Lefty circle jerk returns to the BBC

The News Quiz is back for a new series this week:

Elis James is a new name to me. Apparently he does things on BBC3 and XFM. I wonder why they’ve chosen him to appear this week.

Ah, that helps explain why.

He’ll fit right in with Sandi, Jeremy and the rest. The braying seals in the audience will love his views too, no doubt. It must be especially baffling for these left-wing luvvies that there’s a majority Conservative government and that four million people voted for UKIP. Damn the electorate – it’s so unrepresentantive of the News Quiz audience.

(What would be the chances of a News Quiz appearance for a comedian who called, say, Yvette Cooper a cunt?)

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  1. FlyingPig says:

    Norman Smith, allegedly a Political Correspondent of the BBC, talked of the disastrous UKIP election result (4m million votes, an 10 increase ? – never let facts get in the way of a story), and has broken a civil war implosion story within the party on High Priestess of Leftwing Losers Derbyshire show. Wonder why ?. Oh wait … could it be that Nigel Farage is on Question Time tonight ? Wonder what the subject of that is going to be then !


    • #88 says:

      Do you watch the Derbyshire show? Like millions of others, I never have, nor see any reason to watch it.


  2. Lakesman says:

    …and in the same vein, Bob Pest on the McBBC website, commenting about today’s recovery figures:

    “And what underlies not exactly pessimism but a tempering of bullishness is its new analysis that a disproportionate number of new jobs in the economy are lower skilled and less productive.

    In that sense, it has reinforced Labour’s concern that the revival of our economy was not doing enough to make most people richer – though, to state the obvious, a bit too late to lend credibility to Ed Miliband’s campaign.” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32722821

    Quelle surprise…


  3. 60022Mallard says:

    Not being young enough to twitter, would any member be able to copy on the above two tweets to Tony Hall with “Ideal new News Quiz panellist?”


  4. Beltane says:

    It gets better, Flying Pig, when you factor in that Our Norm made his ‘disastrous election result’ comment three times in the space of six minutes.
    Is this perhaps a record in the ‘gratuitously derogatory’ department?


  5. 60022Mallard says:

    After however many months and quarters of good news on (un) employment, growth etc. I just wait for the but … from the BBC to explain why all is not as good as it may seem.

    A bit like 37 months of continuously rising car sales, but it is the company purchases and foolish people having the confidence to enter into the lease/buy market.

    It will interesting to see whether the collective sigh of relief from last Friday will eventually show that the last two or three months easing were a blip based on worry about an interventionist, business unfriendly Labour administration and how the BBC will explain it.


    • NISA says:

      Yes Humphrys was no doubt pleased that having pressed Carney repeatedly this morning he got him to state that addressing the budget deficit provided a “headwind” to growth in the economy.
      This headwind of deficit reduction is of course a mild breeze compared to the tail wind of the stimulus of running a deficit in the first place. Elsewhere in the interview Carney showed himself to be as slippery as the rest in playing down the effect of immigrants on pay & productivity growth. He carefully referred only to additional immigrants rather than the cumulative effect.


  6. johnnythefish says:

    The BBC is like a wilful, goading child just waiting to have its legs slapped.

    The Tories need to quote this neanderthal ‘comedian’ whenever the licence fee comes up for discussion on the likes of Today.


  7. DB says:

    It could be argued this week’s News Quiz panel is actually balanced – after all, only half of the them have actually called the Tories “cunts” on Twitter:


    • 60022Mallard says:

      And good old Sandi had no problem delivering “It’s the Tories that put the n in cuts” from her pre approved at high level chairman’s script.

      Perhaps another one to quote at charter renewal negotiations!

      Along with Red Jim’s slight mispronunciation of the minister’s name.


      • DB says:

        Yes indeed. Forgot that one.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        The best joke was “on my left, Jeremy Hardy”
        But the Cunt spoiled it for me by putting him on her right.
        Now there aren’t any funny jokes.


    • DB says:

      Here’s Susan Calman when she was in Birmingham during a Tory conference

      But she didn’t say “cunts” so it’s still a balanced panel.


    • Flexdream says:

      Isn’t that language demeaning to women? Using the female genitals as an ultimate insult?
      Hardy is a misogynist prick.


