1. deegee says:

    A piece of fluff from the BBC. The curious truth about belly button fluff Isn’t this what the media trade calls a filler?


  2. John Anderson says:

    Big story in the Sunday Times suggests that the Tories may have the courage to tell the BBC to cut itself down to size, concentrating on “public service broadcasting”. It is behind the paywall – but sounds good ? The headline is “Tories give BBC ultimatum”.


    • Doublethinker says:

      The good news is that Whittingdale has appointed a panel of 8 consultants to help him come to his final view and there doesn’t seem to be a died in the wool BBC supporter amongst them. In fact several have been highly critical of the BBC and called for it to be downsized, the BBC Tax abolished and replaced by subscription. So perhaps my fears that the BBC was going to escape unscathed from the charter review may be unfounded.


  3. Richard Pinder says:

    Whittingdale has appointed eight advisers and given the BBC an ultimatum.

    Possible outcomes of failing to meet the ultimatum are:

    (1) Richard Desmond buys the BBC, because as he says “Viewers should not have to pay for a licence fee” and “I would like to give everyone in this country a free TV licence” and “The bottom line is why should the people of this country pay £145 to a corporation that is wasting billions of pounds of our money?” and “Give ME the BBC and I will axe the licence fee”

    (2) Noel Edmonds and the Project Reith consortium buys the BBC, because as Noel Edmond says “The BBC is sleepwalking to destruction” and “terminally ill” and “needs another force from outside to cure it”


  4. Thoughtful says:

    Readers on here might be aware of my theory that Western politicians are in the pockets of oil rich Sunni Muslim potentates. Well this week we have had another demonstration of the power of that control.

    Despite Saudi once having liked ISIS and funded their creation, that relationship ended when ISIS announced that they wanted to depose the Saudi royal family and demolish the Kaaba at Mecca.

    It doesn’t take a genius to work out how that played with the Saudi government, so when the Saudi foreign minister was interviewed, following the death of the Saudi king and the coronation of another, he used the word the Saudis now use for ISIS, Daesh which is the word Cameron wants the BBC to use for ISIS.


    The BBC describe the word as an Arabic acronym for the group.

    If you want to know the meaning of this Arabic acronym, it is complex, but it is ISIS own creation in a round about way:


    Reducing it to an acronym angers ISIS and is in reality likely to have the opposite effect Cameron & cronies are claiming.

    But why would an independent British government choose to use a word so far removed geographically politically and ideologically from Britain? The only plausible answer comes from the Saudi influence and wishes over their political pawns. It is interesting that the French has now also adopted this word.

    To my mind the evidence of Sunni meddling in Western politics is undeniable, yet the only way we will be able to bring this in the media spotlight is if there is a groundswell of public opinion that the possibility exists. It would explain an awful lot of the seemingly inexplicable Islamophillia of Western politicians.

    For those wondering who funded ISIS in its infancy here’s Joe Biden.


  5. AsISeeIt says:

    Gavin Esler comes across as a nice guy.

    Don’t be fooled by his quiet manner, his appearance on screen often signals a ramping up of the bias

    BBC News Channel this morning has our Mr Nice Guy as anchor and he trails for us the Sunday newspaper review. Top story he says is in the Observer – oh yeah, we wonder.

    Under 30s suffering since the Tories came to power 5 yeras ago says some report.

    If we were watching out and out Labour Party TV the propagada would surely be more subtle than that!


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Oh, dear, as predicted another tour de farce of a newspaper review from our Gavin and two BBC-loving journos.

      ‘There’s a story about a 16-year-old girl marries jihadi, in the Mail, but let’s move past that to a story in the Times about tooth decay” says our Gavin.

      Tubby journo from the Indy says ‘I’m not a BBC employee so I can say I love the BBC… it’s like the NHS…. if the government touches the BBC, people – who have never had a revolution – would be outside this building protesting’

      Calling Tony Hall, the bias is simply too obvious, mate.


  6. Steve Jones says:

    What a surprise, the BBC’s favourite gobsh*te Owen Jones given a platform on the BBC today to have a pop at the budget. I’m sure the others on the panel will make the discussion interesting but my blood pressure can’t cope with Jones.
    The govt should bring in a special book tax. Watch the faux socialist squirm then.


    • Bogart says:

      Another £300 plus goes to the Islingtgon Faux-cialist Owen and a free taxi back to his pad at our expense.

      Oh and it helps sell his books and tours…Socialism indeed from the Corbyn supporter. As is Dianne Fat-bot who sent her son to a private school from the regular BBC cash paid from our TV tax pockets.

      Up the workers!


  7. Steve Jones says:

    Got my email address very slightly wrong earlier so the avatar didn’t appear. A quick question for someone who knows about this interweb thing. I posted a comment, that wasn’t a reply to another post, at a time following the last post in the thread. Shouldn’t my comment have appeared last in the thread? It actually appeared further up the thread.

    Edited to say this one has done the same thing.


  8. D1004 says:

    Sorry if this is flagged up thread but those who thought that the new culture secretary had been kind to the bbc had better splash out £2-50 and buy today’s Sunday Times. Front page and first two pages of the news review section, including a piece by Rod Liddle.
    Sorry not got time to go into detail but suffice to say left me with a warm glow, curiously it wasn’t mentioned on the paper review at 07-30 am. The Sunday Times was conspicuous by its absence
    I wonder why ?


