Time for a new one of these. Sorry about my absence in recent times but two close family bereavements in succession have somewhat taken my eye off BBC bias. Anyway, I am back. So detail the bias here.

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  1. #88 says:

    I just watched the awful Churchill documentary.

    Yes by all means it is right that we get to see the whole picture of the man, yet for every positive comment about Churchill’s leadership, there was a BUT – many of them, in an innuendo ridden programme transmitted for a purpose, designed to rubbish him. I would ask if the BBC are proud of that programme, but would be wasting my breath.

    It seems that the BBC hate Churchill. now, as much as they did in the thirties. It was interesting to note that, in an almost accusatory tone, the BBC sneered that Churchill had only ever made one anti-appeasement broadcast. That, remember, was because Reith wanted to keep him off the airwaves.

    This was yet another BBC ‘factual’ from the left by the left – the Quintinshill Rail Disaster programme last week set out to absolve the incompetence of the signalmen involved by claiming a conspiracy and introducing ‘class’ as a factor. The BBC relied heavily on a much derided and dismissed ‘conspiracy theory’ book ignoring the blatantly obvious – some ‘workers’ screwed up, but it served its left wing purpose.

    Perhaps much of the distaste that the left still have for Churchill was that he was indeed a visionary. Unlike Roosevelt, who believed that he could trust Stalin, Churchill knew Stalin’s real intentions and saw him as the risk to world peace that he was. Potsdam and Yalta, before it, were a stitch up and brought post war death and misery to millions at the hands of the Communists.

    Finally, the whole documentary was undermined by this seeming afterthought; the inclusion in the final frame of the Programme of this:

    ‘In 1951 Churchill stood again for election – and won’

    So much for the out of touch, 19th century, working class hating, hated, drunk, aristocratic, second rate politician.

    We often say that the BBC can’t be trusted. It certainly cannot be trusted with the most precious thing of all…our history and our heritage and the legacy of great men who came before us.


    • Allen says:

      “Yes by all means it is right that we get to see the whole picture of the man,”

      In that case Nelson Mandela should get the same treatment.


      • #88 says:

        And Ghandi

        BTW: In that glorious ‘Labour landslide’, ‘Churchill’s crushing defeat’ of 1945, I note that Churchill got around 36% of the vote…6% more than BBC favourite, Weird Ed, achieved!


        • John Anderson says:

          and Cameron’s “triumph” was built on 37% ?


          • #88 says:

            The BBC reporting is reminiscent:

            BBC: Boris’ victory by a ‘tight margin’…’failing to secure the massive win that was expected ‘in the mayoral elections (with 51.53% of the vote).

            BBC: (Socialist) ‘Hollande wins a clear victory’…and ‘gets a powerful mandate’ (with 51.64% of the vote)


  2. AneaterArris says:

    Broadcasting House radio 4 Sunday. Feeble comedian and ‘devout Muslim’ Shazia Mirza – liberal and moderate supposedly – recycling Cage myth that MI5 radicalised Jihadi John.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, how’s the BBC’s soon fave-to-be politician faring…

    One can see her getting Godwin’s Law on the statutes as soon as she is Queen Emperor.

    Jasmine, Steph and the rest will be tweeting… non stupidly… like furies.

    ‘Toksvig may want to refrain from making any more jokes about her opponent’s cancer in the future if she does wish to succeed in politics.”

    Indeed. leave it to those merry jesters at HIGNFY.

    But one is sure the BBC will always have a berth for Sandy anyway.


    • dave s says:

      I see Toskvig was at the Hay Festival. I am often in mid Wales and go via Hay. One year by mistake I arrived during the festival.
      A truly awe inspiring sight. Massed ranks of Guardianistas and Liberals. No dissenting voices permitted.
      A very depressing sight of metropolitans disporting themselves in a fine old town set in some of Britain’s best countryside.
      Toskvig and Hay at festival time suit each other well.
      Note. For those wishing to visit Hay outside of the festival the road from Pontrilas up the Golden valley is one of the country’s best roads.
      For D1004 and Mallard there was once a branch line taking the same route and that was really something. Long forgotten now .


