Muslim Terrorists…..’Kind, clever, angry and idealistic… victims of the British State’




Jihadi John was a ‘beautiful person’…so said the extremists of Cage.

Apparently they were right.  Muslim extremists (when not being Churchill, Ghandi or Mandela) are, according to the BBC….kind, clever, angry and idealistic….and of course victims themselves of a tyrannical British state.

Kind of think the BBC has totally lost the plot….more so than ever I should add.

How would you persuade a young Muslim from becoming more devout and turning to fundamentalist Islam before heading off to Syria to fight the good fight?

Would you try to counter the narrative that he has been fed in the mosques, on-line and in the left-wing media?

Or…would you praise him and tell him he is right but just shouldn’t use violence, tell him he is kind, clever, angry, idealistic and that going to Syria would be dangerous so he’d had better stay ‘here’ where it’s safe and where you can fight the injustices, inequalities and persecution that drives you into the hands of the Extremists?

The BBC, via Shami Chakrabarti, has decided that the second option is the one that works….tell the potential terrorist that he is right to be angry about the grievances that he raises but the way is not to go to Syria but to fight them here in the UK.

In other words, the BBC and Shami, are telling us that it is an oppressive British society, the police state, the huge discrimination that Muslims suffer, the lack of jobs for a Muslim with two degrees, that turns a ‘young British Muslim’ into a terrorist murderer.

Not then a religion that tells Muslims they are superior to everyone else, that all who do not submit should be killed, that Allah’s religion must rule supreme over all?  Not the intolerant, anti-Western preaching in the mosques and madrassas?  Not the continuous narrative that the West is at war with Islam that is fed to Muslims via its ‘community leaders’ and the BBC?  Not the relentless claims that Muslims are discriminated against and are kept on the fringes of society, marginalised and disenfranchised by Islamophobia and racism?  Again a discourse spoonfed to Muslims by the BBC.


Shami has two targets in her short little playlet (so now we know what she intends to do now she has retired from Liberty….I would advise her to get the day job back).  The first target is those who want to control immigration, the second, as indicated above, is to turn Muslim terrorists into victims…victims of British society.

This is how those ‘kind, clever, angry, idealistic’ ISIS Muslim victims treat Christians…even the kids…

A child is photographed, waiting to be killed by militants. ISIS uses these images to terrorize others and to glorify their spree of terror.

…and if you really want to see the truth visit this site...warning very graphic photographs of the victims of those kind young men.

Shami’s little play brings us a mother talking to her son who wishes to leave to join an extremist group abroad. This is in the future, 2041.  The mother, naturally, is a single mother, an immigrant who came to where she now lives via ‘The Swamp’ in Calais…of course she has done very well for herself and is now a lovely, successful person who adores her new country.  Get it?  Let in migrants…they only want to be British citizens who live the place and will bring joy and prosperity to it.

We aren’t told that they are Muslim, we aren’t told which country they are in or where the son intends to go to but as we listen we can draw conclusions that there is going to be a ‘twist’ at the end…and Shami doesn’t disappoint…revealing that she fled a terrible war in Britain…a war that was a result of ‘greed, division, fear and hate as people turned in on themselves and on each other’….you are supposed of course to imagine you are a refugee fleeing war….empathise darlings, empathise and realise just how mean you’re being.

Ah yes…I am suitably chastised….wanting to limit mass migration is ‘greedy’, making a reasoned and evidence based analysis as to what such mass migration might bring to the country is spreading ‘fear’ based, not upon that reason, but upon the hate and racism of those insular beings who turned in on themselves…you know…the ‘Little Englanders’ of left-wing legend….and hence started a civil war.

Hmmm….the war might actually not be ‘civil’ but between the immigrants who try to impose their ideology upon Britain and the Brits who refuse to submit.  A completely different and far more honest assessment of the situation than the one Shami proposes.

