1. Rufus McDufus says:

    It’s alright, they can just blame it on Tony Blackburn.


  2. DownBoy says:

    Surely the most blatant case of ‘bias by omission’ yet from the BBC.
    I’m sure that when they look at Nixon meeting Mao, they think the bad guy was Nixon, not evil monster Mao.
    After all, look at the millions who lost their lives due to…erm… Watergate.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    It’s not surprising, the bbc never acknowledged Militant Tendency as a force for evil. They never recognised the IRA as a communist gang of thugs, they thought Salvador Allende was a poorly done by benign democrat. The bbc is a collectivist entity driven by collectivist ideology in everything it does and in contradiction to Christianity, the individual counts for nothing.


  4. ray_f says:

    What about this in the past week. Surely the f*ckn BBC owes another public apology and a couple of sackings!

    “More than 30,000 people were executed without trial in Moscow in the 1930s, during Joseph Stalin’s mass, paranoid purge of those labelled “enemies of the people.”

    Considering he was responsible for the murder of up to 30 million himself, how they managed to get down to a number as low as 30,000 you have to take your hat off to the BBC reporter here.
    I was thinking, you could get a lower number by referring to a specific street in Moscow.
    EG. “Nearly 700 people were executed without trial on Kremlensvaka Street, Moscow in the 1930s, during ….”. Add your own delimiters to reduce it even further.
    Actually Beeb, as you know, an estimated 750,000 – 1.5 million people were murdered as ‘enemies of the people’ in 1937/1938 alone.

    But there is more
    This was the original report, but is completely changed as Breibart pointed out its horrific writing out of history tens of millions of murders. Even more shocking, the BBC clearly split the original report into 2 reports to cover its tracks, and still fails to mention the tens of millions murdered. Snakes can leave tracks i think.

    BBC Claims Stalin Only Killed ‘Thousands’

    Sarah Rainsford is the BBC reporter. I bet her family are proud.

    Didn’t stalin say something like a death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. As a BBC reported plays with death statistics, she is just as evil.


  5. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    It’s not just the bBBC, though. This is what our children are taught in the socialist indoctrination institutes/ propaganda factories/ social engineering madrassas state schools.


  6. oldartist says:

    Even after the KGB/NKVD files were released prompting some historians to revise down the figures it was well known that the files were incomplete. It was also known that a great many of the people murdered were not on the official lists compiled by Molotov. It also excludes the deaths in the period outside of the terror of 37/38 and the vast numbers of political prisoners who did not survive the terrible conditions in the gulags. It also doesn’t include at least five million who died in the famine. Unless the BBC now supports Putin, who in his attempt to resurrect Stalin for nationalistic purposes, described the famine as “bad agrarian policy”. I wonder if the BBC would describe the Irish Potato Famine in the same way?
    It is probably true that Solzhenitsyn’s figure of 60 million is an over-estimation, and the true number will never be known, but the BBC’s “thousands” is nothing less than an obscenity – equivalent in scale to holocaust denial. Can the BBC sink any lower with its lies?


  7. Oldspeaker says:

    It’s all over for China now,


    Having come through untold horrors inflicted by both home grown lunatics and hostile neighbours China has it’s first “female sexologist, Li Yinhe.” And she is superbly qualified for the position because,
    “Accused by a blogger of being a closet lesbian, Li responded in December 2014 with a blog post that revealed her partner of 18 years was a transgender man”
    “Trans” being defined as ” heterosexuals wrapped in the wrong body.” Yes, and I’m Napoleon.
    Safe to say China is as screwed as the rest of us, note the group photo in the article, hideously mono ethnic.