Breaking The Silence



‘You kids don’t know nothing – Islam will take over, there will be mosques everywhere, you must think of your after-life – not this life. Kaffirs will burn in the fire of hell.’

‘The extremists have had over twenty five uncontested years to mobilise the minds of British Muslims and their backwardness now dominates some areas. ‘


Katie Hopkins talks about the radicalisation of the Muslim community and the wilful blindness of politicians…

A brave Muslim tried to warn us this week about the extremists taking over his community. What a tragedy it is that our PC politicians would rather not know

Ali, who phoned in on Monday, is a third-generation Muslim in England, and has watched his Muslim community transform from complete integration with other Brits, to almost utter separation.

He is now too uncertain of elements within his own community to be able to speak out about his fears of extremists and radicalised Muslims, no longer sure who is friend or foe, who is British at heart and who is loyal to another ideology or country. 

A subject we have looked at before in relation to the BBC’s own wilful blindness and indeed its determined attempts to deny such things and to portray islam as a wonderful, tolerant and peaceful ideology.

Here is, again, some of the material we looked at…from a Pakistani Muslim, Gina Khan……from 2007 and 2009…


Reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Birmingham

As a young child and teenager I grew up in an area where the majority was English but there were also Greeks, Chinese, Jamaicans and Indians living in the same community. Everybody got on and respected each other. My parents ran supermarkets, so we were integrated, if not allowed to assimilate as females because of the religion. And now the white people are leaving, the area has disintegrated, and it breaks my heart. Most members of my family have moved out.

The area has been Islamised. Mosques, mini-mosques and madrasas rise up on almost every street corner, but there is nothing for the youth. Drugs and crime has made the area unsafe for young girls. Social services and the police know what is going on. I have witnessed anti-west and anti-Jew posters and leaflets appear in shops run by young bearded Muslims. I watched the Islamists mobilise the Muslim community right under my nose. Before 9/11 the time I could not name it, but I knew something was not right, but it was being done in the name of Islam.

I left because there was no way I was going to raise my children as a lone mother in a community where the Imams or mosques did nothing to serve the community or teach a plural Islam. Even the schools were allowing little primary school girls to wear headscarves, and that has nothing to do with religion. The extremists have had over twenty five uncontested years to mobilise the minds of British Muslims and their backwardness now dominates some areas.

Multicultural polices are not working…


Gina Khan on Breaking the Silence


Being a British Asian woman from a Pakistani ethnic background, a Muslim, the atrocities commited in the name of Islam effected me profoundly. Being a Pakistani had its own stigmas – being female meant being treated as sub-human in relation to the Muslim man. I can see how the ideology works – half the ideology is about oppressing Muslim women. That’s evident when you note that the first thing Islamists do is reverse the rights and freedom of Muslim women, when they do manage to create an Islamic state, as in Afganistan or Iran. I wasn’t going to participate in my own oppression!

I have lived within the Muslim community in Birmingham. I’m a born and bred brummie, I had been speaking out for a while. I had been writing to a lot of people hoping someone would want to focus on the truth. I knew what I knew and didn’t want to forever remain silent at any cost.

We are engaged in a protracted and widely dispersed war at the Jihadists’ discretion, which I knew had been going on before 9/11; our goverment was in denial…and still is. My insight has been through personal experiences and those of people around me.

My father was indoctrinated with this ideology in the early 1980s…Dad would say ‘you kids don’t know nothing – Islam will take over, there will be mosques everywhere, you must think of your after-life – not this life. Kaffirs will burn in the fire of hell.’

His words would frighten me, and I had no reason to doubt his words of wisdom as he was reading the Quran and attending mosques where pious religious mullahs gave sermons about the Quran. He was becoming anti-Jewish, even though he had never met a Jewish person in his whole life. He was becoming anti-west although he never actually went back to live and retire in Pakistan until mum died.

Now in hindsight I realise he was brainwashed into an ideology – by the same mosques and mullahs in Birmingham that preach tenets of Jihadism. Pensioners as well as the young get indoctrinated. Dad had become colder and more disconnected the more religious he became.

In 1996 I remember seeing flyers and posters advocating meetings for Muslims to talk about Jihad – a call for the ‘umma’ and anti-west propaganda…in a chip shop in Ward End run by mullahs. I remember thinking: why haven’t the police arrested these guys?

When the horrendous events of 9/11 happened , I remember thinking ‘oh my God, they have started to attack the West’. I was gripped in fear…and I understood who the enemy was. I was shocked when I realised that Western governments didn’t know who the enemy was.

I remained silent for most of my life but I was seething with anger at Islamists…how did this goverment not sense what was coming, while many at the grassroots level could sense it ? Remaining silent wasn’t an option for me any more, especially when more Jihadists were being discovered and named locally. Many mujahideens were known to people who had gone off to fight in Jihad in Bosnia. One of the Jihadists who was arrested in Birmingham in February was a friend’s brother. A local British-born Pakistani lad in the armed forces had been killed in action in Afganistan, and I couldn’t believe they wanted to behead someone in the armed forces just to instill fear in us all.

In search of my religion I had also picked up books translated in English from the same bookshops that were raided. I had been a victim of domestic violence…the beating of women authorised in Islamic books and political Islam theories put my faith in turmoil. I’m pleased that other Muslim people are speaking out.

I have stated to many that this war will last at least 25 to 30 years. Prime Minister Brown, just like Mr Blair, won’t use the word ‘Jihad’ – they mention the ideology but never define it to their people, which I believe is counter-productive. Muslims themselves have to understand the concept and reasons behind the ideology, and it isn’t just because of foriegn policy; this ideology was being implemented long before the Iraq or Afganistan war. The only way to really understand the enemy and what Jihad means, is to understand the historical roots of Jihad, intertwined with the history of Muslim women and their struggle to be emancipated.

The real clash is between modern 21st century Muslims living in the present and backward-thinking Muslims with the mindset of the 7th century.

The goverment had until recently engaged and somewhat funded the MCB. In my eyes they are Islamists, they are Jihadists’ mentors.
They are not the voice of British-born Muslims or British Islam. Inayat Bunglawala gets on my nerves…everytime he makes a statement to the press, I wish he’d put a sock in it.

Initially Inayat Bungalawala had supported Osama bin Ladin, calling him a ‘freedom fighter’ in 2001; he supported Wahhabi Clerics and Hamas leaders, and currently these men want a new law so that banning religious discrimination can be implemented – which could shut down debates about Islam.

I know that I will have ‘issues’ if I’m critical of my religion and the supremacist attitude that govern us all currently…..

but what the heck, Islamists disrespect our logical reasoning and humanity every day. I have a right to my full humanity…I do not believe that whoever created me wanted me or any other woman to walk out of the front door with half the IQ He blessed us with, no one could suppress/oppress me or shut me up again – ask my ex-husband. I don’t want my daughter to have my life…I intend to set her free as a full human being, one day. She was born in a free country. She can write her own life script.

In the mean time I will continue to fight this mentality and backward mindset – I will exercise my freedom of opinion and debate…that’s what democracy is all about isn’t it?


Good luck with that if you rely on the BBC to support you…the same BBC that loves the veil and promotes the conversion of women to Islam….on ‘Woman’s Hour’ of all places.


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Who’d be female under Islamic law?  In Muslim states, violence against women is validated. A dark age is upon us.

The Talibanisation of British childhood by hardline parents  ‘I have met Muslim lawyers and academics who have turned to Taliban-style beliefs’…

Make no mistake, Taliban devotees are in our schools, playgrounds, homes, mosques, political parties, public service, private firms and universities.

And if we are to have any hope of combating them, we need to stop this attitude of appeasement and understand why so many Muslims are attracted to the most punishing forms of belief, suppressing women and children.

Eye-watering amounts of Saudi money goes into promoting Wahhabism.

They fund mosques, religious-schools, imams, conferences and trips to Saudi Arabia.

They are our wealthy allies and so are never questioned or stopped.

Free-thinking Muslims have lacked courage to oppose what is going on, while politicians do nothing for cynical reasons – best, they think, not to antagonise possible voters.

Meanwhile, the liberal position is to let people be and do what they wish within the law. Liberals tolerate the intolerable because they don’t have to live with the consequences. Yet the problem is in part caused by liberal values.

To me, that hands-off approach makes no sense.

Why are we fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and indulging Taliban values here?

Even if it offends liberal principles, the powerful must find a way of stopping Islamicists from promulgating their distorted creed.

If they don’t, the future is bleak for Muslims and the country. Many of us British Muslims care deeply about both.












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14 Responses to Breaking The Silence

  1. Edward says:

    The only reason successive governments are turning a blind eye to immigration and the negative effects of it is because immigration boosts our economy. It ties in with European ideology.

    As someone who realised back in the early 80’s that an area of Derby – Normanton – was like visiting a foreign country and then who lived in south London in the late 80’s to pay witness to razor-sharp tense divisions between ethnic minorities, I wonder at how completely stupid, ignorant, or wilfully blind our politicians have been over the last 40 years!

    New York 9/11 was a wake-up call to our politicians, but rather than batten down the hatches and rethink the ‘multicultural’ mantra, we decided to bomb Iraq and upset a fu**ing nasty bee hive!

    There’s no hope whilst we have career politicians in charge and a complete fairyland looney in opposition.


  2. Oldspeaker says:

    We hear the ” immigration boosts our economy” mantra repeatedly via the BBC stooges Edward, I’d rather sacrifice a few pounds in my pocket and live among people with whom I have a common bond and not be under sharia law.


    • Thoughtful says:

      When you think about it, it’s a pretty obvious fact that it does. Every individual in the country has to spend money just to survive, and with the generous amounts the government hands to asylum seekers then it’s all grist to the mill.
      However, what they don’t say is how long that boost lasts, and it isn’t very long! Whereas Tony BLiar allowed mass immigration for ideological reasons, Lazy Davey does it purely for short term figures, and to hide the real state of the British economy.

      Of course it isn’t honest of the BBC to do this, it is a ‘lie by omission’ because they are telling only the positive side of the story, but without anyone there to Police them, then they are free to carry on lying, distorting the facts, and presenting a wholly left wing view of the country and they way it should go forward.


  3. Up2snuff says:

    Boosts the economy? It can do. Like all ‘economics’ you have to look at the circumstances and what the ‘boosts’ are. Increased Government spend can be a very negative boost if it takes spending away from other areas of the economy. There is no doubt that we are currently having to spend more because of high levels of inward migration.

    I think some of the ‘boosts the economy’ economics is merely a repeated mantra or meme that is based on a rosy-eyed view – and a misty one at that – of 19th and early 20th century America and its inward migration. If not, then I suspect a lot of it is based on spread-sheet or macro economics rather than the drill down, examine on small scale, where-the-rubber-hits-the-road economics which is where the cost of it all is really paid. There is a cost.


    • RJ says:

      I find that most people have a good grasp of the problem if I use a simple analogy – friends going out for the evening.

      Five friends go to the pub and decide to run a kitty; each puts in £20. This gives them a total of £100. One evening another friend joins them but he is out of work, so they ask him to contribute less – £8. The amount in the pot has gone up from £100 to £108 (the group is richer), but each individual now only has £18 instead of £20 (each of the original five is poorer). Most people I’ve spoken to think this might be acceptable if number six is a friend (mutual help), but it’s not acceptable if he’s a stranger.


      • TigerOC says:

        A recent financial analyst described it perfectly. Increased immigration leads to an increase in GDP but in our context causes fiscal drag.
        Cheap labour means products have higher profit value therefore increasing GDP however due to the structure of the welfare system the same workers pay is subsidized through in-work benefits. These in-work benefits are not recovered through taxation on higher earnings of the GDP. The net result is that the country gets poorer by the day with consequent social consequences.


      • Englands Dreaming says:

        Very good analogy RJ. There is no economic rule that says increased immigration is positive for GDP or anything else, it is a lie constantly peddled by those with an agenda to push. Most findings show marginal positive or negatives results, depending on time scale, type of immigrants etc, etc. For the indigenous population I would expect the economic benefit to be at best zero, but with negative social costs. Which is why this “recovery” is like no other I can remember – continuous cheap labour is keeping down wages, inflation and interest rates and why the Government is doing nothing to stop it.


  4. Wiser Monkeys says:

    Muslim opinion poll data from the UK certainly indicates that young Muslims are less moderate and less integrated in outlook than their elders. Although more evidence is required, it seems likely that this trend will continue …


    • BBC delenda est says:

      “more evidence is required”

      We have 1400ish years of evidence.
      We have between 200,000,000 and 800,000,000 Hindu deaths at the hands of the excremental Muzzies as evidence.
      I have not attempted to calculate the other deaths and misery these “cultural enricher’s” have caused, and are still causing.

      Muzzies must leave Europe, not their choice either, Hobsons.


      • Wiser Monkeys says:

        Granted, there is much historical evidence worldwide against Islam.
        But we were strictly only talking about the need for more opinion poll data on *young UK* Muslims.


        • BBC delenda est says:

          I could not care less about what “we” were doing.
          I care not at all about Muzzie opinions.
          If it looks like an enemy, sounds like an enemy, smells like an enemy, tastes like like an enemy, everything that it touches explodes like an enemy, its “thoughts” insofar as Islamic mental processes maybe so described, are inimical , I conclude they are enemies.


  5. magicoat says:

    A Jewish perspective…

    If it were Jews who had massacred people in Paris, I would be drowning in shame right now. I would be writing about that shame. I would be shaming my murderous Jewish brethren for dishonoring my religion and dragging me down in their gutter of darkness.

    Here’s what I would not do: I wouldn’t defend Judaism as a “religion of peace.”

    Maybe it’s a Jewish thing. Maybe it’s that old saying that Jews are responsible for one another. Whatever it is, when Baruch Goldstein murdered innocent Muslims many years ago, Jews didn’t stand up to defend Judaism. We condemned the act, certainly, but we also hung our heads in shame at the horror committed in our name.

    Instead of constantly trying to defend Islam, moderate Muslim leaders should consider a more difficult approach. Face up to the problematic texts of your tradition. Criticize them. Admit that they can be used to justify violent acts. Recognize that your religion, just like any religion, needs constant self-criticism in order to grow and stay humane.

    It doesn’t cut it anymore to condemn violence and just say, “This is not Islam.” For too many Muslim preachers, this is Islam. At some point, you must take responsibility for what is done under the banner of your religion. Instead of doubling down on defensiveness, double down on self reflection.


  6. EnglandExpects says:

    Regarding immigration boosting the economy , a higher population will normally tend to increase GDP through additional workers. But this is not the point. Living standards are determined by productivity or GDP per head. Britain’s record on this has been poor. One factor is probably an influx of poorly educated people who do not integrate well and if they do work are in low productivity areas- car washes, fast food joints etc etc So don’t be fooled by the mantra that immigration is good for the economy . A points based system geared to high level skill shortages may well be helpful but it’s not what we have got.