Shami ticks every box in the race-baiter’s list of pet grievances that they know the BBC et al will lap up and put on the Frontpage.  Every complaint that Muslim agitators give voice to Shami puts into this piece…and doesn’t dispute or counter them at all….in fact she claims they are all credible basis for complaint.

She starts the piece with a beached whale (Just when did she write this?  Has she churned it out at lightning speed in the past few days and got it on the BBC?  It would seem so) We are supposed to equate the whale with immigrants dying on the beaches of Europe….‘They’re coming to clear you away before you offend…no one cares…only that you’re here now and what they’re going to do with you’.

Hmm…OK…how about this beach then?


No clever comment Shami?

Then we get the son who says ‘Everyday I get scanned for who I am, who we are…etc…I’ll never fit in…you don’t see what this country has become….penthouses next to prisons, investment banks and food banks, people who do nothing and people who have nothing….I want to live another way….I’ve no prospects, no privacy, no pride.’

Ah…so extremism is all about economics is it?  Jihadi John chopped off heads because he saw the inequality in life and knew he had to do something to change all that?

Curiously this ‘persecuted’ lad has to get a new identity because he is being watched by the security services….but Shami doesn’t bother to enlighten us as to the cause of that surveillance, she prefers instead to suggest the surveillance is just unfair persecution by the police in order to justify his extremism….so he’s not a budding terrorist to start with then?

Shami then goes on to attack Cameron and those who criticise mass, uncontrolled immigration…..apparently people were ‘treated like parasites, insects swarming the country leeching off ordinary, decent folk…scroungers’.

Ah yes the usual lefty diversionary tactic to avoid talking about the real issues…let’s talk about grammar and vocabulary….let’s not call migrants a ‘bunch‘…that’s ‘Quite horrible’.

Oh yes…‘This country is a prison…rife with injustice and discrimination.’...and let’s not mention those painted doors and coloured wristbands so reminiscent of Nazi Germany.


Shami hasn’t really put in much effort here, churning out something that any 14 year old could do in their sleep.  It is childish, ill-informed, wrong-headed and dangerous rubbish.  She has crammed in every left-wing cliched dogma and Muslim dog-whistle she could manage in 14 minutes.  However it is the same old stuff that the BBC has been churning out as news and current affairs analysis for years, so no surprise there.

As said many times before it is about time politicians and the security services started to take a closer look at what the BBC is feeding the Muslim community…..praising and hero worshipping those who entertain ideas of becoming Jihadi warriors setting out to create a Cliphate and a new world under Islamic rule in order to fight Western oppression must surely not be what was intended when the BBC was asked to maintain civil society and cohesion.

Lord Hall Hall should be dragged into court as his organisation glorifies terrorism, not just recklessly but with intent,  as this little play seems to demonstrate.

Lest we forget what it is that the BBC ‘understands’, praises and glorifies:










Islam’s ‘Dirty little secret’?



Remember when Islamist Mehdi Hasan tried to curry favour and win credibility with those who could further his inflitration of the media and grow his influence by admitting in a series of articles that Islam wasn’t perfect?  One such article delcared that ‘It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It’s our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.’

Of course he was telling a truth but his motivation was to gain tactical advantage in order to infiltrate into the media and the Public’s consciousness as ‘someone they could trust’, a Muslim yes, but one ‘honestly’ critical of Islam….anything he said then about Islam would be listened to with favour.

Such an admission was though the truth and is relevant to what we see happening in Europe now as Jews are forced to flee once again due to growing anti-Semitism, much linked to the growth of Muslim immigration.  All of which makes the BBC’s approach somewhat  ironic, if that is the right word, a word not really conveying the powerful stupidity if not dishonesty and wilful cupidity that is involved in the BBC’s reporting.

The BBC, as we know, is desperately papering over the cracks in the unfolding disaster for Europe that is the mass influx of migrants from the Muslim world.  We are supposed to believe that the majority are from Syria, when that is far from the truth, we are supposed to believe that the majority are women and children when we know they are mostly young men, we are supposed to believe they are all despearte refugees from terrible wars and yet that again is untrue.

