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  1. deegee says:

    This may have slipped past us? India takes al-Jazeera off-air in Kashmir map row

    Foreign sales make up a large part of BBC profit. I notice that the YES Cable network in Israel no longer carries BBC News. While that is undoubteably a business rather than a ideological decision if more countries stop electing to receive the BBC as protest for biased reporting the effect will be felt at BBC House.


  2. Alun says:

    Just watched Victoria Derbyshire presenting her show on the BBC news channel. I cant believe what i just witnessed, I have never seen such manipulation of an audience. They are discussing the state of the NHS. She said the audience was drawn from all walks of life and political persuasions,OH YEA WE BELIEVE YOU..!!!!!
    She would chose a member of the audience SUPPOSEDLY at random but would say ” hello Mike what would you like to say ”,out of an audience of 250 how does she know his or her name unless it had been pre decided to go to that individual. Every person she went to criticised the NHS and slagged of the Tory party.
    Millions of people are seen by the NHS every year and have a good experience (me included) and less than 1% have a complaint. Seems to me that Victoria Derbyshire and the BBC must have trolled the UK to find this tiny minority to stick them on her appalling show. Perhaps it would be a good idea if she would bugger off back to her low rating radio show. At least all we would have to do was listen to her appalling
    bias and not witness it as well.

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    • Guest Who says:

      It doesn’t excuse the friggin’ with the rigging pf course, but there is some comfort to be found that the audience in her studio being pretty much the same size as the one watching.

      Plus whoever Ed assigns to give him a weekly summary.

      Luckily for VD, her market rate is assessed on a BBC unique basis.


  3. D1004 says:

    Good luck to anyone who thinks that outside the magic M25 there are first time buyers waking up this morning full of glee with the thought that they can max out to £300,000.
    Seriously, does Wallace think the North is full of people under 30 earning £50,000 PA ? Hint, you can buy a 2/3 bedroom in Burnley for under £50,000. No need in that northern town to spend 300k on getting a house is there ? Beeboids as daft as smily teeth if they think this will get them more votes in the country, once again a policy for the metrosexuals is trumpeted to the country with us plebs left scratching our heads wondering what they are on about. Big hint, we need JOBS for our young where they are not up against the latest arrivals here to fill them.