      • John Paul Jones says:

        No, no, as they say in Dibley.Do you never listen to Jo Brand (Russell’s ugly sister) only white people can be racist & only Tories can be misogynist. know your enemies.


  8. dave s says:

    They really are setting themselves up for a fall.
    The left cannot accept the election result. it is all of a par with their wilfull refusal to face reality over anything.
    Flat earthers the lot of them.
    The left’s hegemony over us is coming to an end. Just a matter of time now .
    Bye bye 68ers and good riddance.


    • GCooper says:

      R4’s WATO had one of the funniest interviews yet with, I believe, Yvette Cooper (absolutely no relation!). She didn’t answer a single question without having the spin cycle on full and, simply put, lied her empty head off throughout.

      Naturally, the vapid Martha Kearney bumbled her way through the interview, adrift and helpless as Cooper lied and spun.

      Followed, of course, with regulation BBC glee at UKIP’s latest smear story.

      The BBC broken. It’s time for it to go.


      • #88 says:

        Yes, but the other problem with her radio interview was that you were unable to see that perpetually furrowed brow that she has and the rest of her body language that oozes ‘Hughie Green’ sincerity.


      • brett says:

        The disgusting yvette cooper is to my mind the worst offender for this ,evading every question, aided and abetted by the bbbc mug interviewer every time.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of good laughs, here’s another one the BBC can leave at the door…


    Nice to see this gathering a head of steam.

    ‘It defies belief that any part of the the BBC (even if it was indirectly) commissioned such a programme. Effectively, they gave Murray a PR platform to ridicule the Farage campaign.’

    Maybe a few FoI’s for the BBC to refuse #becausejournalism and then see Jon & the guys bluster past why such questions need not be answered?


  10. Steve Jones says:

    Presumably, these Titans of comedy find each other very amusing. Not so sure anybody else outside their clique does. I stopped listening to the News Quiz when the only laughs remaining were the funny newspaper cuttings that were read out. Unfortunately, the gap between them was too long and filled with unfunny lefty whining so another programme had to be crossed off my listening schedule.
    The NQ panel seems obsessed with the more base description of female genitalia. Might I suggest the use of a mirror if they are keen to see one.


    • fubeeb says:

      Especially when you consider the many witty and popular comedians on the ‘right’.


      • johnnythefish says:

        There are no apolitical comedians any more as they were all driven out by the ‘alternative’ crowd – you know, the ‘comedy’ arm of the free-speech-crushing Left.


        • fubeeb says:

          Yeah. They’ll send you to prison if you tell a mother-in-law joke these days.


  11. Mr Natural says:

    One more foul-mouthed, blasphemous lefty of the type that infests the BBC these days and who is best described by that other four-letter C-word: Celt.


  12. DB says:

    Staff writers for the News Quiz:


    • DB says:

      This tweet, after Labour took the first 3 seats, does at least acknowledge the echo chamber she inhabits:


      • Arthur Penney says:

        I would have been worried when these came out – other than Mr Curtiss had forecast a substantial Labour swing in the North East in the exit poll.


        • Geyza says:

          Those three Sunderland seats are always the first to declare and they are always labour. Even during Thatcher’s landslide victories. Those first three results are meaningless.


  13. 60022Mallard says:

    Good work DB.

    It seems as though Tweets just keep giving.

    A salutary lesson to us all though as it seems what you tweet (not me as I do not) seems now to say much more about us than what we are prepared to say openly, and blood hounds like DB can be waiting to trip you up.

    I feel a new internal e-mail about tweeting going round the BBC after this topic is picked up by the BBC blog inspectors.


  14. Simon says:

    just google a picture of him – typical middle class leftie who is no doubt very well paid


  15. Thoughtful says:

    If you’re wondering about the thinking behind the BBC pushing a split in the Tories over Europe, then that’s because it’s the only realistic way that the Labour party has of returning to power in the next 2 decades.

    To win a majority of just 1 then they need to overturn a majority of 8000 ! a swing of 9% !
    If they want a majority in England & Wales (in the event of a separation of voting on non Scottish laws), then they need a swing of close to 10% and that target town is Harlow which has a Tory majority of 8500 !

    To win a majority of 10 then Labour would have to win seats like Kensington or Chingford which have never been won by Labour in their history.