But that is not the worst of the BBC’s reporting.  The worst is their use of the Holocaust and the Kindertransport of Jewish children out of Nazi Germany to support the unlimited, mass shipment of migrant children (and there are apparently 14 million in the world) to the UK.

Most of these ‘children’, and they can range from any age, even up to 28, as the wool is pulled over uncritical eyes, are Muslim….the same community from whose ranks come those who are driving Jews out of Europe once again.

Some might call it a sick joke that the BBC is using the Holocaust to encourage the bringing to Europe of a huge number of people who espouse an ideology that is so inimicably opposed to other religions and non-believers and of which many of its members actively attack Jews.

Naturally for the BBC Muslims are the real victims of just about everything…

Remember Tim Wilcox suggesting Jews in Europe were a legitimate target for terrorism because of what Israel does?  (He naturally presumes that what Israel does is bad…just the usual BBC bias ala Israel)

Remember Mark Mardell explaining away Muslim terrorist murder of 13 American soldiers….Mark Mardell famously denied that Major Nidal Hassan murdered 13 fellow soldiers in the name of Islam,  that the murders were rather a  ‘senseless tragedy’…

Remember Evan Davis claiming that all the evidence pointed towards the Boston bombs being ‘domestic’, ie white, far right, anti-government, terrorism?  And of course when a fire started at a mosque in was the Far Right, wasn’t it?

Remember Jeremy Bowen claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood were moderates?.’The country’s only properly organised mass political movement outside the ruling party is the Muslim Brotherhood, and it would do very well in any free election.  Unlike the jihadis, it does not believe it is at war with the West. It is conservative, moderate and non-violent. But it is highly critical of Western policy in the Middle East. ’

Remember Mark Easton favourably comparing Muslim extremists with Churchill, Mandela and Ghandi?….’There is, it seems to me, an inherent contradiction between banning orders and the core British value that one should be tolerant of different viewpoints.  History tells us that the development of new ideas of governance and government require people to think radically. Extreme views are necessary to test the wisdom of the mainstream.

Remember Hugh Sykes telling us that Cologne was a Far Right conspiracy?….‘There are conspiracy theories in the air that the New Year’s Eve attackers were encouraged to make sexual approaches to German women, told that it was the normal thing to do on New Year’s Eve. If true, they may have fallen into a well-laid trap.’

Remember the BBC report that said Cologne was an IS conspiracy? …’Some analysts have suggested that IS has encouraged a link between refugees and terrorism in order to foster hostility to refugees in Europe, although it is not known if the latest attack was carried out in co-ordination with the IS leadership in Iraq and Syria.’

Anything but blame the attackers themselves and the conclusion that the immigration policies that brought them here were having a terrible fallout.

It does seem that the BBC has an agenda to misguide the audience as to the truth about Islam and many of its devoted followers.  This I might suggest is rather dangerous especially at a time when there is a clear conflict around the world between those who would like to impose Islam and the rest of the world.   Trump had his own solution…we should put a hold on Muslim immigration until we know what’s going on…or rather, as we know what is going on despite the BBC’s best efforts to fool us, until we get a grip on things, especially the narrative that is the foundation of the Muslim ‘radicalisation’….a narrative so often spouted by the BBC itself.  Until you reduce the attractiveness of that narrative Muslim communities already settled in Europe will still produce endless numbers of violent extremists…and so why import more who may potentially take up the same cause?

Not as if it isn’t happening already as ‘refugees’ are targeted for recruitment to Jihadi ranks….

“German Officials Warn of New Security Risk: Local Extremists Recruiting Refugees.” by Anton Troianovski and Ruth Bender, Wall Street Journal, November 29, 2015 (thanks to all who sent this in):

BERLIN—The Paris attacks have raised fears of terrorists slipping into Europe by posing as refugees. But in Germany, the top migrant destination, security officials have another worry: Local extremists will recruit the newcomers to join the Islamist cause once they arrive.

