BBC Puts Labour Scaremongering Up In Headlines



The BBC brings us this…

Fewer nurses forecast for NHS – Labour

But is it true?  And if not why is the BBC putting up demonstrably false claims from Labour as headline news?

The BBC is scaremongering about the NHS by peddling Labour’s propaganda without question in an obvious and disgraceful attempt to smear the Tories….the morning news has been pumping out stories of the Tories’ ‘secret plan’ to reduce nursing numbers….Labour will, according to the BBC, provide 10,000 more nurses…paid for by…well the BBC doesn’t tell us……here’s their web report….

‘The number of NHS nurses in England is set to fall by almost 2,000 over the next four years according to government projections, Labour has said.

Accusing the Conservatives of having a “secret plan”, Labour’s Andy Burnham said fewer nurses would push hospitals “over the edge”.

The health document Labour is basing its claims on says fewer nurses would be employed because of “affordability”.’


A ‘secret plan’?  Or a freely available document?  A plan based upon ‘affordability’ or a plan based upon efficiency and making the most of every penny?  Here’s what the report actually says, as opposed to what the BBC tells us…

Firstly, planning the future workforce is more than just a numbers game. In order to ensure that future patient needs are met, we need to make sure that we have enough people with the right skills, values and behaviours available to work in the most appropriate setting for patients. The Five Year Forward View sets out new models of care that span both community and hospital settings. These models will require new skills and ways of working, and increasingly, we will need to commission new types of professionals, rather than just more of the same.

In other words it’s about retraining and moving staff around to provide a better service as well as adding staff numbers…working smart not just piling in large numbers of nurses who may not actually improve things but provide good headlines for politicians.

Here’s a graph that tells us nursing numbers are forecast to rise…though still under the level required to match demand…


And if it were a numbers game the number of nurses would seem to be going up not down…as for GPs and many other staff…


Here’s more of what the report says about recruitment…..

Overall, we are commissioning more education and training than ever before, with over 50,000 doctors in training and over 37,000 new training opportunities for nurses, scientists, and therapists. In many ways this is a good thing. But there are three reasons why we cannot and should not continue historic levels of growth in all areas indefinitely.

Last year, we significantly increased the number of commissions we made for adult nursing over and above local plans, representing a 9% increase on the previous year. For 2015/16, we plan to continue the growth in nursing numbers to meet safe staffing levels by commissioning 555 additional training posts, a further increase of 4.2%. This means in the two years of HEE we will have grown adult nursing training places by 13.6%.

We will increase children’s nurse commissions in 2015/16 by 161 (7.4%). This training is forecast to produce 5,876FTE growth in available supply by 2019, a 35.6% increase in this workforce, which should be sufficient to meet anticipated patient need in acute settings.

 We have also made a significant investment in paramedic training – a 87% increase over two years, providing for 1,902FTE growth in available supply over the next five years.

HEE’s investment plan shows our intention to increase paramedic training commissions by 378 places in 2015 to 1,231, an increase of 44.3%. This will mean HEE has increased commissions by 576 over two years (87%).

We have produced a phenomenal increase in the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) workforce. We will commission an additional 190 this year (25% increase) which will contribute to a 1,548 FTE growth in available supply (41%) over the next three years.

We will commission an additional 100 training posts for mental health nurses in 15/16 (3% increase) contributing to a forecast growth in available supply of 2,630 FTE (6.8%) over the next five years.

We forecast that if our planned training levels are achieved, then the number of GPs available for employment would be 36,830 FTE by 2020, an increase of 14.8% from the 32,075 FTE recorded as being employed in September 2013.



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20 Responses to BBC Puts Labour Scaremongering Up In Headlines

  1. Deborah(another) says:

    Lets face it ,the media generally seem to want a coalition of the left. The NHS mantra is on a loop over all news outlets today.

    Just watched Marr .Two polls last night one putting Conservatives ahead one Labour ahead.Marr told PM he is behind in the polls.The PM for all his faults was given no space to reply and had to take Marr to task on several occasions.The other guests got no such grilling.

    As a taxpayer,I despair.


    • Glen says:

      I watched this, it was embarrassing. It was basically Marr interviewing, errm, well, Marr! He interrupted and put words into Cameron’s mouth so often that the interview ended up making little sense. Funny how Marr let wee Jimmy Cranky have her say though.

      I watched the local politics show for the NW and the interviewer did exactly the same to the tory candidate and he had to rebuke the man.

      On housing the interviewer basically accused the UKIP candidate for Midd/Heywood of racism at every opportunity, his crime? Wanting to put local British people first! A bit like Gordon Brown wanting British jobs for British people!!


  2. Charlatans says:

    Really what do we expect anymore from the totally ‘red misted’ state broadcaster who blatantly now, seemingly without any disguise whatsoever pushes the left agenda.

    This last week is a prime example, when during prime time opposition parties debate, the BBC overtly stuffed an audience two thirds full of ‘left’ supporters when well over half the population are not left supporters.

    Where was the BBC when Andy was instructing the CQC, (stuffed to the gunnels with Labour placements), appeasing NHS Trusts where literally thousands of patients were dying unnecessarily?



