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Congratulations to Joe Root for being named ‘Man of the Match’ in the Ashes…have to say it here because you’d hardly know it if you relied on the BBC’s website which hasn’t got a single headline about his achievement.

The Telegraph says…

The Ashes 2015 day four report: England win one of their most surprising and flawless victories to take series lead

England 430 & 289 beat Australia 308 & 242 by 169 runs: Man-of-match Joe Root takes final catch as hosts thrash tourists in opening Test

It was not so much a pigeon that came home to roost as a pterodactyl. Brad Haddin had dropped Joe Root before he had scored on Wednesday morning, when England would have been close to capsizing at 43 for four. Instead, England won one of their most surprising and flawless victories, and Root was the Investec player of the match.

The Daily Mail…

England storm to memorable win over the Aussies in first Ashes Test as Root caps man of the match display with winning catch


The Independent…

Ashes 2015 live: Joe Root stars as England win the First Test by 169 runs to take 1-0 series lead over Australia

And again…

Ashes 2015: Joe Root embodies New England’s air of abandon

It had to be Joe RootHe had set up the victory with a first-innings century of cathartic abandon, and eased fourth day nerves by taking two wickets, moonlighting as a part time off-spinner. There could be no more appropriate man of a match.


England close to collapse until Root put some steel into them at the start of the match and provided the base for the victory….he ‘set up the victory’ with his first innings.

The BBC…not interested…or not much. Nowhere near as estatic as they were about Moeen Ali.

The only mention of Root being ‘Man of the Match’ in this BBC match report is a caption on a photograph….

Joe Root (second from right) celebrates a wicket with team-mates

Joe Root was named man of the match after scoring 193 runs and taking two wickets in the match


Not a single headline proclaiming Root’s brilliance on the cricket page even though he’s  run up some impressive stats as the BBC admitted …

Joe Root had the highest score for the eighth time in his 28 Test match career (29 %). Don Bradman is the only player in history with a higher percentage.

Have to ask why the BBC has such a different reaction to Root and Moeen Ali.

Wonder what Root would look like in a beard?  Might be more photogenic in the BBC’s eyes.

Did the BBC, and much of the media along with it, have a message and what was it ?  You, the Public, might have a bad opinion of Islam and lack trust in Muslims due to everything that’s going in in the world but look, here’s a Muslim, with a big beard, he’s playing for England and he’s doing well….you can love Muslims and trust them….ignore the hoax of the Trojan Horse and the bombs and Tower Hamlets and the pressure groups agitating for Islam to be accepted as a parallel system in the UK…ignore all that….a Muslim can play cricket for England…so what’s not to like about Islam!

    Feb 26    anjemchoudary You need a positive role model for your life. Try Moeen Ali. Opening cricket batsman, devout Muslim and loves this country.

And if you think that that isn’t the message that the BBC wants to impart, or at least a major reason behind the highlighting of Moeen Ali you are mistaken or kidding yourself….

The Daily Mail admits that Ali is to be used as a role model for Islam….a ‘bridge across harmful cultural divides’.

Actually, he’s representing England and himself – and that means he is also representing his faith and using his status as a bridge across some harmful cultural divides. I feel he is very much to be admired.

And there we were thinking it was all about the cricket….or as Moeen himself says..

His quest beyond cricket is to place what seems foreign, or even threatening to western eyes, in the mainstream. He wants to be the friendly face of that Taliban beard.

‘I know people aren’t sure about men who look like I do,’ he says. ‘People don’t see the beard as a bit of hair. I’ve been shouted at, called some horrible names, and when I first came to Worcester I noticed people crossing the road to avoid me. So, yes, there are a lot of bad Muslims giving us a bad name, but all I would say is that it isn’t just Muslims who need to change. There are a lot of ignorant people, too. 

There is enormous pressure on the Media to conform and to only show ‘good news’ stories about Muslims…just Google ‘The Media and Islam’ and you’ll get a torrent of articles about the ‘demonisation’ and ‘victimisation’ of Muslims….

Islam gets a bad press, but there are many stories our media doesn’t tell

As the history books illustrate, Islam has as much claim to be the religion of forgiveness as Christianity. So why don’t we hear these stories?


The Guardian…

Study shows ‘demonisation’ of Muslims

A “torrent” of negative stories has been revealed by a study of the portrayal of Muslims and Islam in the media, according to a report published yesterday.

Research into one week’s news coverage showed that 91% of articles in national newspapers about Muslims were negative. The London mayor, Ken Livingstone, who commissioned the study, said the findings were a “damning indictment” of the media and urged editors and programme makers to review the way they portray Muslims.


The Huffington Post…

The Criminalisation of Islam in The British Media

British Muslims should challenge the government and the media without hesitation on its definition of “British values” and “extremism” – terms which have become political yardsticks to censor and criminalise established Islamic beliefs.

