Open Borders, Closed Minds

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Peter Allen was having a discussion (about 2 hrs 37mins) about Calais and the migrant attempts to rush the border (astonished to hear the BBC say maybe 500 have actually made it through the tunnel!)…he had 4 politicians on to give us their views…no one from UKIP though.

Allen referred to the Nicky Campbell phone-in which I hadn’t heard.  Allen said that there were some extreme views being voiced which he thought might have worried Labour’s Mike Gapes. I have quickly run through Campbell’s programme and as far as I can make out the BBC seems to have filtered out most anti-immigration callers…the ones I did hear were concerned about immigration but expressed sympathy for the migrants and one suggested that the solution was to build the economies and stabilise the countries where the migrants were coming from.  Hardly worryingly extreme or extremely worrying.  The other callers were either truckers, politicians or several who were pro-immigration…one of whom, maybe Allen’s ‘extremist’ (unlikely I know),  wanted the borders kept open because it is our nation’s, no doubt fascist, behaviour that has caused all the world’s problems and resulted in the migrant crisis…therefore we must pay!

Whilst Allen thought Gapes might be worried about people having ‘extreme’ views (Allen didn’t elaborate on what they were) it turns out Gapes wasn’t worried at all because he knows that phone-ins such as Campbell’s attracts right-wingers who are out of work with nothing to do except be angry about the world.

So now we know…the sheer contempt he has for most people of this country.  His patronisng and arrogant, unpleasant attitude is exactly what we have come to expect from the Left…and why Labour loses and will keep losing elections…they have a total and utter disregard for the People’s opinions, they hold them in complete contempt and are absolutely dismissive of their views.

I guess he hasn’t learnt a thing…

Labour shadow minister accused of ‘contempt for working classes’ over white van tweet

Fair-do’s Allen did stand up for the callers and even the Tabloid Press which might possibly be representing the views of the many rather than being the people who get the blame for ‘whipping up anti-immigrant feeling’…of course those who want to control immigration don’t have considered and coherent reasons for their stance…its just racism, stupidity and prejudice.

Gapes was in the Home Office from 2001 to 2002 so I suppose he feels some responsibility/guilt for the car-crash immigration policies that Labour passed onto the Tories.

Campbell told us that it is all about women and children and suffering…and he managed to slip in a quick soundbiote for climate change….things can only get worse as the climate does and forces people to flee their burning hot countries…the ones not under metres of flood water….guess he had a tick list of things to mention.

The debate about migration is very narrow, as you can tell from Campbell’s thoughts  There is very little about the real impact of migration upon the country and just when do you draw the line on numbers.  It was interesting to hear the 4 politicians, Labour, Tory, SNP and Clyde Cymru, all being to varying degrees accepting of immigration and essentially a de facto open border,  not one of them represented the views of what must be the majority of the people in this country.  They all take the easy, non-controversial route of expressing sympathy for the migrants saying we must look at this as a human tragedy essentially not a security issue and yes, the numbers must be controlled…but of course they refuse to state a number or how it will be done.


Oh, and if you’re an immigrant and you want help setting up home or just a bed for the night, or someone to pay for your kids’ education and healthcare contact Mike Gapes, Member of Parliament for Ilford South….and see if he puts his money where his principles are…I’m guessing you’d better find a nice warm doorway to sleep in……

If you have a query or a problem then please get in touch with Mike. You can contact Mike’s office in many ways:

Call: 0207 219 6485 (Parliamentary office) or 0208 911 0899 (Constituency Office)


Write to: Mike Gapes MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA




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44 Responses to Open Borders, Closed Minds

  1. Stuart Beaker says:

    I cannot think of a single other time in the last fifty years when the media and all the mainstream political parties have been so utterly out of touch with actual opinion in the country.

    This situation surely cannot continue, but I am blessed if I can see how the yawning chasm between the simple truth of things, and the epidemic denial that is currently being practised by all of our public organs and representatives, can possibly be closed before some awful catastrophe occurs.

    This would have been inconceivable just fifteen years ago. We appear to be in a different ball-park now.


    • Dadad says:

      What is wrong with these migrants ? They fled persecution and torture and have found freedom in the EU, in France. Let France take care of them; they are not our problem.


      • johnnythefish says:

        ‘They fled persecution and torture….’

        That’s one hell of a sweeping statement.


        • taffman says:

          There is a serious problem building up for our Nation’s security . How many IS terrorists are ‘Swarming’ at Calais and are coming in unnoticed. Our Government has sat on its hand for far to long .
          The PM should have taken the advice from Australia and followed their example.


