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This week the show comes from the mythical city of Aberdeen, on the sainted shores of Scotland, and is unspoilt by people from anywhere else in the world. Join us if you will to gaze in awe at these fantastic people, as a mere hobbit may gaze upon an elf.

Note: turn on subtitles to understand what they’re talking about.

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Note that this is not the last program before the summer break as was stated originally.

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40 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. wronged says:

    Aberdeen eh, granite city, the MP is Stuart Donaldson aged just 23 years old, representing West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine. His mother is Scotland’s public health minister Maureen Watt MSP, who said her son had not been interested in politics until the independence referendum last year.

    So they, the granite heads of Aberdeen voted for someone who has little understanding of politics, fresh out of puberty, whose mother is in charge of Scotland’s appalling public health. I’ll drink to that and then wet myself with one of Stuart Donaldson’s nappies!!
    Maybe granite Heads is too polite, Dumb Arse Jocks is probably more accurate

    I don’t expect an intelligent debate.


  2. stuart says:

    got the feeling its going to be a very dull boring question time tonight dominated by scottish politics,but what is going on here you might ask,ukip got nearly over 5 million votes in the election with only 1 mp douglas carswell who bty nearly got beat to death yesterday by the far left labour party supporting fascists outside parliament, but compare that to the snp who got 46 mps in return for 1 million votes,but my point is where is the ukip representation on the panel tonight,why are they being excluded post election from the question time and any questions panel on radio 4,i find that very unfair.


    • Julio says:

      Good point, there was no Ukip representation last week either. I can sort of understand there not being any Ukip representation this week as they did not do well in Scotland but there should have been last week.


    • pah says:

      The UKIP vote is not far short of the total population of Scotland never mind the number of those who voted for the kilted Nazis.


  3. desperatedan says:

    see panoramas just trashed britain, we did all the killing, we paid them all to do it, the ira were all innocent , blah blah blah

    now the news trying to make me ashamed to be british

    thats having just watched a program about norman castles with not a word about english suffering, but next weeks program is about how the welsh and scots suffered


    • flexdream says:

      How about a Panorama special on ..

      The IRA past of Sinn Fein politicians
      Noraid and US funding of the IRA
      Irish politicians and gun running for the IRA
      IRA actions up to and on ‘Bloody Sunday’
      Who bombed Birmingham
      Tony Blair and the IRA amnesty for OTR
      Post Troubles crime by ex-terrorists
      Smuggling and protection rackets in Northern Ireland
      Sinn Fein and motability
      Unsolved terrorist murders in Northern Ireland
      IRA/SF infiltration of public bodies including the BBC
      Corruption in Irish politics and banking
      IRA links with the PLO, FARC and US criminals …

      thought not.


  4. wronged says:

    So the SNP John Nicolson wants to see clapping in the Commons, it’ll be the left wing numb head students whoop whooping next. Give me strength!!

    Not a good start for SNP representative.


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      Clapping comes natural to chimpanzees.


      • Julio says:

        Does that mean they’re likely to start flinging their faeces in response to speeches they don’t like?


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      I thought clapping was non-PC these days? There was some story recently about Occupy or some other group doing some silent appreciation?


    • Cull the Badgers says:

      The SNP wish to make the UK parliament as unworkable as they possibly can, and showing contempt for the procedures is part of it.

      They also intend to prevent the English Votes… proposal from going ahead; it has been formally challenged by Alex Salmond already, and they also say that they will oppose any attempt to discuss any subject by English constituency MPs only on English matters if in their opinion such discussion could have a possible impact on Scotland. It does not take much imagination to work out they will make much of this. These tactics will of course disrupt the workings of the House.

      They are attempting to subvert the will of the people of England and planning to provoke a constitutional crisis; maybe they will organise trouble on the streets too.


      • CranbrookPhil says:

        They probably have already. I’m sure they were far from unhappy seeing those fascist morons menacing Carswell at St James’s Park yesterday.


      • Essex Man says:

        Who Cares ,let Krankie declare UDI , & they can all piss off for good . Job done ,end of.


  5. Old Tom says:

    Not interested in any of this Jock shite. Of no interest at all to me and my part of England.


  6. Geoff says:

    SNP = Opportunists


  7. Glen says:

    Early night on a Thursday for once, this is as boring a QT I can remember, even the biased garbage they usually serve is more interesting.

    Edward Longshanks, after another battle victory and on his way back south, was heard to have said “A man does good business, when he rids himself of a turd”. That coward Cameron should take note and give the treacherous SNP what they want, see how long the peace lasts.


  8. desperatedan says:

    snp vs liebour lovely keep it up


  9. wronged says:

    Sepp Blatter has hinted very strongly that he is waiting to be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing the people of the world together through the medium of football. This is no joke but very true. At first I was shocked. But then I thought that given the previous winners of this prize, I thought he would fit the award like a glove.
    By the way Platini’s son works for a Qatar owned oil company.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      He’s over-qualified. He’s been in the job for more than two weeks for starters.


  10. Geoff says:

    The question is a no brainer, Scotland voted to remain in the UK, if the UK vote out, so be it…


  11. desperatedan says:

    everyone is pro-eu odd that


  12. wronged says:

    Agreed Desparatedan,

    Last week every panel member stated that we should stay in the EU.
    Guess what, this week every member of the panel has stated that we should stay in the EU.
    No counter argument. I think it makes 9/10 panellists all saying the same thing. BBC still perverting democracy.


  13. David Brims says:

    Why are the Scots all commies ? In the 1950s it wasn’t like that, the Conservatives got 51 % of the vote and the majority of seats. And if they’re not all marxists, they’re happy clappy one worlder liberal useful idiot types, ” Let’s hold hands with the effniks and sing Kumbaya my Lord round the camp fire ” BS.


    • Geyza says:

      ” Let’s hold hands with the effniks and sing Kumbaya my Lord round the camp fire ”

      They would never do that and show themselves supporting the homophobic Christians who may oppose any religious wedding between homosexuals. They would prefer to suck up to the nice peaceful progressive Muslims who only want to have homosexuals killed!


  14. desperatedan says:

    and yet aberdeen has a horribly white crowd hardly an effnik in sight


    • David Brims says:

      The SNP like Sinn Fein and Plaid Cymru are all for mass immigration, multiculturalism and die-versity. Can’t they see what’s happening in England, France, Holland, Sweden ???


      • Michele says:

        I agree David, the SNP are all for mass immigration, multiculturalism and diversity … only not in Scotland.


    • The General says:

      “and yet aberdeen has a horribly white crowd hardly an effnik in sight ”

      Thats because it begins with “Aber” and consequently there are 200,000 ethnics wandering around North Wales looking for it.


  15. Old Tom says:

    If you think FIFA is corrupt they’re amateurs compared to the EU. When were the EU accounts last signed off?


  16. wronged says:

    No effniks??
    There’s load of them in Jockland, in the SNP there are a load of a dim effing pain in the niks.


    • David Brims says:

      I’m fed up with effniks , Paki’s, wogs and assorted Roma garbage dragging this country down the drain. Why do we have put up with Islamic scum raping our women and nothing happens to them. Never mind the fucking gay queens and paedos hiding in the BBC who all wanted a Marxist takeover.

      I despair for England.


      • David Brims says:

        This isn’t me, it’s a troll.


        • Merched Becca says:

          All trolls are required to sign here ….


        • Andy S. says:

          Another display of leftist hypocrisy. It seems they don’t mind using offensively racist and anti-gay ( I refuse to use the word “homophobic”) language when it suits them, even though they do post under someone else’s name.


          • Demon says:

            And they get the usual number of their colleagues to vote like on it so they can claimit is us voting for it. They are lower lives than one can imagine.


          • Geyza says:

            Or, alternatively, they simply invoke their bigoted prejudice by proxy, by supporting the right of Muslims to hate homosexuals and women, and be anti-white racists.


        • CranbrookPhil says:

          It’s the number of ‘Likes’ under troll David Brims’ rant that I don’t like!


          • Demon says:

            CranbrookPhil I agree. When I last looked I assumed it was the troll’s BBC colleagues – 7 is about their usual number – this has moved up to 17. Either they are managing to skew the figures r there are some other bigots on here (as well as the usual BBC kind).


  17. Julio says:

    Chat Log:

    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Julio has joined the chat!
    Julio: anyone here?
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Dave666 has joined the chat!
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Angrymanupnorth has joined the chat!
    Dave666: Hello! Scotland wants control of visas now.
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Teddy Bear has joined the chat!
    Angrymanupnorth: No. I am a mirage.
    Julio: oh ok
    Julio: hello everyone
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! tommy atkins has joined the chat!
    Teddy Bear: Good Evening All
    Julio: so there are two more question times before the summer break
    Angrymanupnorth: Hi.
    tommy atkins: good neeght fur neeps
    Julio: so it's not the last chance to say goodbye before the break
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! The Lord has joined the chat!
    Dave666: Love what she did with her hair # strimmer
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Yamakaks has joined the chat!
    Dave666: Human rights act an acheivment TF
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Julio has joined the chat!
    Julio: does anyone else's page look like crap?
    The Lord: Can't abide that Charlie Falkner.
    Angrymanupnorth: Falconer and maths. Maths and Labour. Oil and water.
    Julio: he's a vast turd
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Dave666 has joined the chat!
    Julio: hello Yamakaks
    The Lord: the page is out of sync alright. I sound intelligent tonight.
    Angrymanupnorth: Falkner should have been a railway guard. He might have been good at that.
    Julio: yep angry another bug to figure out
    tommy atkins: Should England remain a member of FIFA?
    Yamakaks: Everytime I put question time on these days they are discussing Scotland
    Julio: I think it's tommy's fault for having a name that's too long and has a space in the middle
    tommy atkins: booring
    The Lord: That was me the lord not mr angry^.
    Angrymanupnorth: I did not say that. Julio wassamatter?
    Julio: oh ok
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Angrymanupnorth has joined the chat!
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Angrymanupnorth has joined the chat!
    Julio: it looks like you did but I believe you
    Dave666: I have no idea who these people are.
    tommy atkins: has this shortened it?
    Julio: I was kidding tommy I'll have to fix it
    Angrymanupnorth: Can my Wyandotte Bantam vote? and my 2 year old grandchild?
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! Logiebored has joined the chat!
    Julio: fatty faulkner was around in the Blair government
    tommy atkins: first time in my life I've been told its "too long"
    Julio: although credit to him he's lost a lot of weight
    The Lord: I'm angry cos I don't get any sex.
    Dave666: Can my cats vote if they promise to vote the "right" way.
    tommy atkins: close up
    Angrymanupnorth: This is a regional show. Where is Question Time?
    Dave666: I thought the general election in Scotland was referendum II
    The Lord: Falconer spent 9 billion quid redecorating his office didn't he. Typical Labour shit.
    Dave666: He had the nice wallpaper didn't he?
    Julio: he's not scottish how dare he speak
    Yamakaks: Will the BBC ever shut up about Scotland?
    The Lord: it'd want to be at 368000 quid a roll.
    Yamakaks: maybe BBC scotland should be having these debates
    tommy atkins: this lady is wearing the same jacket that she wore last time?
    The Lord: That's how interested we are in these Bozo's.
    Dave666: It is very very dull
    tommy atkins: jeez that audience member has had tooooo many deep fried mars bars toooooo many
    Dave666: Boo Hoo Bad loser
    Julio: is there even any decent totty in the audience to perv at?
    The Lord: I'm a UAF spy. I only came here to disrupt the board.
    tommy atkins: I wonder what Vince Cable is doing right now
    Dave666: Still being annoying I imagine. I predicted the downturn before him
    Julio: probably trolling Rupert Murdoch
    Logiebored: Who's the camp John Steed?
    tommy atkins: how many copies of The Spectator are sold in Scotland? Do they need a "Scottish Editor"?
    Julio: they get a lot of scottish trolls
    Julio: scotnat trolls anyway
    Dave666: They must do to cover the Scottish stories
    The Lord: ^nepotism?
    tommy atkins: A Taxi Driver has sneeked himself onto the panel and called himself "The Scottish Editor of the Spectator"
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! PhilLaw has joined the chat!
    PhilLaw: Woohoo?
    The Lord: He'll do a better job.
    Julio: hello Phil
    tommy atkins: NOT true – USA has been to world cups long before Blabor
    Dave666: Hi
    PhilLaw: Greetings from south london
    The Lord: but I'm in wales.
    tommy atkins: FIFA – the ultimate institutionalisation of political correctness in all its vibrant glory. Welcome to the future.
    The Lord: we'll have to put a dot and then our 'real' comment to stay in sync.
    Julio: Greg Dyke: Fifa is hideously white Blatter must go
    PhilLaw: FIFA relies on the third world for votes they are all dodgy.
    ChatBot: Woohoo ! lonegroover has joined the chat!
    Julio: Africa has more votes than any other continent
    Julio: hello lonegroover
    The Lord: not all. they handle the foreign aid OK.
    The Lord: ^joke
    Julio: how about if England votes to leave and the other countries vote to stay in?
    lonegroover: hi…forgot my password…im sitting 6 miles from the venue tonight and I applied to join the audience 2 weeks ago…never heard anything back
    Julio: Time for a referendum for English independence
    Dave666: I thought if they were independent they would have to negotiate their own entry. So how could they stay in.
    Julio: did you do a reset lonegroover?
    tommy atkins: Isn't he hot in all those jackets?
    The Lord: Should have pretended to be in the UAF.
    Julio: that would have worked
    PhilLaw: An English parliament. Please.
    lonegroover: no…i eventually remembered it
    Dave666: The English should have had a vote last time. Wonder why we didn't.
    Julio: not really interested in scottish jobs
    Dave666: Errr you lost the independence vote…Remember.
    tommy atkins: get your snouts oout – Enland wants its trough back
    lonegroover: Note:….in the scottish independence debate the SNP never offered a Eu vote on a "Yes"…..hypocrites
    lonegroover: This John Nicholson is an arse
    Dave666: He's looking confused
    Julio: very much so lonegroover
    lonegroover: ruth davidson is quite impressive…no small achievement for a tory in scotland
    Dave666: Yea see that happen The Scots say we can't leave so us English have to stay in the EU.
    Julio: no that would be a normal family
    Dave666: Welome to democracy
    Julio: it would be wierd if the retarded child were allowed to veto family decisions
    Julio: weird even
    The Lord: ^Lol
    Dave666: Yea Reck on
    tommy atkins: totty to the right
    Dave666: Where?
    Julio: the bloke in the blue and white stripy shirt?
    Julio: you have strange tastes tommy
    tommy atkins: no to his left!
    Julio: lol
    PhilLaw: Let's lop scotland off and sail them to belgium.
    Dave666: Who?
    Dave666: Oh him
    Dave666: I've got nothing against Belguim ..well apart from Tin Tin
    lonegroover: Im from Aberdeenshire…only heard one local accent so far. (Pissed off as I applied to in the audience)
    Dave666: Are they bussed in then?
    Logiebored: Bring back the test card.
    tommy atkins: yarn
    lonegroover: Alex Salmond has lied since he became an MP
    lonegroover: whats the difference?
    tommy atkins: Other than passing out I wonder what Charlie Kennedy has been up to today
    Julio: out boozing with Vince Cable?
    lonegroover: Ruth Davidson"We all want to make a difference"…therein thats the problem…most of the time the "public" don't want things to be "too different"…"too quickly"..
    Julio: oops
    Julio: another glitch
    Julio: only if they are labour voters
    lonegroover: πŸ˜€
    The Lord: lol
    PhilLaw: I'll off the fuckers for free.
    The Lord: This programme should be put down
    Julio: looks like one of the Chuckle Brothers is in the audience
    Dave666: Bloke In the brown jumper in the audience doesn't look very happy.
    tommy atkins: BBC very keen on this question: should the pale stale and male majority be killed off to make way for a more vibrant compliant population?
    Julio: very much so Tommy
    The Lord: falconer loves it. so I don't.
    Dave666: Ahh the old people agenda from before the vote liebour campaign from the BBc
    Dave666: Stop them voting and driving
    The Lord: foot in the door for that fecking snake.
    lonegroover: local accent πŸ™‚
    The Lord: saying that snakes don't have feet
    Julio: lol
    lonegroover: looking at that audience…im pissed off I didn't get invited
    Julio: I would
    PhilLaw: Because they live in Scotland.
    lonegroover: Aha! Ive just recognised who John Nicholson is…he was an STV continuity announcer…FFS!…well *slightly* better th
    Logiebored: That 4 hours just flew by.
    The Lord: hoorayit's over. see you next week.
    Julio: This Week is on tonight anyone sticking around?
    lonegroover: than a 20 year old chav
    tommy atkins: Dimbers is 73 AND he's got my pen so he should defo be sent to Switzerland
    Julio: lol
    lonegroover: glad i missed that "in vivo" …
    Dave666: I'm going to blow some things up on World of tanks now. Nite all
    tommy atkins: this week has ukip representative NOT a libdem for 1st time since polling 1.3m more than them
    lonegroover: A' the best….lang may yer lum reek a'body! πŸ™‚
    Julio: nn to those leaving
    Julio: see you next week
    tommy atkins: steve Hilton call me dave's pet hippy
    Logiebored: fOX n
    Julio: fox n?
    Logiebored: Sorry. Fox News awaits and Krauthammer's on. G'night.
    tommy atkins: steve's mrs has A LOT of google very handy for "blue sky hippy thinking"
    tommy atkins: GOOGLE? abusing its customers?
    tommy atkins: free schools? like banning mums from driving their kids to school
    Julio: nn logie
    Julio: I wish I could get Fox News
    Julio: not fair
    Logiebored: Extra quid on your news package. Well worth it to get un-BBC coverage.
    Julio: devolution to the English regions without any mandate
    Julio: no interest at all from England except maybe for the city councils
    Julio: I just have freeview
    tommy atkins: I CAN get Al Jazeera in Arabic broadcast from a terrestrial transmitter in South London. Not fair.
    Julio: same here
    tommy atkins: Beamed direct form Quatar where BBC journos were arrested and plonked in Gaol for filming the building of sports stadium
    Logiebored: 'ISIS savages'. Fox News description.
    Julio: you wouldn't hear that sort of language on the BBC
    tommy atkins: Hippy
    Julio: more like 'those audacious heroic Isis rebels'
    Julio: face isn't shiny and plasticky enough
    tommy atkins: Will they show The Clegg waxworks being wheeled out? Its a lucky guess but I doubt it
    Julio: he's being melted down into candles
    tommy atkins: Dork Candles
    Julio: I'm trying to find out why the page layout is screwed
    Julio: they've got a pic of that Lib Dem woman on the table
    tommy atkins: she'll be back on her own (unlike the UKIP women who has to share the "no 3" spot)
    tommy atkins: next week
    Julio: nn tommy thanks for your company