    And all this is made worse by the fact that it’s based on the old constituency boundaries, when the new ones are made law, it will be even more difficult for Labour to win.


    • Geyza says:

      And the BBC are utterly wilfully deaf and blind to the Conservative strategy on the EU. It boils down to the tory party cannot agree about EU membership, so they will try to get reform, and then let the country decide, with all conservative members accepting the result of the referendum.

      It’s only lefties that refuse to accept the democratic will of the people.


  16. DB says:

    Given that Sandi Toksvig has founded her own political party called The Women’s Equality Party [*] I wonder if the News Quiz will aim any jokes at Labour over its sex-segregated Muslim meetings. I’m guessing not.

    [*] Not a very diverse group in that picture. Only one non-white woman (tactically placed near Toksvig) and no men!


    • Steve Jones says:

      Good looking women aren’t represented at all in that picture either.


    • Geyza says:

      It is a self-declared “non-partisan party”

      Forgive me, but does not the word party define them as partisan? It is impossible for a party to be non-partisan.

      It’s like saying a non-gay gay, or non-dead corpse, or non-car car.

      It is ridiculous.


    • Invicta 1066 says:

      Did I hear correctly? The Scottish panellist said she had a husband? Two married Lesbians on one BBC show? Will take a few hundred straight female comics to balance that!

      I thought Robert Peston was actually quite good as the host of HIGNFU. Normally I find his loooonnnng drawnnnn ouuuttt comments with the repeated ermmms annoying, but reading a script is just what he needs.
      On Thursday on the Today programme he was given 30 seconds to put across a point; I turned over after about 15 seconds when he was still on his fourth syllable.
      Would love to hear him on Just a minute.


  17. Rufus Chucklebutty says:

    I can’t listen to the news quiz, its just so blatantly biased. The now show is the same, hignfy the same, all basically left wing lectures that spoil the comedy. It was funny when the news quiz had Bob Mills on who said climate change was rubbish, the entire audience was silent, and no one commented on it. Togsvic moved on very quickly.


    • Steve Jones says:

      ‘…basically left wing lectures that spoil the comedy.’

      That sums up the state of BBC comedy perfectly.


      • Geyza says:

        Not just BBC comedy, but their drama and their left wing drivel is even leeching into sports coverage too.


        • Glen says:

          In particular the bbc war football and their attempt to emasculate the game. I’ve just watched the post game interviews on FF and in three of them the bbc interviewer stated “you look emotional” or “there’ll be tears”??

          I know they are desperate to see a player to break down on live TV whilst coming out of the closet but it’s becoming pathetic, particularly as they seem happy to have reported two recent violent incidents in the wimmins game…one for headbutting and the other for violent on field play…the wimmins game is more masculine than the men’s game at the bbc.


  18. oldartist says:

    Was there once a time, pre Toksvig, when the News Quiz was actually funny? I’m sure I can remember something like that. In fact I’m sure that once Radio 4 comedians, really were comedians. Maybe it’s just nostalgia playing tricks on me.


    • Geyza says:

      It was at one time, many years ago.


    • Deborah says:

      Barry Took used to host News Quiz, and yes in those days it was funny. This was the time when other Radio 4 six thirty slots had My Music and My Word. Skilled people with knowledge entertained us. And pure humour came in the form of old repeats of Jimmy Clitheroe and things with Kenneth Williams. These were also programmes that could be listened to by mixed generations without embarrassment (although being little at the time some of the jokes passed me by).


      • hadda says:

        All (apart from old News Quiz repeats*) now happily populating Radio 4Xtra.

        * Instead the latest edition of the News Quiz — expanded by a further 15 minutes, for some reason — gets repeated about three times.


    • Little Black Sambo says:

      It was funny when the chairman was Barry Took, who was funny and unfailingly good-humoured. Under his successors it has been spiteful.