  3. Dover Sentry says:

    Why let the truth get in the way of a ‘good’ story?

    Using the word ‘secret’ is emotionally clever. It suggests that the BBC are fighting to expose facts hidden by the ‘Tories’ who of course cannot be trusted to run our NHS.

    The sub-text is: What more is hidden and waiting to be exposed?



  4. Fred Bloggs says:

    The bBC is so scared of Labour not getting in, their pretense of impartiality is under severe strain. Their bias is getting so blatant that even the public (who do not easily pick up these things as they are busily running their lives, usually retirees like me have the spare time to catch the bastards out) might twig their real aims.


  5. RTB says:

    Well you see Labour is kicking off another week long NHS offensive so naturally the BBC helped them fire off the first shots. Did I say shots? I meant lies.


  6. Andy S. says:

    LABOUR’S SECRET PLAN FOR INCREASING VAT ON UTILITY BILLS TO 10%! No wonder Red Ed wants to freeze electricity and gas prices!




    How about those little gems for headlines? More plausible than Balls-up’s fabricated claims. Perhaps we should start spreading these headlines around the social networks and see if they take on a life of their own.


  7. Wild says:

    BBC = Labour Party Spin = Middle Class Left Wing Gravy Train

    As it demonstrated in its biased reporting of the phone hacking story (it pursued an agenda from start to finish) the BBC seeks only to promote the interests of the middle class metropolitan Left.

    Who funds this enemy of a free society? Do they have a choice? If not why not?


  8. john in cheshire says:

    1. Why does nursing require a degree?
    2. Who was in government when that decision was taken; wasn’t it the commie labour party?
    3. I can’t say for sure but it’s possible that nurses think they are too qualified to actually look after patients; like making sure they have water to drink and ensuring they don’t piss and shit the bed. You don’t need a degree to be compassionate, caring, diligent and have a modicum of common sense.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      1. Quick solution to commitment to have 50% of population with degrees; quick way to have more female than male degrees, ergo ‘proof’ that females have always been smarter than males and were being held back; in conjunction with huge NHS ‘investment’, quick way to equalise pay by gender.
      2. It was ZaNu Labour bullied by the Commie Brun; the genuine Commies are coming….
      3. All anecdotal evidence says you’re right.


    • Glen says:

      1. Why does nursing require a degree?

      Maybe it’s to keep up with all of our highly trained immigrant doctors and nurses, you know, the one’s who have numerous degree certificates from the University of Nigeria.

      I’m sure the liberal bureaucrats who run the NHS have thoroughly checked every bit of paper work, as the Canadians, Americans, Australians have done with our highly trained British Medical staff who fled the NHS under liebour’s 13 year disaster.

      After Staffordshire and Mid Wales we all know the NHS is safe with liebour.


  9. Framer says:

    The BBC UK news website is incredibly biased.
    Labour election stories are more frequent and invariably have positive headlines while the Conservative ones are negative or at best vague and wandery.
    Latest: ‘Cameron wants Lloyds shares sell-off’.


  10. Henry Wood says:

    I like to dream …

    Wouldn’t it be nice …

    If all them folks who had been telling pollsters how they will vote have been lying through their teeth and were simply afraid to tell pollsters they actually *were* voting for UKIP but would meantime say something different to those same pollsters to avoid abuse.

    Then, on the glorious 8th May 2015: “Hail Smiling Morn!”


    We awaken (or like me, you have stayed up all night watching ’em come in!) to a minority Conservative party, who, with a number of newly elected UKIP MPs have decided to form a new coalition government! And one of the first platforms announced by the new government is, “We will cease the imposition of the TV Tax, known as a BBC TV Licence, with immediate effect.”

    Oh, it’s nice to dream and at my age not many dreams are remaining.

    But sometimes … when you wish upon a star …


    • Henry Wood says:


    • Chop says:

      I will be up all night as well, I always have stayed up till the wee hours on election night, this year though, I’ll be counting the ballot papers.


      • Henry Wood says:

        Make sure you count ’em right and watch out for dirty tricks!


        • Chop says:

          That’s why I volunteered Henry, I want to see if the lefties do try dirty tricks during the count 🙂


  11. Thoughtful says:

    There will be fewer nurses and fewer doctors, at least British trained ones, that much is certain. And the reason for that? Camerons naked greed for the already wealth so he could give them massive tax cuts by borrowing a little less.

    Cameron has cut the number of training places for both doctors and nurses meaning that now those who should have training and want to work cannot find places.

    Of course the LibLabCon party will then say that we need more ‘skilled’ immigration, which is in fact a lie. The BBC have been pedalling this lie for decades.

    There will be fewer Doctors & Nurses, the BBC for once is right, even though the reasons for it are being kept obscure.


  12. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Surely even the bBBC must have realised by now that anything with Andy Burnham’s name attached must be suspect and ought to be examined. Apart from thousands of patients dying when he was Secretary of State for Health; that should never be mentioned of course.


    • GCooper says:

      Quite right. The easy time Burnham has been given by the BBC is quite high up the charge sheet of its recent crimes.