Seen the BBC Top Gear dream team? All that’s missing is Ronald McDonald. The BBC have ruined a top brand and all because they hated Clarkson because he did not speak their language._88094477_topgear2_976bbc

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15 Responses to TOP GEAR OR IN REVERSE?

  1. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    bBBC ‘News 24’ did have a commentator, whose name I didn’t get, saying that the bBBC had got it wrong, using ‘celebrity luvvies’ rather than motoring specialists. He pointed out that the real Top Gear presenters were experienced and respected motoring journalists before they started on Top Gear, just as Professor Brian Cox was a top physicist before he started on TV science programmes, Professor David Starkey was a professional historian before he started on TV history programmes, and Sir David Attenborough was a renowned naturalist before he started on TV wildlife programmes.
    Obviously seriously off-message.


    • Essexman says:

      It will fail totally. But Jezza & Co’s new series, will be on a terrestrial channel also, in the near future.


    • BBC delenda est says:

      Apples and oranges being compared here.
      Physics and Zoology need brains.
      Not too many good brains in Clarkson & Co, as the repetitive, childish, programmes show.

      I am incensed at the amount of our money that is being thrown at the new show by AlBeeb, and by the prominence and pay given to the new “recruits”.

      Now if the AlBeeb put on a bike show that would be something.


  2. Beltane says:

    The attempts throughout the day to ‘big up’ the arrival of Matt LeBlanc to the vibrant and exciting new team are as sad as they are transparent. Described as a ‘true petrol-head’, the BBC seem to have fallen for the same guff as Evans must have dribbled – evidently believing that owning a Ferrari means that they know how to drive one – other than in London traffic with elbow on window-sill, of course.


  3. EnglandExpects says:

    I predict that BBCs revived Topgear will be a flop. Chris Evans is an irritating jerk and putting LeBlanc next to him just doubles the jerk quotient. With my £35 Amazon Firestick I can tell the B B C to go to hell. Wish that was true for their news output too. By the way was Oisin McIrishman McNobody really worth saving by jettisoning the BBCs must lucrative earner? Only in the politically correct world of the beeb .


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I agree. In the real world that fracas would have been sorted out and Clarkson would have bought him a Ferrari to say sorry. Only in the fantasy world of BBC/Kids’ Company economics, where money rains down without having to earn it, would you can the man who is the frontman of your most popular show.

      In a further example of BBC economics, I understand that there will be no Dr Who this year, the next season will not be on air until 2017. Now I am not a great fan of the gay and diversity agenda which is painfully apparent on the new show, but the fact is it is a worldwide success and earns the BBC millions. Only an organisation which does not have to earn its money would treat a major show in such a cavalier way. No American channel would do that, any manager who suggested it would be fired on the spot. But the BBC lives in its own fantasy world. I think Camilla Batmangelidjh should be the next Director General, she seems to embody all the business aptitude necessary for running the BBC.


      • BBC delenda est says:

        An economical AlBeeb?
        They are certainly economical with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


      • NCBBC says:

        Great post Rob.

        Clarkson made fun of AGW, and the ecoloons with degrees in E.Lit infesting the BBC . They needed an excuse and they got it. Was it engineered, that is the question.


  4. John Moloney says:

    The BBC had one truly international star. Maybe the BBC hated the way he made the rest of their caring and PC “celebrities” look as fun as a day at the dentist’s.

    I got so upset about it that I wrote a blog post :


    • NCBBC says:

      Clarkson is an Equal Opportunity “racist”. This makes him one of the few least racist people in the world.


  5. JimS says:

    Bring back Raymond Baxter!


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      If only! My dad had to deal with him once around 1970, for a piece on Tomorrow’s World, when it was about real science. He said he was well informed and very professional, and was very impressed by his manner. You don’t get many people like that on the BBC nowadays do you?

      As an aside, we all got very excited about dad being on the telly, which was a big thing back then. In the event we only saw his back in his white lab coat as he demonstrated a gas chromatography machine, with Raymond Baxter doing the voiceover. Still, at least he had been on Tomorrow’s World!


    • Steve Jones says:

      Raymond Baxter…now you are talking. It was his kind that built the old BBC’s reputation as a world class broadcaster. Look around the modern BBC, can you see anybody who is even worthy to clean Mr Baxter’s shoes? Nope, neither can I. It makes me angry to think that in one generation the BBC has completely destroyed its reputation.
      Raymond Baxter would neither recognise, nor would he be welcomed into, the BBC now. Not only was he a great, knowledgeable and enthusiastic reporter but he defended this country as a Spitfire pilot in WW2. So many reasons for the talentless shower of spiteful little leftie beeboids to hate him.


      • GCooper says:

        Not to mention Dr David Whitehouse, the former BBC Science editor who is now (embarrassingly for the children like Harrabin, Black and the like) performing such good work for the GWPF!


  6. MartinW says:

    Yes, Danny Cohen rightly paid the price by being forced out, but the egregious Hall was equally guilty in supporting him, and should also be forced out. The one plus point for the BBC, however, is their retention of James May, who programmes have all been very well done. His recent People’s Car series demonstrated just what an exceptionally good presenter he is, with a beautiful command of language and a dry wit. The New Top Gear promises to be dire, but I take comfort in knowing that there will be decent alternatives if May stays.