Time for a new one of these. Sorry about my absence in recent times but two close family bereavements in succession have somewhat taken my eye off BBC bias. Anyway, I am back. So detail the bias here.

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  1. Guest Who says:

    BBC News on FaceBook doing one of their ‘critics are saying’ hatchet jobs on India’s PM.

    From the look of the comments, a lot of the locals don’t share the BBC world view or appreciate it being imposed with all their usual arrogant presumption.

    Luckily for the bbc, their licence to meddle seems globally unaccountable too.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      I find it very annoying that the Beeb posts items on its FB pages that it doesn’t on it website. Always on the World Service there will be some article and they will finish with “if you want to see xyz pictures go to our FB page”. As I don’t use FB or want a FB account this is closed to me, although I doubt if i am missing much.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        I have a virtually unused FB account, because any time I go looking on the BBC FB pages I simply can’t figure out what’s meant to be where or how to find anything! It just seems a very confused jumble to me.

        Which is probably why it appeals so much to the teenage mind.


        • Guest Who says:

          I’m feeling well sprightly at that:)

          I mainly use FB to stay in touch with far flung friends and rellies, but have clicked the odd ‘like’ to see what a few media outlets are up to.

          The BBC’s reliance on free foreign-owned, even less accountable aggregators for what they solicit and pump out using unique funding has always struck me as another dubious unique to too many.

          Especially trying to drive commercial traffic on the back of UK licence fee payer-funded efforts.

          I just love the way they think asking questions of people whose answers they have set-up still strikes the BBC as anything other than serving their own echo chamber.

          BBC World News
          7 mins ·
          Has India’s Narendra Modi lived up to expectations?

          BBC World News
          5 hrs ·
          Is Narendra Modi still India’s cup of tea

          Seems the BBC complement to ‘tell it often enough’ is to keep asking the same question and editing in the answers they like in a vain attempt at ‘representation’.

          You just know which comments will be lifted to the broadcast only pages and broadcasts.

          Leaving certain others behind…

          Nathan Hazlett He is heading a democracy of 1.2 billion people. Unfair to expect one man to do everything.

          This is the BBC. They don’t like him. Of course he must. And now…..! Only folk like Obama need time for their vision to evolve.

          Cybersainik Sainik All the Indians should start an online movement against BBC for BBC’s negative propaganda against India.

          BBBC:Bombay ? Hey, franchising in other locations worked for Jerry Bruckheimer.

          Seems only fitting that as the BBC exports its special blend of influence worldwide, the world gets national vehicles to tell the likes of JonDon, Jezza, etc where to stick their poor fact-checking, value-imposing Islington noses where the sun has long since set.


      • Beltane says:

        I also find it very annoying that the Beeb…………………….(please enter personal choice)


        • Disgusted of Essex says:

          I also find it very annoying that the Beeb continue to exist


        • Tommy atkins says:

          I find it very annoying that the Beeb can send me to gaol if I refuse to contribute to, amongst other things, their copper-bottomed staff pensions,


          • Chop says:

            I find it very annoying that the Beeb knowingly employ paedophiles, and I have to pay for them.


    • Beltane says:

      Another hatchet job was on Churchill last night. A truly despicable, leftist character assassination – the participation of Max Hastings, although obviously in an attempt to give ‘balance’ was not to his credit. Churchill’s failings and foibles are well documented but his writings alone are enough to make his position in history beyond criticism.
      To give just one example of the programme’s historical distortion, the vote from all the servicemen abroad was described as a massive rejection – without mentioning the tiresome detail of the Labour MPs who toured the European theatres and the leafleting of the Far East troops, promising early demobilisation if they voted for Labour.


      • Geyza says:

        And they had to get a dig-in about Farage. This is part of the build-up to the referendum, to pre-empt any attempt to express a vote for out as support for, and defence of, the glorious legacy of democracy and the sovereign accountability we have over our elected MPs (the people who create our laws) that was so very hard won by our brave troops.

        We have the ability and right to vote out bad lawmakers under our hard won constitution. Whilst the EU now constantly imposes laws by people we cannot vote out, we are pissing on that sacrifice and betraying everything our troops fought for. To allow a foreign entity, to impose new laws upon us, when we have not been defeated in war by that entity, (indeed we defeated that entity in war TWICE!), is treason at common law.

        The only way to secure any return of OUR collective sovereignty over OUR lawmakers, is to vote to get out of the EU.

        Whatever deal Cameron gets (whether insignificant or very significant), will not ever be implemented, because our referendum is not binding on the other EU member states and they can, and will be able to veto that reform deal, after we have had the referendum.

        We MUST restore the right to be able to vote out those who make bad laws. We cannot vote out the EU commission, and they are now creating most of our new laws.

        Please, if you value this country, love this country and vote out.


        • Wild says:

          I was going to watch that programme, and then I thought, it is on the BBC so it will be Leftist crap. So quelle surprise that is turned out to be Leftist crap. I notice that Labour Party supporters have to go back to 1945 to get their jollies. It is far enough in the past that most of the people who could have told them what it was really like are dead.

          I notice that having experienced a Labour government the electorate mostly voted Conservative for the next 15 years.


      • Andy S. says:

        Also the Army Education Corps had been infiltrated by Marxists who pushed the Labour line on every course they took.


  2. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Classic deceit from the Beeb – and the Tory press – in this morning’s headline. EU immigrants will be ‘barred’ from voting, as will 16 and 17 year olds. Not-so-subtle suggestion that this gives an unfair advantage to the ‘outs’. It’s utter nonsense, of course… the franchise remains unchanged. Call Me Dave and Clegg did have a plan to change the law to include these groups, but Dave no longer has an excuse to do that now. Non-story used as ‘stay-in’ propaganda. Expect plenty more in the next year.


    • NISA says:

      Yes on “Today” Webb claimed that the Conservatives were being “cowards” in stopping 16 year olds & long term ex pats from voting in the referendum. The BBC were giving the impression that special rules had been devised by the evil Tories whereas all that is being proposed is that the normal general election franchise be used


      • Essex Man says:

        Will it ? , let them vote in referendum , its their future too , its not given they would all want to stay in anyhow .However the normal election voting age should stay at 18 . I was not old enough to vote in the 75 one , but I would of voted “IN ” then , but maybe not now .


        • I Can See Clearly Now says:

          Today’s ‘Conservatives’ rarely seem very conservative. Odd.


          • Essex Man says:

            Eh ? Conservatives believe in democracy ,not trying to rig a result. Polished those glasses Foggy , in your world only paid up members of the kipper fan klub can vote in the referendum . I guess you are still waiting for the the Church bells to ring, incase those pesky krauts invade us. Don`t panic , they are quite normal, without 3 heads, once you reach the the other side of the Channel Tunnel .I am off to visit my French cousins soon , down in the South of France , near Sete` . They are just like us” Hideously White” too , don`t be afraid , they don`t bite ,or frighten children.


            • I Can See Clearly Now says:

              Conservatives believe in democracy ,not trying to rig a result.

