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  1. Guest Who says:

    I wonder if their recent main anchor knows, or cares?

    Because if he doesn’t, hard to fathom why anyone else should either.

    (Comments going well so far. And Harriet looking more than usually manic).

    ps: They off to Whitby? Great for any Goth moment.


  2. Sinniberg says:

    Can you see a similar picture with a UKIP candidate/bus?. No, me neither.

    That picture is too cosy for comfort. Who is Labour and who is BBC?.

    Meanwhile, today(28/4/15) I see no less than five various Labour articles on the main BBC News webpage.

    Zero on UKIP, zero on the LibDems and one on the Conservatives in relation to, erm, Russell Brand.

    It would be “interesting” to tally up the total number of articles dedicated to Labour in the run up to the election……..


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘It would be “interesting” to tally up the total number of articles dedicated to Labour”,?

      You could ask the BBC, but telling you just how bent their editorial choices are is oddly yet another of those little secrets they feel are best not shared under Lord Hall Hall’s news trust and transparency regime.


      • pah says:

        Even if it could be conclusively proved that the BBC gave preference to Labour in both number and tone what would be the outcome? Nothing and the BBC knows it.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I wonder if the subject of P.I.E. ever arises during the bbc-labour party love-ins with Mrs Halfman.?


    • DP111 says:


      The BBC has a history of revising/revisiting history. This is what commies do -its in their DNA.

      They will simply delete all the articles from BBC servers.


  3. Deborah(another) says:

    I avoid the web site,but with regard to Brand,never forget it was the BBC who gave him and Ross a platform and they went on to abuse Andrew Sachs.I don’t think Miliband has covered himself in glory with this one. It’s not going to garner the votes he thinks.


  4. DB says:

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”


  5. #88 says:

    Compare and contrast (as they say) this story about the IFS critique of the Labour, Lib Dem and Tory taxation plans.

    This from the Telegraph.
    ‘Election 2015: Labour tax plans savaged by IFS’ (you’ll have to scroll right down to the Matthew Holehouse story at 10:01am)

    And this, the same story, from the BBC (which helpfully echoes Miliband’s Cotht of Living Cwithith)
    ‘IFS: Households can expect lower incomes, whoever wins the election’

    Now I defy you to find in the BBC report, this from the IFS as reported by the Telegraph, in relation to Labour’s flagship policy of spite.

    ‘Labour’s 50p hike will likely raise “very little” – perhaps just £100m, according to the HMRC/OBR estimates’

    According to Channel 4 fact check, Labour were hoping to raise as much as £10 billion from this tax take….who is going to make up the shortfall?

    All this is very reminiscent of the BBC reporting of the IFS analysis of the various parties fiscal plans, last week. BBC News at Ten went to town on the Lib Dem and Tory plans but completely forgot to mention the damming IFS comment that, ‘If you vote Labour you don’t know what you’re voting for’.

    The worlds most trusted broadcaster seems to be very selective about what it will and will not report when their favourite think tank points the finger at their favourite political party. An editorial judgement has been taken by the BBC to exclude both passages from the IFS report. By who and why??

    Even by the BBC’s low standards, this is beyond belief. The political bias is so blatant now.


    • DP111 says:

      Lets hope and pray that the Conservatives win. It will be such a shock to the journos and effiminate luvies at the BBC, that they may not survive it, thus relieving pressure on the NHS.


  6. Leha says:

    Find a cliff – quick.


  7. Diawl says:

    The demise of Newsnight by the Andrew Neil bandwagon on BBC has been the hallmark of this overlong and overblown campaign. Neil checks his facts, gives everyone ( with the exception of the hapless Leanne Wood) a hard time and even uses Guido’s scoops. How long will Auntie allow this state of affairs to continue and allow Katz’s army of minnows to guess the election result.


    • Wild says:

      The BBC does not allow Andrew Neil on any mainstream channel in prime time. In accordance with the journalistic integrity they have so far shown in this election campaign maybe the BBC could just show on BBC One in the evenings the interviews where he attacks the Conservatives and UKIP – after all the Labour Party interviews are just too embarrassing.

      As far as I can see the only Labour Party issues the BBC discusses are what comes out of the Labour Party press office (no I do not mean BBC News and Current Affairs).

      Are public sector unions an interest group or not? Has socialism proved to be a successful economic policy or not? Is the fact that the election boundaries are so rigged that Conservatives have to poll several percentage points more just to get level with the Labour Party a scandal or not? Does paying the debt back matter? Have the Labour Party got a good record on the NHS or not? Have the new schools been successful or not? Does the EU spend its money wisely?

      What would the consequences be on EU politicians if the UK withdrew? What about the economic consequences of high tax rates? Did the Blair-Brown government spend wisely? Did it achieve the changes it said it would? What about the claim that charities were packed with Labour Party supporters who have diverted money to political campaigning on behalf of the Labour Party?

      The BBC would rather talk about which football team the PM supports (and not even reporting that accurately).


      • GCooper says:

        Thar’s an excellent and damning exposure of how far the BBC has backed Labour at this election. Every one of those questions is a killer. I have seen none of them asked.


  8. D1004 says:

    Not a fag paper between them. Share the same seats, the same beliefs, the same homes, the same beds, the same trust funds. The communist party of the Soviet Union and the editors of Pravda on a jolly used to look just the same. Democracy ? I can’t see any democracy, just group think. The masters of our bodies and the masters of our thoughts, quite indistinguishable.


    • G.W.F. says:

      No doubt reliving happy memories of the University SWP society and how they so skilfully infiltrated the Student Union, and how the Prof of Marxism and Critical Studies wrote glowing references for their applications for jobs with the BBC.


  9. Dazed & Confused says:
  10. Richard Pinder says:

    I think there are indications of a sudden burst of leaked or hacked emails from the high ups at the BBC, which could be very helpful to UKIP after the election. I will tactfully inquire about whether I can look at them.


    • Guest Who says:

      It would be a shame, post 28Gate, Pollard, etc, if they said anything stupid.

      Or looked like meddling with editorial integrity.


  11. Up2snuff says:

    “According to Channel 4 fact check, Labour were hoping to raise as much as £10 billion from this tax take….who is going to make up the shortfall?”

    Hmmnnn … That demonstrates that the two EmptyEds:
    1. Don’t know much about taxation
    2. Haven’t been paying attention to info from ONS & HMRC & Treasury
    3. Can’t do a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation (that any economist worth their salt can do) and come up with a roughly accurate check-figure.

    [Since 2011/12 it has become apparent that about 75% of top rate taxpayers pay under PAYE, the average income subject to that tax falls between £250K and £300K. < Recent inflation would place it closer to £300K now. You can do your own sums.]


    • Dotheyfinkwerestoopid says:

      Leftists are, by and large, an innumerate bunch who always value their own feelings and emotions over logic ,facts and figures.
      It does not surprise me that the leadership of the Liebore party avoids the facts and figures pertaining to their own disastrous reign over the UK. The Beeb understands this , being comprised mostly of Arts graduates , and always goes for the emotional appeal.
      I say scrap the license fee and sell off the stations , leaving a ‘public broadcasting’ rump -should raise a few billion…but do the T ories have the cojones??………..Naaaah.