What’s the real problem….mass murdering Islamist terrorists or ‘Islamophobes’?



One hundred and twenty nine people slaughtered by Muslims in Paris and nearly 400 injured and the BBC thinks the real  problem is a few ‘Islamophobes’ who daub grafitti on Mosques.  The terrorists are the real victims here.

Spot the different tone and narrative of these two contrasting BBC reports…

Paris attacks turn spotlight on Saint Denis banlieue


Paris attacks: Mosques attacked in US and Canada



If perhaps you don’t have a job it’s apparently OK to murder as many people as possible to express your anger.  However, if you spraypaint a Mosque in order to express your anger about Muslims mass murdering people in Paris you are an evil, racist bastard.




Gotta love the BBC.



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24 Responses to What’s the real problem….mass murdering Islamist terrorists or ‘Islamophobes’?

  1. The Highland Rebel says:

    Al Beeb’s Reporting Scotlandistan ‘news’ tonight.
    Dhimmis swarming into Glasgow’s main mosque to pose with the imams to ram down our throats that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam – yeah, everyone is aware of that now thanks.
    And then a tearful walking tent comes on saying she thought she heard somebody whispering when she was waddling down the street. This apparently upset her no end and so we had some spout from the police telling us that there’s going to be a major clampdown on this kind of thing – yep – if you go to Scotland make sure you don’t whisper.


    • Scronker says:

      H. Rebel. It was the same bullshit on STV News. A man in the mosque complained that someone shouted “Terrorist” at his son who was walking down the street minding his own business. A reference was made to the fact that 67 ‘assaults’ had been made to Scottish muslims over the past 7 days. I suspect that these ‘assaults’, were not physical but verbal. If an act of physical violence had happened on a muslim it would have been headline news. They even showed a senior police officer, in the mosque, giving comfort to the followers of the R.O.P. A spokesman for the Glaswegian ROPers asked Krankie’s government for more money to go towards more police officers to protect them. I know this was broadcast on the other channel, but as my grandmother used to say, “They all piss in the same pot, don’t they”?


      • Wiser Monkeys says:

        In Scotland, per capita offensive conduct against Judaism is 4½ times that against Islam. Metropolitan Police data also confirms that the per capita incidence of anti-semitic crime is over four times greater than that of anti-Muslim crime. Also interesting to note that there were 18,000 Jews in Scotland in the 1950s and there are less than 6,000 now. Number of Muslims in Scotland has doubled since 2000 to around 80,000 now.


    • Alex Feltham says:

      Do Scots even know how to whisper?


      • Grant says:

        Alex, I object to your racist comment ! This Scot knows how to whisper. Everywhere I go I whisper ” Do the english know how to buy a round of drinks ? “


  2. Jason says:

    “What’s the real problem….mass murdering Islamist terrorists or ‘Islamophobes’?”

    Why can’t they both be a problem Alan?

    You think because one crime is more serious, any lesser crime shouldn’t be reported? Or perhaps closer to the truth, you don’t consider attacking a Mosque to be a crime?


    • Guest Who says:

      …and, it’s the weekend.

      Ever chipper, one sees.

      The key word is ‘real’, which you appear to have missed.

      And where the BBC steers its vast financial and staff efforts, or does not.

      As with murders of or by various persons in the USA, where BBC editorial integrity finds space or time or does not is hard to explain away as anything other than massive agenda-based propaganda backed by censorship.

      To equate reactive petty vandalism with premeditated mass murder takes some doing, but you have managed it.


    • Xavier says:

      And the worst post of the week award goes to Jason.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Agree Xavier. By all means wrongs should be reported, but the wailing and commiserating over trivial offences is an example of BBC bias, only outmatched by the shock horror response to trivial offences against moslems in the UAF columns, and that is where our Teresa will be looking for evidence of public support for Islam.


    • Geoff says:

      If it wasn’t for liberal appeasers/apologists,/dhimmis there would be no mosques in this country, thus no such crimes would be possible.

      Remind me how many churches are there in Saudi Arabia…


    • Geyza says:

      Really Jason? Are you seriously trying to suggest that there is any moral equivalence to a bit of graffiti and mass slaughter? The problem with liberals like you is that you seem to suggest that opposing Islamic violent murderous butchering psychopaths is worse than the murders of innocent people. Of course crime should be reported, but it is the pathetic, condescending tone of liberals when they are reporting factually incorrect and dangerous nonsense, Like “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam” ISIS has EVERYTHING to do with Islam. Saying ISIS has nothing to do with Islam is like saying Donald Duck has nothing to do with Disney. Claiming that verbal attacks on Muslims is any thing like as bad as the mass butchery committed BY Muslims is delusional, dangerous and bigoted bullshit.