              Unlike you, I was old enough to vote last time. In fact, I was one of the first to benefit from the reduction in the voting age to eighteen, so I know the history well. The age of majority had been reduced from twenty one to eighteen in 1970, so this change was logical. It has remained at eighteen ever since. It’s logical that it remains at eighteen. Your abuse of myself and of UKIP makes no sense, but it follows the normal pattern of Tory-ism; Mr Green style.


              • Essex Man says:

                Foggy, you seem to have a thing about Mr Green , maybe you should have a word with Scott , on that one. Mr Green is an MP , but Mr Farage has had many attempts, & still failed . Maybe he would be better returning to the Conservatives ,like he once was , he may have better luck then, at becoming an MP. Incidentally I bet you voted to ,”Stay In ” the Common Market in 1975 .


                • I Can See Clearly Now says:

                  I bet you voted to ,”Stay In ” the Common Market in 1975 .

                  I think I did. I would still vote to stay in a common market today. Your point is????


            • marcmarc says:

              Interseting gathering of roumanian prostitutes on your way in to Sete near the refinery ,so i have been told.


              • Essex Man says:

                There is a port in Sete , its a mini Venice , but no big tankers, as they have a lagoon with oyster beds in it. The big tankers go to Marseille , instead. There are some pikey encampments up in the dunes near Beziers that is true , & further along the coast too .


                • marcmarc says:

                  Passed through there 2 years ago nice restuarants alongside the quay.


        • Geyza says:

          The franchise begins at 18. I was 18 about a week after the 87 election, and was gutted that I missed out on voting by only that short amount of time, but that is the right thing. those under 18 do not have the experience, or wisdom that comes from experience, to understand and have a say. I would be in favour of raising the franchise to 21.

          Funny how kids are not mature enough to leave school or training until they are 18, but somehow considered mature enough to vote responsibly at 16. It is crazy.


          • Pat (the original) says:

            As someone who voted IN in 1975 on the promise of cheaper European ‘goodies’ and who believed ‘it was only for trade anyway’ it could perhaps be argued that I was neither mature nor responsible enough at age 29.

            The benefits of hindsight!!


            • Selohesra says:

              No – voting Yes was sensible decision based on what you were told – trouble is they were all lying to you.


              • Merched Becca says:

                We were told the same, ‘everything would be cheaper’ . Although, I and everyone I knew then, voted against. We were of the opinion that we would become an United states of Europe.
                All the people I know today say they voted against ???


                • Pat (the original) says:

                  At the time I would have had no idea that the grand plan was a united states of Europe. I think generally people become more interested in and involved in politics as they get older. I certainly gave it no ‘deep’ thought. I fear the same sort of mind set that I had in 1975 will be repeated this next time.


                  • Merched Becca says:

                    Some time in 1967/68 or there about? We, as top form pupils attended a debate between two gentlemen ‘for’ and ‘against’ the Common Market. It was organised with all the schools in the area.
                    In the years leading up to the vote on the Common Market it was all about trade and only trade.
                    Since joining the Common Market we have lost all our industry, and I mean a substantial amount of industry. We then ‘sleep walked’ into the EU and all its bureaucracy. I really think we were better off trading with the Commonwealth and the rest of the world.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      It’s time the BBC decided whether 16/17-year-olds are responsible voters or impressionable children who need to be protected from themselves.


      • NotaSheep says:

        That depends upon whether they are Labour/pro-EU voters or ‘innocent’ Muslims going to fight for jihad.


      • John C. says:

        They are such innocent little babies that they cannot be named “for legal reasons” if they murder each other. They can’t drive around or buy alcohol because they are not mature enough to control their behaviour.
        And yet, say the Left, they can weigh up a momentous issue such as E.U. membership? You’re taking the proverbial.
        Let them give a potted history of the development of the Common Market into this mystic “Union”, complete with a brief summary of the arguments for and against membership. Try it on the next 16 year old you meet, if you can drag their attention away from their mobile.


      • Geyza says:

        16 and 17 year olds have never experienced living in a free, independent UK which could set ALL her own laws. That was the UK I was born into, the legacy and birthright our forefathers sacrificed so much in two world wars to defend, win and hand down to us intact.

        Those troops have been betrayed. When most of our new laws are now created by the EU commission, we no longer have the power to vote out bad lawmakers.

        We MUST vote out to restore our sacred birthright.


    • David says:

      The idea of being ‘barred’ suggests some sort of entitlement, as if something that would or should have happened has been prevented. It connotes the image of someone who used to go to a pub being ‘barred’ from doing it anymore…

      They should simply have said EU immigrants “will not vote” or “will be unable to vote” in the EU Ref.

      More BBC Bias.


      • Merched Becca says:

        Are the citizens of the Republic of Ireland allowed to vote ?


        • I Can See Clearly Now says:

          Yes, but that’s in line with current arrangements.


          • Merched Becca says:



          • Angrymanupnorth says:

            “Are the citizens of the Republic of Ireland allowed to vote ?”

            Only ones who are resident in the UK and on the electoral register.


            • Merched Becca says:

              Why should a people who fought and killed British citizens and soldiers in a desperate attempt to get independence from Great Britain, be allowed a say in its future ?


              • I Can See Clearly Now says:

                The right of Commonwealth and Irish citizens to vote is a legacy of the Representation of the People Act 1918, which limited the vote to British subjects. At that time, “British subjects” included the people of Ireland — then part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland — and all other parts of the British Empire. Though most of Ireland (see Ireland Act 1949) and the majority of the colonies became independent nations, their citizens have retained the right to vote if they live in the United Kingdom.

                Elections in the United Kingdom

                It works both ways:

                A bill, the Electoral Amendment Bill 1983 had sought to give the right to vote for all elections and referendums to British citizens. This bill was referred to the Irish Supreme Court by the Irish President and the court found it to be unconstitutional. The purpose of the Ninth Amendment was to allow UK citizens resident in the Republic to vote in Dáil elections. This was to reciprocate the Ireland Act 1949, which had granted Irish citizens resident in the UK the right to vote in elections to the British parliament after the Irish Government had, by leaving the Commonwealth and enacting the Republic of Ireland Act 1948 removed such rights in existing British law from Irish citizens in the UK.

                Ninth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland


    • 60022Mallard says:

      Don’t panic yet.

      The House of Lords, where the Tories do not have a majority, could yet amend it for you.

      It could be argued that excluding EU citizens, but including Gibraltarians, various others and those who have not lived in the country for up to 15 years was not in the manifesto, so the Parliament Act may not come into play.

      Failing that I am sure some judge will find it discriminatory.

      Am I right in thinking the Scottish vote precedent was based on residency?


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        It could be argued that excluding EU citizens… was not in the manifesto…

        It’s a UK election. UK subjects vote in UK elections. Why would you need to have manifesto statements that foreigners can’t vote in UK elections? The government are not changing the law; why would they need a manifesto statement saying ‘We will not change the law.’?


  3. Demon says:

    Sorry to hear your news David.


  4. Guest Who says:

    I’ll be on the Today programme at 8.30 taking about this

    It’s surprising how many, outside the bbc/Labour circle of incest, can wait.