    • Geyza says:

      Well when the entire mainstream media fell for the Blairite “3rd way” common purpose agenda, they expected that society would fall for it too, and they did …. for a while.

      Thankfully the public have mostly woken up to the treason… Shame that the BBC have not and they are still in thrall to the treasonous war-criminal. It shows that there is a long term establishment agenda at play.


  2. taffman says:

    AliBaba Telly reporting that the Home Secretary wont say how many illegal immigrants have come in to the country.
    She probably doesn’t know?


    • GRIM REAPER says:

      I am exasperated now by the ineptness and inaction of this useless woman May, …i thought Blunkett was our worst yet, but he seems to have set the trend. The illegal horde in Calais swarm the trains with good reason….they do not clock anyone getting through being chucked out. If they are illegal, which they are, then we can return them straight away…we don’t. They observe this, and it emboldens them. Soon as they are discovered, handcuffs, armed guards, trucks, next train back. Chuck them off and let it be seen by the horde. Hark at the BBC this morning, with their ’embedded’ reporters in the camp….pathetic, sob stories, mostly lies probably, BBC takes it all in…..traitors.


      • tarien says:

        Agree, also exasperated -yes also heard that pathertic report -why didn’t the reporter make reference to the fact that the UK was full up and that there would no work or handouts available whatsoever-well we all know why-to pander to the hopeful wishy washy feelings of those that would support a generous humane view-dam it the UK can hardly provide enough for its current population-the infrastructure is crumbling with no 77 million on board.


      • Geyza says:

        All they would have to see is a chunnel train come back out of the chunnel in Callais with thr front covered in splattered immigrants like a fly spattered car windscreen and this migrant crisis would be over within the hour.

        So let them allow the immigrants into the tunnel, then send the train through from this end.


  3. Alex says:

    Isn’t it ‘convenient’ that the BBC never seem to have on guests that are representative of the public at large’s views? The majority of the people I speak to want a zero tolerance and heavy-handed response to these hoagies swarming across the channel; it’s the aggressive sense of entitlement that these enrichers display which is infuriating normal people. However, the BBC and the rest of the left media ignore this and portray them as gentle and kind; they try and make us feel guilty, like it’s our fault. Typical lefty indoctrination. The preposterous and rib-tickling Labour stinkers are currently demonstrating to the world how self-absorbed and irrelevant left-wing politics is: whilst the Labour nincompoops fumble over each other to define what true Marxism is (the public couldn’t give two s**ts) life is, mercifully and comically, moving on without them.


    • tarien says:

      Couldn’t have explained better of how I feel about it all let alone the millions of intelligent general public. There is a very nasty element controlled by a few who have nothing but evil intent upon us all in the West.


    • Geyza says:

      Even some of the liberals I know are saying that what is happening is ‘extracting the urine’. People who I have had heated discussions with over immigration (legal immigration) are cognizant of the fact that every single one of the migrants getting through the chunnel are criminals who are not asylum seekers, refugees or desperate in any meaningful understanding of the term. After all, thousands of people pay out thousands of pounds every year to experience the conditions of “the jungleimmigration camp” in Callais, by going to Glastonbury every year.

      IF those illegal immigrants was seriously in need, desperate and escaping for their lives from a war-torn hell-hole, then they would openly present themselves to the authorities in the first safe country they arrive in. The FACT that they have not, proves that every single one of them is a criminal and should be returned to France as soon at their feet touch English land.


      • taffman says:

        France must be such a terrible place to live to have so many ‘desperate’ people trying to get out of the place.


  4. JimS says:

    PM leads, yet again, with a promotion piece from the would-be invaders perspective. These items aren’t news, they are one-sided opinion.

    We are told how infra-red cameras were used by the BBC to watch what was going on. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the BBC is using these cameras to alert the invasion forces to the presence of security patrols.

    The BBC’s solution is clear, ‘just let them in’. Of course once ‘in’ and documented they will call upon their ‘human rights’ to a ‘family life’ to bring in the rest of the tribe, this time as bona fide ‘migrants’.

    The easier we make it for them to invade, the greater the number that manage it, the more others will attempt the same journey. Perhaps the BBC think the ‘crisis’ will stabilise once we have imported enough of the waring factions to make the UK as hellish as the places they have left? Equality in misery – the socialist dream.


