The BBC Continues To Peddle The Terrorist Narrative

  • Although outwardly more liberal than the Saudis, the Qataris have surpassed them as financiers of extremism and terrorism.
  • U.S. officials reckon that Qatar has now replaced Saudi Arabia as the source of the largest private donations to the Islamic State and other al-Qaeda affiliates.
  • Qatar, the world’s wealthiest country per capita, also has the unsavory reputation for the mistreatment and effective slavery of much of its workforce.
  • Leaders of Western states threatened by jihadi advances are happy to sit down with the largest financiers of terrorism in the world, offer them help, take as much money as they can, and smile for the cameras.


Just as the BBC kept Churchill off the airwaves in order that he wouldn’t upset the Fascists the BBC keeps the truth off the airwaves about Islamism so that Muslim sensibilities aren’t upset by suggestions that the Islamic State and its kind have any link to Islam and the link between the ideology and the violence that spreads around the world by people stating that they are fighting in the name of their religion, Islam.

The BBC publishes yet another piece of Muslim propaganda that is designed to create the impression that Muslims are victims and any criticism of activities by Muslims is based upon racism and Islamophobia, the hope being that the critics will be silenced.  Naturally the BBC does not make any attempt to challenge the assertions made in the article by a member of the Qatari royal family…that’ll be Qatar which, along with Saudi Arabia, is at the heart of the Islamist revival and all that that entails…….

Muslims ‘dehumanised’ warns Qatar’s Sheikha Moza

A senior member of the Qatar royal family has warned that Muslims are being “dehumanised” by the coverage of violent extremism in the Middle East.

“Why do Muslim lives seem to matter less than the lives of others?” asked Sheikha Moza bint Nasser in a speech at Oxford University on Tuesday.

The division between East and West was creating a “fear and suspicion of all things Islamic”, she said.

The failure of progressive politics in the Middle East was fuelling “distorted and perverted” interpretations of Islam, she added.


Speaking at the opening of a new building at the Middle East Centre at St Antony’s College, Sheikha Moza warned that while there was an “intellectual curiosity” in the West about Islamic culture, individual “real, living Muslims” faced growing distrust.

She described this as being “Muslim-phobia”, as distinct from claims of “Islamophobia”.

And she questioned whether globalisation was really achieving more “pluralistic” societies.

“A Muslim is first and foremost identified as a Muslim, rather than simply a human being.

“Whether they are Pakistani, Malaysian, Senegalese, or even British born, their multiple identities are levelled under a constructed monolith of Islam,” she said.

This collective identity was seen as something “fearful and unknowable”, said Sheikha Moza, mother of the current emir of Qatar and wife of the previous ruler.

The consequence was “double standards” in the reaction to the casualties of conflict, said Sheikha Moza, a senior political figure in the oil and gas-rich Gulf state.

“Only silence follows when innocent Yemeni and Pakistani children and civilians,” are killed by drones, she said.

She challenged the increasing use of the word “medieval” to describe the actions of radicals in the Middle East.

“Global media, both Western and Arab, often claim that Islam does not believe in freedom of expression and is stuck in medieval times,” said Sheikha Moza.


Why does the BBC make no mention of the serious questions that Qatar’s support for Jihadis raise?

From the Telegraph….

‘Two of al-Qaeda’s most senior financiers are living with impunity in Qatar despite being on a worldwide terrorism blacklist, the American official in charge of sanctions has disclosed.

The revelation casts serious doubt on the Gulf state’s insistence that it does not support terrorists, including jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

It will also add to growing calls on the British Government to put pressure on Qatar to crack down on terrorist financiers following the murder of two British aid workers in Syria.

Qatar has huge investments in Britain — including such landmark businesses as the Shard skyscraper — and yet at the same time is apparently condoning jihadist financiers operating out of the Gulf.’

It is simple enough to ‘Fisk’ the article and demonstrate that it conforms to every jihadi propagandist template…so again why does the BBC not take issue with the piece?

Possibly because the BBC itself has been guilty of promoting the same terrorist narrative about foreign policy, Western ‘double standards’ and that ‘Muslim lives matter’, telling us that the Islamism and The Holy War is not Islam, telling us that this is a modern creation with no relevance to the religion, that there is no ‘Muslim community’ (except when ‘the Muslim Community’ is upset and angry about foreign policy…non-Muslim foreign policy that is…’racist’?).

The BBC feeds the terrorist grievance industry and enables the recruitment process (and all that time asking ‘What is it that causes our young British Muslims to bcome radicalised?’)  whilst closing down real debate on the issues.

The road to Hell is said to be paved with good intentions.  The BBC is dragging us allr apidly down that road whilst applauding its own ‘humanity’.