    • johnnythefish says:

      GW – see below. Apologies for not reading your post first.


      • Guest Who says:

        No worries.

        It would seem he delivered as predicted.

        The principle of fielding less than helpful to the cause commentators seems a BBC trait.

        Especially those deployed on forums, bless their cotton socks.


  5. No mention of the devastation of the Lib-Dems. BBC dominated by the Labour leader race. Why? Oh yes…stupid of me.


  6. johnnythefish says:

    Quote of the day from Lord Prescott, attempting to explain to James Naughtie why Labour ‘lost’ the election and what they need to do now, but in actual fact rambling on in trademark fashion, brimming with his unique combination of bombast and chippiness, incapable of maintaining a coherent argument or line of thought:

    “What’s that all about, ‘aspiration’?”

    The gift that keeps on giving, eh? Wonderful.


    • The longer the Labour Party misinterpret why they lost the better for all of us.

      Its entertaining watching them drivel on (with BBC acting as their free therapist) and still they never get anywhere near to “why”.

      Its easy. Its called TRUST.

      The BBC might want to think long and hard about that five letter word. Before we say “bye bye” to them an’ all. But they are too arrogant to learn…like Labour.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      … incapable of maintaining a coherent argument or line of thought…

      This is the man who came to work as Deputy Prime minister wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe. Wasn’t it reported that his office was a total shambles?


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I recall Prescott saying once that if you rated schools against each other, the danger was that some parents would want their children to go to the good schools! That tells you all you need to know about Labour’s views on “aspiration”.


      • #88 says:

        ‘Wasn’t it reported that his office was a total shambles?’

        Yes! And his desk was badly stained too


  7. Guest Who says:

    There’s a new generation of young, British-born Imams in training. @SamiraAhmedUK meets them.

    Phew. Was getting worried the BBC was falling behind quota on coverage in this area.


    • noggin says:

      “most imams are foreign-born and elderly, leading to claims that they can be out of touch with their communities.”
      How elderly and out of touch, are the growing numbers, aggressive, politicised willing to mass murder their host nationals?
      Unnecessary Al BBC puff piece, which will obfuscate that the growing Islamic threat to our nation, is all about getting rid of old guys and citizen khan characters
      … what they read whether young or old, pneumatically ingrained since childhood?
      its the same book!
      … following their ahem, “perfect example of conduct to follow”
      … “dearer to them than their own family”
      its the same guy!
      That’s the attraction and example of the Islamic State


    • John Anderson says:

      World Service last night had a long discussion with 2 young giggly women describing the delights of wearing the burka. Encouraged by a gushing BBC presenter with a foreign name. It was almost a parody.


      • johnnythefish says:

        To be followed shortly, no doubt, by similar women opining on the ‘liberating effects of gender segregation’.


      • John C. says:

        As someone said, satire is becoming impossible these days.


  8. TrueToo says:

    Fascinating debate on Intelligence Squared from the US on Good riddance to mainstream media about the competition between the latter and the new media. It’s a bit dated but still relevant.

    My computer in its wisdom has decided to foist a video of its choosing onto me at the end of any YouTube video I watch, so suddenly the following debate appeared on the monitor:

    Maggie Thatcher saved Britain

    I was unaware till then that there was also a British version of Intelligence Squared

    This is from more than a decade ago and doesn’t have much to do with BBC bias, except that there is a brief and humorous mention of that bias from Sir John Nott re a BBC interview.

    Thank God, if there is a God, for the mute key. It was really useful when Billy Bragg and Diane Abbott spoke.


  9. AsISeeIt says:

    Here we go again….

    US weather: Floods ‘largest in region’s history’

    The BBC are quoting one Ken Bell San Marco Fire Marshall.

    Now I don’t want to impugn Ken and, to be fair, the BBC have ‘scare quoted’ his remark.

    However, in contrast with their cut and paste agenda driven ‘journos’ I did spend 2 minutes on the internet which shows us not to take anything at face value

    ‘As history shows, Texas isn’t always just bluebonnets and sunshine, sometimes weather here can get down-right messy.’

    If they are so desperate for record breakers perhaps the BBC should simply bring back something like this..


  10. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Interesting article in the Gruniard on the struggle between Iran and Saudi (under a new king) playing out in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. OT, although the Beeb will surely have a view. This is the sort of news they should be covering, instead of gay marriage garbage. Maybe they’re wary of adopting a line, knowing that someone in our rich, multicultural heaven will be insulted.

    “They will spend their whole treasury to protect what they have,” said the official. “They are very open about it. The Revolutionary Guards say they will never compromise on Damascus and Hezbollah and they are the most powerful institution in the country. And now they want Yemen too. But this is a ploy. They will try to trade that with us in return for Damascus.”

    “Iran said the key to the Arab world was Syria,” said the Saudi official. “Well, we agree with them.” And Riyadh is no longer worried about showing it.

    Amid the ruins of Syria, is Bashar al-Assad now finally facing the end?


  11. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Another example of good reporting by the Gruniard highlighting the descent of the Beeb… The Beeb’s coverage of Muslim ‘boat people’ leaving Burma is nothing short of propaganda. Lots of emotive pictures and words, with the clear message that ‘something must be done’. Of course the Beeb always believe the UK should shoulder the greatest burden. Little of their coverage could be described as news. Contrast that with the amount of genuine information contained in this article:

    Burma’s birth control law exposes Buddhist fear of Muslim minority

    I know that papers have more time to develop stories but, even so, you have to think the Beeb don’t like the ‘two sides to every story’ idea; they always prefer to take sides and run propaganda.

    Most telling of all is that the Gruniard still refers to ‘Burma’ while the ever-so-PC Beeb uses ‘Myanmar’ these days. They really are despicable.


    • John Anderson says:

      Nowhere in the BBC coverage have I heard that many Burmese people strongly object to the constant illegal movement of people from Bangladesh into their country. THAT is a root cause of the problem, maybe – a resistance of one people against unwanted invasion by another people with a hostile religion ?


    • Dave666 says:

      Two sides to every story,,,Hmmm. Here’s a geunuine BBc response to a complaint from my archives.
      Thank you for your e-mail regarding.

      “I understand you were unhappy with the reporting of the (Insert the description of story) story as you felt it was biased.

      It is not always possible or practical to reflect all the different opinions on a subject within individual programmes. Editors are charged to ensure that over a reasonable period they reflect the range of significant views, opinions and trends in their subject area. The BBC does not seek to denigrate any view, nor to promote any view. It seeks rather to identify all significant views, and to test them rigorously and fairly on behalf of the audience. Among other evidence, audience research indicates widespread confidence in the impartiality of the BBC’s reporting.”
      This template has been revised slightly over the years but change the subject matter and this is essentially the BBc stance on putting a more than one view on a BBc agenda related story.


      • TheLeftHunter says:

        “The BBC does not seek to denigrate any view, nor to promote any view.”

        Lie of the decade, century, or millennium?