      Perhaps you will see the error of your ways. Perhaps not? Who knows, you may actually be stupid enough that when some Muslim has a knife at your neck and begins cutting your head off, you might be relieved that he was not so evil as to graffiti your house.


      • Grant says:

        Well said, Geyza. I suspect Jason is really just taking the piss. I mean no normal person could be so twisted surely ?


    • Arthurp says:

      Well when a group of rabid Islamaphobics attack a mosque killing 130 innocent Muslims then I might agree with you. Until then I suggest you change your ar** with your mouth and you might say something a bit better.


  3. BBC delenda est says:

    “What’s the real problem….mass murdering Islamist terrorists or ‘Islamophobes’?”
    Well, Alan.

    Mass murdering Muslim scum from the dark ages with their 1300 year history of genocide, their childish beliefs and comical sacred book are the secondary problem.

    The real problem is UK traitors, including the BBC, promoting these dregs of the planet.
    Using the English language as one of their weapons.

    BBBC contributors are no more Eurosceptic than my Aunt Fanny is really my uncle Mike, we are aware of
    the irredeemable defects of the poisonous, and also treasonous, EU.

    Similarly no-one, no-one, on the whole f’ing planet is an Islamophobe, they simply do not exist. Except
    in the pretend world of the children of the left with their toy figures of Lenin and Co.

    Every non Muslim alive is aware of the unparallelled nastiness of Islamic history and has incomparably superior reasons for hating, and fearing, everything Islamic.

    So the traitors use the power of the press and attempt to create a pendant to these Muslim scum, the Islamophobe, what a joke. Bye Bye Al Beeb we are not buying your disgusting transmogrifications.

    The left is the real problem, it has to go the way of the Dodo.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Damn right, the left in the media and in the universities and schools have hammered away with their relativism, white guilt, PC and oikophobia all the time providing a respectable intellectual basis for murderous filth.


  4. Geoff says:

    Belgian photograper Teun Voten on his old neighbourhood Molenbeek Brussels, ‘home’ to the Paris terrorists.

    The description he gives could apply to 100’s of other areas throughout Europe, many in the UK. Note the blind liberalism in the comments.



  5. Jerry Owen says:

    Very occasionally I watch ‘watchdog’ . I’m not proud of the fact that I do, but they have been reporting on various scams that I have wanted to learn about. On Thursday we were told rather unbelievably by Matt Albright (rather strangely off topic I thought) that despite the Paris terror attacks and the planes that have been downed recently, now is the safest time to travel ever!! Yep, that’s straight from the BBC.
    Further they had Simon… I can’t remember his second name but he is a regular beeboid telling us that he would not be stopped from travelling abroad by….. I quote… ‘a bunch of idiots ‘ yes, a beeboid think’s people that murder innocent civilians are ‘idiots’. There is clearly a mental disease floating around in BBC land, I fervently hope it’s terminal!


  6. JeffW says:

    ‘By Thursday the New York billionaire was telling reporters that as president he would consider creating a government database to track Muslims in the US.” – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-34884544

    That’s either sloppy journalism or dishonest journalism.

    Trump said no such thing – http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/11/21/cancel-the-debate-cnn-caught-selectively-editing-trumps-muslim-comments/

    BTW, I’m not sure why the BBC needed to remind us that Trump is a billionaire – strangely, they don’t ever refer to Hillary Clinton as ‘the Chicago multi-millionaire’…



    • GCooper says:

      Indeed, Trump was being cautious but the accusation is an out and out lie fabricated by America’s fascist Left media.

      Can’t imagine why the BBC picked it up with such alacrity!


      • Guest Who says:

        Is this not happened with Carson?

        Seems weird in this day and age a lie can still get around the world in the time-dishonoured fashion of old.


        • GCooper says:

          Faster, I’d have said. The media are now more tightly in lockstep and there is the legion of the typing undead using social media to spread it.


  7. G.W.F. says:

    The real problem is the liberal left. Bill Whittle nails it down. Shame he does not point out that the left includes more than Obama, as it includes, Cameron, May, Hollande and more.