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  1. Mr.Golightly says:

    Mark Mardell muddles the muddy mess made in Merkel Land in his state of the union address:


    Selected highlights –

    “But it is not a bad epitaph for a year when globalisation bit back and the biggest news stories tumbled into each other, growing like a malign crystal.”

    “……..but it is so-called Islamic State (IS) that haunts Western politicians, like the so-called Dark Lord in Harry Potter, his very name so powerful that it must not be uttered. ”

    “They risk death in the Med, our sea, chaotically straggling across the European continent, calling the very notion of the European Union into question.”

    “We are an island, and Prime Minister David Cameron would rather court the voters and keep most refugees out than be Time’s man of the year. ”

    What are you on Mr.Mardell? Dark Lords! Malign Crystals! Our sea! Time’s man of the year!

    I’m nominating him for the award of “Most Incoherent Ramble of 2015”.


    • Mr.Golightly says:

      Another Nominee



      • Essexman says:

        Oh dear Carswell wants, Farage out or he is returning to the Conservatives, told you so.


        • Al Shubtill says:

          Carswell appears to like to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds, so is better suited to the Conservatives than UKIP; if he does go – then good riddance.


      • Grant says:

        Now I am going to throw up my breakfast ! Who is it ?


    • chrisH says:

      Now that Jim Naughtie has laid down his gobbling stick. I reckon Mark Ladle has got every chance of being a contender for Random Gabbler of the Year 2015.
      `Twas this very day in 2009 that Wogan packed in his radio show…and I sense that Naughtie hoped for some similar outpouring of national grief about his floating off with a shortbread tin and then up with the gods at the Royal Opera on a tartan blanket.
      But it was not to be-only a speakerphone set to Major John( if only we`d sent HIM up to space eh?)-came forth and cut itself off in sheer boredom and irrelevances -as it flanneled Naughtie in his bathrobe…How many other people have run away from the circus to become an accountant instead?
      Two days in now post the Naughtie Era…useless cable tosser!


    • ObiWan says:

      “…I’m nominating him for the award of “Most Incoherent Ramble of 2015”.”



  2. nogginator says:

    Crestfallen 😀 …
    fakes the serious face, he was just saying he s worked very hard?
    … and the crest collapses laughing


  3. chrisH says:


    A great article by Douglas Murray.
    He shows in clear detail the “Russian Doll” model of how Islamic Jihad can be waged as the dopey liberal suckups let them subvert from within.
    Not too hard though to do this though,given how faithless and thick our authorities have been now since 1973.
    The big points for me are the “British Values” list as listed.
    Since when did “Equality” and “mutual respect for each others faiths or beliefs” become akin to the rule of law and the support of democracy?
    Equality and Freedom are contradictory, a creative tension between them needs ackowledging much as that between Freedom and Security…only the thick New Left think they`re the same, or mutually self-supporting.
    As for faiths and beliefs?…which one was Communism?…Liberal Fascism as seen in the universities , UEA and BBC?..”Climate Worship”?…Islam?
    As ever, no definitions or clarity from the very top of the Government apparatus…so the Boys Brigade or Church Morrismen will be getting OFSTED in while Abu, Anjem and Medhi continue to put the firecrackers under our arses.
    Douglas tells it straight, let`s enjoy his work while it`s not banned or taken to Belfast for sifting.


    • Mr.Golightly says:

      The Muslim Brotherhood are “Stealth Jihadists”

      “These “friends” were identified by Akram and the Brotherhood as groups that could help convince Muslims “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

      The above written around 1987, published in 1991. They have been at it for years, way before 9/11, way before Iraq.



      • chrisH says:

        You`re quite right Mr G!
        There is a twin track, two speed approach to Islamic conquest.
        The pot noodle approach…boiling water on the eneny, softened up for Islamic digestion
        The bubbling stew approach, where they stir bubble , taste and take the temperature along the way.
        They`re in competition-and in tandem…and Islam won`t care about which one wins…the terrorising in the short term, the anticipation of watching the host squirm and try to barter with you for their lives in the longer term.
        The long game is Islamic-and we as Western Christians (and other) need a blowback that`ll warn them off from daring to try and take this nation.Islam is the religion of peace and conciliation only when in a 10% minority-when it gets any more than that, it`s peaceful verses are abrogated into blood curdling triumphalist venom.
        They don`t care if they act as if its Median or Mecca…but we DO need to know,and set them right.
        Europe is gone,there is no need for the UK to follow.
        Out of the EU is the first stage to seal them out.