      • Essex Man says:

        Been up there too , my sister used to live near Ross on Wye ,they use to see the “Hamster” in Ross from time to time ,as he lives in that area too . Golden Valley nice road drive up to Hay , you are right . How do the Guardian mob get there from Hampstead without driving ?They must walk . No I don`t believe it !


    • johnnythefish says:

      Appearing at the Hay Festival, Toksvig spoke about her reasons for wanting to start the new political party, which aims to ensure women are treated equally to men……

      ……She then went on to refer to the testicle the Ukip leader lost to cancer, joking about what Farage and Hitler have in common: ‘Farage kept having pictures of him defaced with Hitler moustaches. I mean he’s not really like Hitler. Okay, he has a German wife, he hates foreigners, he only has one testicle and he was defeated.’

      But don’t expect any jokes about one-breasted women anytime soon, despite her ‘aims for equality’.


  4. The General says:

    “She agrees with everything Lenny Henry says.” – silly woman, we don’t.

    Do Premier Inns realize what they are doing


  5. Englands Dreaming says:

    Absolutely nothing on World Service today that I’m remotely interested in, but at least I know who is the BBC’s Women’s Footballer of the Year, its great to be at the cutting edge of popular culture.


    • John Anderson says:

      The World Service has been shouting out for days now that it was going to announce this amazing news ! I don’t know how we all managed to hold our breath, it was SOOOOO exciting !


  6. Dazed & Confused says:



  7. Guest Who says:

    I’d laugh along, but have a horrible feeling this simply means the parasite can now claim a third salary.

    Still, it’s not all bad…

    But… hang on…

    ‘BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw decided not to recommission the show to “create space for new entertainment formats”.

    Un-oh. Her record to date is not exactly stellar. And I wonder which way the ‘space’ will tilt?


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks to end after 18 years’

    ‘Phill Jupitus was the show’s mainstay, taking part in almost all of the 270 episodes… “It struck me with Simon that people were being booked especially to have the piss taken out of them in a very overt fashion,” he told the Guardian in 2010.’

    This is could be a small step in the right direction. And now, how about scrapping HIGNFY?


  9. Deborah says:

    Has the Today presenters been given instructions to be as rude as possible to members of the new Conservative Government. If it continues, I will have to keep a list and put in a complaint to Auntie.

    Today Mr Naughtie was interviewing a man who I presume is the new Minister for Housing. Naughtie was asking about the policy of selling housing association properties to their tenants. But the impersonation he gave of sucking lemons as he sneered that the government claimed it could know the date when the deficit would be paid off but unable to say (I think) how many houses had been sold in the ongoing scheme – if I had been the Minister I would have explained in a patronising manner that because it was ongoing, the numbers changed daily.

    A few days ago I heard Sarah Montague being similarly rude and sneering. It is no way for the BBC to get its Charter renewed.


    • G.W.F. says:

      The BBC’s future is secure. Cameron is still PM and he needs the BBC to support his efforts to stay in the EU.


  10. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘Overheard at the BBC’

    “…I’ve spent six months becoming a constitutional expert so I can do the ‘hung Parliament’ thing. MEH!!!…”

    Mr AsISeeIt started to laugh, but remembered, win lose or draw, he’s still expected to pay for these loons.


  11. BAHAR MUSTAFA says:

    All white men must die.


  12. BAHAR MUSTAFA says:

    Once all white men are gone we will have the global communist utopia.


  13. stuart says:

    as a christian, i feel as if we are under attack by the bbc,radio 5 live,isis,islamists in the uk,radical leftists,the gay mafia,radical anti christian hate filled athiests,we are under attack and siege as never before as this gay marriege hysteria in the last few days has proved,being a christian in the uk at the moment is not good and i fear this persecution of the christians in the uk is going to get alot worst now are haters have smelt blood.


    • desperatedan says:

      as an athiest, even i feel sorry for you poor little pussy cats , perhaps all that nicey nicey isnt doing you any favours, maybe its time to become a radical gobshite jf you want to protect your culture


      • Athelstan says:

        You really wouldn’t want to see a return of drunken blood thirsty unbelievably violent “Christian armies” dealing out death and destruction to friend and foe alike in the name of God, would you?