  12. Steve Jones says:

    I look forward to a day, in the not too distant future, when the current crop of leftist BBC ‘journalist’ shows up at work to be told their services are no longer required.
    They should be treated like many employees in sensitive jobs and escorted to their desks to collect their personal belongings then escorted out of the building having returned their passes.
    If the government is clever (big if) new staff could be recruited and trained in secret and the handover could take place over a 24 hour period starting in the early hours. The best thing is, having been deprived of their mouthpiece, they wouldn’t be able to bleat about it to any significant sized audience. The Grauniad would mount a protest but who cares? That rag’s circulation is pitiful and its impotence without the assistance of its much bigger twin would be a delight to see. BBC viewers and listeners wouldn’t care either and the sacked staff would see just how much they were valued.
    Then I wake up.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      It would take a lot of time to train all the new staff to be able to book a meeting in Frankie Howerd.


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      I’d cancel and appropriate their pensions too, on the basis of immoral earnings from a treasonous organisation.


  13. noggin says:

    BBC has some colonel on news and more recently A Chiles on 5 Live
    about the growing, stronger threat from the Islamic State, the lacking Iraqi army, and “troops on the ground”
    … just a minute!
    last week
    BBC News reporting , “so called” Islamic state is actually shrinking, with some other colonel as its gobsh-te.?
    ‘Our army has the will to fight’ – Iraqi army leader”
    so … Which is it? …
    The Islamic State is constantly expanding and winning new victories,
    destroying ancient artefact’s,
    now controlling, important border crossings from Iraq/Syria,
    has made hundreds of millions from the refugee crisis,
    billions in oil revenues,
    and a windfall of arms and ammunition courtesy of the US backed Iraqi army, as the “will to fight” Iraqi army ran away

    it keeps on attracting 1000s Muslims from the West to join it,
    … on the basis of its Islamic claims,
    … its Islamic book inspired Islamic caliphate state

    Islamic State expands its ‘state,’” Reuters, May 22, 2015


  14. Beltane says:

    Old news I know, but wasn’t it the most extraordinary coincidence that Bank of England director mixing up his send-to keys and mailing that ‘revealing item’ to the BBC house magazine?


  15. Charlatans says:

    Lambeth Palace informs SAUDI ARABIA appoints Giles Fraier, Church of England spokesman, as Broadcasting Commissioning Editor of Religion and Head of Religion and Ethics at the Kingdom of SAUDI State Broadcasting Corporation.

    We apologise for the bad line from Lambeth Palace, it appears we have misinterpreted the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Sharia Law acceptance speech:

    Apparently there is no change to the BBC job specification of the BBC appointment of Muslim Aaqil Ahmed as Commissioning Editor of Religion and Head of Religion and Ethics, in charge of religious broadcasting on the traditional Church of England National Broadcasting Corporation:.

    Additionally The Archbishop believes we should have Sharia Courts in the UK – NO Problem.


    • desperatedan says:

      ive a better idea in the spirit of multiculturalism, we go 50-50 with muslim offenders, our laws their punishments, that should get rid of a few


  16. Rob in Cheshire says:

    Nothing from Scott yet, is it his day off? Maybe it’s the man on the bus’s turn? I wish they would publish their rota so we could know which left wing troll is going to be boring us today?


  17. Guest Who says:

    A slightly old post I missed, but given the author was a key contributor during the ‘Future of the BBC’ consultations, still worthwhile:'antibbc

    Interesting who was/is getting excited and who was/is making claims that one might have imagined ‘experts’ in media would be on top of.

    ‘Whittingdale is not part of the anti-BBC claque amongst the Tories, and is not given to sound-bite solutions to complex problems’

    Comments interesting too (not least a bunch of out-of-touch insiders and academics stroking each other’s egos).

    ‘Let’s not play the Tory tabloid game…”

    Which is that the BBC is getting sorted out, when in fact it seems chuffed to bits whilst pretending to have fits of the vapours that in fact it’s golden and about to get gilded further.

    A stitch-up in time saves many a unique funding model.

    I was also interested in this one about my favourite Pharaohic bunch of oversight judges, juries and everything else, in secret:

    ‘I witnessed first hand the dismissive nature with which some members of the BBC Executive treated their relationship to what is, after all, its sovereign body: poorly prepared papers, sketchy financial information, ill-preparedness for meetings, even non-appearance.’

    Given the Trust is several million in salaries and pensions when gathered together, that such market rate talent doesn’t have a clue or try to justify their remuneration explains much, but excuses nothing.


  18. Bruce says:

    Dear Mr

    Thank you for your email in which highlight a tweet by a member of our staff, Naziru Mikailu, about the Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in the context of the present escalation of the conflict in the Middle East.

    Naziru has contravened the BBC’s Social Media guidelines, which require that our staff – even when using their personal social media accounts – do not compromise the BBC’s editorial guidelines and reputation for impartial, accurate and balanced reporting. While being encouraged to use social media, our staff members are expected to behave in a way that is consistent with the BBC’s editorial values and policies.

    That was evidently not the case on this occasion. We apologise that this has occurred and risked our organisation being brought into disrepute. We have arranged for the tweet to be removed and are taking disciplinary action against Naziru Mikailu.

    I hope the above goes some way in reassuring you just how seriously the BBC World Service takes its integrity and commitment to accuracy and impartiality at all times, and particularly in regards to conflicts as complex and emotive as the present violence in Israel and Gaza. In that context, and as you yourself claim that the BBC is in general biased against Israel, I’ve added a few links to our recent output and reports about the events in the Middle East, the wider background of the conflict and the profile of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu… No idea what DP action they took!. This email was sent by Dejan Calovski of the World service complaints department


    • Guest Who says:

      Is that a real response from CECUTT?

      Even if it is, as you note, other than laughing at the daily log and pretending to slap wrists, sod all else will happen.


    • Merched Becca says:

      Nice one Bruce, I wonder if the “so called” Trustees see that ?


    • They probably gave Mr Mikailu what we used to call “a damned good letting off.”


    • Framer says:

      The World Service is no longer about Britain broadcasting to the world but about foreigners telling the British audience what to think about them.


      • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

        I struggle to get to sleep at times so have the radio (LBC or World Service) on quietly at night. If the radio is switched to the World Service and I stir at 3,4, 5am only to wake and hear some Middle Eastern, African or Asian person telling me the world’s ills are all down to America, Israel and Britain.

        I can’t now remember a time when it hasn’t been like that. The BBC really is atrociously biased.


    • TrueToo says:

      The World Service has a complaints department?

      And what was in the tweet?


  19. The Highland Rebel says:

    The canine view of Barack Obummer.


  20. Guest Who says:

    BBC FaceBook:

    BBC News
    The extent of flooding in central Texas is being described as the largest in the history of the region

    When I see ‘described as’ used by the BBC, my immediate reaction is to try and locate who by, and what it is about them that suits the BBC’s narrative. Also the semantic antennae twitch at that ‘history of the region’, which often means ‘since records that suit began’ and avoid geological timeframes.

    The USA seems more than prone to extremes of weather, and sadly as population pressures put people in riskier places, tragedy is inevitable.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Sky News has just said ‘… worst in twenty five years..’. The Beeb’s ‘… history of the region…’ sounds a lot more impressive.