Moeen Ali is undoubtedly a good player but let’s keep the politics, and faith, out of sport as well as the BBC’s social engineering and the attempts to ‘maintain civil society and cohesion’ using Moeen Ali as the ‘role model’….or at least not make it so obvious and give the white boy just as much of a cheer  and recognition as the Muslim player.

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28 Responses to Rooting Tooting Right!

  1. Fuleco says:

    Really Alan, sometimes its better to stop digging when you’re in a hole. Weren’t you made to look a fool the last tune you posted on this subject?!

    On the same day you wrote that piece, Moeen was the hero on the back pages of the Mail, and we just know how they love, love, love the Muslims!

    Of course, the fact he is a Muslim could be why you wrote this. Any muzzie will do after all.


    • Bogart says:

      You sound much like the unmissed “kinda hot” Scott with that sneering tone “Fuleco”.


    • Nibor says:

      You and Fiddy prove the point , in an oblique way .
      Moreeno may actually be the best player , but because of the social engineering , patronising , sycophantic antics of the Gramscian BBC and fellow travellers , we see stitch up and think he’s not . It’s a shame if he got to the top by his own efforts and skill , but everyone ,including “communities ” and Gramscians , secretly think he’s only there because he’s a Muslim. Not our fault , it’s your fault .


      • Doublethinker says:

        Anybody who thinks that Moeen Ali is the best player in the current English team knows nothing about cricket. At this stage of his career he is a decent test batsman, but far from good and he is a bowler who has much to learn. He is fortunate that there are 4 pace bowlers in the side who,in English conditions, are a world class attack. he can reap benefits from the pressure they create. Overseas on less helpful pitches the pace attack isn’t so good and England would rely heavily on the spinner. In those circumstance Moeen would struggle.
        All the BBC hype is exactly what has been said above, just a ploy to suit their multy culty narrative and persuade youngsters that the Muslims are fully integrated, peaceful members of British society. Just the left whistling in the dark as they realise what a massive problem their stupid mass immigration policy has created for all of us.


  2. Fiddy says:

    Alan. You do realise it was Mo’s wicket that was the crucial turning point today don’t you? In fact the Daily Mail report focuses on him and doesn’t even mention Root in the headline.

    To be honest the only thing I think you and Biased BBC are exposing here is your flat out racism.


    • The spider in my bath is a philosopher says:

      “To be honest the only thing I think you and Biased BBC are exposing here is your flat out racism.”

      To be honest the only thing you are exposing here is your ignorance of flat out BBC racism.

      BBC F1 coverage has been non-existent for two years, it has been replaced by Hamilton worship. Why? Cos he is black.

      BBC tennis today in ecstasy, floor to ceiling Serena Williams, Why? Cos she is black.

      BBC tennis last week, Nicolas Anelka in tha audience, Chewing something.
      Next to Anelka sat someone whose name I have forgotten, but is connected with tennis.
      This tennis someone got a telephone call and then started chatting to Anelka.

      Why? If you were watching BBC you knew why.
      Because one of the BBC match commentators told us why.
      The other BBC match commentator phoned the tennis person to advise him someone famous was sitting in the next seat!

      Unbelievable, unless of course, he was black.

      BBC never miss an opportunity to promote non-whites, this is racism.


      • grimer says:

        I too am sick of the constant fawning over these people, but I can understand why they’re pushing that angle.

        The BBC is (understandably) trying to provide ‘positive male role models’, because they are clearly lacking in large swathes of the black community.

        I don’t think, in this case, it is an ‘anti-white agenda’, so much as an ‘anti gang culture’ agenda.


        • The spider in my bath is a philosopher says:

          Positive male role model.
          Anelka would be perfect for this, convert to Islam, can spit long distances, anti-semetic signs, difficult at every club, bans, suspensions etc. Grade A twat.

          Thank you for your explanation. I remain unconvinced.


      • Fuleco says:

        No, this is paranoia.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Do you know that you play cricket with a bat not a racket?


  3. Cockney says:

    This is just degenerating into drooling obsessionism. We belted the ****ing Aussies. If you like cricket, enjoy unreservedly. If not there’s probably something else to be bothered with.


  4. Davy says:

    A top story on BBC news online –

    “Ashes 2015: Superb England hammer Australia to take 1-0 lead”

    “England romped to a crushing 169-run victory over Australia in the first Ashes Test to take a 1-0 lead in the series.
    Chasing an unlikely 412 to win, Australia lost four wickets for nine runs in 35 balls either side of lunch and were bowled out for 242 one hour after tea in Cardiff.
    Stuart Broad was England’s inspiration, taking the wickets of three of Australia’s top four batsmen.
    And, following a brief lower order rally, Joe Root showed his golden touch to take two of the last three wickets, including Mitchell Johnson for a spirited 77.”