        • desperatedan says:

          i think/hope Christianity is a long way past those days. Though obviously someone is going to correct me on this. Ive always had a suspicion religion and religious wars are more about power, money and control, than any intrinsic belief in some all seeing deity, Its a damn sight easier to control the masses if some all seeing eye is watching and judging everyone for you.

          Though being a radical gobshite doesnt mean you have to start killing people, i was more suggesting joining in the game.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      as a christian, i feel as if we are under attack…

      Sometimes Christians make things needlessly difficult for themselves. These is often plenty of common ground available with non-religious people, but Christians prefer to quote some verse of scripture. Go down that path, and someone will quote the multiple verses about stoning, burning etc to discredit your impeccable rulebook. Plenty of atheists think that gay marriage is a nonsense and that children deprived of a mother or a father is abuse.


      • desperatedan says:

        lots of common ground , presuming your excluding the old testament which isnt really christian book at all is it. I personally dont want to be married (again) and dont really understand why anyone else would but hey ho i dont want to preach to anyone else either.

        If you choose to believe in god, santa , the tooth fairy or the force, good luck to you if it makes makes you happy, so long as you dont feel the need to make me do the same.

        I do though like many have reservations about non-natural parent child relationships, especially when using surrogates, if your that desperate adopt, lots of children desperately need adopting.


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      I’m an atheist stuart. You won’t get persecuted by me. The ‘anti-christian hate filled’ bit is nothing to do with their atheism.

      And you will have read my comments and objection to the government redefining the word ‘marriage’ to appease a fascist gay lobby and enrage Christians and other respecters of tradition, history and the family unit (including this atheist).


      • Mat says:

        Agreed same here my non belief is the way I choose to live not a weapon to use against others to impose my views !


  14. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC London reporter tells us she phoned around today and tried in vain to find someone willing to support the Government’s Right to Buy proposals.

    Has she considered the notion that this could say more about her contacts list than it does about public opinion?

    No matter…

    Take heart, comrades one and all… she informs us those against the scheme are even now planning ‘how to best galvinise’ their protests.

    Seems the official Labour Party can take a few months off – the BBC is more than happy to act as opposition HQ and general clearing house for grievances.


    • #88 says:

      Alistair Heath (City AM)
      David Skelton (Telegraph)
      Paula Higgins (Home Owners Alliance)
      Andy Hull (Labour/IPPR)
      Natalie Elphicke (Building Society Non Exec)
      Chris Walker (Policy Exchange)
      Graeme Archer (Statistician and Orwell Prize Winner)

      Ignoring the obvious thing and approaching a Tory Minister…here’s a list of half dozen or so, gleaned from the internet in about ten minutes.

      If the lazy cow put the Guardian down for a minute and did her job, it might help her and her listeners


  15. Dave666 says:

    The one show is on I know I have never watched it before. Just for a change, because they have never done it before it’s a stasi history re-write and attack the black and white minstrel show again. Serious faces all round! Don’t worry guys it’s not been on since july 1978 Angellica Bell born in 1976 presents with serious face. They show it to some schoolkids it’s still not been on since 1978. The forget to mention Lennworth Henry was on the 1975 stage version. Above all remember they have never run this story before and it hasn’t been on TV since 1978!


    • JimS says:

      I worked with an Indian many years ago and he said that the Black and White Minstrels was his favourite show.

      As an aside he was well-known and liked throughout the factory and would greet people at a distance with a loud “What’s up monkey!” If asked he would tell you that there were black monkeys, brown monkeys and white monkeys, but they were all monkeys. I’m convinced his robust approach was more successful at breaking down barriers than the modern ‘victim’ versus ‘privilege’ approach.

      I wonder what The One Show would make of the Pierrot craze that swept Britain in the 1930’s? ‘Hideously White’ I expect.


    • David Brims says:

      ”Angellica Bell born in 1976 presents with serious face.”

      The whole tone was solemn and grave, I thought the Queen had died, then I realised they’re wittering on about their favourite subject.


  16. Video Sentry says:

    Does the BBC have any right wing commentators or reporters?

    What would the BBC’s answer to that be?

    Does the BBC have any left wing commentators or reporters?

    What would the BBC’s answer to that be?

    I suspect their answers to the above would be ‘no’ and ‘no’ from the BBC. Therefore, does the BBC regard itself as politically impartial??