      • Guest Who says:


        Like I said, when the BBC starts weaseling from the outset I tend to see that more as a basis for finding out the truth behind BBC ‘reports’.

        So far the search has got me this alternate view:

        I also note Rich’s comment below as to what gets the BBC excited, and what they appear to feel is best not mentioned.

        The reasons behind such choices are not attractive given policies the BBC supports but then shuns the consequences.


      • johnnythefish says:

        The BBC is bound by ’28gate rules’, so will always exaggerate to comply with the warmist agenda including descriptions of extreme snow/prolonged periods of freezing events as evidence of warming to fit the ‘any extreme weather is the result of climate change’ narrative, even though only as recently as 2001 we were told – unequivocally – that snow would very soon be a thing of the past.


        • Old Goat says:

          Well it IS a thing of the past. What they tend to forget, is that it’s a thing of the future, too.


      • John C. says:

        Also, it sounds suspiciously as if 25 years ago, it was worse. Surely not?


  21. Rich says:

    Good old BBC, 500 people die in massive heatwave in india, population 1.25billion.

    Winter 2015 death toll UK, 40,000, population 60Million, not a squeak, never mentioned.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Meteorological officials said the heatwave was due to a lack of rain.’


    • Span Ows says:

      Maybe the BBC hope most of them die to help Labour’s vote tally.

      On a similar topic, it was no surprise to note that black ‘Christians’ and Muslims voted more for Labour whilst work and family values orientated Sikhs and Hindus voted more for the Conservatives: should be a story in that somewhere.


  22. johnnythefish says:

    Myanmar, Myanmar, Myanmar….

    Migration, migration, migration….

    Climate change, climate change, climate change….

    Social justice, social justice, social justice….

    Islam, Islam, Islam…..

    NHS, NHS, NHS…..

    EU, EU, EU…..

    Racism, racism, racism….

    Feminism, feminism, feminism….

    Gay rights, gay rights, gay rights….

    Drip, drip, drip….


  23. Guest Who says:

    My personal areas of expertise and experiences have sadly set my default position on BBC credibility on most matters to about zero, so I wonder what the truth of this is?:

    Given proven integrity, accuracy and reliability, I am erring on BBC Watch until proven otherwise.

    Which means this should come as no surprise

    ‘With no intervention from presenter Chloe Tilley, the segment opens with almost two full minutes of a diatribe from Rajoub which is replete with distortions and falsehoods, including accusations of “humiliations” and “racism”.’

    What will be interesting is if Fraser ‘Electronic Intifada Dreams’ Steel swings into action given presenter reluctance to intervene to correct such things is a big no-no. Apparently.

    I’m guessing that will be a no. Reasons will probably include a CECUTT staple, namely audiences will know that this particular gob is a rabble-rousing propagandist, so there was no reason for the BBC to spoil their invitation and interview by pointing it out or interrupting his flow.


  24. The Old Bloke says:

    A bit of snow in Scotland by the end of the week, so my seaweed tells me.


  25. noggin says:

    The BBC is to busy waffling about, new improved Imam junior,
    and “so called” Trojan Horse schools, to notice,
    … but in the real world

    “they believe Christmas is sinful, Britain’s most senior Muslim police officer warned yesterday. Scotland Yard children as young as five have become so indoctrinated by Islamist propaganda commander Mak Chishty said children had voiced opposition to marking the festive holiday – branding it ‘haram’, which means forbidden by their god Allah.”
    … read – children as young as five have become so indoctrinated by Islam, not propaganda, not Islamist, and not a “tiny minority” either
    obviously … it doesn t get any better as they get older

    Jihad bomber, fifth pupil from same school to join the jihad


  26. chrisH says:

    Just heard Samira Ahmed-Channel 4 News refugee, on furlough at Radio 4-agonising about Islam not being progressive enough for her and the BBC.
    You don`t say!
    She somehow was able to imply that Jews and Christians also have similar issues of “conservative extremism” as do Muslim imams -in-training…but we tend to put Muslims under more pressure from all sides.
    No wonder they scoot to Syria to get away, no wonder IS continue to advocate for more sharia-friendly means of letting the Muslim orchids flower.
    Oh-and the British Raj turn out to have created the nutjob Deobandi School of Islam, alongside their Hindi mates when we ran India.
    But of course Samira.
    Desperate rubbish, telling us about female imams getting trained up…oh really, do tell us more!
    Turns out to be a Muslim couple in Leicester doing tuition after school from their sitting room.
    So no need to worry about Islam then Samira ,you`re telling me?
    To be honest-this programme, its BBC-lite wishlist of Blue Mink doggerel-would have turned me into a radical, were I stupid enough to want to sell lingerie in Riyadh.


  27. chrisH says:

    David Aaronovitch is now holding court on Radio 4 about the gullible oafs who still see Satanic abuse stuff in child depradations…and were equally exercised about it in 1990.
    Fair enough-but will the liberal left such as himself ever wonder about Labors Stuart Bell, NHS paediatricians Marietta Higgs and Geoffrey Wyatt who similarly destroyed lives, and were able to create havoc out of mad theories and conspiracy fetishes that were
    a)Political…as in lefty Labour Middlesbrough in Cleveland 1987
    b) NHS based-with both these nutjobs clearly still in practice-but NHS staff , so are saints by default.
    I only wish the BBC would look at secular abuse by the left in the same way as they might try to smear devil-worship(or Christianity as they seem to call it)


  28. desperatedan says:

    just watching albeebs hatchet job on churchill


  29. Tommy atkins says:

    BBC2 now. Churchill: when Britain said no.

    Utter utter shat.

    It really is time the bbc is “reduced”


  30. EnglandExpects says:

    Major hatchet job on Churchill tonight on BBC2 at 9 pm. One so called expert contributor said the great man was a Boris Johnson ‘ buffoon’ and everyone knew he was p….d when making his great speeches in 1940.
    Another joker said Chamberlain should get the credit for rearmament in the later 1930s. Well yes of course he was Prime Minister then but it was too little too late. Earlier , as Chancellor under Baldwin, he had persistently opposed the resource allocation required for rearmament . Chamberlain was the leading light in appeasing Hitler when he could have been stopped easily eg in refusing to support the French in opposing the remilitarisation of the Rhineland .
    I hope this appalling programme is another nail in the left wing BBC’s coffin .


    • desperatedan says:

      the expert dave douglass ?? google him to guess his leanings


    • pah says:

      Did they name and shame Labour for preventing British re-armament until it was too late?


  31. Tommy atkins says:

    The BBC is playing a dangerous game with this documentary.

    They have confused the term “the working class” with “the trade union movement” at least twice already.


    • The problem that Labour has/had is It can’t work out the difference. Of course they are not the same.

      But these pr*cks see us all from their left wing prism.

      The same way that Labour think that the working class AND the unemployed are the same.

      “The working class” have contempt for large swathes, but not all, of the unemployed as they (like me) know many who don’t work because its a lifestyle choice.

      Yet the Left see us (and I still regard myself as working class as boring as that is) as a great amorphous blob.