  5. BBC delenda est says:

    “the solution was to build the economies and stabilise the countries where the migrants were coming from.”
    We already did that, then they wanted independence.

    Stuart Beaker
    “so utterly out of touch with actual opinion in the country”
    The opinion poll in the Express today suggested that actual opinion in the country might take us out of the EU.


  6. nofanofpoliticians says:

    Excellent Spectator blog today on the subject of Labour’s silence on this matter..

    The BBC, I think, now see themselves as the official opposition in all matters until at least Labour sort their leadership out.


    • Arthurp says:

      Could be quite a while then.

      Cameron Vs Corbyn is going to be very entertaining – to see how the BBC can spin any PMQs as not an utter disaster for Labour.


      • Demon says:

        They will spin it that way after all they did that for Harman’s awful car crash PMQs. Plus the fact that however bonkers Corbyn’s questions are the BBC will agree with them 100% so won’t realise how awful he is. See Jimmy (Mary) Riddle’s article in the Telegraph yesterday to see how the hard left think of him.


  7. Alex says:

    Unlike the BBC, the Guardian, Channel 4, Sky and the rest, The Daily Express at least seems to be on the side of hard working people who are sick of these hand-wringing liberals hellbent on selling our country down the water:

    It’s one of the few papers I have the patience to sit and read these days, without chucking it out the window.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      My Granddad always bought the Express in the 1960’s, he bought me my Rupert Bear Annuals. I bought the Sun, then the Mail, but now only buy the Express. Last year I bought a Rupert Bear Annual for a Granddaughter.


  8. Dave S says:

    Really out of touch now and this is alarming. In my travels around my valley in the shires I have seldom heard such outrage at what is an open invasion of this country by the lawless.
    Surprisingly the French do not seem to be blamed. They are not the ones trying to force their way into England.
    Grips need to be got and fast.
    Events like this can get out of control and the people are not at all happy. The elite is way out of line and does not understand how angry people are getting and will get.


    • Dave S says:

      I should mention that there seems to be a view that the Tunnel needs to be closed now. By the army if necessary.


      • ObiWan says:

        I’m all for this. Close down the only ‘land’ link and the illegal immigrants have very, very few options left in their efforts to smuggle themselves into Britain. Of course, closing the Channel Tunnel will never happen because our cowardly Government would never suggest it and even if, by some miracle, they did, the French would immediately go running to the EU Parliament to cry about it.

        In the end, as this ‘migrant’ situation just continues to escalate (and it most definitely will – we’ve barely yet seen what is on its way towards us from Italy, Greece, etc as hundreds of thousands of displaced, homeless ‘refugees’ continue to spill out of North African hellholes in search of EU citizenship) we’re going to have to deploy the British Army to hold back the hordes.

        This is going to get very much more worse than our politicians or our media would like us to imagine. Much worse.


      • GRIM REAPER says:

        Afraid so…block both ends, blow it to kingdom come, flood the bastard…..myself, among others knew it would be a problem long before it was completed.


  9. David Brims says:

    If you don’t have a secure border, you don’t have a nation. our power elites are deliberately erasing borders, destroying national ethnicity and sovereignty to create their dream of a superstate, the EUSSR.


  10. David Brims says:

    Peter Sutherland, head of immigration at the U.N and Goldman Sachs banker ( they’re the ones who cooked the books so that Greece could join the Euro ) said at a House of Commons Select Committee,” European governments should do their utmost to undermine their own homogeneity.” Is that a helpful, constructive thing to say or a malevolent statement ? Hmm…


    • tarien says:

      Of course they did-they are the elitist banking fascists that are ruling Europe & are the ones deliberately causing the austerity situ-bring back our own currency-let them burn their money.


  11. Glen says:

    After the disaster of the general election the EU referendum and all that goes with it was always going to be the lefty’s next battleground. Just as the lies were constant with the GE so they will be for the EU referendum and their arrogance makes them believe that only they know what is best for the UK and that the IN vote will win…just like the GE.

    They are in overdrive with the Calais crisis but won’t admit that basically our country is under invasion. The ‘woe is me’ immigrant tales are being spun on every channel and not just the bbc, nothing about where they are all going to live, or the effect on the NHS and welfare..they are just hell bent on destroying the UK as we knew it to force their warped ideology on the population.

    I believe they know that the end game is in sight, things can’t carry on as they are, something has to give and it will the lefties who will force the issue. Whenever they can’t get their own way they resort to bullying tactics and violence, the situation is escalating, if a NO vote is passed in the referendum the lefties will be apoplectic with injustice and rage. Worrying times.