    Where’s your fave Mo there, Alan? Joe Root’s “golden touch” gets a big mention. Moeen Ali is shoved right down the report.

    Can’t you just enjoy the England victory?


  5. ChrisL says:

    The main BBC report on the final day makes little mention of Moeen Ali.

    There are, by contrast, plenty of examples of very high praise being given to other England cricketers (of course, deservedly so).

    “Stuart Broad was England’s inspiration”
    “Joe Root showed his golden touch to take two of the last three wickets”
    “Alastair Cook’s decision to toss the ball to Moeen Ali for the final over before the interval proved to be a masterstroke”
    “Cook took a brilliant catch at the second attempt”
    “The tail wags… but Root to the rescue” (A sub-heading)
    “…only for part-time off-spinner Root to provide the crucial impetus for England”
    The quote from Alistair Cook: “Joe Root was fantastic”
    As well as a full section on the brilliance of Broad.

    Jonathan Agnew’s opinion piece also makes no mention of Moeen but does praise Cook, saying he had a “tremendous” match and that he was “streets ahead of Michael Clarke” as captain.

    I would say the white boys are getting at the very least “just as much cheer and recognition” as the Muslim player, and arguably more.


  6. JimS says:

    Can’t say I care for cricket with its desultory clapping, bone-breaking balls, empty stands, half the players ‘missing’ and the weird ecstasy that some people take on by just being told that “it’s something for something!”

    But, is this Root fellow a Christian, a UKIP supporter? Where are THEIR role models?


  7. Manfred VR says:

    Oh dear.
    I think we can say with a good deal of certainty that the first few comments on this thread are from BBC trolls.
    It does seem as if , despite the BBC’s “So called” diminished budget, they can afford to fund our “pet” trolls on this blog.
    Here is a message from me to them –
    “Hi Trolls, yes that includes our regulars like Scott, Dez etc. If you stopped masturbating so much in-between your silly posts, you might have time to consider gainful employment, like being a traffic warden, or turd sorter at your local sewage works, otherwise, in between your regular visits to your case officer/probation officer/rent boy/sex change surgeon or whatever; Have any of you thought of getting a life?
    Kind Regards,


  8. stuart says:

    you know what,i could not care less if these bunch of middle class white posh cricket boys and there sharia law loving freinds win some pointless dead ashes,its borefest to most people of crap,roll on next week to some proper exciting sport where paul casey 80/1 will win the british golf open for sure.


    • The spider in my bath is a philosopher says:

      Golf! Golf?
      I think I will have a treat instead of watching the golf.
      So which shall I choose? Matt, Gloss, Emulsion, Eggshell . . .


  9. The Occasional Umpire aka Up2snuff says:

    I am raising my index finger to Alan & his team on this thread: on your way to the Pavilion lads. You are out. Give up. You have lost. [Only on this theme, over two Threads, btw. ;-)] Game over.

    Now, you are threatening to bring this web-site into disrepute. Not only should that upset the E&WCBB* board (a.k.a. David Vance) but it really plays into the hands of Scott, Scotty, dez & any others who may be or are more than mere critics of content on this site & may wish to do you harm.

    You are making a mountain out of a molehill and to pretend you know about cricket is betrayed by the ignorance in your posts. Give up before you fall flat on that molehill & sustain an injury that keeps you out of availability for selection. Get on with preparation for the serious battles ahead: letters to the DG, channel, station & department heads, your MPs, John Whittingdale and the PM. You are going to need all your energies for that.

    * Exercised & Worried about Corporations Biased Broadcasting – not the England & Wales Cricket Board.


  10. johnnythefish says:

    What a lot of flocking in defence of Moeen, confirming the Left’s obsession with a pro-Islam agenda.

    They might ask themselves why he doesn’t join in the national anthem to not only provide a positive, patriotic role model for young Muslims but also to prove that it’s not always ‘Islam first, Britain second’ (if you’re lucky, it’s usually Pakistan or Bangladesh with Britain some way down the pecking order if there at all).

    Still, a Muslim representing England at cricket is at least a start and I personally want to see more of it rather than less.


  11. Corrections and Clarifications Department says:

    Again, Alan? Can you not see what a fool you made of yourself last time?

    This morning the BBC website compares one member of the England team to Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest cricketer ever to pick up a bat. Can you guess which England cricketer? Yes it’s Joe Root!

    Keep going, Alan, it’s fun watching you implode in a black hole of ignorance and prejudiced hatred.


  12. johnnythefish says:

    Eh, like I said – worralorraflokking.

    And worralorralikes.