    Next stage, mention the admitted far left political backgrounds of Andrew Marr and Evan Davis. Plus a host of others.

    Can the BBC quote the right wing political backgrounds of any other commentators or reporters in response? I think not….

    Game, set and match.


    The BBC is therefore biased to the far left.


  17. Dave666 says:

    22:00 news the so called Libor rate. It’s not so called that’s what is called.


  18. DickMart says:

    Why do we have to put up with this continuous PC bilge financed by the licence payer with no right of reply?

    Apparently Sheikha Moza of Qatar considers that Muslims are being “dehumanised” by media coverage (not the BBC!) of violent extremism in the Middle East. Perhaps the Sheikha’s energies might be better directed to encouraging her fellow religionists to desist. It is not Christians who are butchering Muslims.


  19. noggin says:

    “Danes, ethnic Danes feel unsafe here, and I understand that.
    They can not even sit out on the balcony and eat a pork sandwich or set a Danish flag on the table without the risk of being accosted.”
    what? what about, the multicultural utopia of diversity?.
    uh oh!… it won t be long people.

    The BBC are too busy with crap like this
    “A senior member of the Qatar royal family has warned that Muslims are being “dehumanised” by the coverage of violent extremism in the Middle East. “Why do Muslim lives seem to matter less than the lives of others?” asked Sheikha Moza bint Nasser in a speech at Oxford University on Tuesday”
    (yep! that s from Qatar! … three words ,,, World Cup workers?)

    and …
    meanwhile the Toryboy s are cooking up the snooper s charter again that could be a pain in the arse to the masses, and could be used for more curtailment on expression.
    Absolutely clueless, useless for those we should be concerned about, more big brother for everyone else.

    Oh! the jihadi s the real threats, to national security ?
    they re using different networks, encrypted apps, surespot
    telgram etc.


  20. JimS says:

    A friend sent me a link to a Channel Four programme. I find that now one has to register in order to see what was 4OD content.

    Having told us how they will track what we watch and how they will target you with drivel information of use to us, they end with this:-

    “This is just the beginning. We promise”.

    Scary. 1984 is here; how long before the BBC follows suit?

    As an aside, our ‘smart’ DVD player no-longer receives BBC iplayer, Channel 5 and now, Youtube, (it never did manage 4OD). Eighteen months old and now obsolete. No wonder they want to stop non-digital broadcasting.


  21. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Are the BBC appeasers of those who submit to Islam? Who ‘dehumanises Muslims’? Is it not a self-dehumanising act, to submit to Islam? It goes on, and on…..

    Yes, violent islamists are my fault again. Cos I’m a westerner. It must be true. A female member of the Qatari royal family says so, and the BBC’s Sean Coughlan is an ‘Education Correspondent’, presumably a ‘kuffir’ expert in all things Islamic, educating me.

    I feel educated. Pray tell, how do you feel?


    • Barlicker says:

      The silly woman in this article, Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, asks “Why do Muslim lives seem to matter less than the lives of others?” Perhaps she would like to ask herself why white children don’t ‘matter’ at all to yet another gang of Muslim child rapists.


      • desperatedan says:

        im afraid this is rife in northern towns and cities, anyone who denies it is either blind or a liar


        • Angrymanupnorth says:

          Sometimes truth hurts. Some prefer to insulate themselves from it. I find that abhorrent.


        • ManchesterLad says:

          anyone who denies it is either blind or a liar
          … or stupid. A category most leftists fall into.

          Their shallow egos require them to believe it – so they can convince themselves of their moral superiority over anyone who doesn’t share their view. Otherwise how could they justify their sense of smug, self-regard?

          It doesn’t matter to them that thousands of young girls are raped (they were probably asking for it, filthy white trash) so long as the left can wallow in their non-racist sense of superiority.

          The leftist view is the complete opposite of a moral view, in most cases. But they are such facile, thinly-disguised intellectual snobs that they are blind to it.


  22. Merched Becca says:

    Those ‘men’ again?


  23. Dave666 says:
    Just seen this I won’t miss it. Another series that they made so bad it was unwatchable well I stopped watching it. Once it was an entertaining music quiz
    However space for a new show I can hardly wait.


  24. Geoff says: