Remember the time when diligent BBC reporters would plaster the BBC website with stories of the police dragging ‘innocent’ schoolboys off to be waterboarded?  How times change…not a sign of this tale of a white, non-Muslim boy beng so treated…

Outrage as school calls police after pupil looks at Ukip website in class

Teenager Joe Taylor was flagged up for political extremism by the deputy head after he used a school computer to click on the party’s website. 

The 15-year-old went online earlier this week to research immigration following a classroom discussion on the subject, logging on with his school username. 

But he was stunned when teachers subsequently reported him to the police, claiming he had raised welfare concerns by visiting “politically incorrect websites”. 

Amazingly he was referred to a specialist team whose usual brief is preventing vulnerable youngsters from being groomed and indoctrinated by Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis. 

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30 Responses to PC PC PC’s

  1. The Lord says:

    FFS. You, really, couldn’t make it up.


    • Colboysigma says:

      I know the basis of this exists in reality as part of the so-called “Life Skills class” which is on the National Curriculum. My kids (14 and 15) are still outraged/amazed that UKIP is casually and routinely described by teachers, as racist/ extreme right wing. One 13-14 yr old student (not mine) was even lambasted/humiliated by a teacher for expressing support for UKIP! I am not joking!
      There is more (like the Islam whitewash stories) but I won’t go on for now.
      Fortunately my pair see through all this crap but many/most won’t.
      It’s almost like the BBC is doing the school curriculum now.


      • GCooper says:

        But do you complain? Unless these little Hitlers are slapped down they will only get worse.


        • Colboysigma says:

          Of course we complain but the smiling/patronising idiots that teach our kids are severely limited in their knowledge of politics and the world in general (i.e. BBC/ Guardian/trendy left outlook on life)! and like that idiot stooge Cameron they “promise to look into it”.
          As you say we all need to seriously slap these social/thought engineers down at every opportunity. they are more dangerous than any “fascist” conspiracy they all dream of fighting. Personally I’m going for school governorship. (Maybe I’ll make the news with my controversial views?)
          I remember these idiots at University in the early ’80’s with their Che t-shirts and donkey jackets with (offensive to me) hammer and sickle badges. Rick Mayall got it spot on with the Rick-the peoples poet character in the Young Ones. Problem is they’ve all “grown up “to become teachers, social workers ,”bloggers/commentators” and of course BBC employees!!
          We can only hope for an awakening of the British public followed by a serious backlash on these arrogant numpties.


          • GCooper says:

            Excellent and good for you! Far too many don’t and are intimidated. Good luck with your attempt to become a school governor.


  2. Dave S says:

    There are two seperate issues here.
    Firstly the school initiated the witch hunt. In a free and democratic land for that alone those involved should be dismissed and prosecuted.
    Secondly the police saw fit to take action. This is much the most serious. It is indiciatative that the police see themselves as a wannabee stasi. Once again it is as anti democratic as it is possible to conceive.
    How we deal with it is an urgent matter for civil society and this incident needs to be discussed at the highest level of government.
    The people of the USA have protection against such behaviour by the state. it is called the Constitution. We have nothing but the remnants of Common law.
    The marxist infiltration of the teaching profession has been all too successful.
    I have warned before that as the marxist left faces it’s demise then we can expect it to resort to open oppression and to act in defiance of ancient custom and law. The question for all of us is how we will react when this really starts to affect even the ordinary shire person.


    • GCooper says:

      This is actionable and demands prosecutions. Surely one of UKIP’s backers has the funds?


      • Philip_2 says:

        Technically UKip is (and will be after this referendum if Cameron wins) be illegal under existing EU laws already established. On Personal Freedoms: ‘To criticise the EU is illegal – Since 1999, an employment tribunal case (ECJ 247/99 – The Commission v Connolly) concerning an EU official working in the financial sector of the EU Commission was sacked for writing a book on the ineptness and corruption of the EU system. The public reason for Connolly’s sacking was upheld by the European Higher Court on the grounds that he wrote the book without permission from his employers. In fact, the Judges set a legal precedent in the trial ruling that to criticise the EU was illegal. It was suggested that to do so was tantamount to ‘sacrilege’; a term normally associated with uttering falsehoods against religion. Like so many EU Documents formally on the internet, the transcript of the trial, originally published by Curia.eu (the ECJ website) is no longer available on the internet.

        This is from page 13. ”Democracy in a federalised Europe’ by Peter Brown.

        As for the Schools. Schools are increasingly under pressure to engage to combat anything which is remotely ‘phobic’. Teachers are another hidden branch of the loathed BBC luvvies of the Guardian.


  3. vlad the inhaler says:

    This is absolutely disgusting if true – and, I’m afraid, it’s all too plausible in modern Britain.