        • Grant says:

          chrisH , You may or may not know, that I have lived in “muslim countries ” and have some , experience. However, what you have just written is a sharper analysis than you may be aware of . More power to your elbow, Sir !


  4. Guest Who says:

    BBC Brit

    Does inbreeding really lead to deformities and nasty diseases? Could inbreeding actually be a good thing? Greg Foot finds out the answers.

    What Happens When You Inbreed? – Brit Lab
    Does inbreeding really lead to deformities and nasty diseases could inbreeding actually be a good thing? Greg Foot finds out the answers. Subscribe for…

    Interesting topic to raise, given all those Hillbillies marrying their cousins these days. Or ancient dynasties. Not the Royal family, now.

    Probably not helpful?

    But there upsides. Apparently. For dogs. Getting unhelpful again?


  5. GCooper says:

    Exactly as predicted yesterday, the Left wing editors who run BBC news are today actively suppressing the highly inconvenient story about the government’s immigration fraud.

    On Wednesday, Breitbart London revealed the lack of agreement between the government’s immigration figures and the record of National Insurance numbers issued by the DWP. The story was later picked up by Guido and then the legacy media (Telegraph, Mail etc) joined in to reveal the depth of the scandal.

    To seasoned observers of the media scene (which includes most readers of this blog) it was inevitable that the BBC would, as so often, lie by silence, reusing to air the story for fear of damaging its intensive campaign to encourage and support immigration at all costs. And that is exactly what has happened. A government has been caught lying in the most flagrant manner, yet the BBC stays silent about it.

    That concludes the case for the prosecution, M’lud.


  6. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    Multiculti drivel part 94: bBBC ‘news’ 24 is running the story about errors in divorce settlements with a film clip of a black man’s hand putting a ring on a white woman’s finger.


    • embolden says:

      That`s just vile of the BBC.

      a) It is racist, as it suggests that mixed race marriages are more likely to end in divorce.

      b) It is homophobic as it suggests marriage is in some way related to gender.

      c) It is transphobic as the two peoples hands are clearly of a cis-gendered couple.

      d) It is bourgeouis as it suggests marriage is in some way superior to other lifestyle choices and, furthermore can be linked to “financial settlements” involving the actions of middle class institutions of the oppressive state “the courts” and “lawyers”.

      e) It is heterosexist as …..see point b)

      And we pay for this bigotry.


      • Grant says:

        embolden , LOL ! Superb ! It is also transgenderist, I suspect. It is also racist because the man is black and the woman is white. And I say this as a white man married to a black woman , although I doubt if the BBC would approve of that !


  7. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    bBBC ‘news’ 24 is in weepie mode about the end of deep coal mining in this country. They even interrupted an interview to show the last miners emerging from t’pit. The film, not surprisingly, shows 30-year-old footage of Scargill and his violent minions. My grandfather went down t’pit, my father went down t’pit, I’ve been down t’pit, now my son isn’t going to have a job.


    • JimS says:

      Paddy O’Connell standing in on Jeremy Vine also managed to a do a piece about the extraction of ‘carbon’ and the tragedy of the poor miner and yet there wasn’t a single mention of ‘climate change’!

      Considering that no part of the BBC’s output on ALL of its channels is ‘climate change’ free this was a remarkable achievement!

      Without the ‘political’ input of Michael Hessletine and other anonymous governments, (Harold Wilson’s perhaps? Tony Blair’s or Gordon Brown’s?), the future of British Carbon would have been assured for hundreds of years! I expect we could have dug it up and sold it abroad as premium ‘captured carbon’!


  8. Thoughtful says:


    The Limits of Liberalism
    Radio 4

    Some appalling lies being told about the Rushdie book burning by Fascist Muslims. It is difficult to hear the denial of reality & rewriting of history by those lefties such as Anne McElvoy.

    It did not come as a surprise though to hear that some of the Fascist (Il)liberals actually wanted Rushdies book banned !


  9. wronged says:

    Is Carwell a Tory mole?

    His timing today in helping Cameron was impeccable.

    Is there such a thing as a political coincidence?

    Cameron fails in EU but never mind the alternative anti-EU party -UKIP, is in disarray.