    • taffman says:

      Often repeated on this site but its worth another shot at AlBaba Telly and any visitors …………..”You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”


    • Dave S says:

      This is what reality does. It is inexorable. This is a key moment for the modern liberal elite’s world view founded on nothing but fantasy.
      Fantasy economics, politics. law and social mores.
      The whole rotten edifice forced on us by cultural marxists and their hangers on must be bought down.
      I have no personal animosity to the Calais invaders. Why should I ? They are living harsh lives and are doing what they must do.
      But this is my homeland and has been for my family for centuries. I will not yield it to anyone and this is where we need to stand firm whatever the cost .
      This is reality and this is what the liberal needs to understand.
      The would be invader and illegal immigrant must understand this too.
      This is one definition of a people and a nation and is so far from the liberal’s conception of reality as to be unbridgeable.
      There is nothing to say to a liberal now.


      • Peter Grimes says:

        Unfortunately ZaNuLab opened the floodgates from 1997 and our once lovely country has already been yielded up. Yes I know Boy Dave is craven but he was shackled by the prize rectum Cleggy. If BliarBrown hadn’t let in the E Europeans early in 2004 they wouldn’t have gained the foothold on our benefits system and the word would not have spread so fast back home and to the other EE states where the citizenry are prone to the banditry and trafficking now seen.


  12. David Brims says:


  13. Richard Pinder says:

    UKIP MEP Mike Hookem was in Calais today, he was on the News, but not the BBC, or C4. Said that he had not seen any Women or Children trying to escape from Socialist run France, only young Men. So the Men must have abandoned the Women and Children, either left them at home, sold them for the money to pay the traffickers, or thrown them overboard in the Mediterranean.


  14. Amounderness Lad says:

    Radio 5 in the early hours of Wednesday morning had a report from Calais. The reporter asked a would be illegal immigrant why he was willing to risk his life trying to get through the Channel Tunnel to get to Britain. The poor desperate soul explained he had to because risking his life to get here was the only option because returning home was not an option because it was far to dangerous there.

    The BBC reporter avoided asking the obvious question which is why was the poor fearful would be illegal immigrant not happy to remain in France where he already was and where he was in absolutely no danger and then there would be no reason to put his life at risk.

    Oops, silly me, asking that question would interfere with the BBC’s propaganda campaign to make us feel guilty over the grasping chancers in Calais and risk exposing the real reason they are so desperate to get here, our generous hand-outs to all and sundry who gets here whether they have a right to be here or not and that being here beats having to earn a living in their own country.


  15. Edward says:

    I’m losing my patience with this whole debacle almost as much as those poor truck drivers (not the poor ‘migrants’) parked up on the M20 in what’s called ‘Operation Stack’. It should be called ‘Operation How Long is a Piece of String’!

    However, I’m getting a warm feeling inside which comes from the increasing likelihood that the normally welcoming and tolerant people of Britain are, on the whole, losing their patience too as we approach next year’s EU referendum.

    I’m dismayed by how calculating the BBC are in their choice of interviewees on this subject. It amounts to nothing less than propaganda! When Jeremy Vine interviews a truck driver stuck in Calais about how tough it is to be exposed to the dangers of attack and the time lost on his delivery, and he says it’s tough but they (the migrants) are suffering too, you have to wonder if that’s a truly typical response.

    David Cameron is either quaking in his boots or he’s in La-La Land if he thinks he can broker any kind of deal with the EU that will change public opinion here in the UK, especially with the current disarray in Calais, let alone the comedy show called Greece! (Or was that a musical?)

    The problem isn’t Calais – it’s the EU’s reluctance to sort it out! If the EU can’t sort out a few thousand law-breakers all contained in one manageable area, then what is it actually good for?

    Which brings me on to my most important point: The Falkland Islands.

    If David Cameron can make a deal with the EU that if any British territory (or any other EU nation’s territory) is threatened or invaded, the EU will support it’s own member’s interests and provide military force if necessary.

    I can’t see that happening, but I think it’s a good bargaining chip, especially for UKIP. What good is the EU if it doesn’t give a crap about our dependencies across the world? If it’s a matter of sovereignty then why are we in the EU at all???

    Is anyone else getting a sense of Deja vu?

    Why am I getting as worked up as I was just before the general election when I actually believed Labour had a chance of winning? Where are all the radio and TV voices I hear face to face, day in, day out?