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24 Responses to The BBC Continues To Peddle The Terrorist Narrative

  1. Demon says:

    How many of these terrorist promoters own our football teams? And how did “we” let it happen?


  2. wronged says:

    I find it hard to believe that nobody on the airwaves seem to connect USA involvement against FIFA corruption and IS backed Qatar -hosts of the next World Cup.
    This could be a warning shot to backers of IS to back off away from Isreal.


  3. Odo Saunders says:

    It is estimated that about 1200 guest workers have died in Qatar as a result of its government’s grandiose plans to stage the 2022 World Cup. No doubt, if it ever takes place, the ghastly Blatter and his entourage will be hosted in that country like foreign potentates. Hardly any mention was made of the fate of these unfortunate souls during the recent FIFA jamboree in Zurich, which appeared to be solely concerned with Blatter trying to shore up his position in order to ensure a further term of his pernicious rule. Where is that champion of the workers, the UNITE Union, and why is it not joining in the worldwide chorus of disapproval at the brutal methods used by the Quatari Government to ensure that the foreign workers are treated like slaves? To his credit, Nicky Campbell tried to raise this issue on at least two occasions last week, but the interviewees appeared too embarrassed to respond. Have we lost all sense of human decency in the West? When Radio Five Live organised a debate last week on the recent FIFA Congress, with the intention of discussing the implications of another term of Blatter, one moron who claimed to be an Aston Villa supporter said, ” I am not concerned about what it going on in Switzerland, because I am only bothered about Saturday’s FA Cup.” A rather sad comment on the value we place on human life in other parts of the world. As for those individuals in Quatar who are responsible for the inhumane conditions of foreign workers and are happy to fund ISIL, they are no better than locusts who have crawled out of the desert.


  4. johnnythefish says:

    “A Muslim is first and foremost identified as a Muslim, rather than simply a human being.

    “Whether they are Pakistani, Malaysian, Senegalese, or even British born, their multiple identities are levelled under a constructed monolith of Islam,” she said.

    I would guess that, if the UK is anything to go by, it’s because it’s the way they identify themselves i.e. Muslim first, ‘heritage’ country second e.g. Pakistani, with British a poor third, which is why poll after poll sees the majority siding with their Muslim ‘brothers and sisters’ over British interests, including our security.


  5. TrueToo says:

    It’s a sad truth that Islamic terrorism is a powerful influence in the world today. So it’s good to see it occasionally suffer a setback, as was the case when the Palestinians withdrew their demand that FIFA expel Israel from international football. Much as I am against Blatter and his corruption, he had a lot to do with ensuring that Israel would not be expelled. I don’t think anyone else could have thwarted the Palestinians with their obsessive aim to demonise and delegitimise Israel.

    I have this fantasy that Israel and Iran will qualify for the 2022 World Cup and be drawn to play against each other. Since the terrorists ruling Iran will not allow an Iranian team to play against the hated Israelis, whatever the sport, they would have to go home in disgrace (and be heavily sanctioned by FIFA) while the Qataris would have to grit their teeth at the reality of the Israeli team emerging victorious by default.

    Well, we can dream.


    • NotasheepmaybeaGoat says:

      Except Israelis aren’t allowed into Qatar. Israel qualifying for the World Cup Finals would be a real problem for Qatar and FIFA.


      • TrueToo says:

        Strangely enough they did allow an Israeli swimming team in last year, I think it was.

        I suppose they had no choice as hosts. They did manage to stick the knife in a bit by fiddling around with the Israeli team flag – omitting it or something.


      • deegee says:

        Qatar established trade relations with the State of Israel in 1996 but they do not have diplomatic relations. High ranked Israelis have visited Qatar for conferences.

        Qatar National Olympic Committee and the State of Israel co-funded the Doha Stadium in the Israeli Arab city of Sakhnin located in the Galilee region of Israel. The stadium was named after the Qatari city of Doha. The involvement of Qatar was to show that relations between the two nations are peaceful and with a similar interest.

        The Qataris want a role in the Israel Palestine dispute as negotiators so they avoid really irritating Israel.

        From Wikipedia. Israel–Qatar relations


  6. The Highland Rebel says:

    The loony left progressive pinheads and the media bleat on about Muslim integration.
    But Muslim integration is a misnomer. An impossibility.
    A Muslim is a person who submits to Islam and takes the koran as the literal truth that cannot be altered or misinterpreted. The koran tells Muslims to conquer foreign lands, either militarily or by terrorism and give the conquered four choices – convert to Islam, pay the tax, slavery or death.
    It also tells them not to befriend infidels ‘Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax’ – koran 9:29… ‘Muslims must not take the infidels as friends’ – koran 3:28

    So a Muslim who ‘integrates’ is no longer a Muslim.

    But the liberatti and so called academia seem unable to grasp these simple facts.


