Stories That Go AWOL


Remember when they found that fragment of the Koran in a Birmingham library and the BBC was straight in there reporting it as if this was the discovery of the century….well it turns out it may be even better than that, a really dramatic story that would rock the foundations of Islam (as the BBC puts it when ‘revealing’ something controversial about Christianity)…rather than just being an everyday copy of the Koran it may in fact be a piece of scripture that predates Muhammed…you know, the guy who claimed to have received the Koran from God….was he telling porkies?

Maybe, some historians suggest, this fragment indicates Muhammed just copied what already existed…not that that is really a completely new idea…..the Koran you may already think of as being a Dan Brown like plagiarism, a half invented creation combining bits of Christian, Jewish and pagan faiths mixed in with some Arab customs and some inventions that suited Muhammed’s own narrative and life.

The ‘Birmingham Koran’ fragment that could shake Islam after carbon-dating suggests it is OLDER than the Prophet Muhammad

Fragments of the world’s oldest Koran, found in Birmingham last month, may predate the Prophet Muhammad and could even rewrite the early history of Islam, according to scholars.

The pages, thought to be between 1,448 and 1,371 years old, were discovered bound within the pages of another Koran from the late seventh century at the library of the University of Birmingham.

Written in ink in an early form of Arabic script on parchment made from animal skin, the pages contain parts of the Suras, or chapters, 18 to 20, which may have been written by someone who actually knew the Prophet Muhammad – founder of the Islamic faith.

Several historians have said that the parchment might even predate Muhammad.

Historian Tom Holland, told the Times: ‘It destabilises, to put it mildly, the idea that we can know anything with certainty about how the Koran emerged – and that in turn has implications for the history of Muhammad and the Companions.’

Keith Small, from the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library, added: ‘This gives more ground to what have been peripheral views of the Koran’s genesis, like that Muhammad and his early followers used a text that was already in existence and shaped it to fit their own political and theological agenda, rather than Muhammad receiving a revelation from heaven.

Wonder why the BBC isn’t so keen to mention the latest thoughts about this ‘incredible’ find.

What else isn’t making the headlines on the BBC?

Oh yes. Police officer Darren Goforth.  Shot in the back by a black man whilst filling his patrol car with fuel.

The BBC have only just reported this and yet the officer was shot on Friday.  Have you heard anything about this from the BBC?  And yet had it been the other way around, the police officer shooting the black man regardless of circumstances and justification, the BBC would have been devoting plenty of airtime and web pages to that.

The Guardian reports the arrest of the suspect on Saturday….The BBC only reports it today..Monday.  And I cannot see a report of the shooting itself….why the complete lack of interest in a white police officer getting murdered?

Here’s what the BBC now tells us:

A Texas man is being held without bail after police say he shot and killed a sheriff’s deputy as the officer refuelled his patrol car.

Police believe Shannon Miles targeted Darren Goforth at a petrol station near Houston because Goforth was in uniform.


Oh yes and this…

Houston officials did not disclose a motive, but took issue with recent protests against police officers.

“This rhetoric has gotten out of control,” Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said on Saturday.

“We’ve heard black lives matter, all lives matter. Well, cops’ lives matter too,” he said. “Why don’t we drop the qualifier, and say ‘Lives Matter’ and take that to the bank?”



“This rhetoric has gotten out of control,”….yep, certainly has…and much of the rhetoric against the police and ‘white America’ has come from the BBC itself…when it decides to report on a killing.  The BBC has been trying its best to whip up anti-white feeling amongst its black audience and those whites who like a bit of self-abasement.

Once again the BBC has contributed to an extremely irresponsible and dangerous narrative…the other being the Jihadi narrative of Western foreign policy and illegal wars against Muslims….acting as recruiting sergeants for the Jihadis in effect….and now stirring up discontent and anger within black communities….and you can guarantee this transfers over here in the same way more so than it is here already.

Irnocially the highly political ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign group who exploit every black death for their own ends say this:

The Black Lives Matter movement responded to Mr Hickman and Ms Anderson, saying the group promotes peace.

“It is unfortunate that Sheriff Hickman has chosen to politicise this tragedy and to attribute the officer’s death to a movement that seeks to end violence,” Deray Mckesson, one of the group’s leaders, said on Twitter.


‘Promotes peace’…my backside!




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2 Responses to Stories That Go AWOL

  1. Sickofitall says:

    “The BBC has been trying to whip up anti-white sentiment amongst its black audience, and also those whites who like a bit of self-abasement.”

    The BBC thinks ALL whites (should) like a bit of self-abasement. Sadly, for the BBC, it is mistaken. People are beginning to see through the BBC’s increasingly unsubtle agenda and narratives.