      They just don’t get it. Again why Labour has failed so miserably.

      What I liked about Emily Thornberry’s infamous tweeted photo is it utterly nailed the incredulity and distance of the supposed representatives “of the people” when confronted with the real thing.

      When Milliband said he had “respect” for white van man you knew he was looking at a separate species that he had no understanding.

      The liberal BBC have the same perspective.


  32. Tommy atkins says:

    This is the bbc throwing down the gauntlet for Cameroon.

    He has to pick it up.

    (I suspect that this programme was made when they were expecting a very different result on May 7th)


  33. yeahcake says:

    This Churchill documentary really is sickening. Talk about classic Marxist revisionist history. At least two of the talking heads have suggested that because Churchill recognised the dangers of socialism and communism then he was, in fact, a fascist akin to Mosley.

    The BBC: because he who controls the past controls the future.


    • +james says:

      The BBC always fails to mention that Oswald Mosley was a Labour minister. He left the Labour government to form the BUF because Ramsey MacDonald refused to nationalise various industries.

      When Clement Atlee did nationalise industry he used Fascist Mosley’s plan.


  34. Glen says:

    The scum at the bbc doing a great hatchet job on Winston Churchill on bbc 2 at the moment, re-writing history in a way only they can…he was a drunkard, a rich dictator who hated the bbc and what the country really needed was the progressives? Sound familiar.

    One thing that they have got right though the lefty scum will never change. After the war socialist scum had no time for Churchill, (no doubt most of them conscientious objectors), and what his party had to offer despite leading the country to victory in WW11 even publicly waving red flags and sickles at him…perhaps they would have preferred Stalin and his raping murdering hordes to have run Britain in 1946.

    And there it is, Churchill’s attitude to Ghandi was likened to NIGEL FARAGE on Europe now!!!!…i wondered how long it would take to squeeze Farage in, Churchill was a raving right wing loony. Where the f*** do they find these ‘historians’? They are actually saying that Churchill fostered fascism across europe pre WW11.

    The bbc have no shame when it comes to character assassinations and no shame in twisting history in whatever way they want. As ever with the bbc there’s always an ulterior motive…basically liebour/socialists/lefties=GOOD and anyone else is a raving right wing lunatic.


    • Demon says:

      “They are actually saying that Churchill fostered fascism across europe pre WW11.”

      Churchill was our main opponent of Fascism before the war. Any other take on him at that time is a lie.


      • John Anderson says:

        I have spent much of the weekend reading Volume 2 of William Manchester’s magnificent biography of Churchill – dealing with the years 1932 to 1940. I knew that Churchill warned about Hitler in the 1930s and opposed appeasement – but I had never realised that he started tracking and really opposing Hitler as early as 1930.

        Came the hour – came the man. His heroic efforts in the 1930s went unheeded until it was too late to prevent war. But if anyone can claimn to have led the fight against fascism, it was Churchill.

        Trust the BBC to demean his memory.


    • dave s says:

      It is rare that one man really counts in this world and there can be no doubt that Churchill spoke so well and understood England and the English that his personality and words made the difference in 1940 and 1941.
      These pygmies of the left cannot stand this thought so they try to belittle such a man. My father helped run an armaments factory and after a speech by Churchill production always rose. His speech after the Battle of Britain remains one of the finest things in our language. A nation at war is 90% dependent on morale. The liberal left seems to think morale is acquired from nice thoughts and kind guidance from our betters, that is themselves. It is not and as we begin to face a future that is uncertain we will need to understand the truth of this. Of course Churchill had many faults. So what is the real answer. When England had need of such a man he was there. That is all that matters.


  35. Teddy Bear says:

    Reading the following article I just think of some self important overly paid little bureaucrat deciding that it’s really important to change the name of ‘Staff Appraisal’ to ‘Performance Development Review’.

    What’s worse is that I don’t think this government is going to do anything about changing the nature of this insidious bullshit corporation.

    What a load of crap!

    Now BBC’s jargon-loving bosses axe staff appraisals for ‘performance development reviews’ so workers and managers ‘can have an honest-two conversation’

    Corporation’s head of people development says appraisals were ‘not about appraising someone’s performance’
    Staff at the BBC have described the change as ‘ridiculous and baffling’
    Move resembles a plot line from the broadcaster’s comedy series W1A

    By Lucy Crossley for MailOnline

    The BBC has scrapped staff appraisals in favour of ‘performance development reviews’ so bosses and workers can have an ‘honest two-way conversation’ with each other, it has been revealed.

    In a move which could have come from plot line to comedy show W1A, the corporation’s head of people development made the name change, saying appraisals were ‘not about appraising someone’s performance’.

    The decision to get rid of ‘appraisals’ for all BBC staff, of which 6,000 work at New Broadcasting House in central London – where the series is set – was made earlier this month.

    Staff said the decision was ‘ridiculous’ and ‘baffling’ – typifying the double speak and gobbledegook on the show W1A – a parody of life at the BBC starring Hugh Bonneville as bungling Head of Values Ian Fletcher and ‘brand BBC consultant’ Siobhan Sharpe, played by Jessica Hynes.

    One BBC worker, who has worked at the broadcaster for more than ten years, said last week: ‘It seems like every day there is something new to deal with and some new terminology someone in ‘creative thinking’ has dreamt up.

    ‘If it isn’t some new buzzword, its the endless pain of hot-desking or some ridiculous new set up for booking a meeting room.’

    He added: ‘The simple thing about appraisals as they used to be was that you went in and sat with your boss and tried to impress them with how well you were doing and they either agreed or they didn’t.

    ‘Now it looks like it’s something totally different than what an appraisal should be, that is one person getting appraised by another.’

    He wrote in the BBC’s in-house magazine Ariel last week: ‘Why has one perfectly suitable word of three syllables, ‘appraisal’, been replaced by three words totalling nine syllables, ‘performance development review’?

    ‘Such unnecessary jargon typifies management at the BBC and makes it a laughing stock in places such as Private Eye.’


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      This is funny, but not surprising. It just shows that the BBC employs literally thousands of people who are of no use whatsoever, and have to justify their salaries by endless meetings in Frankie Howerd coming up with new vertical or horizontal management structures, just to fill their endless days. I have no doubt that 80% of the people who “work” at the BBC could be sacked, and no-one would ever notice the difference. However, if the BBC ever tried that, the only people to be sacked would be the ones who make programmes. After all, you can’t do without Directors of Strategic Vision can you?


      • Vengeance is mine says:

        The BBC is just part of the Public Sector conspiracy. “Jobs for the boys” has always been a basic strategy. Naturally “jobs for the girls” and “jobs for those batting for the other side” has now been incorporated therein.

        Naturally the public sector is inefficient, overstaffed, overpensioned, overpaid, underworked, ineffective and replete with staff whose only function is to get their snouts in the trough paid for by the private sector and assisting the flying of the red flag.