    • Essexman says:

      Told you before, Carswell only on loan to Ukip, welcone back Douglas. Or he may stage a coup, against Farage. Anyhow all the cash is running out for Kippering. Who is going to bail them out now?


      • Geoff says:

        Carswell has never ceased being a Tory, he’s still working for them, once his work is done he will return, once a traitorous Tory always a traitorous Tory and there’s been a lot of them…

        Carswell is so dumb, he obviously believes the continual anti Farage diatribe from the BBC, nothing will change with a new leader, unless he/she is some sort of minority…


        • Essexman says:

          I know, told you all months ago, but Kippering is on the wane, now we are having a referendum, & the Kippers have no money left. That is why other organisations have stepped up to the plate. Nigel & Kippering is toxic to most anti EU people I know, especially ranting & raving about Saudi & Chinese money, & the cabinet getting backhanders. Did Blair get backhanders from Gaddafi ? There is a lot of ridiculous conspiracy theories, coming from Noggin & others, which are absolutely bonkers.


          • wronged says:

            One has to examine and wonder at Carswell’s motives. He is not so stupid as to consider that his lastest anti Farage rant would do damage to a party he is supposed to support. These sort of statements should be kept behind closed doors. He new very well, that in speaking openly to reporters in his criticism of the leader he would be doing harm to the party.

            When I hear Tory politicians openy say what an honourable man Carswell is, I get suspicious.

            I agree with Essexman inasmuch that Carswell is, it would seem, only on loan.
            It certainly looks that way. Carswell needs to retract his statement and apologise.

            I’m sorry to say this,but Ukip may well have to consider releasing him from Ukip. He is fast becoming a liability.


            • Guest Who says:

              Not restricted to UKIP (as any not wedded to a single news source such as the BBC will be aware), but the musical chairs of candidates swapping around like a Surbiton swingers party shows the unsavoury realities of today’s well paid gravy train democracy.

              I must say any party who welcomes in the kind of clowns who do this are really sowing their own seeds of destruction, especially if not on the BBC’s ‘not enough time to mention’ editorial integrity list.


          • Al Shubtill says:

            Essexfool – If it wasn’t for Farage and UKIP, do you think Camerloon would have offered a referendum? When he is in favour of the EU and of allowing Turkey to become a member.


            • Steve Jones says:

              UKIP is always said to be finished right up to the point that the public gets to have a vote. Cameron has been exposed as a lying fool every time he claims to be sorting something out.
              Time to get rid of this snake oil salesman.


              • wronged says:

                You are right not to trust the traitor Cameron.

                There is a final twist to the EU debate which has still not been mentioned anywhere near enough. This being, that even if the referendum is won, the next big fight is how and when do we leave the EU, the Act of Parliament currently going through says nothing about us leaving and therefore has no legally binding power with regards to departure.
                The actual bill says nothing about the mechanics of leaving or when it should happen.

                I believe that Cameron-if defeated on EU membership- will exploit the aforementioned to its fullest extent.


  10. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC website has a new feature, labelled ‘favourites’ and illustrated with a picture of Chris Evans.
    They got that one wrong for a start.


  11. Grant says:

    Dead right. It should have been Evan Davis .


  12. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    Six months ago, the bBBC told us for day after day the ‘news’ of a joke by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sir Tim Hunt. They parroted the story peddled by a lying racist feminist Connie St Louis, without checking or retracting their report.
    But they don’t seem to have found space to report that he and his wife are now moving to Japan.


    • Grant says:

      The UK’s loss is Japan’s gain .


    • John Anderson says:

      The hounding of Sir Tim Grant was one of the nastiest affairs for a long time – and the BBC were up to their neck in it, never giving the audience the proper context. A wholly shameful business, and UCL behaved disgracefully towards this eminent and decent man.

      Good luck in Japan to Sir Tim and his distinguished wife.


      • Grant says:

        John, well said. Leaving aside the sexism aspect, a lot of the hounding stems from jealousy and the Leftie obsession with levelling. If we can’t be as clever as Sir Tim, let’s bring him down some other way. Lefties have nasty , twisted little minds.


        • Grant says:

          John, PS Thank you for changing his name in my honour !


          • oldartist says:

            I completely agree with everyone here about Sir Tim Hunt. Yet another example of the left’s hatred of excellence.


