to talk about the election, especially when they, like totally, represent the electorate.

    Maybe she could get a colleague to swing her a slot on Newsnight too?


  8. The Old Bloke says:

    Your take on the world of Media is always an interesting read Richard, please keep them coming, they are enlightening.


  9. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Job Description for new ‘Top’Gear’ Project Manager:


    The Ideal Candidate:

    ……..and be comfortable working in unstructured and fragmented organisations.

    Says it all really.



  10. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC Breakfast pull a three card trick this morning.

    Our Naga Munchetty introduces a short debate on welfare – gosh there’s a thing.

    Her guests ‘a Welsh mum-of-four and blogger’ – who seems to be on more benefits than I had even heard of, all of them under threat from the nasty Tories and all of them gifts of that wonderful Ed Miliband or ‘the Welsh government’.

    Our Naga says ‘I have to point out you are a memeber of the Labour Party’. (That admission must have been a wrench)

    And the balance? A young chap from the Tax Payers Alliance ‘I’m not here to defend the Coalition’

    So what we have is an impassioned personal plea for Labour – easily
    mistaken for neutral real-life testimony – up against a dry acedemic discussion.

    Do you see what the BBC did there?


  11. Election 2015: UKIP candidate ‘to be questioned’ over sausage rolls


    I kid you not. That’s the headline.

    But Rotherham? Rochdale? MP’s expenses scandal? Jimmy Saville? The BBC News knew nothing and broadcast nothing.


    • regag says:

      There was a short report on the local BBC Oxford news over the Easter weekend (Monday?) ostensibly detailing an attack on a WWII veteran’s UKIP election campaign posters that had been placed outside his home. There was a clip of film showing the posts thrown on the ground and defaced with swastikas and the OAP was making a statement to the effect that people should be allowed to display their election posters without fear of attack. No interviewer was shown and no other comment made.
      Although, on the surface of it, this report may appear to have a UKIP-sympathetic angle I think the real intention was to seize an opportunity to graphically associate the swastika with the UKIP logo and, also, to put the ‘frighteners’ on anyone, particularly those problematic OAPs who still believe in freedom of speech, who may have been thinking of displaying a UKIP sign on or in their homes.
      Yesterday, in Witney, we have another example of our BBC-led ‘new democracy’ in action:
      Is this sort of incident occurring countrywide or is it confined to the liberal socialist, multiculti enclave of Oxford?


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      UKIP candidate ‘to be questioned’ over sausage rolls

      I kid you not. That’s the headline.

      Check out the list of other candidates at the bottom. I think the motivation for smearing this Kipper is there. Rowenna Davis is the ultimate Milband-friendly, trendy leftie babe with the media.

      Rowenna Davis

      She used to do a lot of paper reviews before she was selected as a candidate. Looks the part, even though she talks like a naive schoolgirl. The left will be desperate to see her elected. I predict we’ll get a ‘could be the next Labour leader’ story within a year.


  12. Jeff says:

    BBC in full propaganda mode this morning. On the Today prog’ I’ve heard how essential mass immigration has been for Britain. Very few nay sayers and one young charmer even said those who don’t like it will have to lump it. Lovely! We’ve heard from farmers who tell us we’d all starve without pickers from Poland, though, as far as I remember, I have never been so poor I couldn’t afford a cabbage or a carrot. Then, when you think there might be a break in the endless spinning, we go to Thought for Today. Some lefty preacher implores us to “welcome the stranger.” “We have all been strangers in a strange land.” It’s absolutely endless.
    There is never anything about endless overcrowding, more houses, schools, hospitals, roads and (horror of horrors) cars. This is the very strange, schizophrenic, left wing attitude to all things green and unparalleled levels of immigration. The two just can’t possibly go together, but they never accept this.


  13. EnglandExpects says:

    The latest ‘let’s talk up Labour’ BBC tour of the country descended on Thetford today. On the Today Programme coverage, the first two interviewees were in favour of immigration and one went as far as to say that if people didn’t like it then ‘tough cookie’. After that bit of scene setting, we heard about a New Zealand guy who set up a business while on a student visa (not allowed) just to show how stupid anti-immigration policies are, no doubt. But hang on, wouldn’t the UKIP suggested points-based system allow in smart, entrepreneurial people from the ex-Dominions, USA etc and curb the less desirable elements among our Somali, African, Kashmiri, Romanian etc etc friends? The BBC conveniently forgot that. The end piece was a highly biased lecture from (I think) the Bishop of Norwich, telling us how anti-christian it was to to not like all foreigners.
    All in all a nicely packaged piece of propaganda from the BBC version of East Anglia.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      Did the Bishop go on to mention how sad it was for all foreigners not to like Christians in their own country, as mentioned by the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury in their Easter messages, but conveniently forgetting to mention who it was being so beastly to Christians around the world?


  14. AsISeeIt says:

    So now we know, ok.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      Note the careful qualification about “eastern Europeans”, who are strangely almost exclusively white and from Christian countries such that they will disappear into the melting pot within a generation. So not much “diversity” actually there when you think about it.

      A carefully crafted bit of double speak seeming to say much, but actually saying very little. Ah! How I long for the good old days of Tony Blair, the master of such pronouncements.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      I do not have access to reply to the BBC tweet?

      Can someone respond

      “What level of diversity do white Christians from E. Europe actually bring to Thetford?”


  15. George R says:

    INBBC hacked by Islamofascists?

    in INBBC lingo:-

    “BBC has apparently received a communication from ‘militants’.”

    “BBC feared hacked by Isis hours after cyber-jihadists take French TV station offline”



  16. Thoughtful says:

    Last night I was at the pub quiz, with people who are generally not unintelligent.
    A couple there are older and now retired from skilled trades, and Labour voters.
    One of them said of the election and the Blair years – the times were good, there was plenty of money around, and I got a pay rise every year.
    I replied what about the wars he started, the immigration, the Politicial Correctness.
    I’m not bothered about that he replied, I got a pay rise every year!

    If people are so blinkered and selfish about what a government in power does, then the Tories have made a major mistake in limiting peoples pay rises. All of the niceties we discuss here are for nothing when voters only look back to a time when things were good for them, and all of the other decisions around them – good & bad are just ignored !


  17. Pounce says:

    Regards that shooting of the blackman by that racist white cop here is a what happened before he got shot as provided by the Guardian

    Not saying he deserved to die, but it does ask questions about how much of a racist the white cop was, which funny enough the bBC has already decided he is.