        The only problem is discovering how inefficient etc, the public sector is. Much of the “work” is misclassifying crimes to make results look better (police): Shredding all the documents showing mass rapes being ignored (police and Labour Councils): Falsification of medical records to improve statistics and hide negligence, abuse, manslaughter or actual murder of patients (NHS): Falsification of records, incompetence on an industrial scale (Ministry of Defence), with concomitant danger to troops:

        Briefly the Public Sector exists for the benefit of its staff.

        God knows the private sector has problems, some of which are easy to address but have not been addressed – banks. But the private sector is not, as far as I know, composed of actual traitors working for the destruction of the UK.


        • desperatedan says:

          actually we have a new public sector for the benefit of the top brass and their cronies and friends hence the consultants, there are a lot at the bottom not benefiting from this public largess. There are also plenty at the bottom doing f.all as well.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Rob and Vim – your comments are confirmed with this story showing that despite the vast number of highly paid bureaucrats populating the BBC, they need to pay millions of pounds each year on consultants to tell them how to do their job.


        • Vengeance is mine says:

          This should be a warning to others.
          Select your pseudonym carefully.
          I thought mine reflected my omnipotence and omniscience.
          I am now exposed as merely an abrasive powder, fit only for the kitchen.


  36. ben says:

    I agree with Glen. Absolutely disgraceful of the BBC only Max Hastings of the historians was able to give a balanced view of Churchill. Interestingly that there is no ‘hatchet job’ on the likes of Ghandhi or Mandela. My family has Asian blood and my father who grew up in India didn’t have a good word to say about Ghandhi. He wasn’t an English colonist by the way.


    • Glen says:

      Interesting points on Ghandhi, Ben, from someone who knows, it’s good to hear that perspective.

      It brings back the adage ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’ or, in the bbc’s case, anyone who is against British interests, which is why they are now bigging up anjem choudary as a modern day Ghandhi/Mandela. Sickening.


      • Gb123 says:

        I remember seeing these photos some time ago.

        Shows the ethos of Choudary , do what I say not what I do. Somewhat different to the sacrifices the others made whether you agree with them or not.


  37. Angrymanupnorth says:

    The program on Churchill I have just watched was disgrace. BBC2 2100Hrs.

    The ‘academics’ (EU funded professorships?) interviewed and the ‘political activist’ Douglass (spite filled Geordie Marxist gobshite) should be ashamed of their skewed and revisionist commentary.

    Thoroughly depressing Marxist propaganda piece by the BBC demonising a truly GREAT brit and insulting English patriots by confusing ‘working class’ with communists. Who teaches the idiots who make these warped programs?

    Scrap the telly tax.


    • Glen says:

      That’s the first time I’ve heard of Dave Douglass…AKA ‘danny the red’…’danny the prominent member of the NUM during the 1980s strikes’..’member of the revolutionary workers party (trotskyists)’

      Who else but the bbc would have an embittered, tory hating, red flag waving moron on to comment on Winston Churchill? Impartial my a***.


      • David H says:

        Absolutely right – I was angered by the whole shabby farago. Just a mention at the end that he was re- elected in 1951!


      • Sickofitall says:

        Well, it’s that famous BBC balance coming to the fore.

        A program about a right-wing person, so commission a left-wing person to…er….’analyse’ and ‘opinionate’.

        Right + left = balanced. See?


        • Mark says:

          Maybe we could get Norman Tebbit to do a hatchet job on that obnoxious lunatic traitor Arthur Scargill.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            More likely the BBC would commission Scargill to do a programme about Tebbit.


  38. Merched Becca says:

    The Greatest Briton of All time ..
    Is Al Beeb on a ‘death wish’?
    Express your opinion here …..


    • The Lord says:

      Surely something wrong with that list. They’re all hideously white. Expect a revised list shortly with, ahem, adjustments. Something more reflective of the vibrant, enriched culture that is modern Britain.


  39. Geoff says:

    Visited family today, forced to sit through the throughly depressing durge that is EastEnders. The only good thing I can say about it is that it is finally reflecting modern London, the episode was 95% ethnic.

    Preceded by similar on the One Show, early evening bBC1 in no way reflected my day to that point when visiting a bank holiday fair in the Wiltshire village of Laycock, which was amazingly 99% white….


    • David Brims says:

      ”thoroughly depressing durge”

      It cant be as bad this, Bryan Forbes 1960s film, The Whisperers.

      ” If You Thought that 70’s era Coronation St. was Dour… The lonely death knell drip of an out of time kitchen sink tap morbidly establishing the depressing tone for this solitary, bitterweet spot of lukewarm tea. Seemingly post-apocalyptic black and white landscape strewn with the futile desperation of the working class. ”

      ”An unrelentingly sad, compelling portrait of a long forgotten old bird with nothing but the delusional grandeur of loneliness. Double-Billed with Peter Sellers’ The Optimists would be suicidal.”


      • David Brims says:

        On the plus side, there’s no die-versity, so it’s practically paradise !!


        • Geoff says:

          As grim as that scenery is, maybe I’m mad, but it looks more inviting than most of our city centers today, something very British and mono-cultural about it.


  40. Richard Pinder says:

    Anyone who is alive today who voted in the 1945 Election would now be in their nineties, the BBC did not interview any ninety year olds for this documentary, but I remember family members saying that they simply wanted a change, and it had nothing to do with voting against Churchill. I don’t think the BBC are going to analyse the reason why Churchill won the more progressive 1951 Election?

    The hatchet job was a collection of out of context facts, warped assumptions, and censored facts about the Labour Party and its members political sympathies for all forms of Socialism before the war. Also the program implied that Chamberlain was not put under political pressure by Churchill, to rearm, before Churchill replaced him as Prime Minister. Also the BBC left out facts such as Churchill perceiving Communism as a worse form of Socialism than Fascism and also saying that if “I had to choose between Communism and Nazism, I would choose Communism” So he regarded Italian and Spanish Fascism as nicer than both Nazism and Communism, and as a bulwark against the more nastier Communism, but regarded National Socialism as even more nastier than Communism. As was proved during the war, when Italian fascism was put under pressure to turn anti-Semitic.

    Sadly its just another case of the BBC rewriting history once all those people alive at the time have all but died out. They also did it recently with the fictitious “Black Soldiers” at Dunkirk incident.


  41. Guest Who says:

    @RealJodieKidd maybe less certain of the Top Gear slot…?:

    This disgusts me making Churchill out to be a bad man . When he was the best war time leader of any country @BBC #cantwatch

    Surprisingly, a fair number of BBC producers providing their own views already.Yes, no, brilliant.


  42. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC Breakfast business department nailing their colours firmly to the mast this morning:

    “Should you have wished to fly home to Dublin to vote in the gay marriage referendum, you would have had to pay 147 Euros – so Ryanair has a long way to go in customer care”

    Well quite. Obviously the budget airline ought to have laid on a special.

    Perhaps it was a quick poll round the office that elicited this very particular grievance? Or was it the usual over reliance on that Twitter thing?

    How many General Elections will it take for the BBC to realise that they are far to the metro-liberal-left of the rest of us? And when will our leaders do something about it?