German authorities warn that migrants seeking out Arabic-language mosques in search of the familiar are increasingly ending up at those attended by Islamist radicals….


Islamic extremists ‘trying to recruit Syrian refugees in Germany’

Islamic extremists in Germany are trying to recruit Syrian refugees to their cause, the country’s domestic security service has said.

The warning came as one of Germany’s best known Islamist preachers published a list of suggestions for his followers on how best to approach refugees.


That’s of course those ‘refugees’ who aren’t already signed up to the cause…

Isil exploiting migrant routes to smuggle jihadists back to Britain using fake documents

Isil jihadists are exploiting the migrant crisis to smuggle terrorists into Europe with fake passports they can then use to travel to the UK, British intelligence officials fear.



Google Is Magic



Rich Hall appeared on the News Quiz on Saturday.  It’s probably the last time he will ever be invited on.

For some reason this troop of comedy greats were described as the ‘piranhas of satire’….more like goldfish….at least the lefties were…round and round they go, the same old stuff being trotted out time after time with no recall that they’d played that tune a thousand times…with one exception…Rich Hall.

The same old targets and the same old lazy anti-capitalism, anti-Tory, anti-anything right-wing faux morallistic bombast that we always get…and no surprise here, the first target was Google with Cameron’s ‘Bunch of migrants’ comment (A ‘Quite horrible’ comment according to the granddame of comedy Jeremy Hardy who thought any BNP voter should be shot) thrown into the mix along with the bedroom tax.  Of course no mention of Labour MP Jess Phillips’ labelling of Birmingham men as brutal sex attackers…odd that the first town that didn’t come to mind was Rochdale.

No mention of the reason for Cameron’s comment…that Corbyn wants to fling open the borders and let in all migrants who want to come here….no wonder the Left are staging a massive distraction away from that one…never mind the Unite union, which backs Corbyn and Labour, were involved in the migrant storming of Calais port and probably, through their proxy ‘blackshirt’ street thugs in the UAF, involved in attacking the anti-immigration protest in Dover.

Rich Hall threw a spanner in the works (5 mins in ) when he declared that Google shouldn’t pay any taxes…why?  Google is magic.   Because look at what they actually provide…apart from jobs, paying large amounts of business rates in London and sucking in investment.  Google provides us free at the point of use….Google Search, Maps and Earth, Google Translation, Google Books, Google image search and Android software that probably powers your phone and tablet….amongst many, many other products…not all free of course….but have you ever had a bill from Google?

Google is not avoiding tax or evading tax, it is just not paying the tax it is not required to pay.  If the politicans want more tax then produce a tax system that doesn’t allow for reliefs and allowances and practises that allow companies to be based in other countries for tax purposes….and don’t create ‘enterprise zones’ and tax reductions designed to attract in businesses to the UK…and then moan about it.

The UK can’t complain, it sets one of the lowest tax rates in the world precisely in order to attract companies and their investment to the UK….as the Guardian admits. 

A survey by PwC earlier this year revealed that 63% of the 1,344 chief executives surveyed worldwide put government tax policy high on the agenda when choosing where to operate their business.

Chris Morgan, head of tax policy at KPMG, said this move, along with a raft of other measures designed to attract the bigger international players has spurred investment and protected jobs.

So the government taxes a company ’til the pips squeak…then what?  The company upsticks and heads to a country where the tax rate is lower…taking jobs, investment and all the other taxes they do pay along with them….and when a big company comes in it drags in with it a lot of small ones who ride on their shirt tails….they go down when the likes of Google go down.  The government then loses that income and on top of that has to pay for unemployment and all that involves.

Funny thing is, when Hall first said Google should pay no tax there was a deep indrawing of breath and a stunned silence from the audience….but when he’d finished his piece he got what was probably the biggest cheer and loudest applause of the day.

Funny that.



A Trusted Brand




Why oh why is A&E struggling? asks the BBC.

Winters are always busy in the NHS and there are always difficult weeks. This one is unusual because of the scale of the increase in demand.