            • Grant says:

              oldartist, don’t worry. He will be easily replaced by the genious “refugees “


            • RJ says:

              Don’t forget that the BBC ran an anti-Tim Hunt story as recently as last Monday lunchtime. In that episode the listeners were told that the real victim was Connie St Louis, because some people criticised her for what she had done – and because she is black her critics were racists.

              Typical BBC bollocks, except that the real victims, Sir Tim Hunt and his wife, were damaged by the smears.


    • embolden says:

      This was reported this morning on the 8 o`clock news, but in the weaselly BBC way that we`ve come to know and detest.

      First a woman announced that Sir Tim would merely be “accompanying” his wife Professor Mary Collins who is to take up a post as director of the Okinawa institute for science and technology.

      Then a sappy sounding male rehashed the “row” in which “some” had found his comments “disparaging towards women in science”, reheated the “outrage on social media” and Sir Tims apology for what he had said. No mention of the doubtful, nay, shit stirring nature of “some” of the interpretations put on his light hearted, ironic remarks.

      All in all a horrible little item designed to belittle Sir Tim and embarrass him further. How glad he must be to be going to the land of the rising sun. How typical of our countrys lousy treatment of its brightest and best (as long as they are white, male and heterosexual of course)


      • Grant says:

        The BBC are so stupid they probably think it will be impossible for Sir Tim to find work in Japan. The strange thing is that white male Europeans and North Americans are probably the least sexist men in the world. Why do the BBC not investigate sexism among, say, black men or Pakistanis or , say, Russsians ?


        • chrisH says:

          And isn`t his accuser-that multi ethnic grievance hustler who dobbed him in-another Batmanghedghli type of fantasist who makes up her qualifications as she goes along?
          A serial puff adder whom lies about her credentials-like Blair, Clintons, Dolezal. and Batman herself.
          And indeed Penney, Hari and now St john herself…who doubtless claims to have played for Liverpool!
          What IS it with these liberal lying Walter Mittys?…and how the hell do they ever get to any position of influence in their fantasy fluid lies and claims?
          If you can`t even tell us what colour you are…shouldn`t you be in a hospital, not in any forum like academe of the the BBC?


  13. Thoughtful says:

    Radio 4 A Greek Drama:


    This summer, as Greece and its creditors argued over the terms of a bailout, the fate of nations – and perhaps the whole European project – was held in the hands of just a few people. They met behind closed doors. There, in secrecy, they took each other, and all of us, to the very edge of the abyss.

    This original drama, tells the inside story of those extraordinary months.

    Edge of the abyss? What abyss would that be then? Obviously the writer believes that the EU is a valuable project which needs saving, I’m quite sure that if someone from UKIP had written this it would have been quite different.
    The whole tenor of the play was the heroic struggle of the noble and upright Alexis Tsipras against the reality of where socialism had taken his country, and the beastly Germans who were very rich and owed Greece a bail out.


  14. G.W.F. says:

    Pat Condell on Donald Trump . Although he does not mention BBC bias, his entire piece can be read as a response to it.


  15. Guest Who says:

    We must be soon due a weekend thread, but by way of a Friday POETS contribution, i was checking a few of my bookmarked sites and came across this latest:


    Students of the BBC being dragged kicking and screaming into answering to actually answering questions as they should will know that even when cornered, they have a few tricks up their sleeve. Like sending badly scanned versions of Pollard report reactions by carrier pigeon.

    Here they have just decided to try and be as awkward as possible:

    “At the present time, however, I haven’t read your reply attachments
    because they appear to be scanned either sideways, or upside down.”

    One does trust such pettiness was fully worth it.


  16. Guest Who says:



    Sky automatically enables the feature.

    The majority of people in the UK do not want to block porn
    Parental controls, designed to filter out content unsuitable for children, have low take-up, according to an official report.

    They know their audience (and I note this one is posted from the UK)


  17. Guest Who says:

    🙂 What would the BBC be without it… them?


  18. ObiWan says:

    As the BBC sobs insincerely into its triple-latte over the ‘death of coal mining’ in the UK, it might be worth remembering a significant fact: Coal mining in the UK didn’t die off for any lack of coal – it was murdered by a green agenda.

