Rough Injustice



The BBC has been telling us all day of the rise in rough sleepers and Labour’s outraged reaction.

What the BBC wasn’t telling us in its news bulletins was that 56.7% of rough sleepers are immigrants….

Total non-UK    4,201    56.7%

Only right at the very bottom of its website report does it make any such admission about immigrants…

Where nationalities were available, 43% were from the UK, and 36% from Central and Eastern European countries that joined the EU in 2004 or 2007.

Why is the BBC not so keen for you to know that and isn’t it a bit of a cheek for Labour, who opened the floodgates to attack the government for something Labour’s immigration policy, and of course the EU, is mostly to blame for?





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3 Responses to Rough Injustice

  1. chrisH says:

    And what did Labour do over those last thirteen years when they had the chance to do it?
    Apart from open the sluices to let the worlds flotsam flood the drains…in the cause of rubbing our faces into the bosom of Stalins granny after an aromatherapy weekend?
    No-Labour were fiddling with the global warming thermostat as London burned…1997-2010.
    Now if every Labour luvvie and lefty covenanted to take in at least three rough sleepers and community care types for the next five years-why then I could steam blast the local Magna hell holes and put some decent kids and families into them…including my OWN kids who`ve got nuffink after years of Blair and his “Political Arm of the British People” scam .


  2. Umbongo says:

    Some anecdotal evidence: here in middle-class Muswell Hill in North London there are half a dozen professional beggars from Southern Europe who regularly sit outside the shops: 2 with the sand doggie and the others waving small bits of cardboard with tales of misfortune written on them (+ from time to time one or two musicians playing Southern European folk songs on an accordion). Apparently, they “work” regular hours and usually take Sunday mornings off. Most evenings, at about 5:30 pm a new model Mercedes stops by out of which a foreign gentleman appears, talks to each of the beggars in turn (takes a percentage of the takings, I assume but cannot vouch for) and then he and the “beggars” disappear for the rest of the day.

    It’s a racket and, of course, the police do nothing although the enrichers quickly disappear whenever someone in an official uniform shows up: I guess, though, they’ve learnt the difference between a parking warden and a policeman. Together with the sadly deluded but genuinely charitable old people and children, the occasional virtue signaller (one of whom stands regularly on the Broadway on behalf of the “Destroy the Jews Israel” campaign) hand over their small change and give words of support and/or solidarity. Thus has Labour opened the doors of our country to the detritus of Europe – and beyond.


  3. Cranmer says:

    Whenever I see a headline along the lines of ‘Shock rise in (something bad)’ I automatically now assume it’s caused by immigration. I don’t think it’s paranoia – when you dig into these stories a little more it nearly always turns out to be connected to mass immigration – eg, shortages of school places, bedbug epidemics in the Heathrow area etc etc – but rarely is the root cause mentioned.