  9. deegee says:

    Israel frees Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan One might think from this article that Israel is alone in the world with administrative detention i.e. arrest and detention of individuals by the state without trial, usually for security reasons.

    In 1948 Israel declared independence and proclaimed that the laws in place at the time i.e. the British laws of the Palestinian Mandate would remain the law of the land until changed. Administrative detention is a UK law inherited by Israel.

    Presently in the United Kingdom the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 uses control orders, a more politically palatable means of limiting the freedom of a suspect without the need to provide a court of law with prima facie evidence of any wrongdoing.

    Adnan is widely reported as being a spokesman and leader in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the West Bank. The PIJ is designated a terrorist group by a number of Western countries including the United Kingdom and rejects any compromise with Israel.

    None of this considered important enough to mention by the BBC.


  10. chrisH says:

    Oh Lordy.
    Who told Orla Guerin to pop by the Tunisian coast?
    As if things aren`t bad enough-they have the dolorous tones of Guerin to induce a mass suicide wherever she chooses to report from.
    If Orla`s in her fatigues…sell shares in any hope of Tunisia.
    The Celtic Tiger?…nah, an Eeyore donkey!


  11. Angrymanupnorth says:

    I wonder if others agree or disagree with the following assertion about the Q’uran.

    “It has gone from outright condemnation to suspicion to becoming an accepted part of modern British life.”

    Can’t say I accept the Koran as ‘an accepted part of modern British life’. I see it more as an unacceptable part of modern British life, imported by treacherous politicians. But I must be wrong because the BBC tell me so.


    Why is the BBC promoting a religion (Islam) which is incompatible with traditional British and Christian values? Why are the gay lobby not up in arms about the BBC’s support for this gay killing cult? Why are the feminists not demonstrating about the BBC’s appeasement of this misogynistic, rape justifying, genital mutilating, women denigrating barbarous ideology? Why are Christians silent about the spread of this medieval mind cancer throughout Our Lands?

    The BBC needs killing off.


    • disciplical says:

      Good questions. I personally cannot fathom why Christianity bears the brunt of homosexual anger when Islam is much more critical. Christianity teaches us to love our neighbour NO MATTER WHAT. Muhammed, meanwhile, preached death to homosexuals, both “the one who does it and the one who receives”.

      Christianity though, is the faith deserving of ridicule and condemnation. Doing the same to Islam is clearly an affront to their yuman rights.


      • Merched Becca says:

        Its because the staff at Al Beeb are afraid, very afraid to be critical – they only choose to be critical of the ‘soft’ targets .


  12. noggin says:

    Anybody catch this snippet from the Torygraph
    Anyone recall this dude, turning up with increasing regularity on the BBC of late?
    Almost seemed the latest ejector seat, go to guy, for Al Beeb after their spectacular fails with Moh Ansar, Asghar Bukhari etc
    It looks like an Al BBC triple whammy, with Abdullah al Andalusi
    … aka Mouloud Farid, … aka Wazir Leton Rahman

    “The Government watchdog which inspects police forces’ readiness for terrorism admitted that it employed one of Britain’s most notorious Islamic extremists”
    … Notorious? This the same guy BBC have on
    Big Questions and Sunday Morning Live?

    “For almost two years Abdullah al Andalusi, led a double life, the Telegraph can reveal.
    By night, he taught that the terror group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) was “no different to Western armies,” said that “kaffirs,” non-Muslims, would be “punished in hell” and claimed that the British government wanted to destroy Islam.
    By day, using a different name, he went to work for the same British government at the London offices of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), the official regulator of all 44 forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.”


  13. G.W.F. says:

    Anyone out there glued to BBC news for the latest on the Greek crisis and the potential end of the world? Thought not. Peston attempts to inject a sense of drama into the occasion. Apparently last minute talks are underway.

    Some time ago, in a cynical mood, I suggested that a deal had been made weeks ago and put in a drawer to be released at the last minute. Why the deception? To show that the EU is a success and can solve its problems and that it is not falling to pieces as Farage says. When I looked at the Greek PM’s face when Farage was urging Greece to get out, I had a strong feeling that the guy had already signed up to a deal, and that Farage had rumbled it.
    Anyhow, soon a deal will emerge, and Peston will reveal it in his usual breathless style.



  14. John Anderson says:

    Breitbart gives much more detail about the paywalled Sunday Times big story about cutting the BBC down to size, and possibly altering the payment method to subscription. Quite encouraging – and some good comments below :



  15. Geoff says:

    Just back from trip abroad, just catching up with bBC news, shocking story of the two missing people in Scotland following a road traffic accident, even though the accident was reported to the ‘Polis’

    Obviously not important enough, wrong religion and not ‘feared’ en route to a war zone…


  16. hadda says:

    Euphemism of the day:

    militant Islamic State (IS) group


  17. Dave666 says:

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Yes the BBc breakfast wheel spins back to the same old story. “A group of leading doctors” say there should be a 20% tax on fizzy drinks.


  18. Dave666 says:

    Right on the money. My brane has melted this is beyond naff. Do poundstores give you the best bargains. We know the answer already.


  19. Leha says:

    this is a dead thread- time for a change.


  20. Dave666 says:

    BBc breakfast it’s suggested that parents should brush their kids teeth up until 14 by the Royal college of surgeons. Run video complete with mother who doesn’t speak English. Still nice run on from sugary drinks story yesterday.