  7. Neil Miller says:

    “The road to Hell is said to be paved with good intentions.”
    I don’t think the BBC has any good intentions.


  8. Guest Who says:

    Next up on the BBC: Florence Nightingale caused Mid Staffs?

    It’s not so much that there can be less appealing aspects to explore, but the BBC ladle often being applied to redirect away from areas they either ignore or protect.

    A few poster boys from the BBC dorm less likely to be fully exposed any time soon, and after loony Jews and bullying Buddhists, what other religions are in the frame to be dragged down to the levels others have lowered themselves, in some odd BBC mutual tarring attempt at equivalence?


    • The Lord says:

      Talking of bullying Buddhists, R4 has The Dark Side of Buddhism @ 1.30 today. Asking why they’ve become such barstewards in Sri Lanka.
      Must admit I know nothing about it but I’d take a shrewd guess it’s a response to militant Islam. Not that I’d expect INBBC to let on.


    • John Anderson says:

      Churchill did play up the image that he was a bon vivant. Indeed he truly was. But he was not “a drunk”. Bob Boothby was a constant companion – and often criticised Churchill, but he said the only time he saw Winston under the influence was when Edward VIII abdicated.

      All through the 1930’s, Churchill was the only clear voice in Britain pointing to the dangers of Hitler. Single-hamdedly he built an intelligence-gathering machine that tracked in great detail Hitler’s massive rearmaments, comparing them to the appalling weakness of Britain’s defences. He was frozen out of the BBC and much of the media, which went along year after year with the disastrous policies of appeasing the dictators. Appeasement was led by Baldwin and then Chamberlain, with full backing from pacifist Labour and the Liberals. For all that, and his magnificent bulldog leadership of Britain in the darkest days of WW2, he deserves total credit.

      Yes, his record in the 1920s as Chancellor was flawed – because he followed Treasury and Bank of England advice and put Britain back on the Gold Standard. But that is hindsight – everyone else supported the idea.

      The notion that he was “against” the working class is wholly unfair. Around 1910 as President of the Board of Trade he set up the first labour exchanges to help people find work, and he worked with Lloyd George who was Chancellor to establish other key planks of what became the welfare state – unemployment insurance, pensions for servicemen etc. He was one of the few ruling-class patricians – who largely governed Britain in those days – who tried actively to improve the conditions of the working poor.

      It is typical of the pygmies at the BBC that they should mount such a vicious attack on Churchill’s memory. The BBC itself carries a lot of responsibility for the blindness towards the threat of Hitler. You might think they would reflect on their own dreadful record of a decade of appeasement that nearly destroyed this country..


  9. Thoughtful says:

    I still find the complacency & ignorance of the people of this country amazing !
    Wilful blindness indeed !

    If Sunni Muslim Middle Eastern countries are prepared to bribe FIFA officials, then who else are they bribing?

    You can bet your bottom dollar that Western politicians are also in their very deep pockets with bribes being disguised as ‘speaking fee’s or ‘consultancy work’.


  10. G.W.F. says:

    They tell us that representations of the alleged prophet of mohamidism are deeply offensive to the followers. I guess the buggers are awaiting Obama’s instructions to whack this with their hammers.
    From the article:
    ‘The 60-year-old choice of notables in the friezes has held up over time. Other than a brief controversy about Muhammad last year, the friezes have generated little public complaint. A coalition of Muslim groups asked the court to sandblast or otherwise remove the depiction of Muhammad, contending that it was a form of sacrilege because graven images are forbidden in Islam and that believers might be encouraged to pray to someone other than God, or Allah in Arabic.

    Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist rejected the request, saying the Muhammad sculpture “was intended only to recognize him, among many other lawgivers, as an important figure in the history of law; it is not intended as a form of idol worship.”


  11. Tommy atkins says:

    Al Jazeera TV in English and now Al Jazeera TV in Arabic are broadcast from the freeview TERESTRIAL transmitters at crystal palace.
    The view from Qatar beamed directly into every bodies London living rooms.
    Meanwhile a BBC film crew spend 72 hours in a ” filthy cell” just for filming the living conditions of World Cup workers without official permission.

    Asymmetry in action. At what point would the British government pull the plug? When the voice of Qatar openly calls for acts of sedition on the streets of London?


  12. deegee says:

    I suspect the Al Jazeera-Qatari connection may lead to a certain conflict of interests.

    AJ seems to have a fondness for former BBC staff. A quick Google search found, Martine Dennis, Mark Thompson, Peter Greste, Darren Jordon, Rageh Omaar, Mark Seddon and Tim Sebastian. I suspect we can add Seumas Milne, Guardianista and son of a BBC DG to that list.


  13. oldartist says:

    DP111, Thank you for those three excellent links.