The weekend beckons and this is timely. I was just thinking to myself that as Corbyn makes Labour increasingly irrelevant from an electoral point of view the BBC becomes the main opposition to the Conservative Government. In itself, that shows the danger of this most biased of broadcasters.

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  1. Doublethinker says:

    On the Sunday Politics we had a panel consisting of two Guardian writers and one from the Financial Times. How can two ‘journalists’ from the Guardian possibly be representative? One of them was the ancient Polly Toynbee , that well known representative of the metropolitan elite! We do usually have two leftist journalists from the Newstatesman and the Guardian plus the Financial Times chap, a panel heavily weighted to the left. Rarely do we get anyone who could be described as centre right and never do we see anyone who is a smidgin further right than that. It that isn’t leftist bias what is, after all the Guardian isn’t read by anyone but public sector workers ?


  2. BRISSLES says:

    And those wanting jobs in the media and public relations !!


  3. Al Shubtill says:

    Good article in the MoS about an Al Beebus executive, who is paid £20,000 per month to work from home at some nebulous job – said home being a Georgian townhouse in Bath worth just shy of £2,000,000; she is (of course) married to another senior Beeboid, who will (no doubt) be equally generously remunerated.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Wondering if this is one of those famous BBC attempts at balance, or just a weekend work experience straying a bit far with the semantics…


    At least the Israelis are not stabbophic, with a Tell Moshe on the speed dial lest any react poorly.


  5. BBC delenda est says:

    Al Beeb reports “that there are concerns that migrants in the Balkans could die of cold during the winter.”
    I would like it to be known that am not amongst those concerned.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      If they are real refugees they should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach. If they are taking the piss they will try anything to get to Germany or Sweden, or any other country they perceive as having a generous welfare state and a large supply of blonde women. If any of this second group were to freeze to death en route I could hardly care less.


    • Steve Jones says:

      Likewise, my concern meter is currently pegged at zero. Surely all migrating species know to head south as winter approaches.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      Let us all hope for a pitiless, central European winter; if the tergiversating scum who run Europe won’t save it from the ingression of the unwelcome: then perhaps its climate will.


  6. Gunner says:

    On the 600th anniversary of Agincourt, Al beeb demotes the battle to a skirmish in a muddy field.On Beeb website today you will find that 8500 English and Welsh soldiers fought 10,000 French soldiers, and that 100 English/Welshmen were killed and 2000 Frenchmen.

    Al Beeb have chosen these stats from one academic whose estimates for the French forces are far lower than many other historians consider reasonable. Of course after the battle the English exaggerated the size of the French army (going as high 150,000) while the French tried to minimise the defeat with estimates of anywhere between (8000-50,000). Most historians however estimate that the French force outnumbered the English by at least 2:1 and possible as much as 6:1, and three eyewitness records estimate the French force at between 36,000-60,000. Again in terms of casualties there are no comprehensive figures as the heralds only counted the dead or captured among the nobility, knight and equerries. What is clear however is that thousands of French knights were killed not counting men-at-arms.
    Next week from the Beeb, why Napoleon won the battle of Waterloo.


    • taffman says:

      Al Beeb is anti British Heritage and will always down-play or demean any of the great victories and battles of our nation’s history. It treats them as being ‘jingoistic’.
      Any other nation with our history would be very proud and extol its past .


    • deegee says:

      If this was an Israeli victory the BBC would be saying 2000 Frenchmen were killed (note the passive voice) and only 100 English/Welshmen. Clearly disproportionate.


  7. taffman says:

    Is the Archbishop of Wales out of touch with the people of Wales ? Why does the C of Wales have a falling congregation and what are they doing with all the cash they earn from the sales of their empty churches ?
    We have problems with housing, schools, hospitals , doctor appointments etc etc etc
    He wants us to take in more migrants ………………………………………………………..


  8. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I was unsurprised to see in Dr Who that a crowd in England in 1651 had more than a few black and Indian faces. The BBC’s attempts at social engineering are ever more risible. Of course, it is quite possible that the airheads in the Beeb think that Britain has always been a multicultural society, perhaps they really believe the propaganda about us being a nation of immigrants? They are either liars or thickos. Some are probably both, which is why their lies are so pathetic.


    • RJ says:

      Rob, 1651, the year of the last battle of the Civil War. A war caused in part by Charles I’s attempts to levy Ship Money in time of peace. One of his reasons for wanting the money was to finance ships to protect the south coast from Barbary pirates, who were raiding to kidnap Christians for slaves.

