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When Fox News announced that Birmingham was a Muslim only city [can’t be long now] the Left went into overdrive to deride and vilify the comments…how different their approach to Labour MP, Jess Phillips, who claimed that Birmingham’s Broad Street was subject to roaming gangs of native Brummie sex abusers and criminals on a scale similar to Cologne.

Phillips was naturally called out on that nonsense  by most people but not by the BBC or the Guardian who both came out in support for her…though their real aim, as was Phillips’, was to pretend that this was not an issue about immigration or the culture of the immigrants in Cologne or indeed across Europe…just as they tried to dismiss the truth about the racial and religious aspects of the choice of victims in Rochdale and Rotherham and other cities across the UK.

The Guardian has come up with the idea that Phillips was only criticised because she was a woman….which is a curious take as she herself is betraying the women of Cologne, Europe, who are being attacked….Phillips, the BBC and the Guardian, would rather these women get attacked, raped and abused than deal with the causes of the abuse….the failure to control immigration and the importation of the very people who commit these crimes….how many women would still be alive, would still be able to walk the streets in safety, if it weren’t for the BBC’s et al’s undying, uncompromising, extremist support for mass, uncontrolled immigration regardless of the consequences?

Mishal Husain,(08:30) who is Muslim and so has an interest in downplaying the role of immigration and culture in this issue, tried  to back up Phillips’ claim and did so by suggesting that a pat on the backside of a woman in a pub was somehow the equivalent of anything that happened in Cologne…she was insistent that this was ‘sex abuse’ and that many such crimes must go unreported…therefore Birmingham is just like Cologne if we take all those unreported crimes into account…yep…raping women, gang raping women, ripping their clothes off, hunting them down in packs, thrusting hands into their vaginas, just like a pat on the backside in a pub.

Husain brought in Salma Yaqoob who is well known as an Islamist activist….clearly she was brought in to deny the ‘Islam connection’ and she didn’t fail to do as expected.

The BBC, having been happy to attack Fox News for its slandering of Birmingham, have spent a lot of effort to downplay what happend in Cologne, and across Europe, even going so far as to claim it was a right wing conspiracy, but curiously now they try to spin a pat on the backside in a Birmingham pub into the sex crime of the century and are quite happy to denounce Birmingham men as rapists and sex beasts and all because they have a narrative about immigration….nothing bad must ever be allowed to get on the air that might show immigrants to be less than wonderful and a delight.

Which brings us to this…..any sign of the BBC reporting this at all?  No….

German journalist claims the government tells its media what it can and cannot report on following outcry over Cologne sex attack news blackout

A former news boss in Germany has claimed the country’s media is told what to report on by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

His admission comes as the country grapples with accusations media ignored hundreds of sex attacks committed by migrants during Cologne’s New Year celebrations.

Dr Wolfgang Herles, the former head of a public broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), said journalists are instructed to write news reports that are to ‘Ms Merkel’s liking’.

Dr Herles labelled the situation a ‘scandal’ during a radio panel discussion on media and freedom of the press, Breitbart reported.

Asked if the media landscape had ‘got out of whack’, he replied: ‘Today, one is not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees.


With all the BBC’s proud boasts about independence and the importance of free speech and a free press, they are strangely quiet about this very serious accusation…a government silencing the media on the subject of immigration and its fallout.  Then again the BBC has long been in cahoots with our government in how it reports on issues surrounding Islam and the EDL….pro-Islam, anti the EDL.

Here are some other news reports that the BBC won’t be highlighting…

Refugee crisis will cost Germany £38 BILLION by the end of 2017, new study claims


Six in ten migrants not entitled to asylum, says EU chief


Philip Hammond warns less than HALF of the million migrants flooding Europe are fleeing war in Syria

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24 Responses to Hush it all up

  1. Edward says:

    I’d like to share a very interesting Stephen Nolan programme:

    The problem I have with the women who claim to have been groped in Birmingham (and Nottingham) is that they seem to laugh about it. Not exactly the reaction we saw from the women attacked in Cologne…


  2. Brett says:

    Bbbc breakfast this morning. Police to have extra patrols during Cologne carnival, following the attacks on new years eve by “mainly” migrants. NO-attacks carried out entirely by migrants actually.


    • NCBBC says:

      By the time I saw the BBC news this morning, the report had left out “migrants”, ie

      Police to have extra patrols during Cologne carnival, following the sex attacks on women, on new years eve etc..


      • Brett says:

        So ,by my rekoning, come tonights six oclock news the story shall of vanished, just at the time most people are home from work watching /listening . Although, it was reported at some point so you cant call them impartial eh!


  3. Brett says:

    Just caught the 635 headlines and its now “many of them migrants” – no, all of them damn you!


  4. Oaknash says:

    Im sure a lot of the sexual abuse at Cologne was caused by drunk white judeo christians driving white vans and wearing moooslim masks, who had just left the brummie clubs. Its a sad indictment of the British police that they were unable to arrest any of these drunk bastards before they were able to cross the channel. I was also surprised Mishal had not picked this up.

    Guess plod was too busy investigating bacon sarny attacks on local mosques or similar.


    • NCBBC says:

      I noticed that as well.

      It was clear that lots of Brummies were headed to Cologne on channel ferries.


  5. David says:

    I was watching the beeb yesterday and this morning and flicking across to RT. RT- situation in Syria with the issues caused by Russia, Turkey’s ISIL support and immigration policy, UN, US, UK and ISIL. Followed by articles on immigration and the TTP, beeb – this morning growing and listening to rhubarb growing in Yorkshire and yesterday an article on a female cooperative buying retirement homes.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      You are quite right, they are reporting from the Rhubarb Triangle today, quite literally keeping us in the dark. Thank you dear BBC, here is my £145 for a service that no commercial broadcaster would ever provide.


      • Number 7 says:

        Has Rhubarb management replaced Mushroom management? (Keep them in the dark and feed them sh*t).



  6. Jeff says:

    Regarding the poisonous remarks made by the ghastly racist Jess Phillips and “The Broad Street Gropers”. Andrew Neal had an interesting piece on his Twitter feed. Apparently in 12 weeks there have been only 5 reports of sexual harassment in the Broad Street area. It hardly compares to the 800 complaints in a single night in Cologne, does it? It is so bloody typical of the vile left to attempt to corrupt the issue by manipulation and slight of hand. They’ll do what ever they can other than tell the unvarnished truth.
    These third world men come from backward, deeply misogynistic societies, where women are very much the underclass. No, lefties would much rather gripe about white men groping, very unpleasant I’m sure, but hardly on a par with organised rape gangs. Don’t forget it took these blighters the best part of a week to report the mass gang attacks and then we only got nine seconds of news that left us with the impression these assaults had been committed by native Germans.
    I really have no idea how the awful Jess Phillips has kept her job. Had she blatantly lied about the activities of any other section of society, other than the much maligned white working class male, she’d have issued a full apology and have been put out on her ear.
    We now know that they covered up Rotherham and Rochdale for well over a decade. They would much rather white girls were raped than point the finger at the Muslim rapist.
    Feminists? Not in my language.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      I really think that Jess Phillips was trying to make some kind of joke with her daft remark. It was obviously untrue and no one in their right mind would believe it. The sad thing is that she doesn’t seem to see any problem with events like Cologne. Maybe she dare not speak out against the ROPers because she needs their vote (until they have enough to have their own person elected) and she’s only thinking about herself. The woman is an idiot and either totally brainwashed or completely selfish. Not the kind of person to be voting on decisions affecting normal people. The same can be said of nearly all in the house of thieves and fiddlers, they appear to be going to vote on what is best for themselves and their careers and not what’s best for the UK.
      I’m not offended by her daft comment as it surely was a throwaway remark. I can see what is really happening. We can all laugh at the dopey bird as we (UKIP) have a sense of humour, unlike the far left (bbc, msm, Sky)
      Keep up the good work Biased bbc. You’re a breath of fresh air.


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        You should try Breitbart by the way, Google Breitbart then click on London for unbiased news.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I disagree. Jess Phillips is not an idiot, nor is she brainwashed. She is an evil liar. She is lying to cover up the destruction mass muslim immigration causes to our western civilization. She is an enabler of this destruction. She is as guilty as any war criminal who was “only obeying orders”.

        As for Mishal Hussein (pbuh), if she wishes to know about men feeling up women in pubs, why does she not ask Andrew Marr for his views on this subject? I believe he is something of a expert in this area.


        • NCBBC says:

          She is lying to cover up the destruction mass Muslim immigration causes to our western civilization.

          Everything touched by Islam is corrupted. Wherever Muslims go, they carry the seed of destruction with them. Whether it is criminality, rape, Jihad or election fraud, every aspect of society is corrupted.

          They are the only immigrant group that will lie, cheat, beg, or force their way into a country, and then soon after engage in Jihad against the country naive enough to let them in. Jihad takes various forms and not just with bombs and bullets.

          Western civilisation is doomed as Muslim growth rate is far higher then ours. In fact, we even finance our destruction by handing out Child Benefit.

          What to do? Figure out a way which pits Muslims in the West violently against us.


    • EnglandExpects says:

      I don’t think Jess Philips can be said to have a job in the sense the rest of us would understand . She’s a prime example of the left wing version of the new political class. Mouthy, imature and a waste of space. Her career path? Get a useless degree, work for a charity ( could have been a union research dept or a tnink tank but I don’t believe she’s bright enough) and then become a labour MP. Will the labour voters of Yardley vote Tory instead? I doubt it.


  7. Deborahanother says:

    Also on RT yesterday ,while the BEEB was bending over backward to diss the leave campaigns ,a good interview with the leader of the Bruges group He gave clear and concise reasons why we must leave the EU and not focused on immigration.Even the interviewer asked why the BBC was so pro the EU.


  8. EnglandExpects says:

    Usual whining interview from Maloch Brown on BBC2 this morning . Pro Muslim immigration, we are not doing our fair share, etc etc. this from a Blair apparatchik with so called foreign affairs expertise who conspired to open the floodgates after 1997 to ‘ rub our noses in diversity ‘ . Sympathetic bbc interview with no attempt to challenge or interview a balancing view by an opponent of this drivel.


    • chrisH says:

      Bollock Brown was The Blair-Browns answer to “Making Poverty History”…”Drop the Debt Donkey” and all that crap.
      AND-as I recall-the pioneering parachuted quangocrat and lardy Lord who was-and who will ever forget?…the FIRST Jet-hopping trustie in the West who wore a wristband…yes, the runner for the fatuous gesture voguists like “Bring Back Our Girls” “Je suis un Charlie gauche”,,,and-who can ever forget “This is What a feminist looks like”
      The Eagle “sisters”…Toksvig…Brand…Fiona McTaggert?…I`d never heave thought it girls, really wouldn`t!
      So Molech Broon was the first virtue signalling cretin to get high office for nothing-and by wearing a wristband.
      Wait a minute…aren`t they stigmatising Nazi regalia these days after the Battle of Cardiff Bay the other week?

      Arrest him for wearing insignia that we know now is an incitement to hatred…a flashback to the Lodz Ghetto, would that we knew it.
      Vile racist homophoney miss ogginess?…hate crime people! Stand well back, hand me the rainbow tape or the velvet rope of excluding bad and sad things…


  9. Dave S says:

    So the German press likes to please it’s masters. Nothing new there and our appeaser Cameron wants us to continue to associate with that lot. Germany and Sweden and France and the rest of them. How many times do we have to say this lot do not understand freedom as the English do and always have.
    The BBC can’t wait to become the EU’s official ( censored) mouthpiece in the English language. No doubt German official TV would approve.
    The Eu has only two ways to go. Oblivion or tyranny.