    Does this mean we’re going to vote to exit the EU?

    I hope so! Oh how I desperately hope so!


  16. shelly says:

    In some respects this critical point is actually a good thing, as we all know illegal immigrants have been trickling in at a steady rate for years, but they’ve been under the public radar, more or less. However the powers that be cannot disguise the M20 stack and the distressed families trying to get to Disneyland, social media has seen to that.
    Once the Schools go back and it mainly Lorry drivers being affected the media may well turn their gaze elsewhere, but normal people will not forget this in a hurry. UKIP must be rubbing their hands in glee, come the referendum, if we get one, all the scaremongering by Tories and Labour alike, will count for nothing if Farage’s team just keep showing film of what’s been happening at Calais. Many Tory voters who were afraid to go with UKIP in the general election because of fear over getting Labour in (and vice versa) will have no such qualms over a straight in or out vote.


    • ablanche says:

      The legal statistics are terrifying. Only 1/3rd of applications are successful but a further 1/3rd (of the original sample) succeed at the Immigration Appeal Tribunal ie 2/3rds of these migrants will be allowed to stay legally.

      Of the remaining 1/3rd almost none of them will have been deported 5 years later.

      In other words once they have made it here we might as well save ourselves a huge waste of public money on the fees of third rate and politically motivated lawyers by simply allowing them to stay because that’s what happens anyway.

      Of course in the BBC’s models of migration assimilation France and Germany far far fewer illegal migrants are allowed to stay because they do not have politically correct judiciaries virtue signally their moral superiority in posturing judgements and quietly deport them or encourage them to come to the UK.


  17. Peter Grimes says:

    We hear constantly from Al Beeb that these economic immigrants are variously ‘fleeing conflict’, ‘in fear of their lives, ‘persecuted’. It is, of course, total bollox – these economic immigrants are in NO fear of their lives in Calais, all they want is a life sucking at Mother England’s rapidly shrinking dugs, and we should be telling France that they MUST process them in accordance with their international obligations. We should bring pressure to bear on France to act quickly through the EU. If they or the EU don’t do this we should withhold our not inconsiderable Danegeld to the EU until they do.


  18. johnnythefish says:

    Another Calais ‘migrant’ interviewed on the news at lunchtime who obviously thinks he has a divine right to live in England.

    As most on the Left in this country do also, listening to them spouting their ‘social justice’ shite.


  19. ablanche says:

    WATO today. my god. The Calais migrant story. No-one from the government or supporting the government the former because “no-one was available” the latter why one wonders? Well because it was essentially 30 minutes of anti-government pro unfettered immigration propaganda.

    The report consisted of Harriet Harman given an open mike to slander Cameron as an irresponsible racist for using the word “swarm”; a comedy French doctor from medcines sans frontieres to tell us about the psychological harm being caused to the poor migrants by repelling them at the borders; and an Irish “rapporteur” from the UN explaining that we nasty Brits were evil racists breaching our international obligations to political refugees unlike the nice Germans and French.

    No attempt was made to put an alternative view. Used as I am to the colossal bias of the BBC I was left fuming. I only listened to WATO (which is to be honest in my experience a lot less bad than the student politics of shows like PM and Today) by accident but I was just dumbfounded not only by the sheer extent of the misreporting; but also trying to understand just why it was presented in this way?

    I mean I can understand that the editorial staff at the BBC are deeply biased against the Tories (in a way its not surprising and everyone prices it in as the GE result and Boris’s election as mayor “I sometimes thought my main opponent was not Ken but BBC London” have amply demonstrated). I can only assume they think we would be rioting in the streets, lynching sub-saharan Africans and burning down the mosques if they tried to cover the story fairly and impartially and in a manner that matches the concerns of the lawful inhabitants of these islands.


    • taffman says:

      Good news! The Prime Minister is finally getting tough, the military have been called out.
      The bad news is that they have been called out to provide a car park for the stranded lorries where they can park up and rot.
      Now that is really getting tough – No more ‘Mr Nice guy’


    • shelly says:

      The bbc probably feel slightly vindicated as non state funded Sky news are pussy footing round the criminal behaviour of the illegals too. Their paper reviewers do not approve of the swarm word, and no more anti illegal immigrant tweets are being read out.
      We may as well roll out the welcome mat and accept that we are stuck with this lot of criminals, and the thousands more who will keep on coming. Prepare to concrete over the countryside and build more houses for them.