Old, Male, Pale, Stupid and Angry


The BBC likes to go with the stereotype that those opposed to mass, uncontrolled immigration are uneducated, old, male and pale whilst the pro-EU types are young, educated, go-getting cosmopolitan thrusters……guess they’ll have to reel back on that convenient labelling….



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7 Responses to Old, Male, Pale, Stupid and Angry

  1. Destroy-Deny-Degrade-Disrupt says:

    You can take the old part away. I’m 39. Everything else is accurate though.

    But as Greene wrote:
    “The scrapping of all the old boundaries, the new economic ideas. . . the hugeness of the dream. It is attractive to men who are not tied to a particular village or town they don’t want to see scrapped. People with unhappy childhoods, progressive people who learn Esperanto…”


  2. G.W.F. says:

    There are indeed many bright and articulate young people like this person. But they rarely appear on those dreadful BBC discussions for young people.

    She did not fit the BBC stereotype. She did not introduce herself with reference to her gender, ethnicity, religion, culture, disability or sexual preferences before getting to the point.


  3. Destroy-Deny-Degrade-Disrupt says:

    Yeah, all fine until she got to the hypothetical ‘talented Indian Doctor’. They rightly have to jump through hoops because corruption is endemic in their education sector (as well as most other sectors) so often the amount they can afford for a bribe counts as much as medical ability.


  4. Aerfen says:

    Much agonising today too that the BBC isn’t “diverse” enough (which they accidentally let slip actually meant too many ethnic British).
    However the claim was that there are too many “Oxbridge educated white men” and this doesnt reflect the experience or views of the audience. The logic of this is that IF they are aiming to ‘reflect the audience’ they need far more regionalism, far more uneducated people,far more unemployed and retired people, far far more of the very old (in our ageing society), far more poor people and fewer well paid middle class! OF coure the sheer practical issues in ‘representing the audience’are enormous not least finding good quality staff in some of these groups would be extremely challenging,”Oxbridge educated” it has not escaped the BBC hitorically,are normally at least bright, articulate , and, er, well educted! Best just stick to taking on inferior quality staff provided they just tick the BAME box then, hey?


  5. barry69 says:

    Memo to next QT audience please ask this question,”Why should anyone vote for an organisation that due to mismanagement and corruption has not been able to get its accounts approved for over twenty years”.


  6. vlad the inhaler says:

    Christ on a bike, how the hell did she get in?!!

    We’re going to have to do something about our unbiased selection policy too, Tarquin. She’s hideously white as well.


  7. Aerfen says:

    LBC too repeating the Old, Male, Pale, Angry and Frightened meme this morning, the horrible bigotted bullying James O’Brian, who if it weren’t for his generally unprofessional approach would surely have been picked off by the BBC by now.