    I noticed this trend a few years ago when I used to use the library to visit the internet. Stuff like Peter Hitchens’s blog would bring up a ‘Banned’ flag along with the reason ‘extremism’ – absolutely jaw-dropping on several levels.

    Unless we do something about this kind of intolerance and the little Hitlers who make it their business to censor what other people read, we are headed for slavery.

    I also fear we’re going to lose this referendum. After years of this brainwashing, people – a majority, anyway – are only too willing to vote for serfdom.

    There is a good video available with Brexit speakers like Kate Howie, David Davis, George Galloway and so on all giving star performances. I dare say that most people here will have already looked at it. But you know damned well the (E.U. Funded) British Bullshit Corporation won’t be airing it.

    Best wishes all, and ‘Out, brothers, out’.


  4. Dover Sentry says:

    Here’s a link to the Daily Express which verifies the matter:

    “”PC gone mad: Outrage as school calls police after pupil looks at Ukip website in class
    A SCHOOLBOY was hauled out of class and interrogated by detectives after politically correct teachers reported him to the POLICE for visiting the UKIP website””



  5. Charlatans says:

    One should complain to the Police and School itself, if you want to stop further Rotherham type civil servants playing political motivated games to the detriment of our freedoms and democracy which lead to a section of the community able to commit rape, child abuse, trafficking and corruption with Police and civil servants connivance.

    My submission sent off last night:



    Dear Head of Wilden School, Hants PCC and Head Office UKIP.

    Re: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/647539/Ukip-UK-Independence-Party-school-police-called-website

    After 25 years British Army service, involved in many conflicts, I always thought my duties were helping keep this country free and democratic.

    It was with alarm therefore that I have just read the report about Wildern School and what appears a totally unjustified political interference against a pupil visiting legitimate British Political Party website.

    I feel I must complain about the unjustified political correct activity and wasting valuable Police time with the accusations against Wilden pupil, Joe Taylor, that he may have been doing something illegal.

    Millions in this country support UKIP who are the largest UK group of MEPs voted by electorate majority in this country to represent us in the European Parliament. UKIP also has a representative in Westminster Parliament, backed up by almost 4 million voters for the party throughout the country and has hundreds of Borough and Metropolitan Councillors in our land.

    One surely does not want our teachers interfering or campaigning against a legitimate political party, much like the Council civil servants did in Rotherham, (who we later discovered these same public employees were also up to their necks in political motivated activity covering up of abuse of children in Rotherham area who, in their hundreds, were being raped, abused and trafficked by organised gangs).

    Similarly the Police have a tremendously difficult and pressured job fighting crime and I feel it is totally unjustified politically motivated teachers should be wasting this valuable crime fighting resource. The Police service itself has also fallen short in the Rotherham area and many other towns with large Muslim communities, in such political motivated crime cover ups and corruption currently being investigated.

    Yours faithfully,

    Name withheld for privacy here



    • Thoughtful says:

      That I’m afraid will fall on deaf ears, as you will simply be labelled another ‘extremist’ that the Fascists at the school don’t want to deal with.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Well done, Charlatans.
      Complaints do cause problems to these organisations, particularly if the complaint is as articulate as yours. The complaint has to be processed at length and will make them think twice. Don’t accept a fob off. If they try to fob you off, this will create more material for another complaint.


  6. Thoughtful says:

    When the wholly corrupt Tony Blair sold the UK down the river by joining the European Human Rights act he missed out a few of the clauses he thought his Fascist supporters might get caught by, such as the ‘freedom from discrimination on the grounds of political belief’. This young man has a fantastic case, and should consult lawyers with a view to suing the Police, the school, and the teachers concerned. Anti discrimination legislation provides that those who are guilty of discrimination have personal liability for the actions.
    Even the commencement of proceedings against them is enough to cause so much stress the usual lefties fall apart and leave the job. The cases still proceed whether they attend court or not though.

    I believe the phrase ‘hoisted on their own petard’ applies here !


  7. The Highland Rebel says:

    It seems that the funding from the terrorist financing states of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait which is being pumped into teacher training colleges is getting results.


  8. G.W.F. says:

    Obviously the teachers involved should be sacked and hopefully prosecuted. The cops too were in the wrong.
    But see this as application of a policy which has been authorised from above. We have a Home Secretary who has been running off at the mouth over extremism and whilst we might mistakenly think it is Islamic extremism, careful thought should tell us that extremism for her could only come from the right, even a legitimate democratic party.
    Get rid of this dangerous and treacherous Home Secretary asap.


  9. Oldspeaker says:

    As well as pursuing the staff involved (Defamation Act?) for their disgraceful conduct, with such a woeful lack of judgement on display are they even fit to be entrusted with young peoples minds?
    Could be scope for a two pronged attack, i.e. if the UKIP site is so dangerous why does the school allow access to it?


  10. embolden says:

    Sack the teacher concerned, the headteacher and the Police involved.