      That would make a good episode of Doctor Who — defending England from slavers and having to rescue Jenna Coleman from the corsairs. There would even be lots of parts for non-white actors.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        That is one episode from history that Dr Who will never have to confront. Don’t forget, only white people can be racist.


    • Dave666 says:

      Rob that’s why I’m an ex-Dr. Who fan. Looking back at the original series (on Horror channel at the moment) there are odd flashes of an agenda. However with the “re-imagined” series it’s just one long agenda. Are these people suffering from some sort of mental illness. Why do they need to fill the screen with bme in historical settings they would not have been in.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I can only assume they do this to reinforce their propaganda that Britain has always been a “nation of immigrants”. It is pathetic and false, but that is their corporate agenda, and they are quite prepared to propagandise for it. It is another reason why the BBC should not be allowed to continue.


  9. Geoff says:

    Nice guy, I just hope its not positive discrimination that has landed Countryfile’s latest presenter the job, a Welsh speaker as well….


    Also why are the presenters and interviewees wearing Poppy’s in film sequences obviously filmed months ago with trees in full leaf? One wears the Poppy with pride, not as some faux statement in a way intended to deceive.


    • David Brims says:

      ”Born in New York. Raised in England. Lived in Zimbabwe. who reflects multicultural Britain.” In other words, a wandering gypsy, completely rootless, it’s the Richard Kalergi plan. http://www.seanfletcher.co.uk


      • taffman says:

        Today’s Countryfile was divisive and banging the gong for the Welsh Nats! – AlBeeb would love to see the break up of the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and hand over our sovereignty to a ‘European State’ – It weakens our nation.

        To reinforce their propaganda they have a ‘Welsh speaking’ foreign gentleman.
        There are a lot of ISIS protagonists who speak English, but they are traitors to England.
        I speak as a true Welsh and British Patriot.
        Vote UKIP



        • Geoff says:

          Wet dreams all round @ the BBC Welsh speaking non white, jackpot!


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          Taff….If I black up with a tin of cherry blossom….do you reckon I could land a bbc sinecure too?


          • Al Shubtill says:

            Good God! You have to be f*****g kidding! Why does Al Beebus persist in having evermore ethnic minority presenters on Countryfile, or any programme related to rural matters?

            In my experience, only a tiny minority of our Third World minority visitors have even the slightest interest in the countryside (thank goodness), which is a terrific boon for those who live and work in it.


            • David Brims says:

              There’s lots of things they don’t do, mountain climbing, fishing, swimming, cycling, classical music concerts, theatre, book shops etc etc. stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.co.uk


          • taffman says:

            Yes, go for it ‘The Minstrel Show’!


    • Essexman says:

      Triples all round at the BBC Sports Dept .Their favourite Non Hideously White ,F1 driver (forgotten his name), wins his 3rd F1 Championship . We will have weeks ,nay months, of this brown nosing , about his” brilliance”,as a driver.


      • Geoff says:

        Yep little mention of JB getting his best result of the year 6th in by far an inferior car.

        Also note that Nico Rosberg is being portrayed as bad loser for throwing a cap at Hamilton, if you watch the footage, Hamilton threw it first.

        Rosberg has been a beaten guy since last year when his team publically berated him for a plausible move on the Golden Boy that took him out of the race which led to a Hamilton strop, Rosberg has been afraid to go wheel to wheel since, he knows his place…

        Its also a forgotten fact that Jenson Button outscored Hamilton in the period they were team mates.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Not BBC bias as such but current general incompetence:

          – News sports spoilers delivered without notice so that listeners (viewers also?) who DO NOT want their TV catch up ruined are unable to switch off or mute volume in time.
          – The reworked BBC web-site Homepage which should be now be customisable and should only show what the users wishes, ie no Sports, is .. er …. not working properly yet, six months, nine months, or more since they started revising it.


      • taffman says:

        In all sincerity, have you had a word with your Tory pals and MPs about doing something positive about AlBeeb’s Bias yet ? The county of Essex is awash with them and they have had plenty of time to act .
        I mention this because its pretty obvious to you and to all our readers and contributors that Al Beeb is hostile to Cameron and the Conservative Party.


        • Essexman says:

          All the people , I know are well aware of the situation , but the BBC will probably exist for a while yet . They will let them have local radio , for sure , the rest will be discussed over the next few months , but the biased is unacceptable in a democracy , & that`s why we are on this site .


      • Demon says:

        I’m delighted that we’ve got the F1 World Champion again. His colour is irrelevant, he is British, and even better for me – English. The first Englishman to win back to back titles and the first to win three titles in total. Well done Lewis and I hope Jenson Button is in a better car next season as it was great when we had two competing for the title.