So what’s going on? Nobody, it seems, has a very clear answer.

Nobody except the BBC of course….it’s all down to a surge of elderly patients…and oh yes….people have such  trust in the NHS’s A&E they wouldn’t go anywhere else…

Heads of emergency departments point out there has not been a sudden new spike in numbers of people coming through their doors. They argue that there has been a steadily increasing trend going back a couple of years.

Familiar factors are quoted, including numbers of frail, elderly patients with multiple conditions needing an increasing range of care and treatment.

But the surge in hospital attendances was by no means dominated by the over-65s.

One theory being put forward is that A&E is a well-regarded “brand” amongst the public and is trusted to deliver high quality care even with a wait.

This could tie in with people feeling that their local GP practice is overburdened and a perception that appointments are not easy to get. In a 24/7 culture people increasingly expect instant service, including from the NHS.

So much tosh from our ‘well-regarded’ news brand.  A&E is the only ‘Brand’ available to most people, well-regarded or not….and GP’s overburdened?  Why?

A ‘steadily increasing trend’ over the last few years?  No coincidence immigration has surged and we have had nearly 1 million migrants, net, flood in over the last three years alone?  Any wonder GP surgeries and A&E are chocablock?

Odd how the BBC completely fails to mention immigration when talking about a strange surge in numbers using the NHS.





The BBC wants to see Hillary Clinton become the next POTUS. That much is obvious from their kid glove handling of her run to gain the Democrat nomination. The BBC wants ANY Republican other than Donald Trump to win the GOP nomination so they can lose nobly to Clinton, just as in 2008 and 2012. Hence the prominence given to this sort of nonsense…

US election 2016: Republican rivals mock Trump over no-show

The BBC might want to reflect on this…

Donald Trump dominates GOP field at 41%

Not seen and not heard


The BBC has been filling the airwaves with sad tales of asylum seeking children, well almost filling the airwaves, some stories the BBC is reluctant to tell.

If you are a regular listener or viewer of the BBC news you may recall many, many anguished reports condemning the government or the authorities because hospital patients, or people needing care or even prisoners were forced to travel long distances away from their homes to get treatment or to serve their time.  This was a very bad thing the BBC told us in no uncertain times….

Mental health patients forced to travel miles for care

Cumbria breast cancer patients still forced to travel

Call for more Welsh prison places

Sir Roderick Evans will call for more prison places in Wales saying families often have to travel long distances to visit relatives in jail.  This endangers family contact which is vital for prisoners’ reintegration into society, the judge will tell a Law Society event on Thursday.

However despite the BBC’s previous concerns about those having to travel such long distances or those forced apart from their families, and the BBC’s current obsession with the care of asylum seeking children, a story about British children being forced out of the care system in Kent into neighbouring systems because of those migrant children being given their places is censored by the BBC.

The Telegraph reported:

Migrant influx means British children forced to move away from Kent care homes, says councillor

Vulnerable British children in care have been forced to move away from their home area because of the massive influx of asylum seekers from Calais, a councillor has warned.

Peter Oakford, who oversees specialist children’s services in Kent, said youngsters from the area who needed foster care or other housing had been placed outside the county as it struggled to deal with a sharp increase in arrivals of migrant children.

The authority has seen a 30 per cent rise in unaccompanied asylum seeking children in the last seven months.

The county council is obliged by law to provide them with housing – even though its geographical area means it receives the majority of new arrivals from calais who make it to British soil.

The BBC chose to almost completely ignore that issue, instead headlining with a report that opens with pleas for tolerance of more and more migrants…

Syria: Pickles urges help for ‘at risk’ refugee children

Political pressure is continuing to grow on the government to take in thousands of unaccompanied refugee children who have made it into Europe.

Former cabinet minister Sir Eric Pickles said those “at risk” should be treated with “Christian spirit”.

Former Children’s Minister Tim Loughton said there was a strong humanitarian case to help those “in limbo”.

This report was on the ‘Politics’ page and only right at the very bottom do we get a link to the story about Kent….