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Unreal. Steph certainly went home for the vote:

      She didn’t seem to bother to leave her own views at the door:

      Or is this the Beeb’s view? Steph’s twitter says: ‘Journalist @BBCNews Bear, bread and baobab enthusiast No disclaimer that the views are just hers and not the Beeb’s.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Clearly Ryanair should have flown all the Yes voters over for free, whilst refusing to fly any No voters. Ryanair must be homophobic, I urge Scott to lead a boycott of these disgusting haters.


  43. TrueToo says:

    There’s a dizzy young left-wing lady named Camilla Schick who is apparently a journalist, is “based in the Middle East” and has been known to wallow in the BBC bubble with fellow lefties, blissfully unaware of her bias.

    In early March I heard her read out a series of anti-Netanyahu tweets to the anti-Israel Chloe Tilley on Newshour, or some such propaganda programme, on the World Service. This was part of the energetic campaign by the impartial BBC to trash Netanyahu shortly before the elections.

    So I entered into a brief and polite Twitter debate with her, which only served to demonstrate that she was unable to grasp the fact that criticism of Netanyahu alone among the contenders for power constituted bias.

    Now I’m virtually Twitter illiterate and hardly ever use it so I was wondering why, when I go to tweets and replies on the main Twitter page I can only see my tweets to her and not her replies.

    Perhaps one of my esteemed colleagues on this site can enlighten me as to why this should be the case. Perhaps she has blocked me and such an action automatically removes all traces of her tweets from my page?


  44. AsISeeIt says:

    This morning’s guest campaigner on BBC Breakfast:

    “I had a look through my child’s toy box – and disabilty was hardly represented”

    What… no action man with broken limbs? No teddy bear with a missing eye?

    AsISeeIt had a look through BBC current affairs programming – and there was hardly any self-realisation.


    • Allen says:

      I remember breaking the arm off one of my sister’s dolls many years ago. My parents failed to understand that I did it in the interest of encouraging sensitivity towards the disabled.

      I slight flaw in my argument is that the head sort of came off as well.


    • Leha says:

      Clicked the report comment by mistake in my kerfuffle over how mad the left have become over pc issues, I fecking despair at times.


  45. DJ says:

    Radio 4’s ‘Toady’ program dedicating 15 minutes to the big issues: should some Lib Dem MP comply with Scottish Nasty Party demands that he step down over a leak.

    I guess Al-Beebia doesn’t need the Lib Dems anymore now they’ve found people who hate Britain even more than the party of Jihad Jenny.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      It is noticeable that the source of the leak has now been disclosed, but the veracity of the leak seems to remain unchallenged, which presumably means Nicola may have been economical with the truth.

      Something for further forensic examination on Today?


      • #88 says:

        That rather explains why she is gobbing off and deflecting.

        I heard on R4 that she is ‘making a speech on the economy later this week’. He first major speech since the election.

        It occurred to me to ask, what does she know about the economy? She is a low life politician. Empty vessels and lots of noise came to mind


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Far from being merely unchallenged, the leak inquiry found no reason to suspect the veracity of the civil service note of the conversation. Nicola is lying, but she has made sure she has not been caught out in her lie, by making the issue the fact that her views were leaked. So Ms Sturgeon is lying about what she said, Mr Carmichael lied about authorising the leak, but the media has gone along with Scottish National Socialism’s big lie that only Carmichael’s lie matters.


      • Vengeance is mine says:

        “economical with the truth”

        That is a first for the SNP, they have never been economical before, least of all with English taxpayer’s money.


  46. noggin says:

    BBC 2 – V Derbyshire
    Britain’s most senior Muslim police officer warned yesterday. Scotland Yard children as young as five have become so indoctrinated by Islamist propaganda commander Mak Chishty said children had voiced opposition to marking the festive holiday – branding it ‘haram’, which means forbidden by their god Allah.”
    … read – children as young as five have become so indoctrinated by Islam, not propaganda, not Islamist, and not a “tiny minority” either

    BBC 2 … the morning dose of VD. she waffles with three Islamic women … much bleating about victimising, fear mongering, and erm … Islamofauxbia :-D, one a free Palestine/end the apartheid
    (Islamofauxbia … how can anyone mention that and keep a straight face is beyond me).

    Over just the latest report informing Muslims they have to do more
    to get their house in order
    dressing in Islamic clothes?
    avoiding socialising wider with friends?, (read non Muslim)
    even stopping drinking? 😀
    problematic? well yes but that’s Islam for you … problematic, and insular, extremely so.
    Muslim Police Chief states these could be signs of extremism,
    Have to say … I agree Islam is extreme and should be monitored.
    as an issue of national security.


  47. David Brims says:

    Scott is Woody Allen on steroids, paranoid, neurotic and obsessive.


  48. The General says:


    Should you for some reason venture onto a BBC web page be very careful. A window will pop up asking you to take a very short survey for which you will be given a ‘reward’. The survey is indeed very short but is not inviting any criticism. You are then offered the ‘reward’. This consists of a choice of several items which are free but you are asked to pay £4.95 to cover postage.(This is obviously the tactic to obtain you card details.) The chosen product will arrive and if you are like me you look at it and throw it in a drawer. Exactly two weeks later you will notice your card will have been debited £79.95 for that product and furthermore if you contact your Bank, you will find you are committed to that payment every month. When queried they point you to the Terms and Conditions which of course you cannot find as the survey page and its associated pages are no longer available to you . The terms and conditions which of course are hidden away somewhere on the page to which you were directed, say that your ‘reward’ was in fact a sample for which you are now being charged “the amazingly low price of £75.95 and you have committed to a monthly supply by accepting it. They claim they sent an email, which I did eventually find in my spam folder.
    Everything to do with the BBC is underhand.


  49. Guest Who says:

    BBC FaceBook. More nasty goings on in India:

    BBC World News
    2 hrs ·
    India’s marital rape victims are fighting a lonely battle for justice

    A few youngsters in the UK can doubtless still empathise. And how’s that (latest) continually postponed Janet Smith inquiry going now the election is over and the BBC’s guy lost anyway?

    Going well in the comments again on the BBC thread. A more restrained one:

    Roshan Chachane
    BBC has only one mission and only one that is to find something negative about India so that these Western White Hypocrites can feel good about themselves….When RT published an Article pointing that Sweden and many more Western Countries are land of rapists and paedophiles, all of a sudden they started barking that it’s not about competition or rapes aren’t reported.. How do they do know about unreported cases when no nobody knows them except victims and perpetrators..

    Julian Assange not available for comment.

    But at at least the news is not all bad;

    BBC World News
    #BBCTrending: a channel that’s young, British, witty and black

    An alternative YouTube channel for black British audiences is finding a growing audience.

    Bask in that, absolutely not rather exclusive diversity you old, not witty, not black folk of Britain.

    Sadly for the BBC (like they care), the comments there also… could be more appreciative.


    • Guest Who says:

      Well, that’s 5 minutes I will not get back.

      Not the audience clearly, though after a few weeks in the garden I think I’d likely be deemed darker than the director being featured.

      She agrees with everything Lenny Henry says.


      Got her featured at least.

      Clever girl.