  19. chrisH says:

    Poor old Rory Bremner eh?
    Talk about scrapings after the Lord Mayors Show?
    His heart was not in his leaden, forced and unfunny “Election review” last night-his dear chums had been stuffed like Tuscan olives-and he knew it.
    Hence the laboured anti-UKIP, sneering stuff about Tory toffs…despite those who paid for this garbage having specifically voted for UKIP and said “toffs”.
    Planet Beeb continues in its death rattle-or is that from their nannys McLaurin pram, from which they loftily try to lead the troops to Labourland?
    Don`t see why WE`RE paying for Rorys tired Gang Show, for a Rag Week jape.
    S`pose Rorys in the sporran of the SNP with that name, albeit from Highgate…most plastic jox like him will do anything but LIVE in Scotland.
    And-to back what I say-that funny Miliband impressionist was unfunny and clearly aware that he`d soon have no job…bloody Tories have already increased the dole queue by one!
    One ex-Miliband impressionist seeks work…oh dear…


  20. tommy atkins says:

    Has anyone else started to think that the BBC being so far left is actually doing the right a favour?
    1. Many, many people have spotted the bias and therefore dismiss everything the BBC says as BS.
    2. The Left believe their own BS and think they can win elections just with what they think is their own moral and intellectual superiority but is in reality just an echo chamber.

    Last Thursday saw the Tory + UKIP vote = 50%. This is despite the BBC bias, the long term touchy-feely bias in the UK education system AND the replacement of 10%+ of the UK electorate with 4m new voters from overseas who poll 85% labour.

    Bliss was it that Dawn to be alive!


  21. DownBoy says:

    The Lib Dems are obviously not useless and irrelevant enough for Sandi Toksvig, so she sets up the Ugly Wimmin Party.
    Go back to your constituencies, and prepare the tea, luv!


  22. DownBoy says:

    Furthermore while I’m on the subject, If I could impart a little friendly advice to Sandi it would be stick to what you’re good at which is the comedy.

    Actually no……on second thoughts stick with the Ugly Wimmin Party.


  23. The Lord says:

    Worth a remention? for a giggle. Listening to the radio one morning and the continuity lady interjects just before a, totally innocuous, Bernard Cribbens comedy show. “The following programme was made in the 1970’s and some of our listeners may be offended by the outdated views expressed.” Oh good, I thought and pricked up my ears. As you can imagine, from Bernard, nothing, nada. Just light-hearted comedy.
    It was immediately followed, sans warning, by the NQ team F’ing & C’ing & worse through their entire ‘show’. That’s when I, finally, knew this world has gone around the twist. (Although I suspected it for a long time)


  24. stuart says:

    you know what,i am getting sick of that labour party stooge rory bremmer popping up on the bbc and lbc slagging of ukip,this has been once unfunny comedian is just getting annoying,what i would like to see on the bbc is some comedy show with right wing comedians taking the mickey out of all these socalists and letists.oops.just had a natalie bennett brain fade,there are no right wing comedians let on the bbc or mainstream media anymore.


  25. D1004 says:

    Seeing we’re sticking it to bbc ‘comedy’ I’d like to rubbish the dire ‘episodes ‘ back for another unfunny series. Set in LA with bbc money and a big name like Matt Le Blanc and it is rubbish. No jokes, full of four letter swear words and leftie ‘humour’.
    Instead a big, big up for the hysterically funny ‘2 Broke Girls’ made by Americans about life at the bottom in NY on E4. Very rude like British comedy used to be in the past, full of smart put downs and one liners, a great cast and delightfully unPC and note this bbc. Not one single swear word, not one ! But it’s far, far dirtier and funnier than any rubbish you churn out. Last nights opening gag about a drone looking down the trousers of the chef was simply brilliant.


  26. Edward says:

    Does anyone remember the “HOME TAPING IS KILLING MUSIC” logo on their record sleeves?


    ‘Home taping’ was the analogue equivalent of ‘internet piracy’ in which teenagers – who couldn’t afford to buy vinyl records – taped music off the radio (mostly the Top 40 and John Peel shows) onto compact cassette tapes.

    Isn’t it funny how it’s always the poor who suffer where money is involved within the world of ‘the arts’. Saving up your paper-round money to blow on the next New Musik album, only to find a logo making you feel guilty about taping music off the radio!

    Home taping wasn’t killing music – you can’t kill music. It was the greed within the music industry, scaremongering! Does that sound familiar?

    There’s no wonder those who choose ‘the arts’ (a workshy and thoroughly enjoyable career) are worried about 5 years of pure Conservative government who have promised to reward HARD WORK.