  10. Mice Height says:

    I can’t believe other media sources didn’t also pick up on Phillips’ statement (again, on QT last week), that the existing population suffers in areas that receive high amounts of immigration, and that she wants to spread the suffering to more affluent areas. This ties in exactly with Andrew Neather’s slip if the tongue on New Labour’s real reason for opening Britain’s borders.


  11. chrisH says:

    Good article Alan…but your use of the word “curious” in line eight is nothing of the sort.
    No point shilly-shallying or gathering supporting evidence…this appalling effort by Phillips to equate a cat call or leery drunken fumblings with the systemic taharrush of co-ordinated migrants from Belgium, Germany and France( but-of course-nothing akin to REAL French, Belgians of Germans,,,these were Muslim gangs getting white kuffar as war booty for jihad)-was truly evil.
    But Phillips is only doing what the Brownshirts of the Miners Wives demand-to sacrifice the white trash of Europe to their greater gods of Islam and of Socialism…Womans Hour shills like Husain or Murray prefer dead girls and raped kids in childrens homes to giving up on Dworkin or Daly.

    Laura Perrins on the mighty Conservative Woman website says it as it is.

    As does the even mightir Anne Marie Waters

    AND-as myself and Mr G Cooper briefly discussed yesterday-we really need an alternative news channel of our own… Phillips is NOT getting an Andrew Mitchell daily scraping until she is forced to go…even though Abbott and Corbyn themselves would welcome this, and it would wound Jon Snow and those who like to play footsie with Labours safe rebels( Bob Marshall Andrews, Chris Mullins and the bloody awful Stephen Pound served this house trained pink poodle role in previous Labour eras).
    Where are OUR Toriscum campaigns to get her out?…feigning deceits on Twitter to say we cancelled conferences , won`t send our kids to Birmingham Universities seeing as their MP says they all become rape victims or rapists?..where are OUR trolls to threaten her career, and hound her out?…don`t the Right WANT it as much as the odious Lefty Labour scum who cosset the likes of Phillips and Yacoob, Husain and Penny?
    We`re going to have to fight for our right to a Party-let alone this love we call England…Islam and Socialismus are tooling up…and we equivocate on taking Jess Phillips in a stolen shopping trolley back to Hades, even though she has fanned Islams flames, traduced our lads, and put our daughters in grave peril…we need not get a Cologne if OPhillips is made an example of. It`s easy so to do-but will we?
    I do hope the Reactionary Forces of the Tory Scum…that`s me and my army, UKIP and Pegida types…”come together..right now”…over Phillips,ZDF, OECD, Jezbollah…and get a few heads on a sustainably-sourced platter…and if a Labour MP can insult and lie about HALF her electorate to get some love from Dimblebys dropsicles…and NOT be removed…then we`re a bit shit, and deserve IslamoRedskins like Phillips and Thornberry, Hodge and Maire Black…to rule over our sad and sorry lives-until we grow a pear and send her to Proudman Villas.


  12. JimS says:

    Maybe Mrs. Phillips was making the point that there are just as many Muslims causing mayhem in Broad Street as in Cologne – or maybe not.

    Mark Steyn makes a good point that Angela Merkel can’t get Europeans like the Greeks to behave like Germans, what hope has she got with Afghans?

    One of many questions that will never be broached by the BBC.


  13. Sluff says:

    While the ‘wimmins’ industry is frothing at the mouth at all that Broad Street action, and ‘celebrating the diversity’ as shown in Cologne, what a shame they cannot support their Muslim sisters back in the UK and elsewhere.
    You know the ones.
    1. Who are not allowed to drive
    2. Who are not allowed to get a job
    3. Who are compelled to cover up whether they like it or not
    4. Who are prevented from learning to speak English
    5. Who are subservient to men and whose word is worth only a fraction of a man’s in a court.
    6. Who are compelled to hand over their voting papers
    Strangely, the equality and diversity police at Al Beeb don’t seem to want to report on this.
    And from the odious Jess Philips and her ilk? Not a squeak. The silence is deafening.