  10. Dover Sentry says:

    Example of BBC Bias by Omission.

    Riot at Saint Pancras Station, London

    Pro-Immigration ‘activists’. (Hard Left UAF no doubt).


    Not shown on BBC of course. By the BBC’s Left wing narrative, they’d prefer it to be the Hard/Far Right protesting.

    BBC Bias by omission.



  11. Dover Sentry says:

    “Poland elections: Conservatives secure decisive win””


    “”Europe’s refugee crisis proved to be a key topic of debate before the election. The outgoing government’s decision to take in 7,000 migrants was strongly criticised by Law and Justice and other opposition parties””.

    Watch this space…..



    • Dave666 says:

      Serious faces on the sofa this morning as they inform us the party has an anti immigration stance.


  12. Thoughtful says:

    Lyse Doucet reporting about Syria tells us on the matter of Russia and their support for Assad, that America has now formed the view that Assad is going to have to be part of the solution and then says that the Saudis and others in the region have fallen in line with this view.

    They simply aren’t prepared to think that this might actually be the other way around, and that it is in fact more evidence that the US dog is being wagged by the Saudi tail !


  13. deegee says:

    Migrant crisis: Afghan people smuggler talks frankly
    “What I’m doing isn’t good but when people ask for help, I think I’m doing a good job.”

    A sympathetic BBC look at people smuggling. At least it doesn’t claim this group are Syrians, refugees or mostly women.

    Arif Mohamady, in his late 20s, is angry and frustrated.
    “There are no jobs here, no security and lots of corruption. I’d rather live in an infidel country,” he said.


    • Guest Who says:

      That ‘infidel’ aside is quite telling. Imagine someone from the West trotting out such term whilst seeking to gain entrance to another country!

      Also need to get my head around doing a good job not doing good.

      Sounds positively a market rate talent. Plus he’s angry and frustrated (back in your box, Mason).

      The job, security and corruption in the UK clearly going to improve further once he and his client base settle in.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        They think they are doing us a favour by bringing us, step by step, into the Muslim world. Of course, that is the very world which is so shit they are trying to escape it, but irony has never been their strong suit.


  14. Dave666 says:

    It’s Monday it’s BBc Breakfast. Naga goes into attack mode after serious faces on the sofa. It’s cuts in tax credits. Naga tells the Tory with the opposition to the cuts in tax credit should the they be looking at changing their minds. Naga the Liberals & Liebour didn’t get elected & nobody votes for the house of lords. The bill has been discusses so shut up sofa sloth. I didn’t notice anyone at the BBc bitchin’ about changes every time Mrs Dave or I have been made worse off in past legislation.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      It’s strange how Britain managed to survive through all its recorded history without “tax credits”, until Gordon Brown invented them as a way of making ordinary working people clients of the state. We have only had this system of bungs for about ten years, and it is already costing £30 billion a year. Scaling back this fundamentally corrupt system is one of the few things which this government is doing which makes sense. Any system which pays some daft chav bint £400 a week for running a “nail bar” from her front room is an act of New Labour insanity which needs to go.


  15. Dover Sentry says:

    Thanks for the link, deegee.

    “There are no jobs here, no security and lots of corruption. I’d rather live in an infidel country,” he said.

    His own muslim country is a basket case. Says it all. We’re good for the money but nothing else.

    And the BBC portray these money grabbing people smugglers as heroes. Of course they do, because without them, it would take longer for Europe to become properly diverse, multi-cultural and (hopefully in their eyes) marxist!



  16. Thoughtful says:

    BBC has been doing quite a bit of double speak this morning. It is pro the Lords blocking the stupid & cruel cuts to working tax credits, but anti what it calls an ‘unelected second house’.

    I got some news for the BBC. At least half if not most of the seats in Parliament are effectively ‘unelected’, because the brain dead idiots who live in constituencies which are regarded as ‘safe’ will always elect the same party, even if they put Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot up as a candidate. Michael Meachers constituency is one such. A By election is a waste of time & money, Labour will simply appoint an MP.

    We should all oppose a move to an elected second chamber, if only on the grounds that if politicians of all sides want it, then it must be bad for us!
    The reason politicians want an elected second chamber is because of the control they think it will give them. Imagine the Blair government with an elected second house which would always rubber stamp legislation without any proper examination or criticism. Or imagine it the other way around, a new government elected and the second chamber still stuffed with the supporters of the outgoing one. No business would ever be passed.

    What we really need for the benefit and protection of the people is an unelected second house, which has access to expert opinion of all sides, and which does not need to appeal to the lowest common denominator or the excesses of the tabloid press.

    There is sinister reasoning behind the desire to do away with the second chamber, we should all be alive to it.