Kent County Council has already warned it will not be able to accept any more unaccompanied children, saying its children’s services are facing “enormous pressure” and have run out of foster beds.

The Kent story never made it at all to the front page, the UK page or indeed the politics page…it was tucked away under the regional page of ‘Kent’….which you will only ever find if you look very, very hard, funnily enough.

The BBC essentially buried a story that told of problems caused by migrants….and even this report failed to mention that British kids were being forced out of the care system by migrants.

Kent County Council in lone child refugees warning

Kent County Council has warned it will not be able to accept any unaccompanied children under the government’s plans to resettle 20,000 refugees from Syria.

More than 960 asylum-seeker children are being cared for by the authority, up from 629 at the end of July. The year before there were just 238.

It said children’s services were currently facing “enormous pressure”.

Peter Oakford, cabinet member for specialist children’s services, said the council had run out of foster beds.

We get a clue about what is going on but no indication that it is British children being disadvantaged by the migrants who get first call on Kent’s services it seems….

“We’re having to place young people outside of Kent, whilst still retaining responsibility and having to support these young people,” he added.

This is what the Council actually said….

“This has affected our ability to place citizen children within Kent ourselves,” said the councillor.

“We have had to place Kent children outside of Kent due to the influx of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, which is not a good position to be in and is not a position we want to be in.

Why did the BBC change the wording?  We know why….all migration is good, there is no bad.

More like Big Brother every day.





Get Trump


The BBC’s golf correspondent, Iain Carter, (08:53) has a go at pressuring R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers into not running golf events at Trump owned golf courses….the tone is not of inquiry but of disapproval and arrogant moralistic bullying based upon Carter’s personal opinion of Trump’s politics…..which he calls ‘grubby’.  Carter’s clear intent was to very publicly put Slumbers in a difficult position, a kangaroo court, knowing full well that someone listening may, he hopes, take up the cause and start a very vocal campaign against the R&A to not use Trump golf courses…no doubt Carter feels the R&A are not looking as if they will close out Trump quickly enough for his own liking…

The R&A remains quiet over Turnberry’s place on the Open rota but acknowledges it is a question that won’t go away.

Not if the BBC’s Iain Carter has his way certainly.

Not sure the impartial and independent BBC should be interfering in American politics and deciding what is and what isn’t ‘acceptable’.  A great many people clearly believe Trump has a point, one which the brave journalists of the BBC don’t dare investigate themselves preferring instead to go for the lazy, easy, left-wing crowd pleasing attack on Trump without actually exploring the very real issues he raises.

The same accusation of the BBC ‘making the news’ could be levelled at its campaign against Google….the BBC has been chasing the EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager  (07:10) for an answer as to whether she will be opening an investigation into the government’s tax agreement with Google.  The BBC doing Labour’s job for it?  What’s new?

Lo and behold we then hear that the SNP have written to Vestager and made a complaint.







The BBC have been to the fore in cheerleading for the UK to accept many more refugee ‘children” from the tsunami that has fanned across Europe. Here’s an item they ran earlier….

The government has stopped short of accepting Labour and the Liberal Democrat’s proposal of resettling 3,000 refugee children in the UK from mainland Europe, although the government will now resettle more under 18s from the war torn areas around Syria. Speaking live in the studio is Kirsty McNeill, Campaigns Director at Save the Children.

Note the biased way in which this is written. How DARE the elected government “stop short” of accepting what the Opposition demand? And as for the immigrant hustling Save the Children “Campaigns Director” – when she speaks of all these poor “Syrian’ “Children” I wonder could she clarify if that group includes the 15 year old “Syrian” “refugee” “child” who stabbed the 22 year old Swedish woman to death a few days ago? (He was a Somali, unsurprisingly, but then again so are so many of these “Syrians”)

The BBC has blatantly colluded with those rabidly pro-Immigrant groups for some time now – determined to populate the UK with as many third world economic migrants as possible. It’s the BBC that is the menace.