    Here’s a story from last year:

    Coal find could fuel UK for centuries: Vast deposits totalling up to 23trillion tonnes found under the North Sea

    It’s long been known that the UK is still unimaginably rich in coal deposits – but because coal was chosen as the no.1 ‘dirty’ fossil fuel (despite fantastic advances in cleaner use) it was decided that what should still be a thriving industry – and a secure home-grown one at that – would instead (and for absolutely no good reason) be sacrificed at the Altar of The Holy Consensus.

    Next time the BBC starts another incoherent lecture about the ‘energy shortage’, or ‘tipping points’ or ‘energy security’ (you know the daft buzzwords by now) just remember it’s all total b*llocks. It is a scientific fact that the UK could be self-sufficient in coal for centuries ahead, with cheaper, reliable energy for all and no need to keep paying criminals abroad and rewable subsidy parasites here at home for any of it.


  19. Thoughtful says:

    Sorry, made me laugh I just couldn’t help it !



  20. Tothepoint says:

    Having a wonderful time posting on any HYS on the BBC website I can. The more we get out there, making people aware of the lies, the dangers and the impending destruction of our society and everything the hero’s of our great Country have ever fought for, the better. Like minded people are out there and we need to reach them. For too long the political and media elite have told people like us that we are some sort of social leper if they did not conform to their way of thinking. They created legislation which sole purpose is to shut debate down. Most people know whats happening is wrong and we need to get out our message wherever we can. If we do nothing our society will be destroyed by the death cult that is lslam. Muslims know this all too well. First step is to leave the EU. Win back our boarders. Win back our future. Win back our society before its too late.
    Right then back to the BBC 🙂


  21. Geoff says:

    Off out for Chrissy party, thought I’d see what was on tonight and set the PVR, TV boots up on BBC1, the news is on, just catch the end of some report about online gaming ‘This is Ahmed reporting for BBC Schools Birmingham (init)’ back to the studio to Reeta Chakrabarti, OFF!

    Its the first time I’ve caught any BBC TV news for a while, I recall why I don’t bother any more, its like a world removed from the one most of us inhabit, drip, drip, drip and I don’t doubt that the rest of the program was just as diverse.

    And no there was nothing worth recording on the BBC.


  22. 7Clubs says:

    UKIP people should wise up that Carswell was the only candidate to win his seat .All the other target UKIP seats were lost including the one that Farage cherrypicked for himself.This was due to tactical voting by non- UKIP people.As someone who lives near Oldham this also happened in Oldham.The fact is that the media has so stigmatised UKIP as a `racist` party however unfairly that lots of ordinary people who know friendly ethnic people are motivated to vote to stop UKIP winning.Because the Carswell constituency knew Carswell personally he avoided the tactical anti-UKIP vote.Why Farage has to go is because the public know him and he clearly alienates lots of floating voters and that means UKIP will always be vulnerable to the tactical vote in First past the Post systems whilst he is leader.That does not mean Carswell is the right alternative because he will has no charisma.UKIP need to headhunt somebody with a strong image that could transcend UKIP`s negative image and who has Farage`s qualities of thinking fast and talking straight .UKIP should start searching the worlds of business,culture,sport and tv journalism How about transgender Frank Warren?


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      The point you make has some validity, however it is a sad fact that Farage rules Ukip with a rod of iron, and anyone whom he sees as a threat to him does not last in the party.


  23. chrisH says:

    How do the BBC and the liberal media get away with their crap?
    Both Channel 4 and BBC, ITV hang around the pitheads at Kellingley Colliery holding onions to their eyes, lionising that prophet Scargill, and trashing Thatcher and the police…good old Joe Gormley and Mick McGahey, bloody NACODS and the scabs of Nottinghamshire, Billy Elliot and all those gays who were so feted in the Welsh valleys-as we who were there will all recall!
    Oh dear-tragic, poor northern chaps with accents from RADA…only real people-how edgy Tristram!
    And yet-not an eco warrior in sight, no Harrabin, Shukman, Monbiot, Sting-no taxing leeching renewables monkeys telling us why nasty old coal needs to stay in the ground, and why we need to pay yet more taxes to fund Miliband and Huhne. Yeo and Davey…
    Unbeleivable hypocrites and no-one to tell these grief thieves that THEY have caused this death of our pits, and -like Jeremy Bamber killing his parents, before claiming mercy for being an orphan.
    Suppose it`s only showing us all how brass-necked and shameless they now are…brave enough to taunt those they cause the trouble for, with no-one able to shaft the buggers for it.