  17. Thoughtful says:


    Social Class and Cultural Capital

    On Start the Week Andrew Marr talks to the playwright Ben Power whose latest work interweaves three of DH Lawrence’s dramas to evoke a lost world of manual labour and working class pride. The sociologist Mike Savage proposes a new way to think about class in Britain which not only looks at economic and social issues, but cultural preferences. Meanwhile the American writer Siri Hustvedt questions the cultural misogyny at play in the world of art, and Peter Davies celebrates the artists inspired by the northern industrial landscape.

    Andrew Marr trying to resurrect class war by redefining class. This is just a program about modern Socialist theorising and keeping old battles alive today. Rank bias which should never be broadcast at all.


  18. AsISeeIt says:

    “Three decades on from the Brixton riots, a new battle of the haves and the have nots….”

    There’s so much wrong with that headline from BBC London tv news. I won’t bother to point out the problems with it, you know it, I know it – we all know, it’s tosh. There’s no news element either, it’s just a plug for an Inside Out London Show later today on the subject of this ‘gentrification’ topic, which naturally gets the metro liberal lefty BBC knickers in a bit of a tight twist.

    I will leave it to one black business owner in Brixton to have the last, inappropriate (yet oddly quite fitting and rather poetic) word:

    “Developers are comin’ in ‘ere an’ offerin’ exuberant amouts of money”

    I once shared an office with a black girl who told the tale of her heavily pregnant sister whose expected date of giving birth came and went. As she told it – in hospital, so as to help things along, the medics “took her into a room and seduced her”

    I asked “Are you sure that isn’t what happened nine months ago?” But it was lost on her.


  19. magicoat says:

    A successor to Orla Guerin M.B.E? A new BBC recruit? ….She has all the right qualities ..Female, non European, and
    wears a hijab!!


  20. Soapbox says:

    Did anyone hear drippy Mathew “are-you-sitting-comfortably-then-I’ll-begin” Price this morning. He was with a knowledgeable tree chap who was cutting down and 70-year-old ash tree. The piece was ostensibly about ash die-back. Anyway, the man got out his chain saw and they began at the top of the tree, removing the crown. Then the next bit of the tree and so on. Meanwhile drippy Matthew was giving an aside quiet commentary while this was going on and at one point said…the leaves are falling and you can hear the pitter-patter of sawdust as it reaches the floor of the forest!! WHAT????? Where did that come from? Did he think he was on a beach in Greece or the road from Croatia to Hungary? It was so sickening and puerile. He needs help!!!


  21. taffman says:

    Sounds like its kicking off in Belgium………..


  22. nogginator says:

    BBC 1 breakfast, spouts that “far right party elected in Poland” ?
    “Law and Justice won big because they offered simple, concrete policies for the many in Poland that feel untouched by the country’s impressive economic growth. It offered higher child care benefits and tax breaks for the less well-off” ?

    Does that mean they showed some concern over illegal immigrants oops I mean economic immigrants, double oops … “migrants”? … yep! that s Poland eh! (you have to laugh)

    in other news
    Still Under Fire for Telling Truth About Mufti’s Role in Holocaust?

    SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Dieter Wisliceny, a close collaborator of Adolf Eichmann, testified that:
    “He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and has constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures.
    I heard say that, accompanied by Eichmann, he has visited incognito the gas chamber at Auschwitz”

    Don t know where they get the idea? it shows the level of any discourse on what is simply …history
    Why the press make such a hoo-har over the war criminal escapee Mufti?
    France: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” & “Kill the Jews” stabs Jewish person, punches Rabbi
    UK: “We need to kill all the Jews”
    Qatar: Muslim cleric prays for Allah to kill the Jews
    Italy expels imam for calling for Jews to be killed “one by one”
    Jordanian newspaper; quotes Qur’an to argue “let’s kill the Jews …
    Canada: Muslims planned to infiltrate synagogue, murder all the Jews
    Hamas: Allah, kill Christians and Jews “to the last one”
    Jordanian MP quotes Muhammad: “Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims will kill them
    Netherlands: Muslim protesters scream “Death to all Jews”
    Hamas imam to Jews: “We will totally exterminate you”
    French Jewish girl converts to Islam, joins Islamic State, then tries to kill her parents


  23. taffman says:

    Al beeb reporting that “Belgian police have arrested a suspect after a masked gunman tried to crash his car through the gates of an army barracks near the city of Namur.”
    “The masked man drove off after the attempted attack, during which Belgian soldiers fired shots. No-one was hurt.” Don’t tell me, now let me guess……. it was The Lone Ranger !