    The schools governors and the local Police commander and his/her commisioner need a stern reminder that this country is a Parliamentary democracy and its remaining so is predicated on free exchange of opinions.
    The actions of the teachers and police concerned are subversive of parliamentary democracy and extremist in nature.
    UKIP is a political party voted for and supported by millions.

    The boy concerned should be congratulated and commended for having the gumption to examine more than one source of evidence for his project. He questioned the authority of what he was being taught….a prime value in liberal education circles over the past 50 years, and largely responsible for the current situation…how the lefty liberals hate it now their authoritarian utopianism is questioned.

    This “groupthink” or “master discourse” about race, culture and migration that has coalesced around teaching, social work and police and the liberal management of children and young peoples issues is exactly what led to the Rotherham disaster, and the similar episodes around the country.


  11. chrisH says:

    Can now see why the likes of Mrs Litton at Wildean School have risen to those giddy heights now can`t we?
    I`m guessing that she never made the auditions for “Stars In their Eyes” or to become a local childrens TV presenting “face”.
    But-like the plastic plod thought police of Hampshire…ALL are on board, are trained in “dis sort of t`ing”.
    And the effect of the story will hopefully get fuller airing in the Guardian and BBC so they can further chill the freezer that was once an education system.
    For this is the intention of the Gramsci Goons…a bit of a blazered bitch in the Express won`t be enough for them.
    Wake up Nigel!
    Like Paul Weston in Winchester, Tommy Robinson in Luton-get an alliance with teeth, not just gummy bears from Channel 4.
    UKIP really need to drag this one around-they were crap over Bloom and the Gay Flood Councillor of theirs( Fergie took his player apart over bigger “#sprats4spats”than Michael Crick)-spineless over Rotherham and the foster carers..and bloody useless over Tories cooking the books in Thanet.
    UKIP do NOT need Channel 4 to moan-they should be after Channel 4 so scum like Crick and Snow are blowflies for whether Abbott and Corbyn used a johnny on their jolly..or not!


  12. EnglandExpects says:

    Most teachers are fully signed up members of the Blob. Their left wing views have for too long prevailed and Michael Gove had unfinished business when he was forced out of the Education department by Cameron in favour of the appeaser Nicky Morgan, who simply does as she is told. To the Blob, UKIP is ‘far right’ just as it is to the BBC.


    • Dave S says:

      Too true. It is quite clear now that Cameron never had any intention of pushing back againast the marxist liberals.
      I wonder if Gove’s new stance is a result of realising this.
      Nicky Morgan!. As unimpressive as it is possible for a frightened rabbit to be. It must have grated on Gove to be replaced by her.
      The current Tory cabinet is full of these rabbits. The exceptions are obvious and strangely enough are all in favour of leaving the EU.


      • Essexman says:

        Mr Farage maybe booting Carswell out of Ukip for backing the wrong, “Leave campaign” , that’s the one Mr Farage hates, because it is not his one. I said before, its highly likely Carswell will return to the Conservatives, in the near future.


        • embolden says:

          Never mind picking squabbles with his party leader, I`d be more impressed if Douglas Carswell MP (UKIP) was to invite Nigel Farage, Joe Taylor, his teacher and classmates from Wildern School to the Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster for a tour followed by a discussion of Parliamentary democracy over tea and buns on the terrace…accompanied by loads of publicity.

          UKIP need to make a clear statement on this case, and a gesture like the above could form part of it.


  13. LostOverThere says:

    If the school really does deem the UKIP site extremist, then why didn’t the proxy filters block it?

    Deputy Head has just left the school wide open for action by the kid’s parents


  14. oldartist says:

    It really does demonstrate what a crazy insular bubble the left inhabits.


  15. Thoughtful says:


    Hampshire school calls police after pupil looks at UKIP website

    A bit late but they did get there eventually.


  16. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Let’s not forget that the boy was merely doing research for an assignment on immigration that was set by the school.

    I see no problem with him looking for alternative views even on the BNP website: that party had two Euro MPs after the 2009 EU elections and local council representatives, even if it has largely fallen away since. The same would go for the Socialist Workers’ Party or any others who field candidates, though he would be better to concentrate to Conservative, Labour, Scottish Nationalist, UKIP and LibDem in the first instance, simply because they have much more support.

    What if the boy had been asked to do some research on World War Two? Would his online searches for Stalin or Hitler qualify him as a Communist or Fascist extremist? The whole idea is absurd!

    Quite apart from this, UKIP got 3.88 million votes at the General Election in 2015, and actually won the EU elections in 2014 with over twenty MEPs! How the school and police can show such contempt for the will of so many voters is almost beyond comprehension. We are clearly rather nearer to becoming a police-state than I thought.


    • Grant says:

      This incident exemplifies how far the UK has sunk. In one generation from heros to zeros.